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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Diane Scholten

Robert -

This confused me "The Nodes of the Moon show when eclipses occur, and mark 4 points in the year when the Sun and Moon bring forth new emphases, and shut down old lines of energy and activity." - how do the nodes & eclipses connect - I don't get that?

Have you read Jan Spiller's book on the nodes? I thought it was pretty good.

I have heard the north node referred to as our life purpose and the south node as more karmic (dharma/karma as I recall). So for me with the south node in libra in the 5th I want to relax into my personal creativity and romance (yes indeed that DOES sound good) rather than being a pioneer or leader of groups (nn in aries in the 11th). When I began my life coaching work my dad said "this one on one work makes no sense for you to me, since you've been in front of a pack of kids since you were 3 years old, saying "come on, kids, follow me!". That did make me feel better - as though I have been pursuing my purpose since I was young. It feels in abeyance now, though much does of late.

I find it hard to explain WHAT the nodes are when i'm doing chart, but not what they symbolize. Then again with my dearth of air the specificity of the material world is never my strong suit!


Eclipses are New Moons and Full Moons that conjunct/oppose the Nodal axis. That's why it's an eclipse, instead of any other lunation. We have two New Moon eclipses each year (1 conjunct the NN; 1 conjunct the SN) which are Solar Eclipses. We have two Full Moon eclipses each year two weeks before or after the New Moon Solar eclipse. That's 4 times a year; 2 Solar, 2 Lunar. There are different Sarios series of eclipse cycles which have nothing to do with the astrological interpreatations, per se.

Never read Jan Spiller's book. Unfortunately, these days don't really leave me with much time to read all I would like to. I'll keep my eye out for it and check it out when I can, since I'm open to anything that is well thought out.

Generally, while the Nodal influence can be important, is not very high on my priorities of what people need to know of their chart tendencies outside of some general encouragement. There are other planetary factors that show much more directly the dharma/karma lessons in their most immediate practical aspect.

As for why things are in abeyance or coming to the fore, consider it part of the Grand Irrationality I write about. You're in it as we all are. It's navigating the strangeness that shows how well we've living our Higher Self. It's good we have so many Water trines at present assisting us with learning and demonstrating compassion, to ourselves and/or to others.


Hi Robert. Your site is excellent and has helped me keep many things in mind as I navigate life. Two years ago I discovered the Nodes and have found it to be the MOST informative part of my chart, basically because I think they can guide us on how to live now. I have a north node Leo on the 1st house. Obviously, with Saturn transiting Leo now, and Neptune continuing its several year transit of Aquarius, following the several year transit of Uranus in Aquarius... the north-south polarity of the nodes is and has been at the forefront for me. I'm not sure I have a question, but just wanted to say that I feel compelled to concede defeat on my south node influences and give in to a lion that feels utterly exhausted.


Hi Christine - Great points. I never want to imply that I don't give the Nodes their due. Especially when under a major transit, like Saturn (or Mars or Sun or ....) Each shows a line of development or surrender, depending on what's being aspected.

I'm sure the Aquarius transits forced you to release a lot. They also gave you many opportunities to practice the Aquarian ideal, to ground Spirit in matter in your own unique way so you can do it perfectly in the future, demonstrating the sense of purposeful creativity and genuine, spontaneous sincere engaged Love in every life approach shown by the NN in Leo. Grow into being Leo, and express it Aquarian. Congratulations on a new structure of your NN, since Saturn shows us our Great Work.

As an aside, Neptune is now embedding into collective consciousness what was awakened when Uranus transited those point. When Pluto eventually crosses those same points, it will awaken the seeds of the Aquarian era. It'll look much different than most 20th century thinkers suspect. Thank God for time.

Diane Scholten

Robert -

Your blog has become my "treat" after I attend to whatever tasks I've undertaken. Say more about "As an aside, Neptune is now embedding into collective consciousness what was awakened when Uranus transited those point. When Pluto eventually crosses those same points, it will awaken the seeds of the Aquarian era. It'll look much different than most 20th century thinkers suspect. Thank God for time."

I had not stopped to think of the outer planets hitting inner planets in a sequential matter, but of course, that is/will be happening. I'll have to look at my own chart - with all my Aquarius I found the Uranus in Aquarius years to be energizing, to say the least. Probably the most Uranian event was a book deal from a major publisher just totally falling into my lap. Now Neptune is winding it's way through my chart. I think I'll spend a wee bit of time looking at what happened during teh whole span of Uranus in Aquarius, which of my 3 Aquarian planets, Aquarian MC and other air planets might have been involved, and note any changes/similarities with Neptune.

But I have been digressing - what really intrigued me was your last thoughts here - 'When Pluto eventually crosses those same points, it will awaken the seeds of the Aquarian era. It'll look much different than most 20th century thinkers suspect. Thank God for time." I'm taking it you mean that 'things will turn out alright in the end' - if so, a much needed hopeful comment in this tenuous time. A friend has a magnet on her fridge that says "It will all turn out alright in the end. If it's not alright, that only means it's not the end." I like that.


Thank you for your response Robert. I really appreciate your insight and clarity. I will look more at what is being aspected in my chart and think about what I've let go of.

I too am intrigued by your comment that Pluto will awaken the seeds of the Aquarian era. I will take it to heart as hope is a rare commodity these days, and I miss it.


Diane and Christine, I'll try to come up with a thoughtful article to address the long term influences on humanity fairly soon. Thanks for your appreciative comments.


This is what confuses me: I have the NN in Taurus in the 8th house, and my SN in Scorpio (conjuncting Neptune) in the 2nd house. My rising sign is Libra and Neptune is scorpio. Everything I've read assumes exactly the opposite. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Hi charley - It means you grow most through learning good Taurus traits regarding 8th house things (loss, desire, regeneration, shared values) while demonstrating what you've developed through Scorpio traits in the 2nd house. Let go of overpossessiveness, and learn to enjoy all that has come and gone. You may have an ideal (Neptune) that gets very intense at times, but it's as though the engine is all revved up but there's nowhere to go. That's why the slow and steady route works the best for you to attract what you want to see made real. Making your desires more steady, simple, and enjoyable will always evolve you more than trying to possess everything Neptune offers. You learn more from your losses than your gains, but can gain through renewing that which is thought obsolete.


I have my North Node in Capricorn conjunct mars in Capricorn in the third Sextile my Sun/Venus/Mercury in Pisces in the 5th. I believe This will help me to focus more on my creativity/writing. My South Node is in Cancer conjunct the MC. Could this describe my job as a Home Health Aide[I have Cancer on the MC]? And my need to nurture, and take care of people? I've also worked in Hospice care, dealing with Aid's/Cancer patients.


I am a Scorpio with a N.Node in Virgo and tonight at work I "learned more from my losses than my gains."
A young man challenged me in the honor of a young women. However wrongheaded his perception of the situation (I do not know the young women he spoke of).
He challenged me openly- I allowed him his pride and said nothing- in the I listened to my heart.

Two hours later I spoke with him privately and said to him "for you to challenge me took courage and I respect that, however, do not be a fool, young man."

I stood aside from my past reactions in similar situations.

The young man's eye's filled with water- and he understood the situation. There was a lesson and a Victory for both of us in this.

This courage I learned from you Robert. The courage to use the mind and the heart with divine intention.

Thank you.



My N.Node in Virgo in the 8th. S.Node in Pisces in the second. That aught clarify the amount of will the whole thing took me. In the past I probably could have lost my job and be sitting in jail currently. Hope this helps ya'll!


This is about the nodes and karmic relationships. I've read there's something to be said about when one's node is conjunct one's planet and the meaning. However I would like to know if there is something to nodes conjuncting each other. For example. I had a short lived relationship from april to june of this year. His north node was 27 virgo on my south node 0 Libra. We are both Leos..Im an aries rising but I dont know his rising sign. Any ideas?



About that conjuncttion....I hope I'm right in that it's a 6 degree orb?



Hi Nicole - Cancer is indeed the need to nurture. With NN conj Mars in the third, learn, learn, and learn so more. You're here to take responsibility for directing a larger work, as well as find light and beauty through your creativity.

Hi Don - Glad you could be practical in the face of someone challenging you about something that you didn't need to react to. Good that you learned courage in other ways to respond. You're doing great.

Hi Chickie - You've described what I term "crossed nodes," when the NN of one is on the SN of the other. It's actually a very difficult contact, since what helps one develop is NOT what the other needs, and vise versa. What excites one is a yawn to the other, and what assists the growth of one the other already has done for lifetimes. As an aside, I usually give the orb of conjunction or opposition to the Sun or Moon as wide as 10-13 degrees, depending. The lights are very powerful.


The astrologer Maritha Pottenger suggested in an online article that there would be a great karmic burden for those with the north node in Capricorn or the 10th house (or conjunct natal Saturn).

As it happens, I have a "natural" chart with the north node in the 10th house of Capricorn.

Anyone know what Ms. Pottenger meant, or have any other insights into 10th house north nodes?


Hello Robert,

Is there any value or interpretation of the north node in the sky at 23 pisces that trines my natal 23 scorpio moon at this present time. Pisces being my 12th house. My moon is the last degree in the seventh house. Not feeling well these dsys....emotions are spent!



Hi Linus - 10th house NN shows your line of evolutionary development involves flowering, going public, and being more visible in your world, while SN in 4th shows your past and family are often drains on your energies. Family, while a comfortable fallback, are of no use in the personal evolution, and can be a distraction.

As for Ms. Pottinger's interpretation, it would be more accurate to say it applies to NN in Cap rather than the 10th, and as far as "karmic burdens," well, we all have a big one, regardless of our nodal position. It's called doing our perfectly human spiritual service to whatever segment of humanity calls our Soul.

Hi chickie - Yes, a trine from a node to the Moon offers understanding of how to grow, how to care for yourself, and what to let go of, or shows the line of least resistance to self-nurture. I would say do a lot of self-regenerative meditations using closure rituals to get a vast view of your spiritual power, and with transiting SN in 6th, take care of your health by letting go of worries, stress, getting fussy about the ten thousand details that clog our lives, and so forth.


Thanks to Your Highness,

I wasn't sure which way I would do myself in. The Lioness would prefer drama and sit in a nice suddzy tub with opium, a glass of vino and a razor blade and depart as a Roman. But I think I'll stick around. You just reminded of a few more witch tricks that need to be executed!



Hi chickie - Thanks and much praise for offering homage to the Great Cat, since the Great Cat's many local manifestations are the only ones who deserve the title "Your Highness!" The only true option is how to enjoy our lives while searching for ways to serve that higher species. ;-) Besides, tides are shifting and it looks to be a wild ride, and since we've already got the ticket, why not take the trip?


Ok Ok...So I'm gonna take the trip but I'm more concerned with that SN bangn' my 6th Virgi house Saturn at 16 which is right around the corner, Uranus will be opposing it in Pisces where I also have natal Jupiter at 6. Now I was thinking, I got this binge drunk who lives next door that's 53 and occasionally ,once every 2 weeks) it dawns on him that a quart of vodka a day may be just a little over the top, he decides to "cut back" goes into DT's which is when I call 911 before he seizures. Maybe I can start having them give me a quick blood pressure test, etc. They bring a 1/2 dozen paramedics who stand around and do nothing. I pay taxes you know. Not to mention I've been known to share my great pizza.



Can you please help me understand what is going on- please shed some light on (pun intended) as to what happens when your progressed full moon conjuncts north node (in fact a total lunar eclipse) this is occurring in my life tomorrow.

Kindest of regards-


Hi Pamela - I see you found the original nugget that yielded the two part article posted yesterday and today (thank you Beatles!) It would seem to me that there is much about your progressed life/light that will end, with major new openings to come. I'm not quite sure if you mean your Prog Moon is conjunct your natal Nodes, or transiting Nodes. I suspect from the way you phrased it that it's all natal, in which case your life will change in some dramatic ways over the next 14 years. Of course, ALL our lives will change dramatically over the next 18 years, due to karmic forces beyond individual control. And take a look back at what began about 14 years ago, since that was when your Prog Moon conjuncted your Sun and began this cycle of growth which will fulfill itself over the next 14 years.


Hi Robert:

Thanks for the comments, It is much appreciated. It is actually my progressed moon conjunct my progressed north node at 24 39 Virgo, Progressed moon will hit natal north node at 25 52 Virgo (tenth house) around April 16th 2007.

Do you think it more significant the progressed full moon aspects the progressed north node, or the natal node?

I ran across this from astrologialweekly and found it fascinating:

''The Sun is the Soul, our spiritual part. The Moon is the Body, our material part. Where these two, the Soul and the Body intersect, the Life on this physical level, in this universe, appears. The physical life cannot exist without the body, nor without the soul. The Nodes are from this perspective THE LIFE ITSELF !

We should consider them as waves, in a continuum that comes from our habit patterns (South Node) and moves towards an evolution of qualities we need to be developed (North Node), or as particles, considering them just as two points in space, the past and the future; maybe as a wave-particle duality as stated in modern physics.



Hi Pamela - The entire time the P Moon approaches the natal Nodes is important in feeling changes toward a greater way of development. It has been asserted by authorities of antiquity that ALL progressed to natal aspects are the only ones to study, and that progressed to progressed are much lesser in potency. I find that true to some degree, though transits to progressed often yield dramatic manifestations, especially if there is also a transit to natal AND a progressed to natal occurring simultaneously in other sectors of the chart.

Not sure how the author of what you quoted regards the Ascendant, which IS the actual physical body. The Moon, as I understand it, is the collection of habits of experiencing our day to day life. It does give form to what the Sun radiates. So it is the body in the sense that it is our need to feel something, and we cannot feel without something that can be "touched." But it would be equally valid to state that Saturn is the body, since it rules the skin and bones and physical limitations of age that EVERYONE on Earth must experience until they become liberated Jivanmutkas. The Moon also to some extent rules the "yearning for form," thus precipitating our physical self out of the sensations of the Astral plane, but the Nodes "Life itself?" Only a part of the mystery of evolution, in my understanding. While the "Lunar Pitris" played a great part in the seed bed for early human forms millions of years ago, we are also told there is no "life" there, symbolically shown by the 3rd eye chakra being the only chakra that is passive rather than active. "Life" is the sum total and more of ALL the experiences of evolving consciousness, which may or may not involve being in a physical body. The Nodes are just one axis of life on Earth; surely LIFE exists beyond Earth, and therefore beyond the Nodes of our tiny Moon. Life itself exists on all levels, with or without forms. Your final paragraph is closer to my own understanding.



Thanks alot for yuor thoughtful and illuminating response. I will wait for April 16th and let you know.



Hi Robert,

Is the north node the same as the true node?



Hello Robert.
I just love all the discussion that's going on regarding the Nodes. In my classes we are exploring the connections between Dharma (North node) and Karma (south node). I find that integrating what has been taught in the yogic traditions along with the appropriate astrology helps me to better understand what it's all about. Otherwise, isn't it just information lodged in the head (mind), alone??? I've been talking a bit about this on my blog and I am happy to send my readers to you for this excellent article.


Hi Pamela - Sure.

Hi donna - Yes, though there is a difference between the True Node and the Mean Node, however small it is.

Hi ida - Thanks for the referral. I hope you've explored the other 3 part series on the Nodes I published not that long ago, as they have valuable information I didn't discuss in this article.


Hi Robert - Can you explain the connections between the North Node, South Node, Ascendent, and Birth Sign? My North Node and South Nodes explain so many of my vasanas or habits which I had always tried to reconcile with my Asc and Birth signs.

Happy, Happy Birthday to you. I hope it was one of those "eating the ears off a chocolate Easter bunny" kind of day!


Hi sonja - Sun is our illumination, integrity, and heart. Asc is our self image and "window on our world," that which sets us apart from everyone else born on our day where we were. NN is about our line of evolutionary development. SN is where we let go, demonstrate, and follow through showing what we've learned through the NN. Sun is what we radiate, Asc is what we perceive, NN is magnetic pull to challenging growth, SN is magnetic line of least resistance. And yes, I "ate the ears off" pizzas and fruit juice sweetened delicacies from the local great bakery.



One more question about North Nodes and I'm done. (hopefully)

What is the effect when the NN is the house opposite it's natural house? Example: My NN is in Aquarius in the 5th house. That means that my SN is in Leo in the 11th house.

I'm having a hard time putting this together as far as writing.




Hi Helen - NN in Aquarius shows development through friends, learning forms of impersonal love, and group work. You have nothing to learn from taking things too personally, being dramatic, or worrying about being on stage. NN in 5th is growth through self expression, children, enjoying life through games, sports, etc. So play with friends, be creative with friends and in group settings, and it will be demonstrated through your spontaneity in public. It could be growth through a vision of how children could manage their energies for better contribution to a larger goal or organized into groups expressing as creative public world service. Grow through making children your friends. Release through creative group endeavors. There are many ways to express these energies. The sign is the filter; the house is the arena.


Robert, I have met a man who I feel very drawn to and have found out that his south node in gemini is conjunct to the exact degree my saturn in gemini. What does that mean? Rosalind Smith


Hi Rosalind - It would mean he has nothing to learn from your Saturn, and that your Saturn would be "released" by or demonstrated through his SN energetics. So your sense of purpose, authorship, etc., is something he already has down, and cannot learn from. His line of greatest evolutionary development - NN - is opposed your Saturn, which could mean you'll have to develop your Saturn to its highest manifestation without his participation one way or another. He should not get into a push-pull around your Saturn issues and lessons, as it would throw him on to his SN.



Thanks, it is making sense. It is funny. I have always loved theater, films, etc. But I always wanted to work behind the scene, in a group setting. I never wanted to be "on stage."




Robert, Thanks so much very good to know.:)Rosalind


Hi Robert:

I would love to know what it means to have my SN forming a conjunction with my friend's Pluto + we share the same NN in Aquarius, and his moon is on top of my NN...It feels as if I couldn't escape from this person...Thanks!


Hi Leana - You have nothing to learn from their Pluto except what heart strength you can demonstrate in the face of forces beyond either of your control. Your NN on his Moon is excellent for both of you, and he can nurture and give form to your line of greatest development. You help his Moon, and you both grow through that. You both release through the Leo SN. (FYI, I also have a Moon in Aquarius opposed to Pluto, so there may be similar elements evolve as a result of your hanging out here in Professor Robert's metaphysical cantina.) Enjoy the Aquarian exposure!


What does it mean that I have NN in Virgo in the 12th & SN in Pisces in the 6th?


Hi Jessica - About 10,000 things, among them that the Virgo NN 12th shows you'll grow through discrimination and hard work, both behind the scenes as well as in consciousness. Structured meditation practice and diligent work in helping things to close out is your line of greatest development. SN Pisces 6th shows you need to watch out for weird stuff in the workplace, and the tendency to procrastinate in health issues. Also, other peoples' ambivalence is something you have to note, as well as their dualistic motives or demonstrations of compassion. Grow through NN things, then express those things skillfully through the SN.


Hi Robert: I can not say how much I thank you for helping me see this meaning in our relationship, as it has been very tough for me understanding this aqua-person. Me being a Cancer/Sag with a Capri moon, him Aqua/Scorpio with moon,sun, NN in Aqua, it has been hard for me to let things go under there own pace, not force things, accept his coldness, his undemonstrative feelings, emotions that are always under total control...many times I have tought: what am I doing? Why do I have to be attracted to someone so aloof? I thought it was this Pluto/SN contact...He also has his Chiron on top of my moon, and his uranus on top of my sun inside my 7th house, it doesn't feel peacefull at all and I feel that I'm reaching an end, I should just never look back...For the moon/NN contact in Aqua: this is the very first time that someone has expressed a true desire to have a baby with me, before I didn't feel that I was made to have a child (blame my capri moon?), but after meeting this person, for the very 1st time, I could imagine myself becoming a mother...
Thanks Robert!


Robert, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that in our composite chart, we have Saturn right on top of my SN, so opposite our NN...


Hi Leana - Sure. Uranus on your Sun is a bit of a spinout, surely revolutionizing and never settling! (Certainly never a dull moment!) And your SN on his Pluto doesn't help you when he's being Plutonic. But Moon in Aquarius is maybe the best for friendship, and forms of impersonal nurturing even when you want something more touchy-feely. Remember, your NN in Aquarius is your line of greatest development. Hopefully he helped you to not take some of it personally.


Thanks again Robert!


Your Highness,

What Im struggling with the most at this transformational time, and believe me I've shedded more skin in the last year and one half than in all of my "endings and beginnings" cycles! With my north node at one degree aries in the 12th, if in fact with saturn going forward and opening things up in Libra,(south node) in 6th however I have Mars in Libra 7th, I wonder if in fact my relationship (romantic) days are really over? On one hand it is a relief on the other it's lonely but necessary.


Hi chickie - SN in Libra does show that your relationships will demonstrate to the degree you embrace your NN. Let us affirm you can no longer be seduced by the appearance of love and affection, and attract the perfect friend whose company you might enjoy for as long as time lasts. Loneliness is an illusion of the desire mind. Solitude is the sanctuary of the Soul listening to the heart. We are more connected to others in our Soul field than we often feel. I am sorry it is so temporarily difficult, but I am sure you can attract a friend or two who you could bond with for a long long time. Be in your strength, do what must be done, and welcome the guest who will most assuredly arrive at the right time and place.


Hi Robert,

I'm a 9th house Leo with a Sag Asc. My NN is in the 2nd house Cap and SN in 8th house Cancer. What do you see here?

Your insight is phenomenal and I love this site. Your wisdom speaks right to the souls of each of us.



Hi lisbeth - Truth seeking Soul, let go of ancient sensitivities and attractions that pinch your toes. You are here to utilize responsibly the awesome resources you can attract to you when, operating out of primal innocence, you stop clutching and willingly accept your authority. This year is ending and beginning 12 year cycles of becoming, awakening the seeds of power Pluto has already planted for the ages. I suspect that August will light the fuse on your rocket ship, and you'll be riding a wave of grounded power in your world by December. And of course, thanks for your gracious appreciation.


Hi Robert! What a coincidence that I popped onto your site! I now have a question if you would be so kind as to answer.

I have been involved in a ongoing relationship with a man for almost two years. Every time he says he does not think that he can be all I am looking for in a relationship. Yet he the kicker is that he can't keep away from me either. So here is what I have for you in dynamics, together we are very passionate, he can be aloof at times and uncommunicative but he feels the need to "see" me. I love him and feel he is someone who I feel very drawn to go the distance with.
Now the juicy stuff, the astrology ....He Sun/Moon 29Sagg Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio, N.N. Scorpio in his second/third house cusp.....Me Sun Scorpio/Moon Cancer/Venus Sagg/Mars Sagg Cancer conjunct my moon in Cancer in 10th

Together both of us have Virgo Rising within 8 degrees of each other
His North Node is exactly conjunct My sun in Scorpio at 13degrees
His Venus is conjunct my Mars
My Venus is sextile his Mars
His North Node is trine My North Node
His South node is Trine my South Node
His Vertex is Trine my Venus
His N.N. is Trine my Vertex
His Asc is sextile my Venus
His Venus is conjunct my Saturn
His Chiron is conjunct my Saturn
His Venus is square my Pluto
His N.N. is trine my Chiron

Any ideas if this thing is going to go the distance or has the "glue" to transform and grow together?


Hi Teri - It will last to the extent you both cultivate the friendship, or most certainly there will be a parting someday. It sounds like you have plenty of sticky stuff between you as well as many "fortunate" connections. However, aside from astrological considerations, major factors in any relationship are all the issues and desires of the subconscious imagery of both, as well as the expectations, both spoken and unspoken, and the agreements, spoken and unspoken.

Either you're walking together and separately one day at a time or you're not, with each volunteering to show up for a dance rather than desire for its own sake. If one is and one isn't then joy and sorrow prevail and free will decides. If both are, then you have a potential friendship that can last a lifetime.


Your Highness,

I have a bad habit of delving into the past which I fight all the time, However something in the last 4/5 days has me apple coring once again. It has to do with a very karmic relationship that ended without closure and there are indications it is returning. I dont think as a love relationship but a grudge ending. I know both charts very well. He's a Leo, Sag moon, Cancer rising. Im a Leo, Aries Rising and Scorpio moon. He's got mars, venus jupiter in my fourth house, and sun and mercury conjunct my sun and mercury for starters.

However I would just like to deciper these nodal conjuncts once and for all.

He has north node in Taurus and south node conjunct my 23 Scorpio moon exact. I have my north node 0 Aries conjunct his 29 saturn in pisces. I hear he's on his way into my hood if you know what I mean. Shall I move?

Priestess in trouble.......



I forgot to mention that my north node not only conjuncts his Saturn in Pisces but his MC anc Chiron.



Hi chickie - Don't give his majesty any more power than your majesty feels is appropriate for one who obviously has not appreciated your eminence in the past. Even my cat refuses my overtures when I've offended him, at least for awhile. Then he bites my hand and demands pets and to be fed. His SN on your Moon is a definite karmic connect, showing he has little to learn from your feeling responses except what to release (or shut up about!) Your line of development is to be an individual moving out of the collective into the individual this life, and you are aided by his Saturn, which you also help him develop. You're probably good for his "visibility" and flowering, and help him let go of his early life patterns, which you do NOT learn from in the slightest. When he's following his early behavior patterns, be quiet and let go. Say little, be diplomatic, and remove yourself from his early patterns. This is a contact where you should never "play house" with him. You are here to help him develop his public healing while letting go of his family tendencies.


Thank you your Highness,

I have been married 2x's yet this was the most powerful connection I've ever experienced. The Saturn/Chiron/MC and my node stuff is quite interesting because I was in constant assistance of all his career ideas. I did research for him, lovely logos so he could "see" his future because his ideas were indeed very creative. But he never followed through. Yes, there were lots of Saturian influences that I never paid attention. My 16 Virgo Saturn Conjuncted his 16 Virgo Pluto/Uranus. I just hope when he shows, cuz he WILL show, that we've both grown up and just have peace and forgivness. For I did way too much "Woe" is me and loved way too much.


Hi chickie - And now you get to put all you've learned into play, discernment about what fits where and so forth. I believe he owes it to you to show you some consideration so you can know the old seductiveness has been transmuted. Be careful not to lumber down the meeting with a lot of expectations. See his assumptions, as well as remember that we all tend to put on our best face for others. I believe an honest dialogue that puts you both at ease and clarifies things may be in order. You know you've grown, but you cannot be sure how he's grown or not until you stand your ground as an equal in your power and can say no to hurtful patterns as easily as you can say yes to desirable ones. Best of luck, my dear.


Yes Robert, you have a very important message to relay indeed it depends on the commitment of the people involved. Very succinct of you! BRAVO ; )

My new question is: With my Virgo Rising a Piscies Decendant,Moon conjunct N.N. in Cancer 10th house, Sun, Mer,Nept in Scorpio 3rd house, Jup. in Aries 7th house and Saturn in Aquarius 5th house, Venus/Mars in Sagg 4th house I seem to be the elusive single woman. I sincerely desire a more fixed relationship though not necessary to be "married" I am 43 years old and feel very pulled to accomplish something with a partner and I can't figure out why.

I am not sure about what my "lesson to learn is" I am supposed to pull away from wanting the characteristics of my S.N. Capricorn in the 4th and yet I sit here a manager of quite a few people and feel very confident in my abilities and have had many of my former employees tell me I was the best boss they ever had..(their words) What am I supposed to be doing here this go around?

I do feel very pulled and at cross purposes yet their must be an Ennigram to figure out the trigger point and the release of all this energy. I have read that 10th house is about creating "home" in the public is this also to mean that I will have a struggle in a relationship with a man?

Big Questions Robert and I am striving to live my life to it's potential and just can't get over the feeling I am missing something.



Hi Teri - Yes, commitment is everything! You're asking some very complex life purpose stuff, more than can be addressed in a comment stream. Just because you choose to be at home in the public eye does not mean you'll have a struggle with anything. And we often feel we are missing something when we have incomplete information. No doubt you'll be in a different space by this time next year when Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Earth signs.


Hello Robert,
I seem to have no idea what to do with my life and don't even have a semblance of a career. I figured with SN in capricorn in the 2nd this wouldn't be a problem but I guess I'm pretty clueless about this. My NN is cancer in the 8th. My moon in the 6th is trine my SN while Uranus in the 12 is trine my NN. Uranus/Asc. conjunction form a T-square with Moon and Mars in the 9th.

From what I've read so far I've some idea but the nodes are a little confusing.

Appreciate any insight,



Hi Stan - The Nodes aren't so much indicators of profession as lines of development/least resistance. You will learn more from your losses than your gains, especially in anything to do with land, families, assuring supply of needs, and the other Cancer keywords. Moon in the 6th is good for public health work, or some other form of public service. The sign of the Moon will provide clues as to what you'd do well at. If you're a Scorpio rising, Leo rules your profession; if Sag rising, then Virgo. The signs and houses of these will also provide you a focal point for profession. And besides all these, find a skill your world needs, get some training, formal or informal, and go for it!


Hi Robert,
Thanks for the reply. Although having to learn/grow through losses is going to take some work. I suppose that's where the 2nd house SN kicks in plus the fixed T-Square doesn't exactly help with being flexible. Still I feel stifled by fear (of rejection/failure/disappointment) and lacking in initiative especially when it comes to networking with people - something i realize is more and more important for career but in general as well. I find myself doubting and second-guessing myself a lot. Here are some more details in case they help: sun libra 11th, moon taurus 6th, mercury Rx lib 11th, venus sag 1st, mars leo 9th, jup lib 11th, sat lib 11th, ura sco 12th, nep sag 1st, pluto lib 11th and chiron Rx tau 6th.
I would like to be rid of this fear and have a sense of direction and purpose instead feal stagnant.

Thank you,



Forgot to mention my Asc/Desc are Sag/Gem 0.26 and IC/MC Pis/Vir 10.28




Hi Stan - First, stop fearing anything. Not worth the effort, and undermines the ability to recognize when you're actually making progress. Listen to the inner voice, and remember that your realizations will always come after the fact. You may never actually see or hear all you will come to know.

Doubt is a corrosive virus that must be dealt with by all sentient beings. While it's useful when we're in a state of ignorance, it is one of the main fetters to higher realization. That does NOT mean we're supposed to blindly believe whatever, since that's the rapidly fading delusion of the dying Piscean Age. Libra often equivocates; find the proportion and the ideal, and go live that. Whether Gandhi, Lennon, Lenny Bruce or Groucho Marx, your tribe exemplifies what it cares about. Go be a courageous progressive idealistic icon in your field of influence. Start preparing, since 2009 jumpstarts you into an entirely different reality. Get trained, and you can hit the bigtime!


Hello, I'm new here so I'm not exactly sure what I am doing but...

My wife has her north node in taurus in the first house and her south node conjunct her neptune in scorpio in the seventh. I'm under the impression after reading numerous nn accounts that this may not be the greatest aspect for marriage. Also our composite synastry chart shows my neptune conjuncting her south node in the seventh house as well. Any thoughts?

On another relationship, does anyone have any thoughts on what A's mercury conjunct B's vertex in B's eight house could suggest?




Hi John - It shows she has much to let go of in terms of discontent in marriage, as well as any one-on-one relationship. She learns more from liking things - and especially herself - than disliking whatever. It also shows that your shared ideals, or connection to collective unconscious, is not as helpful as grounding and simplifying things in basic concrete ways. As for the Vertex, I've long felt it's given too much power for what it is and is not. A's Mercury would have insights about B's whatever, leading A to learn about coordination, interpretation, communication, and maybe even be "guided to A's Soul," since Mercury/Hermes is said to the the Guide of Souls.


Robert - Your reply is very insightful and I am grateful for your attention to my inquiry...thank you.

If you don't mind I would like to ask one more question. According to my chart that I have obtained from my jupiter is progressed ten degrees. From Aries 19 to Aries 29. In my friends chart however, her progressed chart reveals no progression at all. Jupiter in scorpio at 27 is still at 27 degrees. Is that possible? I was told years ago that once a planet makes a complete trip through the zodiac that that planet will "progress" one degree. According to that information my friend should be suspended in her youth and I should be 120 years old! ...hmm

Thank you again,


Hi John. You're welcome. All Jupiters progress, either forward or retrograde, and for secondary directions, aka "progressions," the rate is each day after birth represents a year of life. Now: some Jupiters progress in forward motion the entire life. Some retrograde during the entire life. Others either go from rx to direct motion at some point, or vise versa.

For example, my birth Saturn is 28Virgo02 RX. It's finally about to go direct in my progressed chart at 25Virgo and change. By the time I'm an old man, my Saturn will be fairly close to my natal Saturn, and if I live to be 120, I may experience a progressed Saturn return to the exact degree and minute it was at birth or even beyond. If your friend's Saturn went direct or rx at the right time in her life, her prog Saturn could be the same degree of her natal Saturn.


Hi Robert-

I'm a 9th house Cancer w/Pisces moon in the 4th, and Neptune in Scorpio rising. My Mars & Venus are 9th house Cancer & Mercury is 8th house Cancer. (It's a watery life!) My NN is 5th house Aries; SN is 11th house Libra.

I'm in the midst of a big life/career transition, and I want to get things in synch. Any thoughts?



Hi Kerrie - Recent Saturn challenges are preparing you for the major productivity of Saturn in Virgo, especially since it's going to be favorable to your Mercury. Jupiter is forming quincunxes to your Cancer, so adjust getting ready for the new sense of purpose, service, and vision coming early next year. Your feelings are in revolution and expanded; learn how to coordinate your breadth of interests with your sensitivity, don't get discouraged too easily, and see the coming Mercury RX as giving signs and signals for when Mars is in Cancer later this year, which will initiate a new life for you once you re-do what you have to during its RX period. Right now, let Mars in Aries open you to new creativity and self expression.


Hello again Robert - Thank you for your clarification to the definition of planetary progression. My progressed Sun, in about eight months, is going to conjunct my natal Jupiter in Aries 19 degrees (venus 17 degrees conjunct jupiter as well) in the fourth house. Aspects include: making a sextile to mercury in aquarius 22 degrees and saturn aquarius 26 degrees third house. Neptune 17 degrees scorpio in eleventh. As a note my n. node is in cancer 10 degrees in the seventh house as well. I work within the arts and have years of experience, and feel I could really take off... but just haven't yet (well a little maybe). - Any thoughts? - John


Hi John - Though you gave me a lot, you didn't give me key elements I'd need for such a thorough analysis. Suffice it to say you will no longer need to be juggling quite so much in about 100 days, and of course the P Sun conjunct Jupiter opens many doors, esp. with transiting Jupiter and Saturn being so supportive. Your "taking off" will open wide later this year, but then go into reverse for a few weeks before you figure out how to make it all work in February 2008.


Many thanks again Robert - That seems to be promising news. Why do you think I will no longer need to be juggling quite so much in about 100 days?!! As far as key elements go perhaps my birth data would account for this?: 02-25-64, 1:36am, Palo Alto, Ca. relocated los angeles. That's alot to ask of you but considering your info above it would be greatly appreciated. - John


Hi John - It's partly because by then Saturn will no longer be opposed your Mercury/Saturn as it has for almost a year. Then it will oppose your Sun, offering opportunities to accept greater responsibilities and duties. 43 is a year of learning the rules of the game, and undergoing some sort of shift in values, resources, relationships while figuring out the boundaries and duties associated with whatever began at 42. Where in LA are you "relocated to?" I'm in Westwood.


Robert - Once again I appreciate your insight and I'm looking forward to the changes. For the time being I'm just north of Valencia.


Your Highness,

Back underwater again my dear. An earlier post on this blog about a past karmic relationship I had and our node connections. A friend reminded of one more item. This Leo man had his south node and his vertex on my 23 scorpio moon exact in my 7th house and in his 5th house.

What goes with that?


Hi Chickie - Well, underwater is a good place to be when the bullets are flying overhead. ;-) His SN on your Moon usually shows a past life connect, but it's not a great contact. He doesn't learn much from your nurturing side, nor from your feelings, which obviously is not an empowering dynamic.


What if there was no SN involved and just his Vertex on my moon. I can't remember where I read that vertex doesn't really mean that much except when it is conjunct someone's planet..then it can "overrides' the rest of the chart.

Thought it interesting just on his chart by himself that his vertex is conjunct his SN...especially that SN = "been there done that."


Hi Chickie - I don't really ascribe any great importance to the vertex, as it is said to be the point "least amenable to conscious choice," which I feel is an unhelpful attitude toward anything in our reality. I suppose it could mean he is least amenable toward conscious choice about his regressive Scorpio tendencies. That doesn't seem like a very helpful attitude or way of thinking about anything.


Hello Robert - Noticed the room 's been a bit quiet here so here's a little noise. I have had some intrigue with someone for sometime now. Same vertex=mercury individual that I wrote to you about a few months ago. Her Sun (Cancer 10deg. from her natal tenth) is conjunct my north node in my seventh house (orb. 20'). Also, her north node (Aquarious 15deg. from her natal fifth) is sextile my Venus and Jupiter (orb 1deg. 30').

That in and of itself is curious to me. Additionally however, Her Sun/Moon midpoint is near exact opposition to my Sun. Her fifth house Mars is less than one degree square to my Sun/Moon midpoint. Her Asc. is conjunct my MC and my Asc/Mc mp. is conjucnt her Moon. Both our compostie Venuses wind up in eachothers seventh house. Hmm...there are numerous personal planet and Sun to Sun, Sun to Moon trine/sextile aspects. I've been told this is strong synastry but would really like to know your over all impression/opinion. I know it's alot to think about so I don't want to ask you for an indepth investigation but rather a general feel from your point of view. Thanks! - John


Hi John - Her Sun on your NN is very good for illuminating your line of greatest development, and as you grow you help her integrate and become illuminated along her Cancerian light. The problem with using midpoints is that you wind up with so many zones of influence as to render most of it unintelligible. Much of what you say would make for strong connects, but there are many other factors involved in detailed synastry that as you note cannot be addressed here, especially since I'm on the road without an ephemeris.


Thanks Robert - Just now able to reply. I like the way you address the questions. Curious though about my Venus Jupiter (4th h.) conjunction sextile to her NN (5th h.) or perhaps your answer would be the same? Hope the road is good to you.


Ok so I love this whole discussion, I think north nodes are very important and have been trying to find out what mine means. I have a north node in aries in eight house of pisces. Not only this but it is conjunct to my Sun and my Jupiter. My Jupiter and Sun are conjunct to each other as well. When I look at my natal chart it's like they are all three up against each other. Any clues as to what this might mean? Also my south node in Libra is in my second house of Virgo. Any insight would tremedously help. Thanks.


Hi John - Aspects to NN/SN are not as important as planetary contacts. That said, the energy is a generally benign productivity between those sectors of your maps. And the road has been very good to me, though now that I just drove to LA it's at 3000 miles and counting in less than 2 weeks. Definitely changing many plans for the coming 4 months, since I'm "Livin' on a prayer," all nods to Jon Bon Jovi.

Hi Simon - Glad you love this whole discussion. Nodes are not well understood. The Schulman Karmic Astrology book on the Nodes is good, though there is more to explore than just what's outlined there. The Sun, Jupiter, and NN together show the Sun-Jupiter in Aries is your line of greatest evolutionary development, with Libra your line of least resistance. This life you're to learn to be your best, most naturally generous and open minded self, and stop being indecisive, superficial, or change your mind too many times after you've made it up. You'll do very well through long distance travel, higher education, spiritual initiatives, pioneering personal adventures in consciousness, cultivating your highest character strengths on your own initiative, and so forth. There are 10,000 other possibilities. Study the highest and best ways to BE Sun-Jupiter in Aries, and do that 24/7 for the rest of your days. Stop looking to others for anything, and go be Santa Claus.


Thanks for the response Robert, it was very helpful and am glad for your interpretation.


Ok Your Highness,

Here we go again with mercury in Scorpio (my moon) trining transiting mars conjunct my venus uranus in cancer and Jupiter in 12th picses and in comes my OCS.

In the above comment I posted some time ago I spoke about a relationship where this person had his south node on my scorpio moon. I just found that he also has his vertex exact. My BM Lilith is conjunct his north node. I just read an article by Alice McDermott that the vertex is not a big issue unless it is on or near a planet. It can then become a destiny issue.

His NN conjunct my BM Lilith in 2nd Taurus 23 and his SN and VERTEX 23 on my last degree of 7th house Scorpio Moon.

I would think that the vertex on his own SN is Quite powerful, but also on my moon? What do you think happened there?


Hi chickie - I believe the Vertex' influence is overrated. I also feel the same way about Lilith. The Vertex is a chart angle of sorts that always falls in the 5, 6, 7, or 8th house, and the Nodes are not planets, but a Lunar axis. If we try hard enough we can always find some haphazard association that seems to explain something, especially things that seem out of our control or dramatically weird. That's why I don't go in for trying to factor EVERYTHING in astrology that's supposed to have some influence. Just too many things for any of it to have significance.

If I were to add anything to my readings, which already factor in more than most astrologers have ever studied, it would be the fixed stars. I used to use them somewhat, but because there are so many and they all have multiple possible interpretations, it became a situation where I had to choose which of a thousand possible influences was at work. Same with the huge number of Arabian Parts. Just too many possible influences for any of them to be meaningful. There is such a thing as "too much information." As an aside, I've always been fascinated by the "reflex chart," based in the ancient Leo clockwise system. That may be our "true" chart, with the ones we currently use as a dark veil on who we "really are," whatever that means.


Hi Robert.

I've got a question involving nodes:

I've got a most peculiar Natal "T-Square" involving NN 12th Scorpio and SN 6th Taurus at the basement, being the "capstone" of the pyramid a Sun-Saturn-Mercury-Venus in Cancer/Leo 9th.

If the NN is the path to fulfillment and the SN the path yet accomplished and mastered, OK, I understand this "lineal" travel.

But which is the paper that play so many planets "challenging" in square this path?. Which is its meaning?. Are they obstacles/distractions to be experienced along the path?. Are they traps or tricks to be experienced along the path?. Or things that trigger the path?. Or a final solution being in the capstone of the T-Square?. Because the capstone (vertex/solution?) is all my inner planets and Light, not just a joke...

Any insight will be much appreciated, you know, I try to reduce volumes of information to symbols for a more concise "visualization", and a simply "symbolic" insight. Perhaps difficult without more data, only in "arythmetic" visualzation...

Blessings for your help in understanding ourselves. Henry.


Hi Henry - Sorry, but your T-square is not that peculiar or rare. Anyone with a planet square the nodes has that configuration, which of course happens at least 30 times a year. Squares are obstacles until we learn how to handle them, and then are points of releasing the awareness stemming from the opposition. As I've pointed out in the past, the void is the problem and solution.

Lori Flory

Hi Robert,

Where are the nodes in my chart? I don't think I am aware of that.

Lori Flory
Coalinga CA
11:19 am

Thanks for being there! The Astrologer I was with/married to 22 years ... no where near the caliber that you are!! That's part of the past I said my heart is now clear of.


Hi Robert

Wondered if you could help me out with a composite chart node interpretetion?
We have NN in Gemini 12th H Opposing Sun & Mercury in Saggi 6th H so i guess latter conjunct SN. Also, there is a stellium of planets in Sag - Merc CON Sun/Sun CON Venus & Venus CON Jupiter.
During Transiting Jupiters retrograde the relationship ended yet i feel an ongoing pull & we have known & been attracted to one another for a long time tho in relationship around 21/2 years. Know Jupiter is coming along for it's 3rd & final transit of composite Venus & natal Jupiter. Any hunches/intuitions come to you. Very grateful for your insights as ever. (He has SN CON Moon CON MC in Aqaurius & i recently read that moon con SN can lead to difficulties with establishing 'healthy' relationships.)
Love & light H


Hi Lori - NN is 12 Scorpio

Hi H - Composite analysis shouldn't be done in a comment stream, lest one couple's travail be taken as gospel that someone else will have the same travail if they have the same contact. Jupiter protects and teaches, as well as liberates us for better things in the future. Visualize precisely what was good that you were attracted to, and welcome another with those energies (and other great qualities as well) who could be perfect for you.


Hi Robert,

What does it mean, that my NN is 12 Scorpio? I'm learning all the time.

It's interesting also because "north" has always been the direction I have been drawn to more than the other directions and "3" has always been the number with me, so many things in my life, my birth data etc come down to the number 3. So "12" Scorpio is another example of something equaling 3. I'm also Scorpio rising.

Thanks for helping in my journey or self understanding on this earth. :)

Thanks :)


Hi Lori - It means your North Node is 12 Scorpio and South Node is 12 Taurus, and those can mean a thousand things. You're probably drawn to north for other reasons than the nodes.


Hi Robert - Many thanks for your words of wisdom re composite. True & wise to leave out of stream. i note i've been rather obsessive of late & your words will assist in reengaging with the flow which i find a much more pleasant space to inhabit. namaste H


If you want to know what s node exactly conj sun feels like, natally, email me Robert.


Hi Jilly - Well, we all have that happen for a few months every 18 years, unless you're speaking about a natal Sun-SN conj, which I know a few who have.


Hi Robert. I am a little confused about this site. I came to this page while searching for a discussion forum on the nodes in transit, or a forum where I could post a question and get a discussion going. This seems like it might be a good place for that but not quite sure.

The other thing I do not understand is the sentence at the top of the page that indicates links to weblogs with node discussions, however, I don't see any links under it, just this particular discussion. What am I missing?


Now that I've posted my technical questions I'd like to post an astrological one. I am an astrologer of many years and as the old saying goes, the cobbler has no shoes. Here I am face to face with the enigma of Jupiter having just transited North Node and Moon in Sag....12th House...preparing to cross the ascendent...I can hear Robert Tapping his pencil, maybe thinking, this is no enigma, but, if that were all to this story I wouldn't be sitting here typing this...

On the other side of the earth, charming South Node is preparing to transit Jupiter, conjunct Pluto in the 8th, and, for those who watch the sky, you know that Saturn has also been in line with the South Node. But as Saturn moves one way, off the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction, South Node moves toward it...

I find that I'm having to make a lot of Lemon aide these days. On the brink of financial collapse from being straddled with two homes (we had hoped one would sell this summer) I find that good things keep happening, enough to keep us spite of the latest learning curve of learning to read contracts more carefully and write iron clad ones, even with people I consider my best friends. True to the nature of Jupiter transits, I am learning a big lesson with regard to values. I've had to get very clear around "contracts". While I learn (which is costing us dearly) enough good will keeps seeping in to provide the necessary buffer to stay afloat.

What I am hoping is that we will survive the upcoming south node over my natal jupiter in the eighth. I'm checking my moral compass every day, searching the void for the void. With Saturn trine my ascendent, I hope my husband and I will be spared the opportunity of becoming one of the foreclosure statistics of the 07 mortgage crash.

I am braced for the worst but hope for the best. The few sources out there on south node over jupiter are grim. I keep thinking of my father in laws chart, south node conjunct jupiter in the second. One of the wealthiest people I know.

Any insights from fellow astrologers. Let's have some fun with my life here...:-)... might as well go down with a good laugh at myself...


Hi Jayne - Welcome to the site. Briefly, since I am on the road for a few hours, each article has its own place to put comments. These are listed on the right in the order they were made regardless of which article they are commenting on. There are also other Nodal articles that may be more specific to what you're trying to discuss. Site google "Lunar nodes," "Moon's Nodes," "NN" or "SN" in the box on the upper right side, and you'll see there are lots of articles in the archives related to the Nodes.

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