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Hi Robert, it always scares me whenever I have saturn and pluto transit. You wrote pluto purifies and transform.

I have Pluto Oppose Venus transit soon, and from the articles I read from elsewhere that I will have strong desire for love and sex.....& will be obsessing with underworld sexual activities. Is this true? What is your view on this transit and how can I curb the negative energies that might land me into hot waters? Are there any positive points in this transit?

I'd like to know more about how to interpret my chart regarding this transit. My venus is in 10th house in cancer. Pluto in 1st house in Virgo. How Pluto Oppose Venus affect my career and reputation? Very grateful for your insight.



Thanks for referencing the comment stream of the previous article. As good as the article itself was, your responses to some of the comments were exactly what I needed to hear today. I'm awestruck by some of the wisdom I've just read, particularly in regard to compassion being mistaken for weakness.


You wrote:

"Saturn conjunct Pluto is said to be a difficult aspect, but I believe that's only true if you have not learned how to deal with inner "shadow" material, since these two planets symbolize the darker energies in all of us, individually and collectively. Saturn shows us whether we do or do not enslave others, or have the tendency to be enslaved by a thing, person, or idea. As Pluto is the "Lord of the Underworld," it is easily seen how it could represent major shadow material."

This was eye opening for me. I looked back to see when last Saturn conjuncted my natal Pluto, and saw that it was in 1978. It was around this time that I began to allow myself to be enslaved in so many ways (would take too many "me" paragraphs to outline, lol!), and recently I have been going through a very dark time emotionally because all of those chickens have come home to roost. We really do pay a price for our enslavements, both inwardly and outwardly.

As I carefully over-analyze, as is my Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo nature ;), I come to the realization that the reasons I went along with things in the way I did back then in my late teens was that I had a boatload of shadow material that I was clueless about handling. So it all got shoved down to the inner underworld. Because I never took out the giant flashlight (or 4 point lighting) for long enough no matter how bright and startling it was, nothing changed in spite of my desire that it would. Instead it became a pattern that over time I felt helpless to break, and seemed to wind ever tighter around me.

As Saturn conjuncts my 9th house Sun-Pluto conjunction (including Uranus in the stellium if you count the wide orb), I see that I am in a process of tearing down to the very foundation and rebuilding my entire Self. At this time I'm feeling very much like Inanna's trip into the underworld! Getting close to the meathook part of the journey.

Perhaps spiritual focus and expanding creativity will lend the energy I need to move forward. My stellium is also the head of a Kite, connecting to a Grand Water Trine. (Mars in Cancer/8th, Jupiter in Pisces/3rd, Neptune in Scorpio/12th)

Very insightful for me today, Robert, thanks :)


Wow, Jeri. You and I could have a looooong chat together, I think.


Pluto sextiling Saturn was a punch for me.
I had it in 2004. It was right at a time of the start of my first job, I am still on it, it is in a powerful research medicine group. But since the transit last one year, during the final Pluto hits I was blast to desire to change this job. Then came Pluto aspecting my Sun and Mars (all got even more cut clear then) and now I am in the last year of contract, preparing for a big shift.
At that time I was preparing to blast all my structuring foundations of life, since my natal Saturn is located eighth house. I also came with Pluto taste through the qualities of my group where I work in (power, control struggles, and on its positive side huge opportunities and teaching). It was quite peculiar since right before it, I had a offer to work in a research group, imagine, financed by opus dei! Well, I thank the cosmos I was having uranus square uranus at the time and reject it!

I was born with, eheh, nearly Pluto-Saturn conjuntion :-) in 8th house


And Yes, Pluto-Saturn transits prompts us to like at the dark side of our possible enslavements, due to the very nature of the two archetypes. It is also very foundation-blasting and foundation-rebirth to again to their very nature.

For me I got this picture of a very powerful solid wall coming in and we got to look upwards and ask why, why is these things in life, name society structures, like this. It can also be well a call for underground work for transforming society, dont you think so?
At least my natal 8th house Pluto-Saturn conjuntion is always pushing my mind, soul, and body energies for blasting everything for a deep transformation, and it gives a very strong intuition and cutting eye into other motivations.


Hi Robert, I was born on June 15th 1971, ascendant on pisces / aries cusp, but still in pisces. My life has been characterized by periods of extreme success (in school, sports, and career) followed by periods where either nothing goes right or at the very least I spin my wheels & idle. I feel as though I've been in one of the down cycles for a while (a few years now). I feel like I've been once again spinning my wheels and not progressinging in what was previously a fast track career. Recently, I developed a constant feeling that I'm failing and not cut out for my chosen work (even though I keep receiving decent performance reviews from my boss. I'd describe the way I feel as a lack of motivation and confidence combined with low grade anxiety. Do you think this is a result of saturn approaching my native pluto, or is there something else going on that might cause this? Many times I've quit things in my prime and then regreted it later on, and I always thought that my self destructive feelings / behaviors were caused by a trouble making pisces moon in a 12th house ruled by aquarius, but I was once told that I have either a grand cross or t-square that could be causing my periodic lack of contentment and resolve.


Hey anxious:

Please do not fall into despair, that will neither help you or serve you.
When you realize negatively in your life you can always see it as an opportunity to acknolegde it and create something positive out of it.
In other words, you will transform your negatively into positively and remember that likes attracts like, so it solely depends on your power.
I guess that this challenge is somewhat linked to your rising being between pisces and aries, in a mix of trusting and letting go, and taking positive iniciative and change.
In both ways, you can now learn to trust and surely by 2010, Uranus will come to your ascendent and will revolutionalize your melancolies into changing action!

ps: if you have further sharing, please feel free to send me email to popplagid AT yahoo DOT com. I had that Uranus passing through my Aquarius/Pisces cusp rising a few years ago.




Dearr anxious
me too
I swerve between great dynamism and complete apathy with your kind of ascendent specs.
I don't mean to but I do esp with a jupiter in my twelfth.I do not like it since there is a compulsive defensiveness that explodes with rabid action post ..
I cant act even when I know it is good for me to act.Makes me depressed when I sit down and ruminate about my inaction or my hyper actions. A fifth house Leo sun doesn't help matters since it screams for attention.Wish i cld control this tendency.


Hi Lorna - Yes, perhaps one of the most important lessons of my life is not to allow my kindness and compassion to be mistaken for weakness. That, and not entrusting what I hold precious to someone who holds it cheaply.

Hi Jeri - You're welcome. Glad you've completed a major Pluto lesson and can now claim your life authorship based in your experience. Saturn on your Sun should be bringing you major rewards and responsibilities as well as endings and beginnings. When we're teens we do tend to go along with things that "seem like a good idea at the time." Thank heaven we can change course as we realize we need to! When we're teens, we are acting on or reacting to our family, social, and cultural biases and assumptions, which may or may not have much to do with why we're here. Glad you got the reference to 4 point lighting, since it's a great metaphor for getting a clear picture of a thing with no shadows. Given your obvious interest in tales, try to find the original Cinder Ella, a profound feminine mystery tale of ashes and dead trees, the underworld, bread soup. three rings, and other major symbols that recent versions have totally dumped. Jupiter will do you well this year.

Hi s - Gotta love that we can all relate to things posted here. Lots of collective wisdom and experience to share!

Hi Popplagid - Even a sextile can challenge us in some strenuous ways, depending on which planets are involved. Saturn in the 8th requires you "to possess as if you possessed nothing," or possess without fear "in the name of the All." Legacy keepers and all that. And of course, collective and shared values are the focus for your major life lessons this time on Earth. Opus Dei? Best to keep as much distance as possible from that bunch. Clearing down to the foundations allows us to rebuild solid structures, whether houses or personalities.

Hi Anxious - You're one of the dreamers and witnesses who is the living conscience in your world. You are totally wired to the collective consciousness and unconscious, so often you will be feeling things that are nothing personal, since they stem from the collective. Give yourself a psychic shower from time to time, and banish all difficult feelings that aren't yours.

Those who strive for excellence will always experience extremes of activity and non-activity, forms of apparent success and apparent failure. There is always in-breathing and out-breathing, expansion and contraction in this world of pulses. When outer work calls, we must set aside intense inner work; when inner work calls, our minds don't concentrate on outer things. We are constantly weaving and unweaving, waiting for the return of the Beloved. We learn different skills at different times, and sometimes it seems disjointed, but usually over time we come to see that all skills are somehow related to our larger life work or lessons of Self-realization.

I am close to one who is also going through the feelings of inadequacy you're having about your work, and while they may not be justified, you're having them and so need to find a useful antidote for those negative self-assessments. Try detaching from your interpretation of what is and isn't working. Detach from worrying about what others may or may not be thinking. Saturn on Pluto can crystalize forms of our personal underworld, corrosive seed-core negative attitudes at all that hasn't yet perfected itself in form. You may also need to remember that the best way to fight evil is to make progress in the good, and stop perpetuating unhelpful approaches through "killing yourself with kindness."

Having 20-20 hindsight, we often beat ourselves up for quitting things and then regretting doing so. Remember that you just don't know what would have happened if you had stayed, and there's no guarantees you could have anyway. Sometimes Spirit forces us to quit a behavior or activity since we didn't do so on our own. No astrological configuration or position makes anything happen, but it does show when we volunteer to get with our program, or ignore the opportunity at our future peril. Trust that if you practice discrimination, detachment, dispassion, and learn to generate positivity as good as is possible in the moment, you'll eventually get clear and won't have as many uncertainties and conflicted feelings as in the past.

Hi jammale - Sure you do. You believe the Sun will rise and set as usual, you believe your heart and lungs and kidneys and eyes and bowels will work as usual, and you believe that you "do not believe anything." You have lots of beliefs. We all do. The trick is to know which beliefs have substantial reality, and which do not. Which are eternally real, which are conditionally real, and which are inherently unreal.

Hi anu - Mutable ascendants seem to experience more fluxes than fixed or cardinal. It's all part of learning adaptability in one's self image relative to all the rest of reality. I have Jupiter in Pisces, and it's in my Solar 12th. I wouldn't call it defensive; if anything, it's too open, too understanding, too compassionate, too allowing of what it should not allow, always seeing the other's point of view, always accepting that there is a place for that view, whether there is or isn't. It feels everything all the time, across space and time. Difficult to get clear at times, which is why forgiveness practices are the best way to get closure and bless it all, casting the burden on the vast waters of Divine Mother consciousness. And of course, you can control the expressions of your Sun, once you claim the Divine power of Fruitfulness that body represents. So what if sometimes you're acting when you don't want to, or not acting when you want to? It's all leading you to examine who you are and are not, at different times in the life, cultivating dispassion toward the separate self which has no clue about long term lessons, and what is required and when. When it's time to work, then work, and when it's time to relax and play, stop fretting about all you're not doing.


I had Saturn conjunct my Pluto in Leo (my 7th house) and it wasn't too bad, at least not in a conscious way. I did alot of inner reflection. It did however start off a trend of many people leaving my life permanently, and not necessarily by dying. It went hand in hand with the transit of Pluto to my 11th house cusp.

My sister is having Saturn conjunct her Pluto in Virgo around her ascendant, and she just experienced the death of her mother-in-law (she was the care giver) and assorted other family responsibilities. Just goes to show you how different one experience is from another.

Robert, I would like to know where I can find the original Cinder Ella tale you were referring to... thanks!

Namaste :)

Mr Mark

sorry Robert, that my "blogs" seem to be getting scattered. I'd like to have more continuity in the thread, but you have several "related" articles here now so its not easy to limit comments/questions to ONE place.
Saturn is Retro now util May 3rd. [008]
I'm a Capri Sun native.
Retro Pluto in either 7th, 8th, or 9th House ...depending on which House Method used.

I'm reminded that "its not about me" ofetn. (Cap Sun & Saturn in 1st house, AND I was an only child!)
I'm trying to get a sense of "the big picture" for ALL of us, and appreciate that you call this site "Global Astrology". [actually, that's how i found you, last Nov. looking for Political 411 pertaining to the Nov '08 Prez election] So... what is going on with the "collective unconscious" (Jung) now with Saturn transiting our Natal Pluto? What can this show us about our mass psyche as we prepare to make the transition into "the Aquarian Age", or whatever the Mayan calendar end-date portends?

Personally, I'm having to come to terms with "restructuring" my life. The Total Lunar Eclipse last week helped me a great deal to make peace with what needed to officially END, and now I'm finding myself more forward-looking than ever. Anticipation. Ya know?
I feel/sense/intuit that I am "working against a deadline". Specifically: Chiron retun in 2011. But as a Capri Sun I want to make the best of this opportunity to REpair my life in 3-d during this Saturn Retrograde, which is [of course] intensified by Pluto conjunction. (o-o last until late July 4 me)

Since you seem to be liberally dispensing advise, I thought I may-as-well "ring in" too. If you need my birth data [don't want to post it here for all the world to see] just send me an e-mail.

AMAZING how you have the time and energy to DO so much!

& peace,




Hi Valerie - Saturn on my Pluto in Leo brought me some great training in a totally different field of expertise, so I also experienced it fairly deeply and productively. And yes, some people left my life for good. As for Cinder Ella, I heard it many years ago via Robert Bly, but don't know the source, except that it's a very old tale. This is a great site for origins, and there are fragments at this site but none with the original woman of ashes who lived in a dead tree before she was captured and taken to the castle where she made the best bread soup in the land. What I heard involved 3 rings, not slippers. I may take more time to research it, and if you find anything please let me know. There seem to be a lot of variations on the version I heard.

Hi Mr. Mark - Neptune is more the collective unconscious as Dr. Jung conceived of it. This involves the crystalization of forms, whether limiting or freeing, of the transpersonal transformative principle. It shows that everyone on Earth has been or is getting restructured in the next few years. Chiron return will call you to heal however you need to, and rise to some occasion to express your highest Self. Mine in 2002 wasn't dramatic, but I did get clear about the problems of frequent flying in fascist America, reoriented my vision and re-entered the world of political analysis and forecasting after a 10 year hiatus. I and another created a progressive, well-respected non-partisan political blog that lasted 4 years, and that blogging directly led to me creating the Aquarius Papers. You can find more about Saturn on your Sun by going to the archives to the article about Saturn conjunction the planets and Ascendant.


Hi Robert

I will be having Saturn Conjunct Pluto and Saturn Conjuct MC at exactly the same period of time soon. What would this mean?? Does Saturn Conjunct MC a very sensitive time? A friend told me if I'm not careful, my reputation (I have libra in 10th house) will be ruined during these transits!!!! How can I use the energies from both transits to my advantage?? Which houses / planets should I look for clues of the areas will be affected??

Many blessings & thanks.


Hi C - It means you're preparing to bring the Divine Transformer to a specific form of flowering out of your experience the past 2 decades. It can be a sensitive time, but also one of power, recognition, and living one's purpose in a very public way. When Saturn is in Libra it's exalted, so unless you've created karmas that will yield negative results before now, it should not ruin your reputation. Look to the house of natal Saturn, and what houses have Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusps. These are directly affected, as is of course your 9th and 10th houses. There's a secondary influence if you have planets in Cap or Aquarius, and for those you have to see what houses they rule in the light of Saturn's 9/10 house lessons in whatever sign it's in.


Hi Robert, very grateful for your insight. You said '...unless you created karmas that will yield negative results before now, it should not ruin your reputation.' Could you elaborate a bit more on this please? We all had done something negative and positive in our life in the past.

My natal saturn in 5th house and Mars & True Node in second house. I have long to do something creative and is now planning to start developing two creative projects (one related to kids and one related to fashion). Do the transits of Saturn Conj Pluto and Saturn Conj MC bring the results and recognition if I work hard?

Many blessings & thanks.


Hi Robert,

I have just read from what you wrote about yourself on 11 Feb regarding progressed Saturn conjunct natal and AC degree for 10 years. My wife is also having progressed Saturn at 1 deg on AC in 1st house. Does this energy depress a person in general? How does this affect her life, health in general? How long will it last? It seems like forever. Thanks.


Hi C - Well, I have no idea what level of "instant" your karma works on, but usually people who come to this site are decent people of altruistic intention who want to end suffering, and so their karma works favorably despite occasional hitches and glitches as they work through rapidly fading echoes of the past. I mean, let's face it. If you murdered someone in the past, eventually it will catch up to you, since that violates the "prime directive" in some radical ways. However, a thief who sees the error of his ways, and makes "amends" however that is possible, eventually gets to a point where they're not getting ripped off. It's not like karma punishes us. It only works in certain ways until we end the pattern and realize where our heads and hearts need to be to move into realms where the old karmas no longer exist. Then we clean up the echoes and move forward. You're directing your consciousness to creativity and children, certainly benign points of focus. Therefore, over time and with diligence, yes, those transits could bring you widespread recognition if you're mature in your approach and willing to do what it takes. When Saturn and Pluto are our friends, we become powers in our world with nothing to fear.

Hi HC - There is a misunderstanding. I wrote my progressed Asc was conjunct my natal and progressed Saturn for that span. Progressed Saturn is a very long lasting influence, so your wife has been dealing with it for quite some time. No doubt it's been fatiguing, but also offered useful disciplines and reasonable limitations to conserve energy, claim her experience and maturity and ability to assume some degree of dominion over herself and self image. While it can be "depressing," (actually, more like heaviness of age, worldly weariness, seriousness, and things like that) it also brings Divine knowledge about limits, responsibilities, and a greater ability to handle Dharma over the long haul as a result of learning the virtue of patience. While it sometimes requires a new or regular health discipline, that may or may not manifest, depending on one's age and prior physical good or bad karmas, whether genetic, environmental, or behavioral. Yes, it does last a long time and usually brings some form of limitation, but there are times when favorable transiting aspects, as well as other favorable progressions, can promote stability and even harmony. It doesn't have to be needlessly difficult, but it does require due diligence. Best of luck to both of you in working through Saturn's placement.


Hi Robert,

I only just realised I used C and HC on two differet emails - both are my initials.

Ha, you made me laugh about what you wrote regarding bad karmas.... Most of my negative past involved allowing myself getting attached & addicted to negative people / habits / situations / behavious etc. I'm still sort of in the mists and trying very hard to move forward....hopefully by end of this year I will feel very differently.

It's great comfort to hear if we use saturn and pluto energies correctly, we could use their powers to manifest positive things in our lives. I shall work very hard to contribute good deeds for the fields I'm heading to.

Regarding my wife, she is 39 this 5th August (with ascendant 8 deg. Taurus), will be going through some 'mid-life crisis' transits in the near future. I'm concerned that progressed saturn will make her more depress while going through these transit. You are correct about her health, she has many minor yet irritating health problems over the past years - which was one of the reasons she is depressed.

She will have tr. Pluto Oppose her Venus (2nd house in cancer) coming up. What does Pluto Oppose venus mean and how this transit will affect her life in general? 2nd house is also about self-worth and self-esteem, how can she work through this negative energy? Only answer if you have time.

Thank you very much for your wisdom and insight.

Many blessings.


Someone asked about Pluto opposite Venus...possible negative effects. I have Venus 22 degreees Gemini and since that Pluto transit and the subsequent square of Pluto opp Mars in Gem (near Venus)(which is also sq my Mars at 20 deg Pisces) ... I have had a huge sexual awakening/healing. I have been sexually blocked all my life and its been a great sorce of pain/ now...for the first time... ever...experiencing orgasms. And yes..there is a dark addictive side coming to the fore...but I see this as part of the awakening and am ..carefully...exploring it all. (looking at Tantra etc) as I want to express this powerful energy in a positve creative way. Right now its just so amazing and fun!!!!

P.S. I was always so spiritual and detatched about sex and thought I was so evolved!!! Little did I know!

saturn rising

Thanks Robert, awesome. I found the site from a search for Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 7th house, and wow. I have lots of stuff going on, including the Saturn conjunct Pluto, i'll include birth info just in case you want to have a go: april 23, 1963 2.32am

Thanks very much for this blog-site. Astrology has helped me throughout the years, especially when times are tough, it can be a very real help just knowing 'something' about what's going on. Hang in there people, good luck to everyone. And thanks again Robert.

-saturn rising


Hi Robert,
I was born Sept 7, 1971 EST and since December 24, I have been feeling extremely moody and defeated. I have no energy and just feel like giving up. I am wondering if this a just temporary phase I am going through or it this can be contributed to Pluto now in Capricorn or Mars in Capricorn, which just happens to be my rising? Will these feelings end soon?
Thanks Robert.


Hi Martha - Perhaps some of it is that now Saturn is RX'ing back toward your Sun and Venus. Mars on the Asc usually leads to power surges, not to "no energy." There can be many reasons for the symptoms you describe, including the generic difficult feelings of the holiday season I wrote about recently in an article. What you describe could also be "sugar blues" or Seasonal Affective Disorder, if either of those is an issue. As for when these would end, that would require more analysis than I can devote in a comment stream.


Dear Robert,

I have read your astrology over the years mostly through astro-dienst and love your take on things. I'm not an astrologer myself but tend to rely on transits to try and make sense of my world.
I have two strong transits starting and coinciding from Oct to July/Aug next year: Saturn conjuct MC and Saturn conjuct Pluto. I discovered Steiner education 14yrs ago and have been progressivly working towards becoming a teacher in some ways since then (including having first hand experience by having a baby!)
I am now about to finish my degree and am able to work in the local school. It feels important to me to gain work in this field but I am also flooded by insecurities and concerns esp when I read about these transits.
Can you help me understand how these transits may affect me?


Hi n.d. - Please stop being insecure. It's an unhelpful response. Saturn conjunct MC brings new authority and responsibilities. Saturn conjunct Pluto is generational, and structures your divine power of self transformation and self renewal. You probably have other transits that are more important that are impacting your life favorably.

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Daily Reckoning

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Asia Times
Blacklisted News
Censored News
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The Consumerist
Daily Beast
Eschaton by Atrios
Here In Reality
Media Matters
Nancy's Blog - Starlight News
News Trust
ProPublica - Public Interest News
Reader Supported News
Suburban Guerrilla Susie Madrak
The Raw Story
Tom Dispatch
Unknown News
Washington's Blog

Activists and Agitators For Positive Change
Amnesty International
Aquila Ka Hecate
Architcts&Engineers for 9-11 Truth
Dark Legacy - Bush Assassinations
Faces of Lawsuit Abuse
Fair Vote - Voting Reform
Indigenous Grandmothers Council
Investigative Journalist Greg Palast
Liberty For Life
Loose Change (the Movie)
Project Helping Hands
Peaceful Streets - Filming Police
Southern Poverty Law Center
Think Progress
Transition Culture
Wellstone Action - Training Progressive Candidates

Net Neutrality and Freedom of Speech
Free Press - Media Reform
Nieman Watchdog
Questions the Press Should Ask

Save The

Checking Political Facts
Politifact - Sorting out the Truth in Politics

Strictly Political
Citizens for Legit Government
Crooks and Liars
Digby's Hullabaloo
Head of State - Political Psychology
HuffPolster - Polls
MyDD - Election Analysis
Open Left
Political Wire
Princeton Election Consortium
Real Clear Politics - Polls
War Is A

Monitoring Voting Irregularities
Brad Blog
Movie - Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies
Movie - Uncounted
Velvet Revolution
VoteWatch 2004

Spotlight on Human Progress
Zero Point - Spiritual Science

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