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Thanks for re-posting, I remember this piece and it's really great. Especially that sixth paragraph. I copied that part out and posted it out where I could see it often. (Today I'm saving the entire piece.) It's reassuring for people who are wondering why they aren't rich, famous or successful. Like me. I am super talented and obscure. The media constantly makes me seeth with jealousy, I admit. But I'm very rich in the fruits of the spirit and that's what counts. What a long strange trip it's been.

Just for the record I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Leo, and Scorpio at 29 deg. at the mideaven, so I think I'm meant to have this experience, go through the jealousy and frustration and re-evaluate my priorities.

Thanks for sharing this great wisdom.

Peggy Hancock

Astrology in October-November-December 2009 - Standing on the Threshold of Saturn In Libra

hi came on site and this isn't able to be opened could you repost ..thanking you much tried a couple days now!!Peggy


Hi Valerie - I just felt this would be a good time to post this again. Knowing we can feel lesser things is useful to recognize it and antidote it when it rears its ugly head. And in dealing with our own dysfunctions, we are able to assist others in the appropriate time and form.

Hi Peggy - I just checked it from two computers and it opens just fine. I'm not sure why it's not working for you. Just click on the title or the link to "continue reading..." and you should be able to get there.

kathryn davison

Hi Robert;

Thanks for helping me regain some inner peace. What do i do when my landlady won't give my deposit back, for no good reason?

I can deal with the straightness of life, it's the weirdness that is the challenge. I can only imagine that in a past life, i was very, very crooked. : ) k

Sue Moon

Thanks Robert I was wondering how to answer Sheree when you posted this. Namaste


Thankyou Robert ,how sweet is your soul to keep us lit.I loved this piece.
A treasure indeed. Supapon



Thank you again for being the wisdom 'midst the whirlwind.

Blessings of Love and Light,


Great post!

And remember, folks: nothing says love like finding the funny in all of life's fluff.


robert, you are a warm apple pie, just from the oven, with home made vanilla ice cream on top.
this is a wonderful gift. thank you.


Thank you Robert, I had never read this before and it is beautiful.


I can only say thank you.
Don't know if this your "job" on this Earth, but please be aware that you have helped one more to become better, more understanding, more aware and gratefull for everything.
May God be always with you!

J. Sue Gagliardi

Dear Robert,

Thank you for such a loving,inspiring piece; one to stimulate gratefulness and the will to keep on keeping on when things seem bleak.

Bless you for sharing You,



Love All :)


Thank you Robert for sharing your truth, love and wisdom once again.
I love your insights on our spiritual journey and astrology which I believe are also interconnected.
Blessings and Thanks,


Hi Kathryn - When the landlady won't give you your deposit back, you bless her, deny the loss, and wait until your next life to reap the rewards of "doing the right thing." While that gives little satisfaction in the here and now, it still generates a better future. Weird is always with us, in many forms. And sometimes bad things happen to good people because of the misguided free will of another. We may have been very, very upright, and still are. In that sense, we are part of "the corrective force of Nature," and the agents by which others work out their own misguided karmas. We only benefit.

Hi Sue - Well, it just seemed that things were being asserted that needed addressing.

Hi Supapon - I thought there would be many who might appreciate it. Glad it opened your heart to another treasure.

Hi Laura - Just me cogitatin' about things I thought were important....

Hi Warriorlady - "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana....."

Hi shanita - Sounds like a person who knows how to enjoy life! You're most welcome......

Hi Mike - I realized that it might be good for those who have begun to visit the past few months. It offers some things to "remember."

Hi Adrian - Been doing this for many decades. Just grateful the universe provides me the internet so we can all connect!! I am sincerely joyous that you have found some bit of wisdom here, and a Ray upon which you may find yourself seated on the throne of Understanding. And yes, I believe G*d loves gratitude, so as we generate that, we are given much to be grateful for.

Hi J. Sue - I know you remember the first time it was posted, so thanks for your re-affirmation of its value. In an era when we're breaking free of the old inertias, this piece can serve as a touchstone.

Hi Ace - You're ability to hang in there (given the generic irrationality) is the greatest. You inspire me. Keep capturing the images.

Hi Sam - You're most welcome. I believe we have much to learn from a deeper embrace of, and awareness of, our own as well as everyone else's stories and myths. We are all more aware than any of us separately. Aum and blessings to you as well.


Good advice to Kathryn about the landlady!! Everyone should keep that pearl of wisdom on hand, for we all get ripped off once in a while and we are morally outraged. Boy, do I know what that's about! It's kind of like "turn the other cheek"... :)

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