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You clarify and describe the intutions and feelings I receive, as well as many others no doubt. The Outer Planets along with Jupiter and Saturn - and their ensuing archetypal interconnected manifestations that your writings speak to are really helping to wake up my recognition of this primordial essence - such depth and transcendence. Pluto is absolutely fascinating.

Your friend Lynn Hayes @ Astrodynamics posted a nice link to a good article by the Vanity Fair Astrologer of all people. Good for him and the editors letting it into the mainstream - you guys down south have some interesting collective times in store, as I am sure we all do. Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus finishing up the cycle and on to Aries - oooh it shall be interesting.

I remember I used to wonder why things had to take so long for me personally. Many lessons from patience later I am now realizing it has taken all mindful souls this time so that we could converge in the quickly emerging future. Spirit's alignment of our various vessels of Light is mind-blowing and awe-inspiring to contemplate. She's cooking up something to help our cause of peace and connectedness.

Community inevitably shall re-emerge once Pluto strips all of the nonsense manifestations so many egos (mine included) have inflicted into our awareness and divided us. Fragmentation shall dissolve. Then we'll start to see what humanity can truly do for itself, the planet and the Universe.

Thank you and namaste my friend,


p.s. curious of your thoughts on the Integral movement along with Richard Tarnas' contributions to Astrological redemption through "Cosmos & Psyche".

Wild Horse Running

Robert...today is a new day....escaping a narrow destiny is fully understood...there was an "explosion'..and shadows came forth into the light..."what was hidden came to the surface"....have had an ongoing dream sequence-journey...for the last 3 years...and received validation of what came up..is what needs to be let go of....your post today hit home on opposistions....the light in the darkened room I have been fumbling around in suddenly went on!


Hi Carson - Well, we all share one big reality that we describe an infinite number of ways. Glad you are able to use my words to "wake up my recognition of this primordial essence" - a great way to describe your process. Will check out the Vanity Fair article, so thanks for the tip. Yes, we ALL have "some interesting collective times in store," and when the roller coaster ride is done, things certainly won't look or be experienced the same way as we do now.

The process of evolution is a bit like planting tomatoes. The tiny seed takes a looooong time to sprout and grow even a basic stalk. Then it takes even longer to grow in strength, height, branches and leaves. Then it takes time for blossoms to come forth and be pollinated. Eventually months after the initial sprouting we see tiny green round things take the place of the yellow flowers. And finally we have a big green ball that turns red (hopefully!) It takes a lot longer for everything to grow than it does for the tomato to ripen, and everything converges at the end so we can enjoy the feast. The same with roses, or pecan trees, or most natural growing things. Things do take a long time until the moment of shift, which is when most people freak out. And yes, Spirit is connectedness itself, which is why human separateness is so weird.

We are learning we are the living embodiment of the planetary mind, and need to recognize the need to honor the other parts of the planetary consciousness without mindlessly destroying things and each other. Of course you're welcome, and namaste to you and all my readers as well.

I'm not familiar with Richard Tarnas work. As for the Integral Movement, it's just one more in a long line of evolutionary developments, but I gather it has become a little too "cult of personality"-ish (and waaaay too expensive!) Same thing happened to Blavatsky, Roerich, Bailey, Steiner, Heindel and others, though without the need to spend thousands of dollars to get the teachings. The work of the "way-showers" of humanity is beyond valuable, but once the teacher leaves the body, often the followers tend to create a cult of reverence around the persona of the teacher while making the teachings more and more exclusive and subject to narrow interpretations to "preserve the purity" of the "original revelation."

To me this is all nonsense. The Truth is available to all, if we're willing to do the effort. While we may need to buy books and spend what we can to support those who perpetuate the work, finding the way home should not entail spending thousands of dollars to be slavishly subservient to the words, interpretations, and whims of "true believers." But then, it often seems easier to be a follower than to take responsibility to walk one's walk with initiative, autonomy, and willingness to serve the highest potential future of self and suffering humanity. Actually walking the walk is not very easy nor glamorous, but the only game there is. Though another may show us the way, we still have to sing our own song, with goodwill, generosity, and diligence, according to the needs of our times.


Hi Wild Horse Running - Glad the lights came on! Shows the Ageless Wisdom invariably works if we just persevere in demanding of Spirit that it bring forth what we need to live our Dharma. I remind people that if you really, REALLY want a revelation, you will get one, fairly quickly, if you make the demand for a demonstration from Spirit.


Hello Robert,

This is my first post-although I have been ghosting AP for almost 2 years now. I am a Scorpio Sun who has just emerged from the dreaded "Pluto Square". Virgo vs. Sagittarius. This article without a doubt defines what I have experienced. What I find most interesting at the moment is how Pluto seems to provide me much more vitality than Mars. Would this be perhaps due to my Saturn in Aries? Limiting my Mars leaving me more Pluto motivated?


Hi Stevo - Glad you checked in. Pluto is the "Higher Octave" of Mars. Pluto is Transpersonal, and Mars steps down the energies into various usable forms. A heavy Pluto aspect can for that time provide an amazingly intense amount of energy, but we must still regulate our Mars so it doesn't spill out in unfortunate ways.

Depending on where your Saturn is, it's probably been getting very clear about what you can and cannot live with in ways that it's easy for you to make the changes you must. Recent transits through Scorpio over your Sun have no doubt jumpstarted a whole new long cycle for you, while the Sag transits will help confirm that new cycle and begin to bring resources and values that will support the new light.



A much appreciated metaphor with the tomatoes as well hearing your thoughts on the Integral Movement. Tarnas is a cutural historian and an avid astrologer and wrote Cosmos and Psyche to show many correlations with transits and human historical eras in thinking and developments - quite an opus.

I very much appreciate the ideas in Integral Theory and Transpersonal paradigms of the evolution of consciousness but tend to certainly agree with the troubling nature of rightous aggrandizement not to mention the expensive nature of accessing institutionalized knowledge. Astrology is certainly nice in the sense that it is dynamic and unfolding and has the universe to humble those cult-driven minds that think they have all the answers. I know much clarity with regards to my Dharma shall arrive through Saturn in Virgo as well as the other energies bubbling up. The peace of patience shall keep me company until then.

Be well my friend,



Thanks for the insight Robert! I appreciate your work. And if anything-pertaining to my Saturn in Aries. It's nice to know that I've finally found my teacher! I'm afraid Aries people, places, things, events are a bit foreign to me. All I know is that for the last few years when the Sun hits Aries, I'm learning new audio recording software. I am a musician and a I can see the Saturn education factor. So, I'm never sure if Saturn presents itself to me as a series of limitations or a path to achievement.

Saturn is conjunct my MC on the 10th house side. It opposes my Libra Mercury in the 4th. My Sun is also in the 4th house at 6 of Scorpio. It's been a horrible year. Saturn square Sun, Jupiter in Scorpio-which has traditionally been an expansion of losses, the continuing Pluto square and I'm now having a grand finale of the Aquarius Chiron squaring my Sun activating the feel of my Pisces Chiron.

Saturn in Leo was also difficult for me as a child. And to this day, I've never understood why. There were some silly fears that I eventually dealt with. I recall Saturn in Virgo being much more exciting as my interest in music quickly developed.

I do believe that the Pluto square led me to astrology and got me to take more than a casual interest in it. I spent months and months on my charts. Not only did I determine that I am ruled by the moon (Cancer AC at 29). But that my progressed chart painted a better picture of where I am right now. And that AC is at 29 of Leo! Perhaps explaining a very sensitive and burdened Sun. It's been quite a ride and it's still very easy for me to tune into the Moon. Although I also feel the Sun move through the zodiac very acutely.

Yes, I'm already feeling good about the Sagittarian transits. And I'm hoping Jupiter will remember me in the New Year. I thank you, my friend.

...Stevo: 10/29/68 10:44pm ET


Richard Tarnas' new book is well-written, he speaks gently but from a powerful modern perspective. Forget the 'cult' bull, that's nothing to do with him, this book is a significant contribution to all lightworkers and seekers in the 21st century. You don't even have to buy it, get it from the library! Really worth a leisurely read, honest. I continue to enjoy your work, too Robert. Thanx.


Hi Carson - I don't know that I'm all that qualified to speak about the Integral Movement or even Tarnas, but I can certainly speak about tomatoes (and the notorious offspring of the gypsy moth, the dreaded hornworm!) I also have Saturn in Virgo, so often look to the natural world for examples of what's going on in human dysfunction. There's a lot of material out there.

Hi Stevo - You're welcome. Hopefully some of my approach can help you to understand the blessings of Saturn in Aries, being an Aries myself. Aries is still somewhat foreign to me, though I do understand the process in an "up close and personal" way. What can one say about a sign whose main purpose is "to be themself?" Even when I've crashed and burned spectacularly, I've been "being myself," though what was the "best self" often became obscured by "is this my worst self or just my best self challenging this other weird being to come forth?"

Usually Saturn in Aries fears new beginnings, so you must be using its energies productively to have the view you do. And Saturn always "presents itself as a series of limitations" AND "a path to achievement." Your Saturn position promises widespread recognition and influence once you learn to do your own thing in your own way with discipline, organization, and the willingness to pioneer. Just don't get lost thinking too narrowly, or in discontent rather than direct action. Your Cancer rising makes more more hesitant than you need to be. You're much more self-sufficient than you feel, but tend to judge things from many views before settling on the one you're suspected from the beginning. And I suspect Jupiter will open doors for you that you've only dreamed of up to now, and that as it trines Saturn these next few months, you'll have a whole new take on Saturn in Leo.

Hi Jenni - Thanks for weighing in on the Tarnas work. Glad to hear there's still no cult built around him and his work, since that's the big glamorous trap most followers of others' works fall into. And I will try to investigate it whenever I have a spare moment however rare that is. Again, thanks for giving us your take, since this is a forum to address 21st century issues and breakthrough ideas.


Dear Robert,

In this season of light, I hope you enjoy this exquisite message ... http://duirwaighgallery.com/inspiration_aknock.htm

With gratitude for your special gifts, which calm the storms that arise within by opening the door to transcendent knowledge ... blessings to you,



Hi Roberta - Thanks for your kind blessings. May all sentient beings have happiness, may all sentient beings have blessings, may all sentient beings have an end to suffering!

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