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I've been experiencing Mercury Rx in many of the ways you described above; have run into some old friends - and have been shown new information as to why most of those friendships had to end - as well as revisiting how I plan to accomplish some goals and objectives. The "frustrating" Mercury Rx event is re-experiencing ineffectual (let alone narcissistic) conduct on behalf of some colleagues - but now I have support from more senior people to check those distractions. It hasn't hurt that I've been laughing about said conduct, too.


Robert, many thanks for reprinting this article !
As a native born with Merc.rx, I likely speak for more than just myself when I say that it would be wonderful to have a few words sometime on whether and how these rx periods might function differently for us. My own subjective experience is that things seem to proceed at a pace and in a manner that feels more natural to me, as opposed to during non-rx times, when I often feel that others / things happen too fast and I want to stop and get off the crazy treadmill. Which makes me wonder whether experientially there might be a kind of reversal of function for us - meaning that periods of might offer the potential for words and actions based upon less-than-our-normal amount of reflective thinking, and that therefore we might be inclined to experience and exhibit the kinds of behaviors that non-RX natives do during Merc. rx periods. Just thinking aloud here...


Thank you for another great article, Robert.

I am currently in the midst of the biggest storm of my life. It has been a truly weird and trying year. Marc RX is in my twelfth house (from your article on that). Doesn't sound too encouraging, while I contemplate this whole messy situation (divorce, child custody).

And today is my birthday.

Wondering what my best strategy is for right now. I have no choice but to make these huge decisions this week, with Tues Sept 7 being the day we will be in court--if we don't work this out before then.

I've been rather blown away by feelings of cmpassion and forgiving. It's been a huge relief from the intense feelings of anxiety, frustration and anger that have been so difficult. I can't really describe it adequately. It's like my parted have worked, if for nothing else, then for my own sanity. So I liked what your article with the different houses had to say about thst--change perception, meditation, affirmations, and prayer toward more compassion.

Any advice fkr this very very stressed out Virgo with a Capricorn rising on how to navigate my waybthrough this last week of legal limbo? It pains me to have to behave and speak as though I detest my ex, because the compassion has been reawkened.

I will say that it certainly does seem very Merc RX as far as the communication goes. Saying this or that in order to keep playing this twisted game.

Bizarre feelings-intuitions too. Just mind blowing.

I'm going to take your advice about this twelfth house. I've got a deposition scheduled--a professional interrogation . Feels scary and very intimidating.

Thanks for so many fantastic articles. I'm so glad to have stumbled across Aqarius Papers this summer.

Many blessings . . . .


This is an interesting re-post, Robert (and timely, I might add). Funny enough, I don't recall reading this previously so the "re-view" was a good thing!

I have often wondered about the stuff that must get done during Merc RX and have just come to believe that if these things were in the process of being made finalities before the RX and ended up being finished during the Merc RX that it would turn out OK. Would still be curious about it if I didn't keep a journal, which when reviewing historical writings, does seem to back up this particular belief.

The thing that causes me panic is when solid, thought out plans have been laid pre-Merc RX and then said plans suddenly HAVE to change dramatically during the RX for what appears to be reasons coming from all sides. I've never been able to pinpoint if the shots being fired at the plan occur to force me to reconsider the original plan entirely or to correct issues within the plan that maybe weren't thought through entirely. My journal seems to be a mixed bag on that front on whether or not this might be the case.

It's like asking a kid "Are you sure? Are you double sure? Are you surely sure? Are you positive?" and then he starts questioning himself.

Anyhow, thanks again for the wisdom, Robert!


Thank you, BritLitChik, for your comments here. It's good to know that I have company with all those questions.

For me, it's all moving very fast. Definitely things from prior RX periods are being dredged up. One moment, I feel confident, and ten minutes later, I might feel beseiged by questions, doubts and fears. And these are all related to very old issues that must--once and for all--be dealt with.

Even so, I keep finding the voice of intuition and calm compassion. Once I felt that, recently, I was able to self soothe. Doesn't mean that this bizarre and upsetting situation does not still have the potential to bring me to my knees--it dies. It does mean, though, that finally I am able to feel, on a very deep level, that no matter what happens, I will remain in a compassionate place--no residual anger, no impulses to keep repeating such devastating mistakes.

I've still got to deal with this fury though, which is why this article caught my eye. There is no way to put this off. It is also something that should have been dealt with long ago.

Ah well, this too shall pass.


Thank you magenta for the merc rx input. It confirms how I am working with my rx mars. Like how it goes fast and wanting to get off. Heading to my 2nd saturn return, "adrenalining up" to task is no longer working, like did it ever. Good for you, not getting sucked in to the whirl. Old habits I need to change. Thanks again. I mean that.


Was just browsing A New Look At Mecury Retrograde by the maestro, Robert. Chapter 3 discusses the challenges of natal Rx Mercury as well as how the energy can be used to reap benefits. It is a good read. Very comprehensive and understandable.


Caliban, glad something I said was useful to someone. Will indeed have a look at
Maestro Roberto's opus when I can. And it's less a matter of "not getting sucked into
the whirl" than a matter of noticing that you are getting sucked into the whirl - and therefore hopefully being able to exercise the option of what to do about it.


That's such a good point, Magenta. NOTICE getting sucked into the whirlpool or whatever it is.

I had the most insane day. All kinds of strange twists. I found myself getting scared, frustrated and upset, and then I remembered: "Oh . . . yeah. That's right, the merc rx. I did notice myself getting sucked into it, but I also told myself a few times . . .just let it go. One foot in front of the other. It's only smoke and mirrors, created by US."

Have NO idea how this will turn out, but that's the nature of this time.

I would love to get my hands on a copy of that book. I did find it on Amazon, but I can't get the pages to load! So fitting.


Hi again kelly, I noticed during Uranus short transit into Aries, the speed up. One example, it's raining, I'm making a left into my drive and a car passes me on the left like a speedboat at 60mph. In the yard, checked my directional, and it was indeed working. Took a tour into the big town with my neighbor and traffic was insane, like drivers were just closing their eyes and making a go for it to get wherever it was they had to get. Too fast for me. I guess that's why it is written that Mars Uranus is accident prone, amongst other things. Am going to do my best to stay grounded and not get kicked off balance.


Hi Matt - Yes, for me it's been a typical Mercury retrograde, with many delays, reconnections, things needing to get done but having to wait until other things are done so I can get even something else done! Definitely letting go of self-absorbed people while examining past events and how they've affected present circumstances. And finally a tentative "maybe" concerning getting to NY in November!

Hi magenta - Well, I wrote a bit about how it affects those with Mercury RX in their natal and progressed charts in my out of print work, "A New Look At Mercury Retrograde." I do plan to make it available as an ebook in the next few months, with material I was forced to cut from the original re-instated in this edition. (My editor was just not very with it!)

You're spot on that these periods are somewhat easier for those with Mercury retrograde in their charts since the pace of the timing is more natural to them. I have found things actually move forward and/or clarity is achieved during these times for a Mercury RX person. Yes, moving into seeing clearly how not to get involved in useless behaviors is part of generating positivity toward our best interests.

Hi Kelly - You're most welcome. Sorry you're in the storm, but they happen so we can get clear about what works for us and what doesn't. Also sorry that it's all coming down during your birthday/Solar Return, but it sounds like there is a lot to discuss, reflect on, rehearse, research, and go round and round about the details before anything substantial is hammered out.

I would suggest that you create tentative alternative plans that can be revisited and other elements worked out after this RX period, since building in delays is a good thing when confronted with decisions during these periods. Indirect or roundabout communications are favored, such as those done via meditation. And I would suggest this is a perfect time for you to use Divine Discrimination to figure out what's priority from a Spiritual angle, while letting go of needless criticism and worry.

You don't have to detest anyone while speaking the plain truth as you have experienced it. That's genuine dispassion. Depositions can be scary, unless you remember that they are merely fishing expeditions to get info with which to catch you in a contradiction in direct testimony. And if you tell the truth, then you never have to remember your story. So keep it simple, straightforward, fair, with an eye to details.

Meditate on the highest, best outcome possible while offering your ex's subconsciousness a light to become more compassionate. Override anger and fear with absolute higher detachment toward the ego struggle, and sometimes changes happen quicker than we think they ever would. No guarantees, but sometimes prayer and meditation can offer another's heart an opening they desperately need.

Some of your confidence then doubts stem from the current Virgo oppositions to Pisces energies, along with trying to find a balanced way to express Saturn in Libra, which plays a big part in your dance. Again, a compassionate equipoise is the only way to dance with the dramas that we confront. And very definitely, "this too will pass." That's the way we learn detachment and positivity for our better future.

Hi BritLitChik - Well, it is a Mercury RX, good for re-viewing things! I have found that whatever is "finalized" during a Mercury RX still has to be revisited at a future date. For example, I just installed a major water filtration system I had hooked up in another place years ago, then when I moved I put it all in a box. I just reinstalled it, but found that after the whole thing was assembled, there is a very tiny leak at the base of the faucet up top that drains naturally into the sink. It's not enough for me to undo the whole thing, but at some point I will have to order a replacement faucet base and install it.

Of course, other plans have also fallen into delay mode, since I found I must do C (re-order something) before I can do B (the paperwork on something) before I can do A (an act somewhat unrelated to B or C). When we must reconsider something during a RX, just do whatever must be done whenever it can be done, since it all won't move forward until the end of the RX period anyway. We correct what needs correcting until we figure out that we've done what we needed to do OR rework the entire thing based on the new/old info that comes to light during the RX period.

Hi caliban - I trust you got a lot from the recent article on how to handle Mars retrograde. And yes, going for the adrenaline doesn't much work during the Saturn return, which requires patience, maturity, and clarity about what works and what doesn't. Glad you got a copy of my book, A New Look At Mercury Retrograde. It was the first of its kind, and I'm sorry Weiser buried it as soon as they could. But I have the rights, and as noted earlier, intend to republish it as an ebook as soon as I can.


Robert--thanks for the detailed and encouraging reply. You have no idea how much other people's kind words mean to me right now.

It's good to know that there is some reason--other than my heartache--that is contributing to the skewed emotions. I guess just riding it out is the only way to cope.

I also really really like what younwrkte about meditating on sending good vibes to my ex. I've actually started writing him letters, just to soothe myself. Perhaps it is serving a higher purpose than I had intended. So encouraging to read that someone else gets this.

Compassion seems to be the only solution.

The deposition never happened. All kinds of strafe twists and turns this week. I was racing around, trying to get new developments taken care if at the eleventh hour, feeling overwhelmed; then I just had to tell myself, "Just LET it unfold the way it is supposed to." And several things that appeared to have been written in stone just morphed into new avenues.

It SEEMED like pure dumb luck, but I don't think that's what ut was. Then again, I wholeheartedly believe that every single thing happens fir a reason.

By the end of the week, I was exhausted from the mental load, and it really took until yesterday for it to sink in--just how beneficial these new develpments are.

I'm not giving up, but I am speaking the truth; your words about detachment are perfect.

Thanks so much. I'm really looking forward to the day I can have you do a reading fir me.

Many many smiles and blessings to you, Robert.


Hi Caliban--Thanks for your comment. I think that from what you posted here, along with Robert's comment about Mars, I need to go read that article.

Your description of the driving conditions you have experienced recently sounds like a metaphor for how everything has gone for me this whole year. People panicking and behaving aggressively, the whole thing has been a whirlwind of confusion and trying hard to keep my composure.

So taking your metaphor a bit further--I've always known that it us best to let aggressive drivers pass by me. No need to ket them know what i think of their actions, as it coukd backfire backfire. Let'em go, right.

My apologies for the strange typos. Typing on this mobile keyboard is not at all conducive to proofreading--kind ofvlike this past week! Just keep going and let the mistakes fall where they will. : )


sorry that I seem to have highjacked the comment stream here. I just wanted to share this info for anyone else interested in meditating on sending a light to someone else's subconscious offering compassion, rather than old familiar feelings of animosity.

Robert wrote in his post to me:

"Override anger and fear with absolute higher detachment toward the ego struggle, and sometimes changes happen quicker than we think they ever would. No guarantees, but sometimes prayer and meditation can offer another's heart an opening they desperately need."

If you go to iTunes, put in their search box "meditation oasis" and then click on the podcast. This is a free podcast, and they have a lot of guided meditations. I have used them before and I just came across this one today, after thinking about Robert's advice to me. There is a free download for a guided meditation called "Opening The Heart Meditation." Give it a try. Mary's voice is so soothing and she's a very natural teacher for those new to meditation.


Wishing everyone more compassion and a lot of radical forgiving.

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