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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Hi Robert,
Very informative information. I have Pisces rising at 23 degrees. Do you consider that as the end of Pisces? I really don't think I can take much more...going through a divorce. Thank You! I wish I had your knowledge base :)

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener


I am excerpted some of your paragraphs onto the Plant Your Dream Blog.
Hope this is O.K. with you. I am including your copyright.
Please clarify if there is anything you want me to do so this works for you.

Be in touch. Thanks for sharing insights
that are important to be and those who read
the Plant Your Dream Blog.


In friendship,


Wow, thank you Sri Robert as always.

The Cardinal Squares and the coming eclipse appear to be very *personal* to me as I have Moon-conjunct-Venus at 1 and 2 degrees Cancer respectively in H11 and natal Saturn at 5 degrees Capricorn H5. I'm currently experiencing the second retro pass of Pluto opposing my natal Moon/Venus and conjuncting natal Saturn; hopefully this won't be as uncomfortable as the first pass was :-) (chews fingernails!)

The Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus is loosely trine my 28 Scorpio H4 and will be a tighter trine when they retro back to Pisces.

I've been having some very Uranian sudden bolt-from-the-blue surprising experiences lately; so far the outcomes have produced blessings and positive gains. Uranian energy is very familiar and mostly friendly to me as I have Uranus conjunct my 10 Leo ascendant.

The 'new beginnings' energy is spot-on for what I'm going through these days...

Robert, I am so blessed and grateful to have you in my life- I have learned SO MUCH from you in the past several years. I have really grown a lot and you have been a big factor in that.

I am *Eternally Grateful* to your *Eternal Self* 8^)




Oops, should have written Jup/Uranus is trine my 28 Scorpio natal Jupiter.



Well, having lived my whole life with Saturn in Virgo I pretty much know the drill. It's my 27 Gem Uranus that has me wondering about Saturday's full-moon eclipse-hootenanny. I took a highlighter to my chart and this 'cross' is indeed, an amazing X

Bilyana Petrova

Thank you,Robert!


Hi Robert,

As always, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

With kind regards,


Hi Cindy - Well, you've already been dealing with Saturn in your 7th house of partnerships for quite a while, so this is finishing up what has been. The waxing squares from Gemini planets show emergent perspectives relative to your self image.

Hi Leslie - Of course it's okay. I do appreciate it when people who are quoting my material give me proper attribution. Planting our dreams (and nourishing plants) is the way of the future. May your work expand toward your dream.

Hi Timothy - You're most welcome. Your Moon and Venus are the solutions to whatever challenges you confront, or find yourself advising others about. Pluto on your Saturn is purifying your purpose, while the Jupiter and Uranus show emergent new duties and disciplines. Find your uniqueness that helps you develop new opportunities and expansions that move you toward what is truly relevant while disregarding older or unimportant things that could interfere with your Higher purposes. Pluto opposing natal Moon and Venus is stripping away people and habits that deflect you from those purposes. Find your center amidst the swirl, and nurture that which you never got when younger. And it seems we have identical ascendants, so shine it on!

Hi jan - Yes, with Saturn at 29 Virgo I've been pondering the drill as well. I believe I've made it through some kind of night, even though Pluto continues to oppose my Uranus. Saturn waxing square your Uranus should be showing you some kind of new structure for your uniqueness. Late Sag is the answer to your questions.

Hi Bilyana and Ilse - You're both most welcome. If what you find here can help others in your worlds, by all means pass it forward!


Thanks very much Robert!

Lizzie Bodenham

Hi Robert, I really appreciate tuning in now and then to what you have to say in your articles. I've been contemplating what seeds are being planted at this time as I have a natal T-square at the very beginnings of the cardinal signs- 9th house Venus 0 degrees Aries opposition Pluto in Libra at 2 degrees squaring 5th house Jupiter 0 degrees Capricorn (my moon is there next to Jupiter at 26 degrees Sag)and so far, I'm feeling inspired. Having experienced the solstices and equinoxes as times of high energy I think I enjoy new beginnings! However I can't help but feel that the seeds won't really begin to flower until next year. What do you reckon? Thanks for all your dedication and insight, Lizzie


Hi Timothy - You're most welcome.

Hi Lizzie - You're definitely cleaning out old things and people you no longer need in your life, as well as whatever has prevented you from getting the results you want. You've been through a major emotional restructuring, and will reap major rewards beginning August.

This Autumn find ways to integrate your sensitivity with diversity of interests, rise to unexpected opportunities to demonstrate your special or unique qualities, don't procrastinate, and be decisive in responding to demands on your skills. See what appeals to others in general, and be simple, efficient, and alert. What you're going through right now is setting the preliminary patterns for what you'll embrace next year.


Slightly off topic but was hoping you could shed light on a tsquare question. I have a very very tight tsquare involving Saturn/Neptune/Venus (Saturn as focal planet) It is a pretty ouchy configuration that plays a pretty big part in my life (even more so in earlier years). However, in late July, on my birthday, my progressed moon will move into the “empty spot” of the tsquare. Late July, by itself looks pretty intense astrologically. I’m wondering how you would interpret the progressed moon moving into that spot? It hasn’t happened since I was about 3 or 4 so this really is the first time it will happen for me. (born july 28, 1980, 6:08am Las Vegas, NV) Any thoughts, if you have the time?

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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