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September 27, 2009



THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Robert,
Wow! I get the timing thing that so many in this community mention!

I have known about the existence of these salts and I have read mentions of their use in the various books that I have, but your collection of information has given several points they have not provided for me.

For some number of years I have held and shared the belief that food cravings are the body’s way of saying it needs a certain something right now! This gives me a cursory reference to check out why, for X number of days running, I’ll require constant wheat something with marina and cheese, for example!

Thank you,


AMazing that you have this article; how interesting how I (we) manifest through the most unlikely places. I used to live on a farm that was homesteaded and the natural spring had sulfur and so the old time doctor used to send people there--I'm talking 1870s or later. I think the simpliest methods of healing were/are the best.

Anyway, I'm thinking that on the Mayan calendar we are right before the 7th day which changes on Nov 2 or so and now the latest hysteria is that people will be cut off in some places from insurance or their jobs or the banks will close or whatever 1st of Oct., so that logically does give about a month (and most people live paycheck to pay check no matter what 'class') so it seems layed out about right that after a months housepayment is missed and no more money etc. for Nov that people will reach a severe fear factor. I awoke in 2000 so I go from my own example that we think we can't live without money but money is just another method to manifest from as you were my method of finding out about salts. It's like a computer path which is like a brain path. They will find that they still exist without money and that their brains will kick in and their instincts and they will realize that they ARE. They be, and so money is not their god anymore because they, we are each our own god and as of this morning when I awoke I realized that we are like living characters in Earth (think of a child) Earth's story. She/he is a living being (be-ing) who is lining up because her creative writings (us and history) are individually learning, realizing that we are one, we are her and she is on her way to line up with her family of elders to be initiated into the next 26,000 year project of growth (a new story for her, a new novel from which to learn about herself and her characters she created in the Piesean Age). And...that's all I got, but I thought sharing it might help trigger someone to spur another thought, for we are all paths. Peace and fun, yes I'm a libra, ENJOY YOUR LIVES! Seek to create not produce, learn for learning's sake and if you get a product it's like a grade A,B,C,D,or F. Don't let the grade take you outside of yourself for it is the process that got you here and the products, grades, etc. were only milestones like Earth's lining up with the Galactic center in 2012, but I do think things will open up sooner like Oct 28, 2011 and the eye of the top of the pyramid will gaze around so to speak (i'm very zen so) gaze for a year and then we will move on, for don't you see already that the energy of Aquarius is streaking on us like beams of light? We are on the internet (air) we are saying we have enough stuff, no need to manuafcture, Aquarians love antiques (junk) and understanding, are we not understanding all the lies and deceptions that the negative polarity (the yang) --and there's positive yang too--that are coming to light. Lots of people have known this but have been unable to change things with the collective lie overhead. Thank goddess for the heart energy that is and has finally come to balance our upper and lower chakra energies. We are now all stars of david energywise. Shine on!


Hi Joan - I figured it might be for those who missed it the first time, so....

Hi K - Timing is everything. We usually find ourselves in good timing when we learn to get out of our own way and BE in the moment. Our bodies can tell us what they need. The trick is not to default to learned patterns that don't nourish, or things best eaten in moderation. For example, craving potato chips is not the same as eating potatoes, and though deluxe nachos may include all the food groups, eating them on a regular basis can add to the waistline!

Hi Sheree - Sulfur can help us in many ways, as can foods with high sulfur content. Things have changed in the past 150 years, and to some extent we don't really resemble the biochemistry of those of that era. Too many new substances in the air, earth, and water, as well as the processing industry. That's why some of the "old remedies" are not as efficacious as they were then. That said, if we used more natural remedies we'd no doubt be healthier and wealthier than relying on the current medical care non-delivery systems. I find that each of the 4 schools of healing have their methods and cures, and each is perfect when that type of healing is needed. (Different cures for a broken leg, deficient spleen, and out of place vertebrae and such things...)

Be alert to dramatic pronouncements about Mayan whatever. Some of these have no basis in anything except people playing a game of "Telephone." Yes, upheavals are on the way. These can be seen by the transit to transit aspects. AND! Humanity is on the path of return for the long haul, we've already evolved beyond anything our grandparents ever imagined, and miracles and wonder in the worlds of art, science, and philosophy will continue to reveal our Higher possibilities.

We are told by Source material that we have many thousands of years of evolution toward the higher Way in front of us. We are already passed the densest point in this Root Race cycle, and so should be able to expect a degree of flowering, since we are a part of Nature and subject to Her laws and processes. Still, it's not the beginning of a 26,000 year cycle. More like the mid-point of transitioning from the descending 13,000 years of increasing ignorance into 13,000 years of increasing awareness, individually and collectively.

Given our somewhat limited lifespans, it may be useful to see our lives on Earth as being within a completely transitional time span, moving from the end of the end of Pisces into the beginning of the beginning of Aquarius. I believe the tipping point will occur sometime around and after mid-century. It's begun to accelerate the past 100-200 years, but there is much that is yet to happen to prepare for the next era. If we allow for a small transitional zone between sign energies, we still wind up with about 360 years of radical transition between Ages.

Money is an agreement, a universal symbol. Until we find a way to agree on other things, then it'll have to do. But even how we define money, value, worth, and power is in flux. Much of this won't be clear until after 2025 when we enter the "Spring" of the 21st century. And for the next few years, we're in for massive deconstruction as prelude to reconstruction. That's why we're learning skills that can serve us and others as we move through the threshold. This is for the long haul.......

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