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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Rome burning and all of that...

What's going on with New Orleans and everything surrounding it (e.g., our nation, it's people, and it's "leaders")? I love the articles of the past couple days but with everything that is happening in the world right now makes those subjects a little abstract and less immediate to me.


This is why I want to know more Robert - you've been dead on, but now we're moving past your forecasted area:

"To close this short look at our prez, things will not get better for him when Mars goes into Taurus. In fact, he's going to have multiple setbacks beginning August, and whatever he thinks he's doing will fall into confusion later this year, when equally stubborn and intransigent forces will force him to accept certain limits. He will not have a good time from mid-August on, and financial issues will begin to dominate his life, none of it good news given what's coming."
We want more. :-)


This is amazing. Reading this about relationship changes and 'life' changes. That's exactly what I'm going thru', in a 'big'way. I am 7/13/52, and at this stage of my life am going to be leaving everything familiar to me to go to Australia to marry the love of my life. We had two happy years here, then he had to go home. Then called and asked me to marry him when I go in December. This is all like new, and like the first of everything, considering there will be a whole new world, as well as a happy marriage. My three children are all grown, my grandchildren practically there. This was my front porch rockin' chair time, but it's leading into Karen's big adventure, and they are all for it for me. Now I want to write the book I've had in mind for years. Normally Dysfunctional. Ha! See where that leads you! Happy day you all.


Caleb, I'll certainly post more in the near future about the things you mention I think I already have! ;)

Karen, congratulations on your new life adventure. You're a perfect example of the good the Saturn can bring as it transits your Sun sign. Stay in touch, and write that book! See you both on the front page.


A lot of people I know believe in what their signs say about their personalities. They also look to these signs to assess if they have a future with their current partners. I think the effectivity of astrology for dating depends on how people would perceive and use it in their relationships.


Hi Candice -

I tried to go to alloutofangst.com, and couldn't get there using either IE or Firefox browsers, so you may want to give them a heads up. As for your comment, we are more than just our Sun signs, as I made clear in this article as well as this one where I outline the importance of evaluating our likes, needs, and purpose from a higher angle. When people come to me for compatibility readings, I take into account much more than the usual astrology dating factors.

That's why I created my Love Reports, since they are more in depth than any other one I've seen in over 30 years of doing my thing. We have our ideal mate within us, and it has nothing to do with personality per se, but everything to do with our heart, Soul, and inner nature finding whoever most closely resembles our "twin flame." Thanks for checking in.

pete robinson

Well, if you ask me. I'd have to say that these compatibility tests based on astrology are just another option for us to take or ignore. Some people are believers & some are not. These tests may provide us with results. But these results are not scientifically proven. They are just practically based on a pattern to which the entire procedure revolves. Still, they may serve as guides. It's all up to each one of us to find our rightful partners in life.


Hi Pete - We ignore compatibility tests at our own risk. Surely you can see how if someone was moral and another degenerate they wouldn't be compatible, even if they were superficially attracted. Astrology shows these patterns. If one needs flexibility and tolerance, it's good to find someone with those traits. If one is a linear brainhead and the other needs compassion and play, in all probability it won't last. That's in our charts. This has nothing to do with belief. It's about character traits.

As for proofs, you can't prove direct experience but it's still reality, at least for the experiencer. Don't quite know what "proof" here would look like, since 50% of marriages end in divorce, not a very good success rate for our "scientific" way of going about mating. And you're right in that it's up to us. Problem is most are lost in the woods without a roadmap, are tired, hungry, biased, working off of incomplete subconscious desires, and been dumped on one too many times. Not a good mental state to find "our rightful partners." You probably won't get from here to there without a plan, map, and timetable. Astrology, when done professionally, shows these things.

(FYI- I went to the links. Neither has much cred. One is a standard recitation without knowledge based in practice, the other a superficial blog with fuzzy musings.) See you on the front page.


Why was site (alloutofangst.com) used for this post? I can't figure it out.


Hi J2 - Can't figure it out either, now that the busted link is fixed. Having just gone there again, I suspect she was promoting her site.


thanks again for a lovely post.
I have posted here before, but I am brought to tears often reading your site.
You see the world with lovely eyes.
May we all heal from the scars of heartbreak and emerge the Pheonix, strong and steady, willing and open, compassionate and full of love.

You are wonderful.
thank you.


Hi molly - Thanks for your words of praise. I offer what I can to remind all that we move through many changes, and what is left after all the losses is our purest unconditional love. Aum Namah Shivaya!


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the great post. I have read "The Game of Life"--numerous times! It is awesome. Lately I have really been enjoying "Ask And It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I do enjoy your insights immensely. Thanks for doing the site and mostly thanks for being you. You are a great light. Have a wonderful holiday!

Kanya Ellington


Hi Kanya - You bet. Flo did her show in a magnificent way. We should all sing our song with such style! The only thing I've found is that for an affirmation to bring forth a "demonstration," it must be a) not covering up a big negativity or doubt, and b) it must be true for us. We could affirm that we are going to be Elvis Presley all we want, but there was only one Elvis, and it isn't us!

Glad you enjoy the insights, since we're all in this together, and we all learn from each other. What people contribute to this site via comments and questions never ceases to amaze me! And of course, thank you very much for your kind praise of the site. Holidays can be a wonderful time if we allow them to be. That was a big lesson for me a long time ago. So again, thanks.


The Game of Life--one of my favorites and I'm not surprised that you would know of it...your site is always a pleasure to read and I take comfort in it...12/7/52 and lately I am faced with what seems to be more than difficult choices...I re-read my books and visit your site. Thank you for being here, jane


Hi jane - You're most welcome. You are dancing on the edge of a whole new adventure as Jupiter conjuncts your Sun for the next 11 months, Magical Water Dragon woman. Don't let Uranus' strange and revolutionary energies square your Sun mess with your head, since it's also trining your Uranus and sextile your Jupiter.

Keep using Saturn in Leo to work with any residual negative expectations associated with your natal Venus square Saturn, since it's very favorable to your natal Saturn. I assume you have Moon conjunct Pluto. Once you loose the chains of perception by restructuring your feeling-habits, you will achieve dominion over your Divine Power which will positively affect your natal Uranus as well.

Be patient and mature in nurturing yourself and your heart at the most fundamental levels. More faith will help you overcome many of the stubborn dualities that have forced you to "cheerfully juggle a mountain of baggage." A final note - while facing difficult choices is not fun, it's better than being faced with difficult results of poor choices! Hopefully it all keeps our heart strong, healthy, and loving of our own ability to steer our boat according to our dharma, and not someone else's game.

carrie ann

I don't think I have ever felt so unsure about a new year. I'm fairly intuitive, but I'm not picking up on any predictions for the new year. I know that the Bush reign is just about kaput- but where we're going and where I'm headed I don't have a clue! It's nasty at work and depressing at home and I'm longing for the old days when I had family around me. This Sag is not feeling any optimism from the Jupiter return!!!


Robert, thank you for your generous insight year round--I have been a fan for about 6 months now and am glad there are still people like you out there...thanks for your personal encouragement, as Carrie Ann noted I keep hearing that it is supposed to be the beginning of a wonderful time for us Sag's but so far...well, I DO have faith--and patience!
Happy 2007,

carrie anne

Merry holidays, Robert, and thanks for your site! I think you're helping me to step back a bit from my personal life and view it from a more comprehensive perspective. Thanks for relieving some of the drama!


my fellow sages, just wanted to say you are not alone in this, but we shall overcome, hugz and kizzez


Robert, your highness,

There is another site that I read Mike Lerner's general forecast for tomorrow, 1/10 that indicates "venus converging with ceres at 9 degrees aquarius at 3:07pm. He says it is an aspect for meeting soulmates. What do you think about that? I've got Mars/Neptune 14/19 libra and venus 1 degree cancer.. I could use a soulmate. The sun, mercury and pluto are in leo opposing the 2 mother goddesses.So what should I look for?



Hi chickie - Well, in my experience we mostly need helpmates, not Soul mates. Anyone who brings up a greater love is a Soul mate, but may not be the best material for a partner. Venus makes lots of aspects with all the planets and asteroids each year, but Venus' nature is not one of a Soul mate (check out the mythology!) I believe a true Soul mate is one you can have an eternal adventure with, and FWIW, I encourage all to find their Twin Flame. This is the true "divine other" that we were separated from at the beginning of incarnating on Earth about three million years ago. We have several "Soul mates," but only one Twin Flame.


Sorry Robert....Big MISTAKE! The aspect Lerner speaks of is not Ceres. He says.. "The best news of the day is that Venus converges with CHIRON at 9 degrees of Aquarius (3:07PM PST). This is a sky pattern that occurs approximately every year and helps soul-mates find each other or deepen their rapport." With Chiron as the healer I'm still all ears as to how this coupling would produce that aspect. Also I do believe that I have had the experience of "same soul" phenomenon. I met this soul 1/1/2000. We had all the symptoms but never got it together.....the time was not right. However, though I made it through the grief and sublimated my anger through writing and performing tales of the experience, that feeling of something missing has never left....So I wait. Are you familiar with same soul? It only occurs in 5% of the planet population. Though I wish we could integrate, but I would settle for a twin flame. Oh and what is FWIW? Thank you my dear!


Hi chickie - Venus conjunct Chiron can bring Venusian forms of healing and revelation of mystery, so I suppose one could find a Soul connect then, though again, I'd bet more on a Venus-Jupiter or Venus-Saturn harmonious and unique connect for that. Venus can actually be very fickle and superficial in many ways, and not the most deeply committed energy. Saturn and the Sun are much more likely to be indicators and triggers of lasting illuminating relationships. For example, Venus conjunct one's Sun could bring a form of "perfect beauty" to one's life.

It has been said that there are a very small handful of beings who are in our "Soul cluster." I don't believe it's 5%, as it doesn't make sense that 300 million people are or have been connected with someone in their Soul pod, since not all are incarnated at the same time in the same place.

The "sense of something missing" awakened by the one you met 7 years ago is something within you that you are searching for, and may have been for a long time. They were a representation of that, and may have had some qualities of your Twin Flame, but if they were, you'd be together. They could not have resisted what they would have picked up in you. So take them as a symbol, and open to one who will awaken the same things but is more in line with your Highest Self.

No one EVER "settles for their Twin Flame." A Twin Flame IS your other half, across space and time, forever and ever. If you ever met, you could never imagine anyone else under any circumstances, since your Twin Flame IS your absolute complement. They are everything you've ever wanted, imagined, or dreamed of that you lack, and you are the same thing for them. You are different, but perfectly complementary. I mean perfectly. And FWIW is "for what it's worth."


Hi there,
Re twin flames. Do they sometimes come together for short periods of time?

I would like to ask another question on another subject, however I am not sure where to do it. I hope including it in this post will be ok. :)

For a long time I have noticed that myself and people that I am close to, experience what I call moon tiredness (for want of a better term). It happens when the moon is the fourth sign after their sun. For example, I am a Capricorn sun and when the moon is in Taurus I experience the kind of the tiredness that is hard to overcome. Is there an astrological term for this? Many thanks for any reply.



Robert, This is the link to Jeffrey Wolf's article on soulmate types. "Relationships" From Pluto Two" This is where I've learned about "same soul" that I swear I've been privey to. When I wrote to him to further my research I never heard back. I truly feel it the most fascinating and would like to share with everyone.

The 5% he speaks of only happens in highly evolved souls that need to accellerate their evolution and separating desires by actually taking on two earthly forms....check it out.


Hi Caroline - I suppose a twin flame could come together briefly, for example, if one was married to another not their twin flame, it could be very painful for the personality to suffer the separation, so one might split the other direction. But I would also think there would be an attraction forever that would never leave the consciousness.

Hi chickie - I will investigate the article. As for "taking on two earthly forms," we are told this happened at the moment of human "individuation" at the dawn of human life on Earth, where we all split into "male" and "female" parts. The split has already occurred for ALL of us. It would seem there would be no further need to split again, since we're already searching for that which "completes" us. I cannot imagine how it could further evolution to further fragment ourselves when we're already fragmented. How would we know completeness if we could never actually feel complete, due to not knowing our twin flame and further splitting what degree of unified consciousness we already have?

As for the "highly evolved Souls" part of it, to me that's a little too glamorous, and plays to what the Tibetan calls "the heresy of separateness" since it puts some Souls above others. I'm just not into making some more special than others. We ARE Souls. There is no "more evolved" or "less evolved," except on the personality level. The Soul is the subtle body of absolute Love we all are, the "I AM" of existence that veils the absolute Oneness of our "Father-Mother God in Heaven" or Monad we experience after we integrate our Higher Triad of Higher Mind, Soul, and Spirit, or Atman. When we integrate Atma, Buddhi, and Manas, there is no more "higher" or "lower," as we ARE ALL that IS. To me, the level of separateness or unity is the only real benchmark of how evolved a human consciousness is.

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