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Great articles on the nodes, Robert! I've read Jan Stiller's excellent book on the nodal placements, Astrology for the Soul, several timnes and have found it to be a gold mine. One thing that has struck me in my own case is that I find the nodal placement by sidereal house and sign, in the Jyotish version of my chart, NN in Sadge in the 5th, resonates at least as much as the nodal placement by house and sign in my Western chart, NN in Cappy in the 4th. I've been playing with this in other people's charts and have yet to reach any conclusions about it. Perhaps the reason it took me so long to resonate with my Western nodal axis is because the nodes are reversed by sign and house. It is true that you have to distinguish carefully between the sign, representing the psychological shift, and and the house, representing the area of life. What seems to work for me with NN in Cappy in the 4th is something along the lines of success being defined by happiness rather than happiness being defined by (outer) success, a sense of achievement through a fulfilling personal life rather than seeking fulfillment through outer achievement, taking a goal-oriented approach to establishing a solid foundation in life, being the adult in my life, becoming my own parent, becoming deeply rooted in one's own being, structuring an orderly consciousness (well, we try!), among others. Thanks for this mini-refresher course. Elizabeth


Hi Robert, thanks for this timely refresher. I looked into my nodes a bit last year and felt my NN virgo in the 12th house really resonated with me. Recently though I had another look at my chart and realized that as my NN is at the end of 12th house, I should treat it as a 1st house. This really threw me, as 1st house NN is SO different to 12th house! It does seem equally relevant though. Should I be taking both into account? Thanks!


If a significant other shares the same NN, but it is in opposite houses, would this mean that they are on different paths, or learn opposite lessons in life? (NN Scorpio one in the 5th house, the other in the 11th house) Blessings to you for all that you do on this site!!


My south node in aquarius (2house) is conjunct moon and saturnus.. Puh..I am struggeling to express my leo north node in the 8th house..Actually trying to make them work together - not against eachother..

Anita Doyle

Hey Robert,

As a fellow professional astrologer, I want to thank you for your reliably sensitive and intelligent postings over the years. Your ability to see into and describe the transformational character of the sky's shifting choreography (like the current cardinal t-square/grand cross) is deeply appreciated.

For a further exploration of the theme this particular post, your readers might enjoy a talk I gave called: "Partners of Heaven: Creative Synthesis and the Nodes of the Moon". It's very consistent with your take, and includes a look at the charts of some well-known contributors to conscious evolution in humanity, as well as a step by step walk-through of working with the nodes. An illustrated transcript can be found at:

Warmly, Anita Doyle


In case anyone - especially Anita Doyle - is still checking in to this thread: Anita, I love your article. It is beautifully written, very succinct yet full of great examples demonstrating how the nodal axis works. I knew there was supposed to be a kind of feedback loop operating, integrating both ends of the nodal axis, but you and Robert have further clarified that for me. Although I am a student of both Jyotish and Western astrology, I much prefer the Western astrological take on the nodes. At least there's something you can do about it! There are references to the concept of ''intake'' and ''release'' in the Jyotish view of the nodes, but most of the classical interpretation ascribes heavy duty karma to both points in the chart.


The North and South Node of the Moon Revisited
Dear Mr.Robert
Your article enlightened me on NN of moon. I believe I have NN (Rahu in Indian
Astrology)in my 12 th house, (or 1st may be, I am not quite sure), Due to this,
I presume I have continual loss of jobs in 6 weeks, 12 weeks short periods like
axe/scissor cutting a rope for the past 10 years in my professional career. I
will appreciate and will be thankful your views on this phenomenon and solicit
suggestion/advice to put an end to this job losses misery with any possible
Thanks and warm regards.
11 July 2010.


Hi Robert,

I have north node in Leo (25deg) conjunct ascendant and Jupiter (24). Not sure if the degrees are relevant to this question but my rising begins at 21 degrees.

In transit, I now have north node in the 7th house conjunct Neptune and Chiron.

Just when i'm learning to become more independent and outgoing, I am feeling pulled towards certain relationships. Can you sense my confusion? Can you offer a few rays of clarity?

Belle (intermediate astrology student with lots to learn)


Hi all - To those of you who commented in July, my apologies for not answering, but I was on the road for several weeks and the comments all slipped downstream before I could respond.

Hi Belle - Your Natal self grows best when it pursues Jupiter/NN rising energy. Be the generous, adventurous Leo! Be a therapist of the heart, and keep growing into ever greater abundant views of how to love, love, and love some more! As for the transits, at this time you've been growing by cultivating a new set of Aquarius attitudes and approaches in relationships and letting go of old obsolete Aquarian attitudes in relationship. Ordinarily you don't learn through excessive independence in relationships, or by being with those who are detached and cool. But, while NN is in Aquarius in your 7th, you're learning through these for now while seeing what old Aquarian SN tendencies need to be let go of. Here you grow by "showing what you know," and demonstrate through transiting SN in Leo what has been your line of evolutionary development your entire life.

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