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This article hit's close to home. With Uranus conjunct my Asc. Uranus Square Mars, and Transiting Uranus on My Pisces stellium, I feel like a live wire. Someone suggested Kundulini. I find myself having problems sleeping, I don't eat as much, and I feel as though i'm running on fumes! I feel like something is "calling" me, but I don't know what it really is. Also my obsession to "mother" everyone, has kicked in overtime! What's going on!
March 11th 1973
New York, NY


Hi Nicole - Glad you found this useful. You ARE a live wire. IMHO, Kundalini is not what you need. I would suggest meditations along clearing out your subconsiousness of negative expectations. You have Uranus conjunct your Venus and square your Saturn. Your "container" is being revolutionized, so open up. Pluto is also conjunct your Mercury, so explore the mystery without getting too out there.

Purify your thinking, see the core of things, but back off from expecting anyone else to understand the depth and intensity of what you're seeing. And take it easy, since as they say "Do you know why angels can fly? - It's because they take themselves lightly..." Jupiter will bring you wider vision in 2007. If you must study anything, take a look at "The Yoga Sutras" of Patanjali. It's as intense a yoga as you need right now. There are other works that may be even more appealing, depending on your particular inclination.


Thank you so much for the information. I have Libra rising, so does that mean I have Uranus conjunct venus?[since venus rules my asc]I'm a bit confused!


Hi again Nicole - It means that your Venus in Pisces, ruler of your Libra Asc, is being conjuncted by transiting Uranus. Libra rising doesn't relate to transiting Uranus, but transiting Uranus will occasionally make aspects to your Libra Asc.


Thank Neptune is trining my Moon, trining my asc...I must have drifted off. I've been in a fog lately! Yes..transiting Uranus in Pisces is on my Sun/venus/mercury in the 5th. Pluto is also squaring my mercury, and my sun...I'm a bit of a mess right


You hit the nail on the head when you said we can get free of the traps of feeling bad and I feel that's the real challenge of these changing and challenging times. In the last few months my almost constant mantra has been - "Be the peace you seek". Mantras, breathing, sharing humour, sharing, music, appreciating those around me, walking with my dog, hugs, disciplining my focus,disciplining my perception of events, choosing love, letting go of resentments and frustration and fears, reading inspiring words, reminding myself of values that matter..... I find that the choices we make in the challenges we face do make a difference. For me, these times have been a constant matter of choosing.


Hi Nicole,
I too have a very active Uranus (in Scorpio). And an over active Neptune. I am with Robert on nixing Kundalini esp. if you feel like a live wire. Personally, my body eats itself, and I lose weight rapidly when I get amped.

Sounds weird, but making a conscious effort to eat very regularily, and very mindfully has helped me enormously. I make an effort to not do anything while eating except eat. It helps me feel more grounded. I also have been eating a lot of full fat dairy, which many people find nasty and intolerable, but also makes me feel less like a live wire and more like an earthbound person.

My Sun sign is Taurus, and everything they say about us loving to ingestible pleasures is true!


Thank you christy!

The information, was truly needed. i am an anxious person by nature, even though I try not to show it. I feel creatively "constipated' for some reason, and I feel this overwhelmingly strong need, to create something, sculpt..etc.. There are moments, when I feel like i'll just go crazy, if I don't do something creative. As for my diet, I am a vegetarian, and i do eat some dairy. It's just lately that I feel as though I can live off of my own spirit[does that make sense?] I don eat something. Even if the meals are small.


Lol- I scrolled down and what I see is "don eat something" then I back-track the paragraph "live off of my own spirit"...see how weird the mind can be?

Robert- the Solar Virgo has mercury at 0 degrees, my moon at 0 degrees...what'ya think?! We met on a merry-go-round.

This time your professional understanding on an exact degree could help guide my perception. She plays the violin and the clarinet, my friend!

I have got lots to say and a lot to be thankful for but I'm being instructed not to overdo it. So I'm "gathering information" while "seeing the turning."

Good morning,


Hi Don - Glad you're in the groove. Mercury on your Moon NN Jupiter could be good if it gives perspectives and info that help you learn discrimination, largeness of vision, and willingness to get a practical form of service. Could be just the precision you need to channel your musical gifts. 1 Virgo is the first degree of "Characterization" and teaches how to pick out the salient features in any whole. It's also the first degree of the Span of Idealization (with so many planets in early Virgo you are an idealist!) with a meaning of "the shaping power of idea or ideal over outer form and behavior." And of course, good morning to you.


LOL...i meant to say: "I DO eat something"! Funny how things work out[wink]


I am also Uranus Acendant Scorpio ... people see me as a diffrent person (unpredictable) Nicole i think Uranus and Venus conjunction is a good sign my best friend has it too .... its kinda Spiritual like you need some Spiritual teacher to seek and explore inner you :)

good luck


Hi AceStar - You are a unique piece of work, a walking agent for transformational change. Every so often your life will revolutionize due to other transpersonal agents showing you a different way to sing your unique song within a larger social context. Just don't get contrary for contrary's sake, and avoid needless power struggles, since many you feel challenged by aren't really trying to control you as much as assert their own opinion or experience. Still, you've awakened much the past year, so go for it! You're already setting new roots that will produce some major flowers in the next decade.

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