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Love this!!"..should demonstrate through a sense of humor, irony, or satire. Perhaps a sense of the ridiculous will help us move through the powerful changes ...move slowly and cautiously as you gather what you need while saying goodbye with humor and elegance." humor, irony, & a Huge sense of the ridiculous has been the saving grace for most of this summer's challenges...laughter-the best medicine? and Elegance - the missing piece! Once more, merci beaucoup, with grins & hugs. ryn

mary streets

Ok Robert, perpetually amazed and blessed by your brilliant stream of knowledge. Every day I arrive with my beggars cup, and you generously fill it to overflowing. Mary


Hmmm...a liberating ordeal. That sums it up. Any chance this fall will lighten up and let us breathe a bit?


Animesh Banerji

Robert, this post is too good to be true! As mentioned by you, I have already gone through a period of suffering and isolation but now I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Believe it or not, this lunation is falling exactly on my Asc-Desc axis. The lunation is at 1 deg 25 min Virgo-Pisces and my Asc-Desc axis is at 1 deg 29 min Virgo-Pisces, a difference of just 4 min. Theoretically, it is taking place in my 12th and 6th house, the same house in which the previous new moon took place, and this is happening after a long time. What does it mean? A changing of times?? Your guidance shall be priceless. Regards, Animesh


Thank you, Robert, for some very timely reminders. As usual, spot on and resonant. Love, metta, etc to you


This Full Moon has been tough one. Mercury Rx too. Pressure... difficult time. This morning I broke my tooth and alter this morning a motorcycle crushed into my car, hit and run. No trace. I am so drained with everything happening within last 3 weeks or so, I can't even talk. I am calm, no energy for words, I will pray


Mr.Robert, can you tell me why this is happening? (my last post)

kathryn S

Your advice to move with caution is befitting right now. At a time when I'm required to stretch beyond my limits, the phrase "out of the frying pan and into the fire" comes to mind...

claudia lientz

New archetypal role is a foundational theme throughout your writings. Could you elaborate? I'm vague on this. Thanks!


Hi ryn - Yes, humor, irony, and satire can be used right now to release many things without anything needing to be said. This past Summer has been a bit of the theater of the absurd, hasn't it?

Hi mary streets - We all bring what refreshments we can to the party. To paraphrase a great hollywierd power player, "90% of success is just showing up." I think the trick is when we do find ourselves at the party, to be willing to sing our song without comparing ourselves to others.

Hi Elizabeth - Well, at least the Cardinal squares and crosses won't be back for a while, though Venus and Mars do approach Scorpio and will be there when the Sun and Mercury square Pluto and conjunct Saturn. It's all about how we learn to enjoy surfing....

Hi Animesh Banerji - This lunation definitely indicates a focus on your self image relative to others. The 12th house brings closure, rewards, as well as a larger sense of the movie of our Dharma. This should illuminate and power up a new self image, taking form in how fluidly you adjust to externals. Just be cautious in your work, or with those who openly oppose you. Demonstrate Divine Discrimination (Viveka) as you move into a liberated state.

Hi Ro - Very good. You're most welcome. Aum and blessings.

Hi Lisa - It sounds like things leading up to the lunation began this process. The Cardinal T-square really turned some things around. Large events are indicated by other transits than the mere fact that a lunation's happening. Jaw is ruled by Aries/Taurus, bones by Saturn, vehicles by Mercury, accidents by Mars, and so forth. There may or may not be eclipse factors going on. Prayer and meditation are very good things to center, regenerate, and release lesser concerns. Also remember that if we must go through some things because of karma, then it's up to us to go through them in the highest possible state. That way we burn up and transmute the cause of such things in our hologram and may not have to suffer them in the future.

Hi kathryn S - I've been stretched to the limit for quite a while!;-) That happens when we live life and Dharma to the fullest. Caution is a very good thing as we leap into unknowns....

Hi claudia lientz - It has to do with Saturn's entries into Libra, and particularly with the recent Mars conjunct Saturn at 1 Libra, the degree of archetypes. These are happening in our chart somewhere. That shows us the emergent "more perfect" role to play.


Robert, I agree. I know why it happened. The person I love, I wished the worst that morning, I once believed he is my twin flame. I think he is. So I got mad and was driving cursing him. anyway, I guess instant result

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