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hmm, i've often thought that a fully realized person existing in a state of samadhi has actually jettisoned outlying/outside influences and functions independent of planetary suggestion. But if not so then would maybe a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction signal an enlightenment experience?


Thank you Robert! I've heard it said that a person can "transcend his chart" but have never believed it, for precisely the reason that you state - we are all manifested as form, and as such, subject to the energies. I do believe that an individual can learn to use the planetary energies in their highest vibrations, however. But being outside the planetary influences while in material form? No.


Wonderful post, Robert!

And I agree with it. Jesus, the Holy Being I am most familiar with, still inhabited a human body. He had temptations, troubles, and doubts just like everyone else. The way I see it, though, is because He was such an advanced and enlightened soul, He would have expressed the highest vibration of His chart. I believe that He came here with a very clear knowing of His purpose and path. We all do, of course, but I think most of us don't have such a precise vision and knowing.

I've never understood that "transcending my chart" kind of thing. Even after death, your chart of this lifetime seems to resonate.

Now I'm pondering the question that if there is indeed reincarnation (yes, in my opinion) do you continue the same chart? Does it pick up where you left off, maybe in some progressed version? No way to really know, I guess.

Ponderingly yours,


Deborah Smith

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!!! I do not remember when it is, but I remember you are an Aries--as my brother (he was march 26), so I know you are somewhere in this time frame. May this be your best b-day yet!! and this be your best and a very prosperous year!!! Love & Light to you!!! Deborah in OKC


Hi Damien - Nothing moves independent of planetary influence. We all live and breathe and have our being within them. A fully realized being is fully the planetary influence in the moment, freed from incorrect or limited ego expressions. We can have an enlightenment experience any moment we open to it. A Jupiter conjunct Neptune is one such experience, but so is a Mars opposition Saturn conjunct Uranus!

Hi Viki - Yes, I've observed the supreme realization in the moment is to be one with that moment, perfectly expressing the positive possibilities of that intersection of space-time. What an enlightened Being would teach one day is perfect for that day; that's why we get what we get when we get it. Basically, when the Moon is in Virgo, we get Virgo lessons and insights. When the Moon is in Aquarius, we get Aquarian lessons and insights. This of course applies to every thing regarding every planet.

Hi Jeri - Yes, St. Issa was a man as well as the World Teacher. He probably evolved into expressing his highest potential as a result of being trained by the Saddhus and Sages of the East when He was a young teenage Rabbi on the Silk Road. Even a high Being has chart "afflictions." Those patterns are the means to serve others with similar afflictions. We're here to realize, then apply, the serve with loving, wise intelligence. We don't pick up the chart in a literal sense, since we evolve in various ways and flavors into something much different than we were born with. It's all symbolic, and by the symbols we accept and reject this lifetime, other patterns are created "in Heaven" where the Soul will await it's next perfect time to incarnate. Having done extensive research in past life stuff, my own and others, many decades ago, I can offer that sign energies do persist across centuries and incarnations, in that if we are a form of Aquarian ideal this life, we will demonstrate those ideals in some form the next one. Or in the case of Mozart, he obviously had musical aptitude in his prior life which he brought forth in his chart in the life he was Wolfie.

Hi Deborah - Thanks. As you know by now, it's April 1. I accept your wish that this will be my best year yet, uno ano muy prospero. I'd love to have the resources to take this site and the work to the next level!


Nah, soul energy isn't moved by planets! :D


Dear Robert,

This was wonderful for several reasons - besides being correct in my point of view, it also helped me to find better phraseology to explain an idea quite close to the one you expound: it is not that those great Enlightened Beings "suffer the effects of Astrology, but rather that they BECOME VEHICLES of the Planets higher vibrations, being able to express these energies, as you well put it, to teach others or even to be "spokes-beings" of a specific epoch or of a whole generation of peole.

This is a more holistic way of seing the different levels at which the nergy expresses itself, purely at personal level with a person who still lives and expresses itself at merely a quite personal sphere, or the incredible dimension of a Being who is feeling, thinking and BEING at a whole different, more encompassing level, and terefore syncronistically expressing the same type of energes, but at a whole level of more refined and potent expression.

Thank you and Namasté,



Hi Damien - "Might as well face it you're addicted to love...."

Hi Isabel - Yes, I have noted that whoever shows up to teach whatever segment of humanity that responds to their mythos exactly corresponds to the larger planetary patterns that their people are working with and through. I believe the term "exemplar" perfectly describes the process. Definitely Namaskarams to you and your group.


Thank you from all of us to you, dear Friend and "dispeller of darkness".


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