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I would love to see a short article on how you or others keep track of the events in your life/psyche so that when you say "this relates to the xyz transit of late summer 2008" you can look back and see what might have been going on at that time.

I appreciate your work very much, read and reread your articles and make the best use of them that I can. I particularly appreciate your positive emphasis when you address these very challenging transits we are all undergoing. Many, many thanks.


Hi Robert!
These are strange and interesting times with all the weirdness attributed to the Grand Irrationality and the effects of the eclipses. I mean some folks (including on occasion me) are just acting bonkers with a boat load of obsessive weirdness! I think having a glimmer of knowledge about the meaning of these exceptional times helps, ("..Oh yea...that's what's going on here."). So this is my personal thanks for the updates about the weather.
So here are my two (2) requests. (1) I have seen very little information about the assorted "Jone's Patterns". Most astrology books only give the bare basics. Could you go into the different patterns and how they effect the charts? (2) What does a chart for the Gulf/BP Catastrophe look like and could we get an analysis on this one from you? Thanks again for everything.


Robert, your pattern analyses seem so precise and analytical that I'd like your opinions on two areas that I've really been unable to find much information on. Your perspective would be appreciated on:

1. Yods. I have a Saturn/Jupiter yod pointing at my sun/moon conjunct. I've never found any clear instructions on interpreting this. I talked to one astrologer, she said, "oh well of course you won't find any help interpreting that, nobody knows anything about yods." Ha.

2. Intercepted signs. I have Sag in the 5th and Gem in the 11th intercepted. This seems to add an overlay of complexity to my whole chart. I am baffled on how to interpret this, it seems that the traditional interpretations are insufficient.

The usual sources I read about these two subjects seem so vague as to be useless. I'd enjoy reading your take on these subjects.


Cleared of past (and other people's opinions which have had influence on us at times...) Rising above the ridiculous news-as-entertainment impairments, to know how remarkably resourceful our truth-seeking minds are. We are one people on one planet & striving for ideals is not a waste of time. Science is just now looking at the power of thought, finally we will see more good thinking--- the seeking & development of our combined and constant consciousness.


Hi Robert - may I suggest some astrology articles:

(a) Elucidation on the 9th and 11th harmonics; much like how you have written about the 5th/10th and the 7th.

(b) Your thoughts about how to work with Jupiter/Saturn Return charts (I note the great articles you have about theses events themselves but not as much about the charts).
Even though Jupiter/Saturn is the "star" of the show, some color as the general functions (since clearly there are a fantastic number of permutations) of what the other planets represent in each of these charts. Of interest, what is suggested if the returned planet is at one of the principal angles (Asc or MC) or the return chart.

Thank you!


Thank-you Robert for offering us this opportunity. My question is perhaps more aimed at your metaphysical knowledge, but I've been after information on how we may raise our level of vibrations to help us through these challenging times. Any practical info. would be much appreciated.


Hi Robert: I'm with Charles regarding more information on Yods and intercepted signs. Information on intercepted houses would be equally welcome (my intercepted Aries/Libra leaves me with an intercepted 4th/10th). Thanks!


Hi Robert,

I have two requests. One is about a birthday falling on a cusp. Some horoscopes use the dates where you fall under one sign, and some horoscopes use the date where I fall under another. Which horoscope would be mine?

The second request would be about loss. You have written a little about it, and I have read articles about "love dad" that you have written. As some astrology articles speak of "endings and beginnings", especially when speaking of an eclipse, do they happen really? I am wishing hard for the emotional ending of a romantic relationship from a long time ago, and hoped your wisdom and astrology can give me another way to look at the loss of a lost love.


Hi Robert, All,

I love coming here for insight. Jan, I love what you wrote. We are one mind on one planet. Nick, yes, the endings do really happen. I'm in a harsh shift regarding my only parent with whom a dramatic parting of ways occurred yesterday on the phone. I knew from my readings something like this was immenent. Anyway, Robert...just earlier today I considered re-asking what you thought of the constantly seeing of the number 11:11 among others. Perhaps this is off the subject of Astrology per se, but maybe you have access to articles about this. So, good timing in asking what we might want more info about. One mind one planet. Thank you.
Other than that, I'm definitely feeling the "flinging away from people", but not sure what or who I'm being flung towards yet. This Aquarian is in a bit of a strange void. Is Mars stationary right now? It kinda feels like some things are going too fast and other things are stuck.
Big Peaces..


Hi Robert. I loved your articles on destructive relationship patterns, so I would even go for more articles on archetypal personalities/"role-playing" with the important people in our lives and your take on anything psychological, as seen from a metaphysical standpoint. (as purely a side-note, I'm interested in what your political blog was like...)


Hi Robert,

Thank you for all the wonderful articles you put together, and the generosity to take suggestions. I love it all, but I particularly love some of the metaphysical articles you write. I am interested in how the law of attraction intersects with karma.

I'm really starting to get the loa stuff on a deep level. But the intellectual part keeps reasoning that if LOA is so simple and universal, then surely those with deep spiritual knowledge would be able to manifest great outcomes. And this is clearly not so when we look at the Tibetans and China for example. I can understand (and feel) it on the micro level, but when I think of complex situations it unravels for me.
Could you help my brain?

Linda Rienzie

Hi Robert, I would love your insite for the eclips on July 11, 2010 The effect for Florida and this Gulf oil leak. I do feel Florida may be hit with servere conditons concerning this eclips. Thanks so much Robert

Linda Rienzie

Radha Kunke

hi Robert... i would like to read:

1. astro in relationships - especially patterns in synastry charts. what would specific patterns eg. a grand square or a trine in a synastry chart indicate.

2. would love to read on Pluto and Moon. There is of course the book 'Hades Moon'... but i would like to read your interpretation of this.

3. would also like to read specific dynamics between planet combinations.



Great mother archetype

Hi Robert, perhaps more on unaspected planets, midpoints, chiron...

Sara Draper

Hi, Robert...I would love to be alerted to the most effective times that we can all join in spiritual community to meditate and visualize in a productive way to reduce human cruelty, torture, and killing. I'm so sad about the insane infliction of pain on others by so many groups of humans around the world...when are the most needed times for us to send healing, calming energy and enlightenment and protection/comfort, and when are the peak effective times? I wouldn't mind a "call to visualize" at these times when many of us can join together on the spiritual planes to do work together. Whatever we are already doing, it's obviously not enough makes it hard to believe that humanity is actually evolving. I'm actually normally a sanguin, optimistic person, but lately I've been having to yell, "What's wrong with these people??!! How can they even think of these things?" But I'd like to be more pro-active and perhaps your knowledgeable astrological cues and some of this blog community can contribute to reversing the horrible human tendency towards violence and can help transform that into kindness. If so, please guide us! Thank you!!!


Am eagerly awaiting info on the classes! Being a novice here, but interested in learning more, the classes would be powerfully enriching. Astrology for Dummies only gets me so far :)

Some additional info on the coming Age of Aquarius would be welcome as well.

And, metaphysically, some tips on maintaining connection with our guides - for some reason meditation only gets me so far, and the connection seems to ebb and flow in direct correlation with day to day interferences. There must be other ways to 'stay connected'. And are those connections influenced by whatever our current human state of planetary flux is occurring?


Its nice to have an opportunity to ask what we have in mind regarding metaphysics. Thanks for giving this open opportunity. I have 2 things to ask:
1. I have an exact saturn (9th house) square uranus (12th house) aspect. It does create inner conflicts. How to deal with this aspect ? My natal uranus conjuncts ascendant though with a wider orb (7 deg) and saturn conjucnts midheaven.
2. Also, what aspects in someones chart might push a person to be abusive ?
Thanks again, Robert!!!


Hi Robert, thank you for the opportunity to put in some suggetions!
I also would like to learn more about Yods and intercepted signs as well as your nterpertation of Pluto square the North and South Nodes in natal chart. Thanks for all you do!

Jay Kumar

Robert ji,


Please dwelve deep into the metaphysics of the 12th house. As one astrologer put it, "the vast womb of infinite possibilities".

12th house as such, 12 house with planets, 12th house aspects, transits etc.,

In eager anticipation...

Best Regards.


Planetary nodes

Maya Earth Coffee


Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions.

Can you please elucidate on the novile series of aspects, medical astrology and the Divine Mother Energy and Percephone or Transpluto.


Sue Moon

I'm with Jay Kumar above, 12 house info please. Pluto is now transiting my 12th and will be on my 25 Cap ascendant in 2021. I get the drift but some astrologers seem to think this is a very bad thing and while I tend to go for the highest, just curious on your take.


Dear Robert
My son has 6 Cancer on Áscendant with Saturn at 16 and Venus at 21 Cancer. He despairs of his chart which also has Moon in Capricorn at 22 Cappy. He thinks a happy marriage relationship is out of the question for him and believes Saturn in Cancer negatively impacts family relationships.
He has studied Medieval Astrology and therefore believes in the rather harsh predictions which accompany that form of astrology.
Could you write on not only the difficulties of such planet placements in a chart but how one may deal with
difficult natal chart planets.
Thank you Robert, hope this does not come accross as a personal request but one that may have some appeal to others with similar charts.

Mary Streets

I would love some information on Tertiary progressions ll and how to implement timing. Also, how will the mars transit at 4 libra, Aug 4\5 trigger the lunar ecplispe of June 26, I understand through the nature of the trine and sextile, it will open, expand, but any thoughts? Really enjoy your astrological insights. You are one smart guy. Also enjoy hearing names like G. Lewi, Marc Jones, D.Rudhyar. I will leave birth data, no begging for reading, just fyi if you are curious...mercury in tenth house.
Jan. 23, 1956, 6:17, Carthage, Mo.
Thanks so much,
Mary Streets


Pluto/Sun Square in natal horoscope

I would like to know about the energy relationships among auras, rays, chakras, and natal signs. Thanks.


HI Robert, More on yods would be great. Could you explain what a yod in my chart means -it is a yod to my Pluto in 8 Virgo from my 9 Aries Sun/9 Aq. Sesquiquadrate to my 24 Aries Venus/22 Cap Moon(squared) opposition to 14 Pisces Mars. STARdancer

mary streets

Dear Robert,
I am very interested if you have any knowledge concerning golden beings that emanate light, human shape, and all sizes, but no eyes, ears etc. One came the first night and floated to the side of my bed explaining something that was knowledge of the universe, he, sensed it was he more than she, made his hand in a half arc motion and planets appeared inside the arc, spinning, no bigger than 6 or 7 inches tall, but I felt that I could look inside, like galaxies, I remember thinking that I should get up and write it down, because he trully conveyed to me that everything was good, everything, but much more information was given. I saw groups of these beings, perhaps 10 or 12 at a time. They were there several evenings and I have not seen them again. I was 19 and am 54 now. I have had ufo contact, no big deal, and have seen my own angel several times, neptune conjunct mc, but still want to have more understanding of these great, gentle beings. Thank you, Mary

Aquarius 40

This is slightly off-topic:

What is, in your opinion, the best book to read from H. P. Blavatsky? I'm very interested to start reading her works but am totally confused as to which book to begin with.



Hi Robert,

I have a question about charting systems: I have a friend who advocates using the Whole House method as opposed to the standard method used by (which I believe is Placidus). I am curious to hear what you use and if you think their are pluses or minuses to the different methods? I tried plugging my info into a "whole house" chart and it caused most of my planets to shift one house counter clockwise. I would think that would make a pretty big difference for interpretive purposes!

Also, (and I'm just tacking this comment on here because it isn't relevant anywhere else) the approaching lunar eclipse is going to happen conjunct my Sun, which is at Gemini 27 (which is currently in my first house). Should I be concerned?

Thanks again for all the insight you provide!
Hope you are having a blessed holiday season.

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