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October 25, 2005


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Coincidentally, I have been trying to email you to request a love report for several days now, but have been unsuccessful - "invalid destination." Perhaps a glitch with the new set up?
Is there another way to reach you? Please advise.


As you know by now, it's fixed! Computers can be a real joy, or a real pain, depending on all kinds of things we know nothing about.


Sometimes, people first look at theit birth signs and consult astrology before they start dating someone. Sometimes they do this to ask if the relationship they're in will be prosperous. People often rely too much on astrological symbols and their impact that these people sometimes forget that not everything rely solely on these symbols. To see if a relationship will work, you have to live it.


It helps to have a roadmap about who might be a healthy attraction, versus the usual hit and miss of most people. Often people are driven by unconscious imagery or pure raw desire, and have zero clue as to what would constitute a healthy relationship. Not sure what you say about "prosperous" is a good foundation for relationship. While I agree that people do need to live their lives, I'm not sure what point you're tryng to make, since we're going to live our lives anyway, whether our eyes are opened by astrology or closed by whatever resistances we have.

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