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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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If you have any insights on a natal 12th house Pluto (mine is in Virgo),
I would be appreciative. My background involves an abusive/bipolar parent, whose illness we were not allowed to acknowledge. I'm a very intuitive person, and yet I used to tell people I had no intuition at all--and when that little voice spoke to me, I invariably, almost involuntarily did the opposite thing. I think this is because as a child I wasn't allowed to speak the truth...I had to deny it. So I have many regrets. I have often felt powerless--struggling hard against the domineering people I've been involved with, wondering if I will ever come into my own. And over the last 2 years and some shocking disappointments, I am suddenly coming into my own. Why now? It feels like something is happening within. I've written before; I'm a sun sign 18 Scorpio, ascendant 28 Virgo.


All early childhood karmas are set before your birth. They are part of the fabric of what I call the "Mythologial Wound," that which you heal into positive manifestation so you can serve others who struggle with the same Wound in any of its variations. There are 7, by the way, and we all get at least one of them, and some have several. They all hurt beyond anything else.

The form of what happened doesn't matter what happened so much as how can you act, feel, and think in ways that turn that wound into a form of productive power, love, and wisdom. We each have that ability. The specific wound shows you the form of your specific teaching experience.

A 12th house Pluto is absolutely protective of the individual, except for that karma which the individualizing Soul must use to turn pain, fear, whatever into the Gold of a greater Love-Wisdom at the appropriate season. Pluto is out of our control. It is absolute. So purify the lesson and get to the seed of its power to positively rid yourself of all negative tendencies, lesser motives, or too much clinging to the separate ego self, which is what suffers.

Also go back and read what I've written about the Jupiter square Neptune, since it's right on your Sun - that's your present agent of transformation. Get clear about what you're willing to do to show yourself and your world that you are no longer in fear or oppression by things lurking in subconsciousness. Jupiter is opening doors to greater realms, but you must go to meet the Friend.


Thank you for this valuable article. My chart shows Venus in Taurus in the 12th house and Saturn in Taurus in the 12th house.

I recently engaged in snooping activity involving on my significant other that I very much regret. He has never given me any reason to distrust him. I am afraid of losing my beautiful love through jealousy and insecurity. I am also fearful because Venus is in my 12th house and I have heard that is associated with secret liasons and heartache. Please shed more light on this, thank you.

I am sun sign 5 Cancer 31’ 1” and ascendant 7 Gemini 55’


Hi Angela - Often Cancers get insecure for no particular reason. My attitude toward jealousy is that it is an unproductive emotion, whether justified or not. That is why it was termed one of the "Seven Deadly Sins." Jealousy is corrosive and never leads to a good outcome, and feeds on itself, magnifying what may or may not be there. You cannot hold on to what is not yours even if you put chains around it. You cannot lose what is yours even if you set it free.

That said, examine your natal Jupiter, since it rules your house of partnership. As I'm sure you know, transitting Jupiter is presently in Scorpio, adding to your intensity, and your mate's intensity. The antidote is nonpossessiveness. Remember that we're just renting time here on Earth, and so cannot cling to anything, lest we suffer when the form of it passes, whether in this life or when one of us has to leave. That's a universal, and the more we practice it while we're able, the less we will suffer when the object of our attachment passes.

Venus, ruling your 12th in the 12th, is actually a good position, if you are willing to examine your motives and elevate them to a higher plane. Pluto in your 7th house no doubt is creating pressure, but it may not be justified. Much depends on other planets and your personal situation. Forgive yourself for your insecurity, get over it, get beyond fear (another useless emotion) and be the highest and best person you can, showing your love and appreciation to those you care for. You'll never regret it.


taurus moon sing
i have moon and saturn together in 12th house.suffers alot.what can be the remedies for this.


Hi parminder - You are the fulfiller of karmas that go back a long way. Take responsibility for taking care of yourself and others appropriately, and be the wisdom and purpose you know is waiting when you part the veil. With time and experience, you can come to great authority. You may want to stop being so serious all the time, and learn to lighten up, on yourself, others, and life itself. Be flexible, caring, gentle, kind, and honorable in your diligence, and you should be wise over time. Avoid rigidity and being too touchy, or having too many rules about how you and others can or cannot express mature and responsible caring feelings.



I have Aquarius in: Sun, Mercury, Mars all in the 12th House, Venuus in Capricorn in 11th and Pisces Rising with Moon in Virgo in the seventh.

If there are any insights going that would be great but understand if this is not the right forum!



Hi Sal - You are certainly a karmic agent this life. A great reflector of others, try not to worry or criticize too much. Usually you'll "see the light" at the end of processes, requiring detachment, a larger vision, and letting go of ghosts about money, the nature of truth, your early childhood and family issues, and relationships that forced you to work on things you may not have wanted to work on.


Hi Robert,

I read somewhere on your website how everything is connected and I see that in my chart. I am a Scorpio Ascendant with Venus tightly conjunct (same degree) from the 1st (also have Uranus in the 1st). I have a Libra stellium (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury). Mercury conjunct Pluto in the 12th... form a square to Leo Moon in the ninth. I have Gemini on the cusp of the 8th house and Virgo on the cusp of the 11th house (where my Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are).

I started to read astro stuff few months ago. Most of what I know I learned from the internet. I use astrology in a therapeutic end (trying to locate what exactly my issues are and how I could make them go away). I would like to change into a better me, because now I have so many issues with myself (the biggest one od them being fear) that I just cannot open up and as you said of the 12th house, I feel confined . I feel I could do so much more than I actually do and the funny thing is I don't blame others for that, because it's so obvious I sabotage myself. (I am physically healthy and nothing bad (objectively speaking) hasn't happened to me yet).

I would just like to be free and not worry about myself anymore. Is that even possible? I just don't know how to deal with this 12th house stuff. My Sun path is supposed to be friendships, life goals and yet my 12th house is in Libra with Mercury in it, which would make me isolated.

I also feel selfpity.

Don't feel obliged to write something in response. Sometimes I just have to put all out (even though I was so close to deleting everyhing) but hey, that is my reality, that is how I feel.


Hi chimera - Yes, it's possible to do your spiritual self the best you're able free of fear and mental obscurations. 12th is the house of harvest as well as retreat, the karmic agent that brings old eras to an end and prepares the way for new manifestations. Self-pity is an illusion, since there is no "self" that needs pitying. It is a learned emotional response that has no function or basis in objective existence, since it is arises from and is targeted at something that has no reality. Better to BE the light of Divine Mind (Mercury at its highest) penetrating into Universal Mysteries and Themes (Pluto) expressing the Universal Awareness that the 12th house offers. The 12th is a door to the common human condition that could ideally lead you to a much greater compassion where you wouldn't be worrying about yourself because you'd be swimming in your part of the ocean of Universal Consciousness. Glad you expressed what I'm sure are feelings you share with others, since it gave me an opportunity to respond.


Thank you for your comment, Robert. I re-read the whole article and your answer several times and although I kind of feel what this means, I don't fully get it. But it's ok, after few more readings and perhaps new experiences I will be able to wholy understand what you are saying. (The abstract nature of the 12th house and the fact that English isn't my mother tongue don't make things easier for me...)


Hi chimera - Well, open to welcoming an experience of what I'm saying, and wait for the realization. I'm sure you understand English better than I understand whatever is your primary language, so it's all good. We all do the best we can around here. If you have need for clarification about something I've said, please feel free to ask.


Hi Robert~ Let me say you are a blessing!(Your insights on the 12th house is exactly what I needed). However, I feel something else is still missing and I can't quite put my finger on it. And I'd like your input to help guide me, in that.

In a nutshell, I was raised (mid 60's) without my birth parents, placed in foster care, and adopted by my maternal grandparents. I felt lost and confuesed. Like I didn't belong. A lot of difficult things happend in my life, much I couldn't explain or understand. Some dirty truths I had to dig for myself, in my mid 30's. That hurt!

I've been trying to understand everything (good and bad)about myself. Try to make some sense, to the hidden factors (which my family saught so hard to disquise). For YEARS, I went to counseling therapy. Yet none were able to help me. It was frustrating and a waste of my time and money.

However, it wasn't until I began studying astrology about 8 months ago that I found a lot of answers, regarding my own chart. Some painstakingly accurate. Yet Truth, is something I have always respected and deal best with. It's the (family-freinds) lies for years, that devastates me.

Can you explain to me what your interpretation is on Mars-Virgo, in the 12th house? What you think it could mean "karmically"? (Some people freak about this, yet I'm told it gives me mental strength to overcome "insanity" lol). Also, what do I make of Uranus-Pluto on my Ascendant? (Also in Virgo/injunct).

I'm a Scorpio Sun/Virgo Ascendent with Neptune at a tight injunct together.

I look forward to hearing your response.


Hi Wendy - I'm assuming you mean you have Mars, Uranus, and Pluto all conjunct your Asc, with Mars in the 12th house. I also have Pluto rising, never an easy position, often misunderstood, and conducive of extreme reactions in others through no intention of mine. With Uranus, it shows you are a renovator and purifier of your world and worry too much about things that can't be solved by your worrying Mars in the 12th can indicate impulsiveness and/or combativeness create sorrow. Worry and criticism are your weakness, while Divine Discernment is your strength when you know your limits. You know how to bring things to quick completion, and studying your Mercury progressions and transits will be of great assistance. That stellium across your Asc truly makes you a child of the universe here to train to heal self and others. Your Scorpio makes you a detective of great courage, and this coming Mars RX in Cancer period should be good for you, both this month and for the year to come. Happy Solar Return and Birthday. ps - I've had lots of types of therapy over the decades, and some work better than others for certain types of issues, so don't completely give up on the therapeutic model. It all depends on the talent and training of the therapist, who ideally gives us coping skills and tools to use in dealing with our issues. That said, I bailed on getting my MA in counseling psych in the 70s because I knew I could get more from the study of astrology and its cycles, and yet all the therapy I've had also helps me look at charts (and human nature and its problems) differently than I once did. It's a "both-and" rather than "either-or" approach.


Hi my name is Kiara im 17 and am really interested in astrology and im trying to get a better understanding of all the knowledge i've already collected . Could you please help me
just to name the basic questions im currectly going crazy =P trying to get some information on .. more atleast. from someone who has expierience lol

North Node Aquarius 1st house ( conjunct ascendant in capricorn )
Fortune in Aquarius 1st house
Mercury SesquiQuadrate Uranus
Uranus in the 12th house

and I was just curious about if I have an Aquarius Rising or ascendant?
help =)

Thank You Dearly for your Time and Help I Truly Appreciate Your Service =)


Hi Kiara - Welcome to the world of astrology. By what you say, you have Capricorn Ascendant (Rising) but you have important Aquarius influences in the first that impact your self image. Your line of greatest evolutionary development is in and through Aquarian people, activities, and cultivating the idealistic and humanitarian parts of you, which should bring you joy (Part of Fortune in Aquarius). That Mercury-Uranus aspect would indicate you need to relax and not be driven by so much nervous energy, since Uranus in the 12th can bring sorrow through erratic behaviors that come up out of subconsciousness. 17 is a transition year, where some things are left behind while other major developments arise in the life. It is a time of "right action" to fulfill a higher vision or greater learning possibilities, and you should see the fulfillment of at least a part of the vision when you're 18 (which is also a time when what is hassling you this year should leave).


Hi Robert,

I am an Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising with Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all resting in my 12th house. (as well as a 11th house mars in sagitarius that very nearly misses this list) Could you tell me what sort of implications this has? What sort of self undoing behaviors should I be on the lookout for? Any insights are more than appreciated.


Hi Jennifer - Well, it shows you could probably become very famous and powerful this life, able to handle major responsibility on your own terms. You can create your own opportunities, and I have no doubt that though Neptune is probably making your reality seem very unreal at present, when Jupiter goes into Cap and crosses parts of your stellium in the next 12 months you're going to open to a whole new adventure in most areas of your life. And I note that Jupiter is on your Mars and Mars is on your Jupiter, all in all a favorable indicator as long as you don't overdo things. Welcome to a new social reality that will be more grounded by March 2008. Aim high this life, as there's almost no limit to what you can accomplish when you focus your optimism through a self discipline you can live with and be more positive in your relations. Remove negative expectations and mistrust while going for the mature and progressive.


Hi Robert,

I have Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the 12th house, and Venus and Sun in Scorpio, also in the 12th house, and Scorpio rising. I feel as if I've been undoing my life, in particular for the past two years and mostly involving my lack of career direction and finances since I left my job. The problem is, I don't know how to move forward and consequently my confidence of is at an all-time low. Can you see any changes ahead for me? (Birth details: October 27 1982, 7.15am, Bangor, north Wales.)


Hi Dawn - Well, you got hammered into some important lessons during July 2005-2006 thanks to Saturn. You've now reached a peak, and need to consolidate and reorganize, which Saturn in Virgo will be great for. Right now you're getting to rethink what you care about, how you express it (or don't) to others, and should be in regeneration mode. Reclaim new powers out of old defeats, new potentials out of old losses.

Your career will no doubt be something behind the scenes or done in seclusion, though you could attract recognition despite wanting to hide out. You have absolute protection, but need more self-reliance and self-sufficiency. You need to remember that you are as surrounded by invisible and visible helpers as a fish in water, and stop playing to your sense of isolation.

25 is the end of the previous vision, a year to integrate your power. Learn to flow a little easier in the next few weeks, see how you created needless power struggles in the past, and open to a wider compassion. I believe that Jupiter has you at a crucial fork in the road of your life, and that December could be better for you than you think, leading into a very productive January and beyond. Jupiter is very favorable with your Libra and Sag energies, and will be very favorable for your Scorpio very soon. Since much will not make sense this life anyway, relax into the movie.


Thank you very much Robert, I appreciate your time and insight. Your comments definitely hit the nail on the head!


Hi again,

I'm almost ashamed that I'm asking for your advice again, but wouldn't be doing so, hadn't I been in such a nerv wreck state...

It is true that transit Pluto is already squaring my Libra Sun at 0°13'...

Anyway, without going into personal stuff (wouldn't help anyways), what do you think of the following:
-the ruler of the 12th (Libra) in the 1st (conjunct the Asc within 0°12)
-the ruler (Pluto) of the 1st (Scorpio) in the 12th
-the co-ruler of the 1st in the 9th, square the ruler of the 12th
-the ruler of the 8th (Gemini) in the 12th, conjunct the ruler of the 1st
-the ruler (Uranus) of the 4th (Aquarius) in the 1st

The first planet the progressed Moon crosses is Mars, the last one is Neptune.

I don't have to mention that my self-confidence is zero I suppose...

With all that self-sacrificing energy I wonder if I should quit economics at the age of 26 and just start studying medicine (I could start working at the age of 35...). My progressed Sun will be in the 12th for rougly 12 years...

Would being a doctor make me feel better about myself?

Perhaps I'm just looking for excuses, but believe me, I am lost.


Hi chimera - Well, at least you have to wisdom to know when you don't know, unlike others who think they know and find themselves amidst their own self-created wreckage on the horns of their own dilemma. Please do not feel ashamed that occasionally you have to ask for perspective on problems of living - it's common to us all so we can remember to reach out to others, as we're all in this together.

You are one who is learning how to live "the symbolic life," as Rudhyar put it. The Pluto square challenges you to find self-confidence in the swirl of the outer confusion, and to use your self-discipline and deep insights to focus the great truths you're glimpsing. This is a lower square, so it marks a point of "first emergence" in purifying and transforming the root structure of your light and integrity. Please remember that Mars rules Scorpio and Aries in the affairs of this world, and Pluto rules those two signs in the invisible world of Spirit. Pluto in the 12th is a very powerful protection vs everything except yourself. Learn the lessons voluntarily and you'll never be able to be hurt by another, so relax into your own process.

Ruler of 12th in the 1st shows you're an agent of karma for others once you overcome fear of endings and learn how and when to do appropriate closure rituals on inner and outer things. As for other positions, you are a truth seeker, always moving beyond the known, but this sometimes challenges your view of karma and willingness to end what needs ending. You have natural regeneration powers but this comes out only in meditation or seclusion. Saturn rules your 4th in worldly matters. Uranus in the first shows you are a revolutionizer of your world, a unique piece of work that rarely calms down, but has a high level of creative genius. P Moon on Mars jumpstarts whatever process is indicated by the occupied span.

You're asking for a judgment on a life-altering professional shift, which I wouldn't feel comfortable addressing in a comment stream. Not sure whether doctoring would solve your problems, but I wouldn't think so. It would, however, make you study and work your brains out for thousands of days and leave you wondering if there isn't something more to life than 12 to 18 hour shifts. That said, if you are truly called to become a physician, go for it! I would think there are ways for you to embrace the beginnings of such things, like studying for whatever "physician" aptitude tests medical schools require, that would show you whether you're cut out for such a profession.

In any case, it may be that you need to stop putting more and more pressure on yourself, and go on a quest to find what's meaningful to you. Find a thing you might enjoy, and begin to embrace that without lumbering it down with excess expectations. If your heart is into something, it will grow and flower almost magically. If your heart is not into something, it will become boring or burdensome fairly quickly. To quote another Libra, "it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive" while not knowing where your heart's at as you move through the Badlands of modern existence. Take a deep breath, step back from "not knowing," and open to something that makes your heart feel good, at least in the short term. Soon, after the Sag conjunctions and Mars RX oppositions are over and Jupiter is finally in Cap trine Saturn, I suspect you'll see more clearly. Until then, r-e-l-a-x. Again, thanks for the trust.


Thanks for your encouraging words, Robert.

I'm feeling better today.

It's weird. Today I am conscious of my self-undoing behaviour in the past few days. In such times I am convinced that I cannot do anything right, that I am a loser, that I cannot compare to other people, because ... well the worst you can imagine. I go people out of their way, I don't feel worthy of talking to them (ashamed for my complete incompetence). Briefly, I isolate myself and my negative thoughts blend into a viscious circle... (and then I cannot see things cleary and don't think rationally)
This first happened to me (big time) 7 years ago. I wasn't aware of it then, I am now.

Problem with seeking help is, that in the past I wound up with people mothering me. I don't want to be mothered. I should be adult by now, emotionally stable and independent. It's hard for me to tell the difference when I ask someone for help or when I emotionally force him/her/them to mother me...

All this is worrying me now, because it's time to actually start living (=working). I am not sure I can handle the responsabilities of whatever work I will be doing (objectively speaking, if others can do it, of course I can; but I can say that now, when I'll be in the situation, I will feel a completely incompetent idiot who doesn't know what he wants, who feels others are so beyond him and I don't need to mention that negative reactions of others would just worsen those feelings). Great example of self-undoing, huh?

The catch is that I aim high, always have, but in such self-defeating periods, when other, normal people make few steps forwards, I make some big steps backwards (that is also why I haven't finished my studies yet; by rules I should have finished 3 years ago).

I think you get the picture. At least I understand what self-undoing means. It is hard though, others don't see why one is not progressing, since there seem to be no real obstacle to his progress... I cen see what they see, that's why I am ashamed and refuse to talk to people (have nothing to tell about myself but my "imaginary" problems). Bam, I wind up alone, thoughts forming a vicious circle... Have had few of such cycles in my life.

Feel free to use this as an example of self-doing behavior in your future lectures on the subject. :)

P.S. I better drop the idea of becoming a doctor. I really don't see how I could study for another 6-7 years. I just thought that having a job where you seflessly help others, would make you not experiencing self-undoing behaviour. At least that's what I read on a lot of sites dealing with 12th house matters. Its funny though, I never consciously felt I needed to help others, in the cases I did (because I had to), I actually felt somehow light-spirited and good about myself afterwards.

Ok, I'll end now, this is getting awfully long. Thanks for "listening" me.


Hi chimera - Sure. Things like overwhelming feelings do pass. It's our job not to make things worse while we're in the maelstrom. That's why if you don't aggravate situations and learn how to become inwardly calm to whatever degree, you won't be making "big steps backwards" and then won't have to feel badly that your sense of the "rules" aren't being fulfilled.

Much of what you say about self undoing behavior is spot on. Inner doubts and fears are definitely in that category. We all tend to compare ourselves to others, but when it leads to negative imagery in a spiral funk, well, that's why I decided to post "Remember" so we can consider the virtue in not comparing ourselves to others. We may feel incompetent, but in reality that's never the case. Depersonalization can help us regain objectivity when we're lost in the spiral. I suspect sometimes these funky states get triggered by brain chemistry. In my case, it's why I quit eating refined sugars years ago. I got tired of fighting the "sugar blues" which persisted three days after I ate the stuff. No mo' white powders for me. Too many jagged edges.

As for seeking help, though it may seem like I'm splitting hairs there's a huge difference between being nurtured and mothered. It sounds to me like you have some "shoulds" that may not help you when you most need it. Also, I'm not sure how you can "force" another to "mother" you. Seems like it would take a form unrelated to mothering. We all need caring from time to time - it's our job to recognize when, and how it looks and feels when it's healthy. We learn that through trial and error.

Look, we all need to find something to do to fill the checkbook while we search for meaning and fulfillment. Usually we go through a learning phase before we get a sense of competence, so you may be lumbering yourself down with excessive considerations when all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other and stop worrying about what other may or may not be thinking. And yes, a lot of what you describe are examples of self undoing behaviors. Good that you've figured out you don't need more study under impossible pressures to perform.

We actually do feel better when we do real service for others. It may be that you need to find little ways to serve that feel fulfilling without making it into a life and death drama of purpose. This journey should not be a drag, but it will forever be a mystery. Once we stop dreading "not knowing," then we can relax into the NOW, and remember everyone else is living within the same dream, though the reality of each is both different and similar. May what you've described serve to help others also lost in a fog of self undoing behavior. We're all in this together.


Hi Robert,

I find it pressing to continue this thread with a view of sending positive experiences and support for one and all chalking their paths through their powerful 12th house planets.

Before I go on with my thoughts on 12th house and ruminate on it from my perspective, here’s my natal info:
Born year 1981
Sun Virgo House 11
Moon Aquarius House 4
Venus Libra End of house 12(definitely relate with 1st house)
Mercury Libra House 12
Pluto Libra House 12
Jupiter Libra House 12
Saturn Libra House 12
Uranus Scorpio House 1
Asc Scorpio
True node Leo House 10
Mars Leo House 10

Astrology to me has been a great revelation- in that, it has given me an understanding of the highest levels and has also enabled me to accept and love myself divinely. I never pursued astrology, it came to me in the form of a god/saviour- my Libra husband( with venus in virgo). The feeling that I had when I met my partner was very familiar, like I had been through this before with him. It allowed me to research and get in touch with astrology and different dimensions previously unexplored by me. I’m still a laymen but what I have learnt through astrology has definitely stimulated and empowered my soul. I’m still struggling and learning as we speak, but I understand that life is beautiful and is just what it is.

Pain and fear has always been and to an extent still is an overriding theme in my life and I consider this a gift from my 12th house. I have always feared confrontations, fights and adversities bordering on my paranoia and constant worry, but when I’m put in a extremely difficult situation I have no idea where I draw the strength from that keeps me so calm and in control. It’s almost like people around me hold on to me to guide them through the difficult situation. I have vivid dreams and i can be extremely intuitive. I’m driven by a love for humanity, all my brothers and sisters and have this thriving drive for creativity. There is so much fear and pain in me but at the same time, there is a voice in me that is telling me that in the world that we live in there is no fear or pain. I feel like I have to contribute and share my learnings creatively to
help raise everyone’s consciousness and bring down the negativity.

I’m still struggling and succeeding at the same time, yet I understand that this is my matrix that I need to explore through my dominant 12 house and give back to humanity the understanding i gain in the process. For all those people who find it so difficult to deal with their 12th house energies, understand that negative and positive exists with everything and the moment you are aware of your energies you can channel and love eternally.
Thank you so much Robert! You have helped me understand myself a bit more through this thread and I would really appreciate your thoughts on my natal placing. Please continue to inform and educate and make the society a non-judgemental and happy place to live.


Hi Maya - Thanks for checking in given your major 12th house experience. While the 12th often leads to hesitancy, it can also make us masters of "closure rituals," able to see the whole picture of how a thing came to be, how it began, grew, fulfilled, and is ending. In the 12th, we see the whole movie rather than just a scene or three.

With Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto there, you're very protected with a major karma in bringing forth more fair, just, balanced, or ideal conditions. You could be a very powerful force for good in your world, and receive wide recognition for your abilities. Law, mediation, arbitration would all be good professions for you. You'd be a great, even brilliant public servant, tho with Moon in Aquarius at the bottom of your chart you'd probably rather be home hanging out with friends. Your home may even be a spiritual gathering place at some point in your life.

I'm really glad that you've gotten such a spiritual boost from Astrology. I can identify with what you've related here, since my early studies of the craft took me from being an ignoramus to a conscious truth seeker in a couple of years. While Saturn in the 12th can show fear left over from other lives, you also have Jupiter and Pluto offering major league protection as you learn more self confidence through understanding just how self reliant and self sufficient you really are. You're quite resourceful with strong karmic blessings and great responsibilities to fulfill in making your world a better place. Saturn in Libra does give you strength of equipoise and helps you help others find balance and perspective in the midst of inner and outer storms.

Actually, fear is a dangerous disease we must consciously work to antidote wherever it rears its ugly head. Life, being an impermanent and vulnerable frequency of sentience, is painful, but we do not have to suffer. We are born in painful contractions, go through painful growth and release processes, and must say goodbye way too often to what we love and have become attached to. However, it is our task to break the link between pain and suffering by generating radical compassion for all that is, ourself included. Still, root out the evil of fear each and every time it shows itself. I have numerous articles on this site about how to do that. Just site google "fear" and you'll find a bunch. Also, remember that the best way to fight "evil" is to make progress in the good. It sounds like you're well on your way to generating conscious positivity, good will, and "bodhichitta" for the betterment of all, so rest easy with the knowledge that as you maintain and improve your thoughtforms, beneficial effects will result. Without doubt, when Jupiter moves through Aquarius and you get closer to your Saturn return you'll be moved powerfully into your Dharma.


Very interesting stream-line.

Sometimes I got internally-depleted by a kind of "sensor" that, even without intercourse with people, fills me with an overall worldly "state of anxiety, anguish, fear".

So then I make some visualzations or meditations and I get free of that annoyance, recognizing it is not mine, but collected by my 12th house (Uranus/NN 12th conjunct Ascendant and afflicting personal ones in square).

I'm extremely "psychic" to the point I decided not to let some TV negative-perceibed messages enter my home (I'm a Cancer)because all, from fun to pain, besides of being a Cancer, meets a good depot in my 12th House.

So the daily-stuff of the TV trash (egotism, blood, famines, violence, disgraces of all kinds, garbage shows, ... I mean negativity served as a meal) is 12th-house perceived by all us as a collective.

The degree of conciousness of each one is critical at when to put a stop to the flagrant "control-by-fear" manipulation this world is rendered to. Of course there are disasters, dangers and disgraces. Then give us the tools for help and being 12th positive-oriented, not just 12th negatively-controlled as passive subjects in a "global inferno".

This can be addressed to media manipulators of global conciousness. Their TV manipulating engine is becoming powerful day by day. If you want to make people become garbage, give them garbage. Isn't it?.

Big aaaaaauuuuummmmm and blessings for all Humanity to become consciounsness...a far way to go through everybody's 12th!!!.



Hi Robert,

Thank you so much again for your thoughts and encouraging words. Interestingly, I work in an area of parenting dispute mediations etc. I’m however not too interested in mediation of these kinds and interested more in community work where I write programs, find funding and manage programs orientated towards art and music therapy for juveniles etc. My guess is that I get that drive for art and music from all that Libra in my chart. I write spoken word and do photography as I find only art and music keeps me grounded. As you said Robert, life is forever and we don’t need to suffer. And this is so true. Events are just there to teach us all a lesson and raise our consciousness. For years I fought the feelings of not having liberal parents and being born in a very conservative culture. One day I just woke up and knew that I chose my parents to give me all these important experiences. As soon as I knew this, I was positive and decided to teach my parents what I had learnt that was against everything I had been taught in school. Though they resisted, like a lot of other people, they also unwillingly saw my point and quietly and eventually gave in. People with 12 house in their charts are gifted and should give back to the universe in order to live a fulfilling life.

Henry, you nailed it mate! Positive and negative octaves go hand in hand. We need to focus on the agreeable energies and channel them accordingly. I’m with you on the negative thrash from T.V etc and get really irritated when I see women read thrash magazines. However, I don’t passionately hate it so much and allow the trash to inspire me into writing against it. I believe that once like minded people like us gather and attract each other, we are on our way to changing the world. In fact, we are changing the world right now as we write and discuss. Let’s continue doing this and fight the demons of fear and pain.


Hi Maya!.

Blessings, we're on the same path (I use to write too about this). The TV receptor is a big hole in each home for all kind of energies to enter it.
Please don't take me for a fundamentalist, it's a matter of lots of people who are being dumbed from 12th (unconcious) garbage influences.
Media maipulators, politicians, ... know a lot about social 12th managing.
Glad to know there's still a strong positive counterpart.

Best regards!.


Dear robert,

Sometimes it seems like we are empathetic leaders. Although my life is very trying lately.

Sun 20* cancer 12th
moon 11* pisces 8th
merc 27* cancer 12th
venus 25* cancer 12th
neptune 6* scorpiio 4th
asc 15*00 Leo

Seems very very overwhelming lately. Progressions are sun,pluto,nnode,mercury in 12th. Can you give me some advice, outlook. boyfreind is cancersun/pisces moon also.



Hi Oracle3774 - Well, things ARE somewhat overwhelming right now. The themes seem to be no momentum, everything takes a lot more time than usual, there are weird passive and active aggressive energies in the air, often people or circumstances are not as they seem, along with car crashes and near misses, all majorly exaggerated by multiple oppositional energies where we cannot move forward and cannot go backward. Sometimes the sensation feels like being "frozen in place." This Sun opposition Mars forces us all to get a larger picture through getting a higher broader perspective on things, and the Full Moon promises a roller coaster ride with unique and productive possibilities if we learn how to navigate the oppositional tensions.

Your Mercury RX shows you will always have a different view and understanding of things, and are a gifted researcher by being able to "look back" on things finding what has been overlooked. As for feeling personally overwhelmed, you have transiting Saturn on your Pluto opposed your Moon, semisquare your Venus, and septile your Sun, all of which combine for some deep feelings of what's lacking along with being at major forks in the road. Also, you're still bouncing around the Galaxy due to the recent conjunctions to your Jupiter at 27 Sag which were quincunx your Mercury and Venus, now moving into triseptiles. I'm sure you feel like a pinball. I've spoken about the triseptiles you're experiencing in references to The Grand Irrationality, so please read the Spiritual Astrology articles to get a more comprehensive understanding of this ongoing weird set of pulses now directly impacting your Venus and Mercury, and therefore all the areas of your chart these affect.


Hi, Robert. I'm considering a career change and kind of afraid.
I've been told that all of the crap that I've been going through
lately (I'm 29 years and currently going through my Saturn Return)
is a result of a lot of my fears. What do you think? I'm curious
as to what careers you think would be best for me so I can see
if I'm on the right track.

Sun Pisces 12
Moon Pisces 1
Mercury Pisces 1
Venus Capricorn 11
Mars Aquarius 12
Jupiter Leo 5
Saturn Virgo 7
Uranus Scorpio 8
Neptune Sagittarius 10
Pluto Libra 7
North Node Virgo 7
Pisces Rising
Midheaven Sag. 10
Ceres Pisces 12
Pallas Aquarius 12
Vesta Pisces 12
Juno Pisces 1
Chiron Taurus 2


Hello Robert,

I have a scorpio sun, moon, neptune and ascendant. My sun and neptune are conjunct my ascendant in the 12th. My moon is in the 11th. I find it really difficult to grasp a personal sense of direction to put my scorpio drive and need to direction and 'success' into. Is this something to do with the 12th house or neptune conjunct my sun? Despite being so scorp a lot of people pick me for a pisces. i do have saturn in pisces conjucnt chiron in the 3rd. I am a writer and have recently been dealing with and supporting people who have experienced deep psychological trauma. years ago I published a psychological book about other people's stories regarding a psychological issue. Although the book went on to help others I finally felt a sense of purpose and direction and pride in myself in the process. I have a strong sense that I need to serve the greater good in some way and am realising that a lot of my personality and inner aspects of myself have been hidden and pushed away even from myself. Lately I have recognised that on a level that in trying to understand the emotions that others feel I am coming to greater peace in myself. Not that they are necessarily refelcting anything but I feel a sense of being part of the bigger world - as opposed to a lot of isolation. Is this a 12th house things?. Like I'm tired of my own story and really want to open myself as much as possible to hearing, feeling, appreciating life as it is for others. It's as though my focus has gone from finding part of myself through inward looking perhaps now to 'finding' myself through looking out? Have major midlife crisis aspects at the moment, apparently, although I don't know much about astrology and would greatly appreciate some insight.

Many thanks:)

Wild horse running

Hi Robert...

In between these 2 scorpio moons...I am dealing with a compulsive-obsessive past (12th house venus?)long-distance affair...that my inner voice..on the one hand tells me is not real...and on the other.. feelings of past emotional closed-ness...that I also realize he is simply a mirror, I am looking into.I finally see that he mirrors me...and that I need to communicate..somthing he hides from (our connection of past) I have asked/requested/told him to go away...and he simply waits a month or so and emails again. I have blocked him in the past..and take them off. But maybe it needed to continue this long. Venus in the 12th sqaures saturn in the 3rd....I know alot of my issues are about communicating....which I am seeing that I have done hiddenly...and I am starting to speak the truth...very difficult after years of hiding. Is a 12th house venus about attracting those who are unavailable ie married-etc...and then as it squares saturn in the speak the truth/set boundaries/learn to say NO. This "unavailable"
situation has come to its breaking point with me I finally gonna set myself free....endings come the 2nd Full Moon? The tension/inner crisis is building...I pray for Illumination....culmination.
Thanks for the space to share...

11 15 1959 3:22am tarrytown NY..westchester Co.



Hi Mari - You comment fell off the sidebar before I could answer it, and I'm just now finding it. Stop fearing change. The Saturn Return is about us finding a way of fulfillment that is not what has been, and claiming our way on our own terms. Pisces rising usually has Sag on the 10th house of profession, so any of the Sag professions will prove appealing. With the ruler Jupiter in Leo, factor that in as well. Whatever you do is future oriented anyway.

Hi Sapphira - Sun conjunct Neptune makes the way unclear even when focused, and Neptune conjunct the Ascendant makes for uncertainty about who you are and who you aren't. But with Leo on the equal house 10th, it shows that Scorpio rising is here to shine in illuminating and consistent ways. In any case, you need to learn what you care about and could really like caring about, which can help you focus the Scorpio intensity rather than get stuck in discontent about the uncertainty (Saturn in Pisces.) Yes, feeling universal feelings will help you to your Higher Self, bring you out of fear, and should bring you a sense of connectedness with others. Saturn in the 3rd demands connectedness with others who become symbolic brothers and sisters.

Hi WHR - The past is but a memory, the future is but a dream. Recognize only the present moment. Observe the turmoil and remember that it too is inherently unreal. As long as we focus on A then we're not focusing on B, C, D, etc., on beyond zebra. Venus square Saturn usually gets frustrated by trying too hard to "make love work," when it's really about play, freedom, respect and affection. Dramas are a seduction, whether precipitated from within or without. Learn to turn away from love's struggles, and find ways to dance beneath the diamond skies with one hand waving free.... 12th house afflicted Venus can mean sorrows from being attracted to those who are unavailable or seducers or dramatists. Narcissists too. Of course when transmuted it can also make for deeply compassionate relationships that put the brakes on nonsense. Your Saturn is stronger than your Venus, so maturity, discipline, detachment, dispassion, seeing the big picture, and insisting on friendship rather than passion could be helpful. These Taurus energies should be helping you balance the Venus while allowing the new expression of Saturn. Take heart and find the future that strengthens your heart.

wild horse running

much thanks Robert...

the explanation of Saturn helps Venus has been family relationships too...and the 3rd house also encompasses siblings....I have "jumped through hoops" ref them...and I finally saw the imbalance of that, back in Feb on the Solar eclipse. The process is unfolding.....I understand the planets in the houses represent people....this person is a Virgo...and I have Virgo ruling the 12th house...although my venus is in Libra. I guess I have been living in the regard to what happened then and carrying that into the each time he contacts me...once a month or so..via email...(a trigger-a worm on a hook...the fish jumping, and the bait being pulled away) I get taken back to that place, with expectations. And yesterday helped me to see what is happening NOW....

does Mercury Rx in my chart have anything to do with that??? Constantly replaying scenes from the past, in my mind...and spinning them in the now????

The answer comes as I fully understand what I just wrote...



Hi WHR - Yes.


Hi Robert - I don't know my exact time of birth, but I think i'm scrop rising, with saturn in 12th, ruled by scropio. my cancer sun is in the 8th, so you can see i am very intense and it shows. hard to manage sometimes but i surround myself with some very deep people. still can't figure what the lesson is supposed to be, but i know this type of power needs to be used to serve, just can't quite figure out how to channel it.


Hi Denise - Stop clutching and wanting things to be safe and secure. You're learning self confidence through self sufficiency, but in ways that don't involve you getting into power struggles with self and others. You'll get illumination by how you deal with loss and regeneration, as well as shared resources and social values.


Hi Robert!

Thanks for your article on "self-undoing" - a word I toyed around with for years and now I am facing with a deeper need of understanding truly what it means. Your article put light on the meaning, helping me truly understand. Now the sun is transiting my 12th house, where my natal mars resides. What can you share or tell me that will help me understand myself better with the aggressive planet - Mars being in the retreat and regenerative 12th house. I am in the midst and determined to live this one out positively and on a higher vibration. With heartful thanks to you in advance.


Hi Angel - Much depends on your Mars function. Learn to aim well and act precisely. Be more graceful and discriminating as to where to put your energies. Be an active servant of a greater good behind the scenes. Quickly go into retreat and build precise thoughtforms to help self and others do closure rituals. There are of course 10,000 other possibilities depending on what houses are ruled and aspects to other planets.


I have a question. I currently have Pluto transiting through my 10th house and Uranus transiting through my 12th. I'm not sure what to do but I'm considering a career change but I know that if I do, someone from my past may try to get back at me. I'm not sure what to do. My info is: 02/27/1979 7:17am Detroit, MI USA.


Hi Mari - Questions like these really should not be answered in a comment stream, as they are too important for a simply cursory sketch. You're going through your Saturn return, the perfect time for a career change. And the end of old limitations and intrigues. Just realize you cannot go back, and will never be content in what you've already fulfilled. Please read my article on the Saturn Return in the archives.


My progressed sun conjuncts my natal moon leo in the 12th house. Transiting neptune has been opposing this aspect. What could this all mean?


my birthday is july 22, 1982, 9:14am saskatoon, saskatchewan in case you are interested


Hi Robert, I'm curious about Obama's two planets in the 12th house, especially Saturn in the 12th house RX, as I have that placement too (although mine is in Gemini, along with the Moon in Gemini direct). For myself, I have lived with a driving need to communicate, alongside a persistent sense that I am somehow unable to present myself as I truly am, as if I must play shadow puppets because I am behind a screen that I cannot move or get around. I have heard that such placements are related to finishing a task from a previous life. How does Saturn in the 12th RX operate to place the native on the path to finishing past life work?


Hi Carol - 10,000 things. A few: Illumination of feelings and/or needs. Ruler of whatever empowering the ruler of whatever. T Neptune opposed P Sun is anything from the collective opposing your progressed illumination and prog ruler of whatever house affairs it rules in your chart. Get clear about what progressed roles you want to play in the larger affairs of your world. T Neptune opposition Moon shows get clear about your feelings and needs and find some larger purpose you care about. Again, there are 10,000 possible manifestations. Go deeper through next Summer, then get ready for a 3 year transition like you've never known.

Hi Erin - Today's post should help you understand a lot more about the 12th house placements. Saturn RX in the 12th helps us complete old fears and lack of self confidence by leading us to our deep inner wisdom which is in some way related to universal lessons. With that placement the challenge is to take responsibility for the larger karmic limits, duties, and responsibilities we bring forth from the experiences and wisdom of many past lives blended together. It offers the potential to come out of fear of endings into dominion over our multi-lives evolutionary process.


Hello Robert,

I have found this article only recently. I have not thought much about self undoing tendencies, though I have 4 planets in the 12th house.

Sun conjucnt Pluto in the 12th, Mercury conjunct Saturn in the 12th. All in Scorpio.

I dont think I'm suicidal, but I dont feel interested with material stuff. Most of the time I dont "feel" my own existence. It is really weird.

Is this natural (or astrological)? What else should I watch for?


Hi ao - Welcome to the site. We all have self-undoing tendencies. The trick is to know what to undo since it's over, and not undo things that don't need undoing. You will learn much by understanding and achieving various techniques of closure that dispels pressure rather than creates it, both in your life and activities. You are very protected, and yet carry a heavy karmic load. You could become very well known this life once you understand magnetics and how to achieve "spaciousness" to find your way to luminosity.

Monitor the pressures and desires that you don't need to carry, avoid creating useless power struggles within your own mind, let go of the need to control outcomes, and remember that things are only as useful as we can make use of them. Beyond that, it serves no purpose to hold on to desires and attachments one minute longer than we need to. However, don't be so impulsive that you throw out the baby with the bathwater when both are still viable. Remember that often forms reveal the nature of a thing as well as conceal it, so stop devaluing things because you think you've figured out the form. Get beyond power games and go for that which is beyond the familiar without going over the edge.


Hi Robert,

I was once again going through all the 12th house materials, as my marriage has been given a good shake, as it has been periodically. I am a libran born with Sun, Pluto (Sun conjunct Pluto),Mercury(retrograde)and Uranus all in the 12th house. Pluto is actually at the very end of 11th house. There are no planet in my Taurus 7th house. Would like to ask you this - would a libra 12th house always bring trouble to marriage partnership? I read this somewhere and was quite worried. Is it a curse for marriage ? Is there a way to get it right ?

Your words not only give light but also heals many shortages. Thank you so much for your wisdom and healing words.


Hi B - Not necessarily. More like sorrow resulting from any lack of balanced perspective, balanced living, or a problem with moderation. I've known many Scorpio rising people who did well in partnership, once they got over the need to struggle with things that don't need struggling with. A former mate of mine has Scorpio rising and a stellium in Libra, and while our marriage didn't last (we were waaaay too young and immature!) she went on to marry again and has been with him for decades. Pay attention to your body pressures, and find healthy ways to release tensions and anxieties. The 12th house can bring rewards as well as sorrows. Venus is important in showing you the fluxes in your one-to-one relationships.


Thanks Robert, for your response and kindness. Venus is in my (Leo/Virgo cusp) 10th house. From the start, there has been abuse and unacceptable behaviours during stressful times from his side. He is having his Venus and natal Pluto in his 4th house and undergoing Pluto transit in his 7th house. Saturn is in his Gemini first house and a Stellium (Sun,Uranus,Mar,Pluto - all conjuncted) in his Libra 5th house. Which of this aspect you think might bring up these aggravations or bring clashes ? Anyways, I am looking for a peaceful & a better future...


Hi B - He's dealing with Saturn in his 4th, probably square his Saturn and acting on his Venus in one way or another. Right now Venus (his ruler) has been opposing his Libra planets (and will be through early April), and if he has anything between 20-28 Libra it's been quincunxed by Uranus or will be soon. Anything in early Libra is under Pluto pressure, as well as Neptune sesquisquare.

Of course, under no circumstances should we tolerate abuse. Life is too short and there are too many great times and experiences to be had. After a certain point we are exempt from indulging quarrelsome beings who won't adapt to reasonable requests for mutual well being. Expect changes in April and May, when the Sun opposes his Libra planets followed by Venus and Mars opposing his Libra planets as the Sun moves through its quincunxes, which makes a Yod, or finger of God, to planets in 24-28 Libra. Best of luck. May he find equipoise and inner harmony arising from whatever processes vex him. And I'm sure it's an issue involving either attachment, aversion, illusion, or his mind's attachment to its own suffering. Practice detachment, dispassion, discernment, and generate positivity in new ways and I'm sure you'll do all right.


Thanks are a great soul. Thanks for everything!!!!

Account Deleted

Hi Robert,

Your article is absolutely enlightening.
I am just learning about astrology and was attracted to this field after being through very tough times over the past few years. Its been really tortuous especially since mid 2008.
I have some regrets about not doing things that should have been done, not being strong enough to stand by my feelings for others and also hesitating to put forth my views. I also think that I was being a bit egoistic and guess that have paid a price for the same.

My ascendant is scorpio and sun sign is sagittarius.
Sun, mercury, venus, jupiter, uranus are present in the asc scorpio.
Mars is exalted in capricorn (3rd house) which is ruled by saturn.
Pluto and Saturn is in twelth house (libra).
Moon is in 8th house (gemini).

Only when I look back do I realize that I could have made mistakes and those could be avoided. But, during that time the things I did seemed fine and I went with the flow.
I dont know whether I should go back and try to mend things or should I take it all in my stride and continue with life.

Kindly let me know your views as to whats going wrong, how long this might continue and as to what should be done.


Hi Swap - Well, though you gave me a lot of info, I don't have enough specifics to tell you much more than it sounds like you're trying to bypass experience. No one, I mean NO ONE, gets through life without the exact lessons you're learning. Each sign has its problems. No one ever "goes back." We only go forward. I believe your vision will always exceed your grasp, you'll need to disengage from power struggles, even within yourself, and the coming time of your Saturn Return will show you what you can no longer live with and how you can find dominion over your life, affairs, and personality in the long run. You're seeing that some issues can be approached astrologically, but the antidotes are to be found in finding psychological insights around certain stages of development and evolution and moving into new behaviors. That's why we go to professional counselors and astrologers trained in such things at critical points in our lives.

Account Deleted

Thanks a lot Robert.

My birthdate is 3rd Dec 1982 and time 7:25 am IST. Place of birth: Mumbai (India)

Can you please tell me why its me who is going through all of this? Like is it because the planets are placed in a certain way or with Saturn and Pluto in 12th house, I'm destined to learn things the hard way.

I have always tried and taken care of not hurting others in any way and not be harsh. Have always stuck to principles even when things have not gone my way. But, it now feels that I am been subject to all of this just cause I do not revolt. I've always fought back and got up when chips are down. But, why me?
There have been times when I've given up on things for the good of other people but it has later on come to disturb me.

I sometimes feel the need to ask questions that could have far reaching effects.
Question like:
Someone who is cruel, unjust, greedy and has bad feelings for other people but worships God daily gets rewarded more than someone who is good to people but just says thanks to God for all that has been bestowed upon him. Why is this so?

Kindly put some light on this.

Please help me to get my life back on track. I usually look normal...but there is a sea of questions and disturbance within me. People get the illusion that I am all fine, smiling and cool but my mind is full of things from the past, how those could be avoided, how I could have handled things better, and such things. I'm continuously thinking.


Hi Swap - As I said, we ALL "go through all of this," unless we're jellyfish or don't give a flip for our development. Ego always goes through challenging experiences. The planets merely show us the timing on our experience, and what our particular lessons are. Yes, house positions matter, but even more, show what we learned in past lives, and what we are to learn in this one. The moment we learn our lesson, it is done, in that we never have to suffer certain things again. But then we have the karmic obligation to serve all those who present themselves in our lives who also are going through what we went through.

Actually, Pluto in the 12th may bring difficulty, but also absolute protection against all that can harm us except ourselves. The moment we learn those lessons, then the unfortunate people and experiences disappear in a proverbial New York minute. Sometimes we must be "harsh," sometimes "tender." That's what developing Divine Intelligence is about. Perhaps you need to "revolt" against forms of mental slavery while still doing your best and upholding the good that you can within Dharma. Sagittarius is the sign of the Magician, who must learn that all of life is an experiment in Truth.

Those who are cruel, greedy, etc., reap their own temporary rewards, but accumulate major karmas that must be worked out in future times. Hypocrites who worship "G*d" are deluding themselves thinking they can buy off the Lipika Lords, who take note of EVERYTHING. Who can say the temporary "rewards" of the clueless are actually rewards that matter? Those who are compassionate to those who suffer reap rewards for countless lifetimes, though of course we should not work for reward at all. We work because serving the diminishing of suffering for all sentient beings also assists us in this life and many to come. And the more selflessly we serve, the less Ahamkara we drag with us across lives.

Some of your questions are a problem of mistaking apparent forms for eternal process. Perhaps your "smiling and cool" illusion is just that, which coexists with your mind which always compares, contrasts, and is eternally "the slayer of the real." Perhaps you are closer to knowing the Eternal than you suspect, and the only thing left to do is let go of judgments based in local and impermanent conditions. The fact that you question at all shows you have a great aptitude for exploring and finding Truth in many ways. Just stop judging impermanent forms as being indicative of Eternal Truth.

Account Deleted

Thanks so much Robert for hearing me out.

I'll always remember what you've said. It does make me feel a lot better.

Thanks for everything.


Hi Robert--

I think you are doing a great job with all of the advice and guidance you are giving. It's truly admirable.

I wanted to ask for your advice on a Mercury and Venus located in the 12th. Both trine Jupiter, opposite Mars. Venus has an additional trine with Saturn and wide sqaure with Pluto.

I love Astrology--the insight it gives, the explanations, the guidance. But its not much without the knowledge. I've applied my own philosophies, but I've learned that a misguided reading can do more harm than good, and wanted your input on this.

I appreciate your help in advance!


Hi Swap - You're most welcome. Hang in there and I have no doubt given your questions you will be an answer to others who wonder the same things. After the Saturn Return is done, you'll understand a lot more.

Hi Nata - Thanks for the praise of the work. You ask for more than can be addressed in a comment stream, since the art of Synthesis takes many years and requires more info than I have about your chart. I would say trust your realistic view of things without jumping to conclusions or getting too spread out between multiple angles of approach or too much information. Keep things on track despite interruptions, make sure you're using the right means to get to your ends, and get rid of corrosive or dishonest people who get you lost in loose ends or frustrated that you cannot get the results you want. You have certain rulers opposed to other rulers, which can bring polarization and/or revelation. Trines can stabilize, but also lead to grooves which may not help us in emergencies when we need to think outside the box. And you have some rulers opposed to other rulers which affect many houses in your chart.


Dear Robert,

I just wanted to thank you for your reply a day after I posted in September 30, 2007 at 04:51 PM. I don't think I read it before and it was a lovely reply.

Kind regards, Sal :)

Hi Robert,

Great information.
I have I have my sun, Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius and mars in Capricorn all in the 12th house this year! Can you tell me about this please. Thank you


Hello Robert

there are some amazing things happening,
I have so many question especially my birthdate.. 03/03/1973
I have sun Pisces 12th house
rising in Aires in no house
Moon in Aquarius 11th
Mecury in Pisces in 12th
Venus in 11th

There have been many challenges but I have managed to over come is my birthdate that has me concerned please respond.

Thank you


Hi Sal - You're most welcome. Check in more frequently!;-)

Hi Lightning - From what you've said, I'm not sure what you have in the 12th, since Mars was in Capricorn only in January this year. If you mean that the transits in Aquarius are conjunct your Sun, that's more than I can offer in a comment stream. Briefly, welcome to a new 12 year adventure! If that's the case, you're healing into your Higher Self, and will have to be willing to quest, whether physically or spiritually.

Hi Ann - Why would your birth date create concern? If anything, Saturn is challenging you to be more disciplined of mind and Spirit, and find ways to be more mature, less dependent, on others. You're preparing for many years of different relations, and 2009 is one of shifting what you value and how you use what you have more effectively. Be more positive, less pessimistic, and value your alternative ways of viewing things.


Hi, I have a pluto and a mercury in the 12 house. My date of birth is 17.09.1980. Time of birth is 9.15 am and i was born in India. I lost my parents when i was 15 and was taken care by aunt and uncle who were emotionally abusive in nature. I really try hard to forgive them and go on and sometimes i am successful but my past with them haunts me. How do i break out of this cycle?


Hi Veer - My sincere condolences on losing your parents at such a young age. In mythology, the orphan is also the king/queen, or law giver. You are the beginning and end of the law of your existence. Pluto with the ruler of your Sun in the 12th shows strong protection from all who could hurt you once you learn what has to be learned.

Forgiveness, like all spiritual techniques, is strengthened by repetition. You may need to practice radical detachment, dispassion, and discrimination. Detachment speaks for itself. Dispassion, or seeing what happened as though it were done to another being than who you really were or are, can lead to a very compassionate view, since you are not that one to whom abuse was done. Discrimination can show you how all that occurs before age 21 are the play of past life karmas allowing you to do, feel, and think in ways so that at 21 your personality has the same relationship to your Soul that it had when you died in your previous life. Not that you did those things to another, but that events must bring you to a certain state of consciousness so that you can pick up the quest at 21.

Right now you're going through Saturn conjunct your Sun, as well as your Saturn return. You are completing many ancient ways of being your Light, and finding authority in your experience that can lead you to knowing life as a grand adventure in accepting power and responsibility in your world. Adjust, sacrifice, see the bigger picture, and allow the renewal to take place. To whatever degree is possible, learn to generate positivity on your own behalf, so that you can gracefully and patiently grow into your Higher Self.



I do not know if this thread is still going. I have pluto creping into my 12th. When it hit cap in my 11th my life went crazy. I lost both kids, job, relocated just to getout of there. Every kid I knew when to prison, the palce went insain. All were pluto scorp kids so now hitting adualthood. I have moon 7 degree in the 12th and saturn 26 Jupiter 2 degree aqu and a 5 degree asc. Leo sun 2 degree th hosue 7th house ruler. Ok, 7-25-61 if that helps. I have worked diligently for 20 plus years in a responsible position, loved my kids-venus in gemini. Divorced in 90. Now everything is gone and I am afraid for my future. Everything I wanted is gone andI do not know where to start. Financial I am barely holding on and feel that being homeless with come to play. I cant seem to get over what happened with cap kid 1-10-90 stellium in 12th. Guilt, mourning and you could say pity maybe but more disappointment. I am service orientated and love helping others but now can not help myself. trying hard to pick myself back up and start again but at what? I do not know what to do.
Any advise would be apprecaited please...
Thank you in advance.


Hi Diana - Try to remember that a planet cannot "make" anything happen. If things happen, it's because either we're acting, reacting, or being acted upon, usually involving behavior patterns already set into motion before then. If things are empty, it also offers the freedom to choose anew. Fear is not helpful in finding and building a new life vision. Often when we must "help ourselves" it shows a need to redirect the focus from the outer to the inner. Please read the articles from March 11 & 12, 2009 for more assistance in creating your new life.

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