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Thank you Robert, this is an excellent picker-upper. I struggle with this affliction every year, some years are worse than others. I usually feel inadequate in some way. I keep forgetting that other people could have this problem. This year, I had a friend call me who was in this very state to an extreme. She couldn't get into the holiday spirit at all. I found myself having to console her. (It was an opportunity to atone, you could say...)

Excellent article! again, thanks! Namaste... ):


Thanks so much Robert you're timing is perfect as always. I too am sad. Life for me is always 2-sided. I have many sadness and many things to be thankful for. My life is never middle of the road. Learning to balance this is challenging.
There is so much more depth to what I am saying but in this short reply to your lovely article this is what I can say.

Luv and light


very nice article, you are so in tune
sending mele kele kemaka belated and happy new years wishes your way


Hi Robert:

Thank you for your nuggets of wisdom as always.

I've learned to appreciate me for whatever I am able to do throughout the course of a year and actually find myself angry at the notion of holidays. Don't like them. Don't like shoppers. Don't like shoppers in malls. The obligations behind holidays make me cringe. I love the giving/miracle/hope/peace/love/joy/etc part of the season, but all that stuff should be experienced and shared all year and not just for about three weeks of fifty-two.

I'm far from a Grinch here with a Leo moon and Libra Sun and Sagittarius rising. Maybe this is my Scorpio-Venus and Mercury speaking up about a lack of substance in the holiday season. Maybe it just aggravates me to watch people fall behind financially and emotionally due to the obligations and expectations of the holiday season.

Did I mention that most of my family stinks and has stunk for a number of years? And that the pressure to remain in a non-existent bubble of joy and peace beside strangers who share DNA with me is sheer agony? Gah!

Thanks for the helpful article. I'm sure there are tons of people in this boat with countless stories to tell...


oh Warrior Lady, I can certainly relate to that last paragraph about family!! Where is your Saturn... maybe Robert will some day write an article about that family thing. Many of us have terrible relationships with our families, such as mothers from hell, jealous and competitive siblings, abusive dads. Aside from that, well, my marriage broke up at Christmas one year. Sometimes bad things just happen at Christmas... well Warrior Lady, maybe you should move far away, distance yourself physically if necessary, then your presence won't be required. Otherwise, you should cultivate forgiveness and acceptance. What a can of worms. Peace be with you- :)


Your Highness,

Many apologies for being so late in extending good holiday wishes to you and Bernadette. Perhaps because of what you and all the astro experts warned about on the "eve and the day" being pretty funky. And true to form, those 2 days were indeed a cluster of funkiness! A day of never ending ducking for cover!!!

However a friend of mine,(who is relatively new) whom I had not returned his Merry Xmas wish,as I was feeling so down in the dumps.... showed up yesterday, with a beautiful tourqoise necklace and earing set that matched a bracelete that I happened to choose to wear that I haven't worn in years.

Then he took me to a hibachi dinner.....all this was spontaneous, last minute, and I was feeling like a priestess! As a single non dating female, I really didn't know what to do with all this!? I was so paronoid about him spending so much money on me and feeling as though there were ulterior motives, as it is no secret of my trust issues. He finally said, "I did this because you deserve this. You are such a good person and I see how you help so many people, including me, never asking for anything in return! Stop and enjoy it!"

Then I cried! Poor guy didn't know what to do with me.

Love you Robert and many thanks for a year of your stellar wisdom and Ms Warrior Lady, send me a holiday smile!!!!

Buon Natale!!!



Oh, boy. Fine, Chickie. I'm sending a ' Winter smile'.


And Chickie, you might like to know that I said something similarly appreciative to someone, yesterday. I always recognize and support those who stick by me in a world where so many just want to kick one down.

In addition, my aunt chalked up the really cool baking trays wrapped in fuschia Barbie giftwrap to the reality that she never took up the opportunity to "spoil" me (her now 30-year-old niece) when I was younger.

I hope I sounded more cathartic than dark. Not trying to be dark. In fact, I go out of my way to turn most of my woes into humor because that sustains me. Helps to see the bright side in the ridiculousness, you know?

My Saturn's in Virgo, Valerie-- a real playhouse. Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your broken marriage. If it makes you feel better, my family's broken. I think I just have to accept it... and, yep, I am working on that.

Stay awesome!


Namaskaram to you, Robert. As usual, you are amazing. Have been falling off that high road more often this month. Think am again going to put down my low thoughts on paper and burn and burn them off in your wonderful solstice ritual. Yes, this too will pass. Happy Christmas. Have a magical 2010, Robert. Om,cheers.


Thanks to Everyone here and especially Robert. Yes, ditto on the blues. Sigh.....I have been wishing everyone a Happy Hibernation! That I can say with a smile. It seems to get a smile in response. I am on my own this Christmas. It is for the best, the past boy friend liked to make things worse. I am still missing the winter walks with him.....well....winter does remind us that we have to die to be reborn and letting go is not easy if we think there is nothing else new coming.....I say Die!! Hibernation is really just shutting down, drawing in, not shining....our spirit just retreats inward, its still there......and all of you writing here remind me that you are all out there......thanks


Ms Warrior Lady,

My saturn's in Virgo also and your wonderful humor offsetting the tragedy is brilliant!

"Did I mention that most of my family stinks and has stunk for a number of years? And that the pressure to remain in a non-existent bubble of joy and peace beside strangers who share DNA with me is sheer agony? Gah!"

To be honest, I was falling off my chair in hugh belly laffs!!! I thought....take that one to the stage! For me it's the only way to survive. I ran away from my family 17 years wasn't them, it was me and I did not "fit in." They love me to death, but we need distance.

Wonder what came over your auntie to exhibit the effort to spoil you! Possibly she's going through a change also....she's been "missing" or just recognized your "light."

Things will get better.....keep the jokes flow'n.

Blessings to you!


Thanks W.L. and Chickie - that was the best laugh I've had in days! If we didn't have families how would we ever learn those hard lessons? Don't know about you but my family relationships are riven with squares and oppositions - don't imagine I would go there out of choice!! Keep rolling out that humour please, It is a real joy!


Hey I'm back- love everyone's comments here. And, indeed, a sense of humor can save the day. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. It's good to be able to laugh at ourselves. We are all on the road to wellness and rebirth this Christmas season. Namaste and a big smile to everyone! :)

Sue Moon

So happy to be a part of this family, by choice. Yes, Morvah, many squares and oppositions and broken dreams, arghhhhhh.


Hi Valerie - Yes, I remember being on a real bummer every holiday season when younger (sometimes for really good reasons, but.....) It took a bit of self discipline and turning the mind to better views over time to antidote the negatives. And then there's the lack of light in the Northern Hemisphere, our natural sensitivity to the collective consciousness, and you can see how sometimes it's amazing that we all aren't having a harder time than we are! Creating the harmonizing tone in a difficult atmosphere is always a useful skill to cultivate!! And you're right, that sometimes bad things do happen in the Christmas season. Every other season as well.

Hi Wendy - I trust by now your sadness has moved on a little, and your gratitude has brought you a balanced perspective. Love and light to you and all others as well.

Hi marci - Mahalo!

Hi WarriorLady - Holidays used to frustrate me until I remembered that I alone choose my responses to whatever stimulates my senses. I tend to avoid the stores and meditate a lot. I have Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd, so to me giving what we can in wise ways is a 52-week a year discipline. Perhaps when others cannot spend the way they want they also will learn to not load up any one time of the year and learn to give what they can when they can.

Hi Chickie - Glad your friend was so tuned in! And I do believe we "deserve" all the good that comes to us. Good that you could just stop and enjoy!!

Hi sudha - Namaskar! As long as we don't stay stuck in taking the low road, there is always hope that at some point we will have cultivated the habit of turning to the good regardless of whether we're high or low. Putting low thoughts on paper and burning them can bring resolution on some very deep levels. Blessings on 2010 to you.

Hi Vera - I like the concept of "happy hibernation," since we all need to honor the need for r and r! Yes, better to be alone, or with friends, than with someone who triggers unfortunate feelings. And I'd like to think that at this roadhouse, we can all find fellowship where we can indeed "all shine on, like the Moon and the Stars and the Sun...."

Hi Morvah - Yes, when we can laugh at these things we really are farther along than we think! Most of my family-of-origin aspects are conjunctions, but that still has meant some very hard times past, though they are much better now than ever before. Been working on being as kind and understanding as I can, with lots of gratitude that regardless of what's going on in the world, I can choose to take the high road. And I do believe there are results from such things.....

Hi Sue Moon - Well, I'd rather be disillusioned than illusioned, and with time and an open heart and open mind I've found myself not so trapped by old external patterns. And humor is in fact a great antidote for old Saturn patterns.


Yay! Another Saturn in Virgoteer!

Robert, you're right. And I realize, too, that the bottom line is that people still make their own choices, regardless of what messages are being pushed by major department stores. So they should own up to them.


Can I send you my saturn in virgoteers for rehabilitation? I gotta warn ya, these folks are tough. They just about done squelched me virgo sun. I'm on the rise in spite of it. Perhaps this mars rx will give them a nice massage so they loosen up a bit?

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