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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Happy birthday Robert!
You have a lot of wisdom coupled with your Aries inspiration.


Felipe Gonzales

Happy "Soul"ar Return Robert.

May the coming year bring you and yours many blessings and good health.

Your unselfish contribution to humanity, through your remarkable spiritual guidance and insight, is a veritable blessing for all of us.

Thank you for keeping us one click away from the wisdom teachings.

Paz y amor,


Happy Birthday Robert!

May this year bring you much love, light, happiness, health and blessings from the universe!



Thanks, all. I love that so many have checked in, in so many different ways. Aum Namah Shivaya! And the cats send their best as well.

Ida from NJ

Happy Birthday Robert!

What made me think you were Aquarian???


Thanks, and as always, namaskarams! I have a Moon in Aquarius, and my Sun releases through my Uranus in the 11th house.


Happy Solar Return Day, Robert!

Having found your blog has been such a blessing to me, I can only hope that you will be exponentially blessed for your selfless efforts to share your wisdom.

You deserve the very best!

Vicki Evans

Robert, Happy Solar Return, Happy Birthday!!!
Wishing you the best of the best for the year and always. Have a great celebration!
Blessings be,


Thanks, Shelley and Vicki - I'm just back from a great celebration with great friends in Malibu on a great sunny clear Southern California day at the beach. Good food, good company, good cheer. Some days it's great to be alive (and the fruit juice sweetened cheesecake with strawberry whipped cream was absolutely unbelievable!)


Happy Solar Return, Robert!

May more blessings than you could ever imagine come to you this year.

:) Tomeco


Robert. Happy Solar Return indeed ... you give of your knowledge so generously here .. may you receive much in return this coming year.

Vick Forman

Happy Birthday!!! May it be a lovely one.


Thanks, all. It's a great thing to be able to celebrate with so many. (And I think I ate too much cheesecake! I suppose once a year is okay.)

Diane Scholten

Robert, I just discovered your blog last week and am blown away by how good it (You!) is/are. Blessings to you on your birthday. Thanks for all the incredible wisdom!



Hi Diane - Thanks for your kind words. I would like to think this is where the world congregates for some good info, good community, and good inspiration. See you on the front page. Stop by again, and by all means, if you are moved to post a comment, please do so.


Happy Birthday! My birthday falls on April 1, so your article on solar returns is very timely! I have a question regarding the article, as my solar return this year seems to actually be more like a perfect storm of returns. In addition to having the eclipse fall near my sun, my Mars return took place a week earlier on 3/26, my Venus return also fell on my birthday, 4/1 and my Mercury return took place just after midnight so it was technically on 4/2, but essentially within about 12 hours of my actual solar return time. I wondered if you had any insight as to the significance of this unusual combination of events. My birth info is 4/1/1974 at 12:32PM in Honolulu, HI.
Thanks so much!


Hi SG - Congrats and Happy Happy, fellow April Fool! The Solar Return positions have their own distinct meaning, as do all the separate returns. We have Mercury and Venus returns close to our Solar Return every few years. The Mars return is a special point, especially for us Aries, though it's hard to pinpoint an exact minute unless you have a really good computer program.

Without going into detail (would take at least two hours to go into significant detail!) I can say that you should find many of your "defaults" re-set, and a sense of whole new beginnings in the areas of the map influenced by these inner planets. The houses ruled by these planets are getting a check-in this year, where what is will seem familiar, as though you've been living with the energies since birth (since you have!) Also, remember your SR could have occurred 31 March, as mine did, due to anomalies in planetary speeds. My hit is that since a return is a form of life renewal, you have multiple new adventures coming, and will be able to use natural skills and tendencies to see who you are, how you do what you do, and feel more comfortable with the traits you have. Mahalo!


Thanks! I did check and my SR and it was axactly on 4/1. I have been in a real static situation career-wise, so I would certainly look forward to a year of positive adventures!!


" Feliz, feliz en tu día,
Amiguito que Dios te bendiga,
que reine la Paz en tu día
y que cumplas muchos más".


Happy Birthday Robert!!! And many thanks for helping me crack the code of my Saturn in Aries. Mars is definitely my teacher, authority and clock. This realization has brought tremendous focus to my life. Perhaps a life long lesson of understanding the "energy" of my Scorpio Sun. You may also find it interesting to know that "Aries" represents the 7th house of my own Solar Return chart from 10/29 last year. Coincidence? I think not.

Isn't it nice to see(and feel)our Aquarian moons deliver a much-needed Martian punch to the Saturn in Leo?

"War"mest wishes,


Wild Horse Running

Happy Birthday Robert!

May the road rise up
to meet you,
May the Wind be always
at your back,
May the Sun shine
warm on your face,
The Rain fall softly
on your fields...

Warm wishes for the New Year...



Hi Katrina, Stevo, and Wild Horse Running - Thanks to you all!


Happy Birthday Robert. I know that this coming year is full of many blessings for all of us. We will be having our full moon group this evening at 6pm local time. Everyone sends their greetings and appreciation for your selfless work. Many Blessings to you on your special day.


Had a feeling your site was going to be filled with GLORIOUS WELL-WISHERS! Have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year ahead and thank you for all your valuable insights into the charts etc.


It's me again!
I know I asked you this before,but how can you find out where would be the best place for your chart in order to go there for a Solar Return?


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Robert,
Happy birthday to you!
(Sung very enthusiastically while strumming my guitar)Your friend from NJ,


Hi Robert,

Happy birthday and - um - many happy returns! (I wondered for years the meaning of the phrase until I learned more about astrology) I take it you aren't travelling this year?

Out of interest, how do you decide where to go in order to maximise a chart's potential or minimise certain stresses? Theoretically, let's say my solar return chart indicates something like Saturn in the 7th house square Mars in the 4th which puts stress on relationships and the home, would the stress manifest differently if I went somewhere else where Saturn would fall in the 8th and Mars in the 5th? How does that bear upon transits to the natal chart?

Thanks and may you have a wonderful year ahead.


My dearest Robert.....Many Happy returns on your birthday...May u be bless in abundance of peace,loving light and bliss...Love for always,Rien....Wonderful to know we spend the same birthday,only different is the year.... :)


Hi dcu - Very many thanks and appreciation for you. I do believe some big things are in motion!

Hi Jennifer - Thanks, and yes, the well wishers were too numerous for me to have imagined! As for your question, it's something a trained astrologer can compute for various locations. The trick is to find an astrologer who has specialized in how to read the meaning of the ways variances in a given set of energies will affect your chart, which not that many are expert in. It's much different than natal astrology. And yes, I trained in quite a few disciplines of astrological analysis and interpretation, including Electional (aka Inceptional, great for weddings, launching businesses, etc.), Horary (question solving), Solar, Lunar, and other planetary returns, Agricultural, Mundane (aka Political Astrology) and others beyond natal, progressed, and transits.

Hi Wendy, and many thanks! Your packet came, and it was wonderful - thank you so very much. Agates are special for me right now in an unusual way, and I'll fill you in sometime. You're very precient. Guitar strumming in NJ, eh? For next year you get to learn the chords to "Birthday" from the White Album! ;-)

Hi hitchhiker72 - This year I decided that given the realistic options of where I could go, the best chart was actually here in Westwood. Gives me Jupiter rising barely in the 12th, Sun in the 4th, Saturn in the 8th, with a cluster from late Aquarius to mid-Pisces in the 3rd favorable to Venus in the 5th.

Usually after I check out a few locations and meditate on all the factors that don't change as well as those that do, I consult the I Ching to give myself a cross check. We still have to deal with the aspects, since they don't change, but we can skew the emphasis in certain ways to mitigate potential conflicts. Much depends on which planets aspect which other planets and which houses they rule in our natal charts. So in your example, the houses in your chart ruled by Mars and Saturn would still suffer the square, though the circumstances through which the square would manifest would be different based in which SR houses they fell in. Transits will trigger the points of focus. And thanks for the wishes.

Hi ann - Thanks. May we ALL continue to grow in love, light, and the ability to break the link between pain and suffering through radical compassion, strength, and wisdom.


Happy Birthday(Belated) Robert. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead, from one arian to another. Hope you find continuous strength to keep up your good work.


Dear Robert,

I was so happy that your birthday was everything you hoped for.

I have some general questions about solar returns:

1. Which is the better forecasting tool: transits or solar returns?

2. If a person travels, how long do they have to be in the area? One astrologer told me 24 hours before the actual time. How long does a person have to stay in the location of the solar return after the appointed time?

3. Are you familiar with Mary Fortier Shea's book: PLANETS IN SOLAR RETURNS?

Again, I can't express my gratitude for your site and you. You are a prime example of what you give away freely comes back in a tenfold return. It is an awesome experience for me to contribute both with my words (transiting Jupiter in Sag in my 3rd house) and my donations. I just hope my contributions help someone else.



PS-only 17 days before Saturn goes direct. Yippee!!!!


Not only Saturn will go direct in two weeks, but Mars will be in Aries, at home!and Pluto will show its powerful help. I don't know how the world will handle that Arian energy, when every refined Aries will put his/her mind to work wonders! It is going to be interesting.


Hi Aditya - Thanks for your wishes. I hope I have the strength to keep up the workload as well!

Hi Helen - Easily, transits. SR charts show general trends, but everything about timing involves transits. A SR chart is a snapshot of transits. For the SR, be there 5 minutes early and you're there. Wherever you are is where you are. 24 hours is an arbitrary figure someone got from who knows where. And if you're in meditation for even 10 minutes during the SR and then must leave, you were still THERE for the SR. I always prefer to be in meditation at least 20 minutes before the point in time, and as long as I can meditate afterwards. I'm not familiar with that book, so can't comment. And of course, everyone who contributes to keeping this place active and funded is thrice-blessed!

Hi Larissa - Yes, am looking forward to the renewal Mars in Aries always brings me. And when Pluto ultimately goes into Capricorn, we Aries will experience a dramatic shift in our energies, since it is our "spiritual" ruler. Of note will be Jupiter in the first two degrees of Cap, since that is Pluto's initial stay in that sign.



I have started to plan my solar return for August. As the solar return for me in Michigan is not to my liking, I probably will have to travel to either Chicago or (of all places) Austin, TX for my solar return. In fact, I love college towns, living so close to Ann Arbor, so I look forward visiting Austin.

But traveling to these places, puts my sun in the 8th house. I have copied these comments from Ray Merriman about the 8th house placement for the sun:

"However the year may also portend the ending to love-romantic-affairs. Thus it may also indicate a change in one's social nature, usually precipitated by some outward crisis between work (duty) and relationships (love), particularly if the Sun is located very close to the midpoint of the third quadrant. The year may also highlight sexual matters and areas in your life which will now be transformed -- endings and starting over again. This is not an ideal position to find one's solar return Sun. One would be encouraged to travel for the solar return, placing the Sun in either the 7th or 9th houses nearby."

But for me and my situation, placing the sun in the 7th or 9th house would be worst. (legal matters)

Care to Comment?

Thanks for all you do.




Hi Helen - Don't let superstitions about the 8th house jam your gears. 8th house Sun in SR charts usually does show loss, but also regeneration. Brings the light into the magnetic realm, where you see what you have attracted and why, and can do needed clean out and clean up work in whatever sector of your birth chart is ruled by Leo, as well as whatever house your natal Sun is in.

While there well may be endings to some things, isn't that true regardless of wherever the Sun falls? And if the 8th is desire, in the sense that it's the realm of magnetism, then of course it will illuminate social things. As for crises you named, they would be more indicated by ruler of natal 7 afflicting ruler of natal 10 in SR, NOT Sun in the 8th. Highlight sexual matters? Maybe, depending on the age of the being. Certainly not true for people past their sexual focus, or perhaps regenerative for same. So what? And yes, it is the house of transformation, in the sense that as we shift magnetism and clean out obsolete or stagnant areas of life we are transformed. And that's a verrrry good thang!

An afflicted SR Sun in 7th or 9th could very well bring burnout, as well as illumination, in those areas, since the Sun's duality is "Fruitfulness or Sterility." However, Sun in the 9th often brings dubious legal issues into the light, which isn't bad, and is very good if the Sun is harmoniously aspected (unless by the ruler of the 12th or 7th, which show hidden or open enemies.) There is more to the SR than where the Sun falls. Like ruler of natal Asc, sign on the angles of the SR chart, and so forth. BTW - ALWAYS use the equal house system in the SR chart. It's the only one that remotely works in a coherent fashion.

As an aside, Austin is a great place, having lived there for several decades. Try the fries at Hyde Park Bar and Grill at 43rd and Duval. Amazing! (So is the lentil soup!!) And it's near the Elisabet Ney museum, one of my favorite spots to visit and meditate on the grounds.



Thanks for on-the-target insights. If my Leo sun is in the 7th house, it has a favorable aspect to the Sag Pluto (trine)in the 12th.

I want to avoid the 9th house placement if at all possible. I figured out that there must be a T-Square between Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. I still have see how the 7th house plays out.

But thanks for picking my spirits up. I had a week full of frustration where most of the projects close to my heart seemed to be at a standstill.



P.S. You gave me a wonderful place for my solar return! Fries and lentil soup? Calories be damnned! I'm going for the chicken-fried steak.

I also know some great stops in Ann Arbor, too.

This year my SR has


Dear Robert,

Awhile back, I wrote about spending my solar return in Austin. Since that time, the situation has changed, and it looks like I will be spending it in Niagara Falls, Canada. This place resonates with me, as during my childhood, it was always the destination of choice for the family’s summer vacation. In the ongoing theme of 2007 for me, this place is part of saying goodbye to the past.

Here are some of the placements that I have never seen discussed. In my solar return, I have four planets in the seventh house. They are all in Leo: my sun (of course), Venus (retrograde), Mercury, and Saturn. The seventh house is also an intercepted house. The axis for house cusp that is missing is Leo/Aquarius.

What is the impact for me for the next solar return? I am probably going to need legal representation in the coming solar year. How does this configuration bode for partnerships, legal matters, and new romances?

Since Mars is going to be in my 7th house in June and with Mercury RX in my ninth, and the ongoing Saturn/Neptune opposition, should I contact a lawyer now or wait for the period of my new solar return?

Any comments are welcome. As always thanks in advance for your sage advice.




Hi Helen - Well, you're asking some very complex stuff. Certainly partnerships and interactions will dominate the coming year. As for legal matters, look to the ruler of the natal 9th to see what's up. I'd probably do some research before hiring an attorney after the Mercury RX, though of course it's followed in short order with Venus RX. And what may be most important is launching any legal action at the right time based in horary/electional principles, where the appropriate rulers of you and your goals are harmonious with the ruler of "the end of the matter," and if possible, your "adversary." Then things should flow the best they are able.


Hi Robert, What about the Pars Fortunae on the Solar Return? On my natal chart it is located in the 7th, and it is truth that things work better in my life if I have the "other" to share matters with me, partnership means everything to me.
I have relocated to the UK on June 13th/2006, so 13 days after my 2006 solar return and the Pars Fortunae is in my 11th house, since I've moved here I've been working on my future, and of course, my chances of staying here depend largely on the possibilities of getting a job in a near future (savings run out one day, even if you are prudent). I quickly realised it wouldn't be that easy, so I decided to go on as many courses as I could find and pay for and take this window of opportunity in time to get some of my skills refreshed and updated, since this also means a change of career, or better still, going back to do what I had to abandon 15 years ago and where I think I'm good at. So far, I've seen many possibilities, many things I could be doing and have applied for endless jobs, sending my CV everywhere, I've ended up with as many as 7 or 8 different CVs recently. But getting a job has been just an elusive possibility, every opportunity that seems to come up seems to be on hold (or at least it is what I'm told) or if an offer is more concrete than it is something that would be interesting in the future but certainly not now, so it just seems that I can be lucky regarding my plans in the "future" and not "now". I've noticed that in any case, I was only called for an interview when Venus, Mercury and Mars conjuncted or squared (trines and sextile don't even tickle it) this Pars Fortunae on my solar return, but nothing, ever concrete ever happened, just promises that my CV would be kept on file "should the right opportunity arise in the future for a person with my skills"... and I'm not asking the Moon, really... oh, I forgot to mention that Jupiter is in the 6th of this solar return, absolutely nothing evolved so far. It just seems that what I need can only be reached in the future, even if just a very underpaid position. I started to wonder if this is happening because the 11th is the house of the future, of plans, of ideals and also being and air house, things never really get concrete. On the other hand, with that Pars Fortunae on the 11th solar return and with Saturn sitting on my Uranus since last October, I’ve been forced to learn some amazing technology that guess what: can be just what I need “for the future”, I’ve been forced to renovate in all levels, and yes, I’ve been meeting some strange people, different from what I’m used to and of course, more Aquarians to add to my collection of dear friends.
Well, the Pars Fortunae will be in my 6th house on my 2007 solar return starting this Thursday, I started to have a bit of hope, since the 6th is the house of work and daily routine and being an earth house it is more concrete, or, maybe things will just get worse and not only will I have to go for a not qualified at all position, but I can also say goodbye forever to my "future"...
Would you have any thoughts about this? I have invested a lot of money, energy and time in that endeavour of trying to build a new life here, but maybe this new life is just not within reach and I'll have to go back, which means give up completely.


Hi Alix - The Part of Fortune is said to show the area and quality of joy, or wealth. It is the "secondary Moon" to the Ascendant. The PF in the SR is a temporary influence, and the jury is out on whether aspects to the PF should even be considered other than conjunctions, since it's not a planet, and is a synthetic point. What you ask re: causes and timing on jobs and applications and offers is fairly complex. The 9th is the house of the future. The 11th that of goals and ambitions, or how the future is envisioned (3rd from the 9th). With PF in SR 11th, it would seem good for friends, group work, larger service, seeing the long range future. Saturn on Uranus is great for learning new tech. This years PF in 6th should be good for work. Stop worrying about that which may or may not happen. That just preprograms interference in the thoughtform. Open without allowing fear or resistance to jam your gears, and expect that in just the right way and time you'll be offered exactly what will fit your present and future growth needs, regardless of how strange it seems at the time.


Hi Robert,

The ruler of my natal 9th house is Mercury in Gemini.

The part that concerns me is that the 7th house has an interception, and that Venus is RX in the solar 7th house.

Again thanks for all your help as Saturn right now is really impacting my natal T-Square.




Hi Robert, Thanks for your advise and help. Maybe I'm indeed having to wait for the right opportunity to come up because there are no coincidences in this life, and yes, everything has been so weird lately that I don't doubt that something very unusual might appear. I've always been so happy as a workaholic (maybe it's Pluto in Virgo? or the moon in the 6th?) that not having my daily obligations like I used to before has been putting me in quite a deep desperation, apart from the financial aspect of not having a job. That's interesting that actually the 9th is the house of the future, I was trying to understand Neptune and Quiron there during SR2006, that's why then things have been so undefined and elusive, for this year the Sun is there and it sextile the PF in the 6th, do you know what I did? at the exact time of my SR I made sure I was in an area of London where I'd like to work :)



I would like someone to help me with my sons solar return chart in regard to health aspects ( for this Aughst)

any offers please.



Hi JC - It's not quite that simple, and SR charts don't tell the whole story. Natal is everything; Surgeries are best scheduled by transits; diseases best monitored by the date of the onset; chronic conditions by progressions and transits, and a host of other factors. And of course, comment streams can only deal with things somewhat superficially. Then there are the holistic health factors, as well as Oriental Medical possibilities (acupuncture, herbs, etc.), and alternatives from Europe, such as magnets, kelation and the like. Health is a huge area of study, and frankly, it's against the law for diagnosis or suggested "cures" to be put out there by non-medical professionals, since that's the way our dysfunctional American system of non-health care works. My blessings to you and your son. May he be restored to health as soon as possible with least trauma possible.


Hi Robert, could you give us some insight on the other planetary returns, such as Jupiter's and specially Saturn's? How do we read and interpret the transits on them? Would be really great to have your opinion.


Hi Alix - I've written extensively on the Saturn Return, so please re-read the article. You can find it by using the site google box on the upper right. As for the nuances and variations on the other transits at play during the planetary returns, I'll try to think of something to say in an article, but what you're asking for could fill a book.


Hi Robert, Sorry! I meant the Saturn and Jupiter Return charts!


Hi Alix - Well, as I noted, it's extremely hard to find an "exact" chart for the Jupiter and Saturn returns, since they move so slowly that they can occupy a given degree and minute for quite a while. For example, Saturn moves about 5.8 minutes of longitude per day right now. That translates to just under 1 minute movement every 4 hours, which is 15 seconds of movement every hour, which is 1 second of movement every 15 minutes.

Given ephemerides usually round up or down and variables in the program computing planetary movement may skew things a little, that would mean that even if you computed the EXACT degree, minute, and second of your Saturn AND the program also could compute the transits EXACTLY to degree, minute, and second, you'd still have a span of "ascendants" and "Midheavens." With Jupiter and Saturn return charts indicating the next 11+ or 29+ year cycles, you only get an estimate on the angles.

Of some great importance are the sign positions and aspects between all the planets, as well as what houses they occupy when the return happens. And if a person has a Saturn return in Virgo, of major importance is the sign position of Mercury and the aspects it makes, as well as the specifics of Mercury's dispositor in looking at Saturn Return in Virgo factors.

The same for the sign position of whatever planet is experiencing its return. If the return is in Leo, look to the Sun at the return. If the return is in Sagittarius, look to the Jupiter at the return. As you can see, if you have a planet in the sign it rules, that makes that sign influence more powerful.


Robert, Thank you. That makes sense, so maybe the angles are not as important as the planetary positions anyway, given their movement is so slow.


Hi Robert, would you agree that if a person has the natal 3rd house exactly on the 12th of the solar return and having the ruler of the 12th afflicted by Mars and other planets, let say Mercury is the ruler, that it would make that person more prone to accidents during that year?


Hi Alix - We are only prone to accidents when we're not paying attention, not because anything is anything in the chart. In your example, it would be the 12th SR cusp on the N 3rd cusp, but I'm not sure which 12th house ruler you're speaking of (natal or SR). I also tend not to care much about when cusps touch each other, since they change based in what house system we use, so being entirely variable, they are not all that useful. Only the Asc and MC really matter in the sense you're addressing, since they are the reference points for our approach to our reality. That said, when Mars afflicts Mercury we should slow down, be alert, and avoid hasty actions or speech that would lead us into avoidable accidents.


Can you please give some info about how a saturn return (in Virgo) would affect a chart with a moon in virgo, venus or mars in virgo, and finally either north or south node in virgo? Even with a saturn in virgo? My question as a dabbler in astrology-I would certainly appreciate any insight about how the saturn return affects specific planets in that sign throughout the chart.
Much appreciate your response.


Hi Beth - Saturn in Virgo conjunct planets in Virgo can be understood by reading this article. Of course, Saturn return to Saturn is covered in a different article you can find by using the site google box on the upper right. And there isn't much out there on Saturn conjunct all those planets and points specifically, since it's too narrow a focus for commercial publishing. Saturn crystalizes all it touches, and shows what of that inner/outer planetary function we can and cannot live with.


Happy Birthday Robert
I hope this year brings many gifts and much love to you.

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White Granny - Bees!
Your Enchanted Gardener

Progressive Transcultural Groups
Aid To Artisans
Culture of Peace Initiative
Imagine Peace
Maya Color
Network of Spiritual Progressives
Ram Dass Foundation
The Borgen Project
Truly Alive

Ending Hunger and Go Organic Links
America's 2nd Harvest
Farm Aid

Environmental Links
Avaaz Global Initiative
Center for Food Safety
Cleantechnica Clean Energy Blog
Climate Science - Roger Pielke Sr.
EarthRights International
Ecosystem Update
Environmental Defense
Environmental News Network
Environmental Working Group
Farm Wars - Protect Family Farms
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
Sacred Passage
Way of Nature Fellowship - Reducing CO2

Discover or Report Consumer Ripoffs!
Ripoff Report
Boycott Companies that pay no taxes!
Pay Up Now
Challenge Corporate Personhood!
Stop the Banksters!
Move Your Money

Political Humor Sites
Belacqua Jones
Church of the Flying
Spaghetti Monster

Jesus' General
Juanita Jean's
This Modern World

Economics for All
Daily Reckoning

News Sources and Blogs
Asia Times
Blacklisted News
Censored News
Consortium News
The Consumerist
Daily Beast
Eschaton by Atrios
Here In Reality
Media Matters
Nancy's Blog - Starlight News
News Trust
ProPublica - Public Interest News
Reader Supported News
Suburban Guerrilla Susie Madrak
The Raw Story
Tom Dispatch
Unknown News
Washington's Blog

Activists and Agitators For Positive Change
Amnesty International
Aquila Ka Hecate
Architcts&Engineers for 9-11 Truth
Dark Legacy - Bush Assassinations
Faces of Lawsuit Abuse
Fair Vote - Voting Reform
Indigenous Grandmothers Council
Investigative Journalist Greg Palast
Liberty For Life
Loose Change (the Movie)
Project Helping Hands
Peaceful Streets - Filming Police
Southern Poverty Law Center
Think Progress
Transition Culture
Wellstone Action - Training Progressive Candidates

Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech
Free Press - Media Reform
Nieman Watchdog
Questions the Press Should Ask

Save The

Checking Political Facts
Politifact - Sorting out the Truth in Politics

Strictly Political
Citizens for Legit Government
Crooks and Liars
Digby's Hullabaloo
Head of State - Political Psychology
HuffPolster - Polls
MyDD - Election Analysis
Open Left
Political Wire
Princeton Election Consortium
Real Clear Politics - Polls
War Is A

Monitoring Voting Irregularities
Brad Blog
Movie - Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies
Movie - Uncounted
Velvet Revolution
VoteWatch 2004

Spotlight on Human Progress
Zero Point - Spiritual Science

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