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hi robert, the first time i came in here was sept '06. back then the general advice for me was , "hang on". well i'm still hanging on, with varying degrees of success! now i find out pluto will be loitering 'round my sign , and the general advice is still(!!), hang on. my spiritual anchors were working fine. now they tend to drag from time to time. i'm being teased and tormented in so many ways. the ground beneath me won't settle!!!.....with that said, and now i sound weird, but it's been one of the best periods of my life. there's 'stuff' i have to deal with now, but i'm procrastinating as only a good virgo can...but i'll get there. aquarius papers is still a place of serenity for me when i can slow down my world and let it sink in. many thanks to you and your friends robert for all your hard work, that calms the frantic and rattled. at least this one!!...2nd sept '61 - sydney....if the light looks more like a train than a sunrise, would someone let me know? by snail mail is fine, i'm in no real rush to know!! :))) catchyalater, avagoodone!! :))


Hi Robert,

I can't believe it has been a year since I first discovered this site.

All I can say, what a difference a year makes.

It may sound strange but I'm glad that Saturn conjuncted my Pluto last year. It taught me what was valuable in my life and what wasn't.




friend, i am not sad but really perplexed. for the last 2-3 weeks i have had to undertake some forced travel and every every thing which could go wrong has gone wrong in each leg of the journey. ofcourse it makes life interesting but now i am getting worried. are we going to die ? you know what i mean !


Hi brett - Glad you're finding success AND hanging in there! Pluto on a planet indicates you probably cannot hang on to some things, and will have to purify whatever forms need purifying. When the ground is unsettled, be a good surfer and shift balance as needed. You're getting to steer your own boat at this time, rather than be seduced by others who think they can steer your boat better than you. I'm glad you find this site "a place of serenity for me when i can slow down my world and let it sink in." That's a good thing, and I appreciate you saying it. Sometimes a friendly voice helps put things in perspective. That in itself helps me to re-center my focus on what matters, and I don't mind being that for others striving to live their Higher Self. I think you're about to come into your own, and find a major payoff for work done since late 2003. Get organized, get trained and ready for larger work, since later this year you get the doors blown wide open in what should be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Hi Helen - Yes, you caught a favorable wave, and it's good you're on the edge of a much better future than some times in the past. Saturn on my Pluto also gave me that lesson and the blessings that came with it. It was a long march and a strenuous rigor, but it's yielded some very satisfying results that have opened greater possibilities in the future. The community is forming, and is in motion!


Hi abacus - This hopefully will answer your prior and subsequent questions. Sometimes things don't turn out as planned for all kinds of reasons, some of which may not have anything to do with us. Only ego gets frustrated or fearful of what it cannot control or explain. The fear of dying is hardwired into our neural mechanism. We cannot fear death, since our mind cannot imagine non-existence. I find it comforting to remember that only the body, feelings, and mind (the so-called "aggregates") die, but the Eternal indwelling principle never dies.

If you need a reference point, think of HH Dalai Lama who precisely remembers prior lifetimes even as a child (without prompts, no less!), or beings like Babaji, Sri Yukteswar or Appolonius of Tyana, all of whom demonstrated that at some point in our evolution we will attain a state of consciousness where we can put on or drop a physical body at will. St. Issa wasn't the only one to come back from the dead, and given what we have been told from reliable sources, we never die, but merely change states or frequencies of existence.

As for people "seeing their death," I suppose some do and some don't. Edgar Cayce could see when others were about to die, but NEVER told them. It is very unethical to speak of such things, and ultimately not very helpful to the one who may or may not die. Again, we all choose our time of death by our actions and intentions before those potential points in time, of which there are several built into the chart. As for invisibility, I doubt many experience that, since we would have a lot of people flipping out and surely such things would be reported. People can barely handle the form in the mirror, much less parts of that form going invisible!

You may not be triggering OR attracting "ill luck." We are here to work through karmic patterns set in other lifetimes as well as earlier in this one, and our response to the bad stuff that happens can help negate the old pattern and substitute a more positive response for our future. We must demonstrate our evolved consciousness over and over so we can inculcate productive patterns of response into our hologram. By practicing our higher realizations we become expert in overcoming the sources of suffering, first within ourselves, then later on in those around us, and eventually in our larger world of experience. Stop sweating what seems to be "going wrong," and see what good patterns you're developing despite the resistances of the world, the free will of others, and the circumstances that are challenging the higher response. We do not control outcomes, but we do control our response to what presents itself to our 5 senses and our minds. And often our view affects what presents itself, so practice generating positivity regardless of your ego judgments. Eventually you'll get to the root of why you're viewing things negatively instead of positively, and then your magnetics will show different results in the future than your past.


no worries.

i had read somewhere that some people can see their death coming. few days before their death when they look into the mirror some parts of their body becomes invisible - one is the head and another is the thumb(s). obviously i am not that advanced spiritually to see myself dying day by day although some of us is all the same.

then there is the concept of deathwish. when bad things happen to me or i get close to some very bad things, yes death is bad, hurt is bad, pain is bad, then i wonder what is it that i am trigerring in my environment that is attracting ill-luck to me.

so all in all i am trying to take responsibility for the things going wrong, but ...there has to be an explanation, this is freaky !

Mr Mark

I accidentally posted this at the bottom of the thread about the Mayan Calendar & 2012. this HERE is the "appropriate" place 2 put it :

This is one of only 3 Astrology web sites I still visit regularly. I’m by no means a professional Astrologer, and (‘due to circumstances beyond my control’) haven’t had the ca$h to buy the Software I want; so I have to depend on what is available for FREE on the web for personal (horoscope) transits, which are sufficient so long as the Planets are not interpreted according to the “sign” in the Tropical zodiac – which I no longer consider “valid”. (For the uninitiated: The Sidereal Zodiac agrees with ASTRONOMY. Western Astrologers are still using the same zodiac as was in effect during the Middle Ages, which is now “off” by nearly 24 degrees, due to precession of the Spring Equinox.)

In the Western Sidereal Zodiac Saturn is currently Retrograde @ 10 degrees LEO – not Virgo – and Pluto has just begun it’s long sojourn into Sagittarius, rather than leaving it January 25th, 2008. In this article you are talking about the psyche of everyone on the planet as they experience the conjunction of (transiting) Saturn with (natal) Pluto.

Sidereal Pluto was in Leo in 1960. It is still true that my “generation” is experiencing Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto, but the way in which that may be interpreted may be drastically different from how a person would look at it in (Tropical) Virgo. Given the fact that Saturn is called “ruler” of us old goats, I’m very uncomfortable with the notion that Tropical (Western) Astrologers are assuring me that “all is well” now that it has moved into Capricorn, when I know better.

please not only comment here, but also send a note to my e-mail

And...what’s this about Jupiter being RULER of the Sun?

And...the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction last December -- so far as relevance ? ? ?

Mr Mark

oops! ...Tropical (Western) Astrologers are arrusing me that "all is well" now that PLUTO (not "it", being Saturn) has moved into Capricorn...
[my bad]


Hi Mr. Mark - Sorry you don't consider Tropical Astrology valid. As a practicing professional for well over 30 years, with thousands of precise and accurate analyses and predictions under my belt (including exactly calling the 2000 election theft to an audience of millions weeks in advance, and exactly calling the 2006 congressional elections over a year in advance) I wonder just what it was I was doing right, if Tropical is invalid. Also, though one may claim that Sidereal is based on constellations, unfortunately there are holes in the assumptions of Siderealists large enough to drive a semi through. To repeat my concerns about Sidereal astrology, there are 14 constellations, none are 30 degrees, and there are multiple systems that try to figure out exactly how much to deduct from the computed Tropical positions. None of them agree on the amount since none truly know when the divergence between the zodiac and the constellations actually occurred. Who says it's nearly 24 degrees? There's not even any solid agreement on that number. That's one reason I try to focus more on the interplanetary aspects, as well as the relative place a planet occupies in the larger 360 phase cycle, regardless of what name you call that place. That said, my expertise in the system I use seems to yield accurate insights, if the feedback of thousands of clients is to be believed. Regardless of what name you call various sectors of the zodiac, the key is to understand their function within the whole system.

I don't know of any legit astrologer who is assuring anyone that "all is well" simply because of Pluto's movements. Pluto is not about "all is well!" Even the trines and sextiles to Pluto do not manifest as "all is well." More like a catalytic reagent put into a solution that filters out some substances while throwing the rest into dynamic transformation. And I don't have your email. As for Jupiter ruling the Sun, I have no idea which article you're referencing. I surmise that it was during a time when the Sun was in either Sagittarius or Pisces, thus making Jupiter the "ruler" or dispositor of the Sun, just as it is now. Regarding the Jupiter conjunct Pluto at the Galactic Center, I wrote numerous articles on it. Just go to the archives for late 2007 and maybe even Jan 2008 and I'm sure you'll find lots of grist for the mill.


robert, mr. mark really threw me off with pluto just entering saggitta... :-) just kidding ;-) be good !

Mr Mark

I assumed that b/c it sais here
"Email Address: (Not displayed with comment.)"
that YOU would have it, but it is not made public.
my bad.
How can I e-mail you directly?
(I don't see a "click here".)

I suppose it would be fair to say that I "threw the baby out with the bath water" when I embraced the Sidereal Zodiac. I understand that for TRANSITS it doesn't matter, b/c Mars will STILL be Trine Jupiter [just for example] ANYWAY. However, what I'm trying, ...I mean rreeeaallly trying to GET AT is the way that we mere mortals stubbornly hold onto a paradigm -- even when it no longer seems to "work", or serve us, or (at the very least) excludes anything else that might be "coming into play" NOW.

I failed to clarify that I was referring EXCLUSIVLY to Natal Astrology when I said I no longer consider Tropical Asrtology to be "valid". But that was for ME, ONLY! The thought never entered my mind that it could be "taken the wrong way". I reckon I've got my work cut out for me in learning how to "communicate" in as few words as possible!

I apologize for (apparently) insulting you by stating that I no longer consider the tropical Zodiac to be "valid". To your credit, I didn't get a mean-spirited knee-jerk reaction. (not that I would expect that from one who is so obviously an enlightened being!) All I can do is speak from my own subjective experience. (What else does anybody got?) For me personally I found it to be a more "true" or "accurate" description of my "personality". (Sidereal Natal Chart) That doesn't mean that I have taken license to impose my "belief" on others! My best friend on the Planet flat-out rejected the notion that he's not a Virgo, but actually a Leo Sun sign. I'm not so naieve [or arrogant] as to assume that others should "convert" as I did. ("Mine's better than yours!") But FOR ME it was TRULY "a paradigm shift"!

...nuf said.

RE: "all is well". Every Sunday I get a free weekly horoscope in my hotmail Inbox. It is VERY general, makes a LOT of assumptions, nd is kinda-sorta "accurate", but is symptomatic of my complaint -- even though it is represented as being specific to my time and place of birth. So when I refer to being told "all is well" it is based on the suggestion that my life will improve now that Pluto is "in your sign". The quote makrs on "all is well" were not intended to give the impression that was literal content of that horoscope. Again; apologies. That was really just my PARAPHRASE. I must also acknowledge the fact that my life-experience was consistent with Sagittarius/ 9th House type stuff since late 1996, while Pluto was in (Tropical) Sagittarius. I went back to College (Majored in Philosophy), moved to another State, "expanded" considerably... and I had a sense of that phase of my life coming to a close as January 2008 approached.

"Jupiter ruling the Sun": Your surmise is prbly correct. Can't remember where I saw that.

"Galactic Center" was what piqued my interest in this site -- along w/ the political stuff.

1 more note: The only "Professional" Western Sidereal Astrologer I correspoded w/ last year admitted that he has difficulty earning a living at it. I suppose nobody really cares what "system" you use so long as your predictions come to pass!!! ;-)



Thanks! I know you are busy. I am facing a job relocation (or get a new job) right in the middle of this April/May Liberation and have Mars (the action planet)natal retrograde. Exact date they want me in Salt Lake City UT from Albuquerque NM is 4/18/08. I would like a phone reading with you as I am very concerned about my natal chart lack of power. I also have most of my planets this year in Mutable Houses and am a Saturn in Virgo. What are my options?
Peace and Light!


Yes. Thanks Robert.


Hi Nancy - Well, maybe the new job IS your liberation! If you want to schedule a session, email me and I'll do what I can. I'm already starting to book the second week of April, so get back to me asap. Not sure if you mean you're having a Saturn return, or that Saturn is in Virgo in your Solar Return chart. If you have a Saturn in Virgo, this is where "the rubber meets the road" in your life, and it could mark the beginning of several decades of slow steady growth toward you being an authority in your world, doing your Dharma. That day there's a Grand Earth Trine between Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto, as well as a Grand Cardinal Cross made by Moon in Libra opposed Venus and T-square Mars opposition Jupiter. Be balanced, show grace and style and perfection of form, and use charm to nail it down. Be reasonable yet decisive, and assert the subtle deep parts of you to help them rise to meet some urgency in their situation. BTW - Cadent houses help us prepare for what shows up when they move into the Angular ones. Look at this as preparation for something else down the road.

Hi abacus - You're welcome.


Hi Robert,

I would like to post a very important insight that hit me since a few days ago.
I really foresee that in 2010 a big economic world crash will come. It seems everything is pointing towards that direction. Even economists point this.
And looking to astrology, the hardest squares and aspects since the sixties and the early 1930s, one may see well that the same tumultous changes are coming.

Uranus was in Aries last time in 1930s and will enter again in 2010, and aspecting Pluto again and Saturn, bringing the same unstable times, rebeldy from the masses, fall of big institutions, banks, governments, etc.

Possibly, I really feel that oil industry will have a first big crash (we are seeing the first signs of it)
Later since transportation prices will skyrocket, prices of wheat, gas and food will rise very high, bringing the economic crises (possibly as Jupiter approaches Uranus in Aries cusp)
It is predicted that major oil crash will happen in 2-3 years and with it, the major infrastrutures of cities and world societyes will fall (the real Pluto entrance in Capricorn demolishing old social illusions, when Saturn and Uranus aspect it). Not necessarily all nations will suffer hard but at least most of richest western countries. I foresee that crises will start in US and Mexico and later extending to Europe and then Asia. I strongly hope that late 2008 may bring a new light for the states, Uranus-Saturn will bring these issues to public discussion and awareness (change vs same olf stuff). By late 2009 the first changes will start to hit hard. In summer 2010, climax when five planets join in that T-square, it is also the foreseen time by some people of this coming crash.

Possibly, one can endure through these coming times, by saving our own resources and getting gradually into a simple lifestyle, more self-reliant, as well as investing in activities like growing food and producing our own energy

I do not want here to create any awareness of fear. No, I desire to bring the issue to light (maybe my Pluto?) and further this awareness to everyone that wants to examine this, ponder and bring in new solutions.

And as Robert puts it, by early 2020, when Jupiter conjunts with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus enters Taurus, society will be indeed very different, new models will be created, new energies created, new ways of earning, a new economy, new discoveries, etc...


Curiously I now understand all the future dreams I used to have where I see a society normal like present day but with strangely very few cars and very few shops and much less people in city streets during day.
The weather is more or less the same, extremes are wider, there is still electricity but money/car industry collapse did happen as well as political tension, and a massive change of behaviours.
And isnt this better for our natural world? ;)


Hi Popplagid - Yes, global economics are in a huge mess, but futurists have known that was coming for years, and still nobody is doing much to avert it. Our exploitive "capitalism without conscience" system is breaking down faster and faster. While many will suffer, others are already adapting and so while affected, probably won't fall into disaster like those who count on an ever-rising real estate market, cigarette market, oil market, etc. Though the 30s were difficult, mainly due to corrupt or indifferent Republican Presidencies in the 20s (past as prologue?) the widespread problems helped us sweep out the Repubs and their selfish exploitive attitudes for many years, ushering in a much needed public works program, training programs, and pulled the country together like it had never been in its history. Wheat and gas are already much too high, and this has everyone's attention. Nobody believes the bankers are our friends any more, so it's hard to generate much sympathy since they've bled us all dry. As for gas, the price gouging by producers is already leading to alternative power sources being implemented in this country and others. And as things get worse, surely truth seeking Souls will be joining with each other, since we're truly all in this mess together. The trick is getting to the other side with our sense of humor and compassion intact. The parallel site I'll be constructing this year will hopefully be a gathering ground for positive solutions and global community. It will definitely be a group effort, since together we're smarter, more aware, more connected with more resources than any of us are separately.


Good. Tell me more about your parallel site in construction.
I would gladly visit and contribute with what I can.
I am quite interested into these novel solutions too...



Hi Popplagid - Well, it's still in the planning stages, and I'm considering a wiki type of approach. That way our collective knowledge and connections will be far vaster than any single one of us, as will be the ability for those committed to the larger work to spot the many traps that exist in our world. One "novel solution" catching fire right now is HHO technology.

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