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As usual, Robert, your insightful interpretation of the currents at large is right on. Without going into all the details, let me just confirm the uncluttering of the subconscoius is in full swing!


This was an awesome post. Thanks Robert. I needed to hear this and I know I can learn much value and insight from this one. I will read it over and over again.


beautiful robert san... and very apropos! ( as usual, you ol sage you ;)


Whew!!! Robert, as usual this is great. very insightful

hope all going great with you :))


"...some of the ancients thought the last half of Libra and first half of Scorpio to be a place where major events occurred, often not pleasant."

Why, oh why has this cracked me up so much?

Speaking of crack, I had a dream about a large, deep crack on a sidewalk.

No worries. I didn't slip through it.


Also, regards what needs repair, in two weeks I am climbing step one in the Invisalign process. After years of having crooked teeth, I am finally going to straighten them with via some hard-earned cash, simultaneously straightening out my confidence in the process.

I don't want gigantic boobs or botox. I just want a smile I love, one that truly reflects my bright spirit! And I want to smile in photos again-- really, I do.



Yes once again I have to say thank you for your insights Robert. Yes mate I am certainly going to let go of all things that are holding me to the past, whatever it may cost me at the moment. I am looking forward to brand new experiences and opportunities as we head towards 2011 and beyond. By the way I do note that 2010 Solstice has a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 2 degrees Galactic Center, could those who believe 2012 be the year be actually wrong in their assertions. I think this year could be the final year, we'll just have too wait and see if it is the YEAR?


Carlos Papapetrou

Hi Robert,

its Carlos here again from down under in South Africa.

Thank you for another awesome post, filled with optimism and an expanded chest of fresh air :)

Im wondering what you mean when you refer to primal feelings?
Also how do we discern what to leave behind, and what to reclaim from the past.
Eg. I made a decision a year and a half ago that I just cant seem to get past. Do I go back on that decision even though it will cause waves in order to honour me or do I let it go once and for all?

It seems the universe is supplying no easy answers , but I also dont think the universe really cares what we choose, as long as we do finally Choose I suppose.

Sat Nam

Sandy Norton


You are right on target! Can you suggest ritual to release yourself and others from that which is no longer relevant but is hanging around in the memory closet?




Wow, Wonderful! Thanks!

J. Sue Gagliardi

Dear Robert,

I really needed to read what you wrote above; always inspiring, hopeful, loving, and true. Thank you.



Thank You Robert. I am preparing for our Full Moon Group this Friday. This post encapsulates the theme so nicely. It will be a centerpiece of our discussion. Namaste. Hope you are feeling better by now. dcu


New job taken care of; partner making major move so we can be together (decision made in no small part regarding our young 'uns!) and while we are crazy busy making final preps, golly gee we're happy. Hope we can collapse come December and sleep for a month!

Thanks Robert. It all feels right!

Glenda Kinney

Oh, Happy New Me!
Mars conj. Vertex - Uranus conj. MC, Venus trine Cancer ASC. Thank you Robert for another article that gives your good insight. Helps greatly in understanding on an energetic level the ever new opportunity of evolving and spiraling upwards.

Beth in San Diego

The synchronicity of today's insights is absolutely mind-blowing; great affirmations for me; i was reading Edwin Yager's, Utilizing the Unconscious Mind this morning and on pages 76-77 about acceptance and moving on; also wrote a piece on my blog yesterday on States of Consciousness and how we can achieve 'good states' as laid out by G.E. Moore; And, i am literally cleaning out closets today of old stuff; All right on target;much appreciation Robert;

Beth in San Diego

And i see you mentioned Mars in Scorpio -- i have that aspect 2°07'05 in the 6th house; whatever does that mean? this is also combined with Saturn in Libra another aspect i have and that is also going on; feels like a direct hit on my life;


"This is the time to make 'AMEN-ds'"


Wow! When I read the title "Squaring Ourselves With Reality" I said O My God because I have been dealing with that all day. Journaling, crying, meditating to help me deal with realizing something major I need to let go of...that is painful. At the same time knowing something better will come, and feeling the beginning of relief at letting go of a dream that turned into an unhappy burden dragging me down. Feeling the urge to have a big garage sale, and then you write of cleaning out closets. Also realizing clearly yesterday how much I love and value my partner and want to improve things with him, after several years of wondering how I ended up in such a mismatched relationship...wanting to renew with him. This is Peh, the Tower struck by lightening. I felt this morning that I was seeing things clearly (though painfully) finally for the first time. Thank you for the insights! I will stay focused on cleaning out, making amends, and renewal.


Robert,I would like to share the same feeling of gratefulness for your greatness:):):)


I read the Aquarius Papers almost every day and have said it before, but will say it again...thank you, Robert. You always speak of themes, impulses & aspirations I can relate to. I was particularly struck by the writings above and wanted to say a special thanks. Been following the energies of this venus retro with many mixed feelings but over the last few days have somehow found a new clarity and closure on a situation that has caused me a lot of pain for a long, long time. I now feel I can close the door on that situation, with love and peace with myself. I was looking for external closure but I didn't realize til these last few days I had to grant myself permission to close that door.
Now I feel clearer, brighter, and hopeful that a new door can finally open.
Thanks again, Robert and everyone here.


Hello Robert

Thanks for yet another great article. So much of this makes sense to me, but it's all still so vague. I'm still in limbo from the legal entanglements that were put on hold during the Merc RX in Aug/Sept, and another round is coming up. It certainly seemed as if the universe aligned perfectly for me during that time, despite all the confusion for me. It took almost a week for me to see that things had gone my way, and now, here I am . . . during this Venus RX, wondering exactly what I need to be letting go of.

Found a great quote by Joseph Campbell the other day that seems to dovetail quite well with what you've got here: "You must be willing to let go of the life you thought you would have, in order to make room for the life that is waiting for you."

For now, the only way that I can make sense of all the unknowns is to let the universe have it. One foot in front of the other, not knowing exactly where I will wind up, but trusting that I've done the best I can and done as well as I could have.

To Beth In San Diego--thanks for the names of some good books. I'll look for them.

We're all in this together . . . every single one of us.

Namaste, one and all.


Warrior Lady--congratulations on the new smile in the making! Great idea. Wishing you many smiling moments, camera or not!


Hi all - Glad I seem to be targeting all the right stuff lately. Sometimes we all hit the mark when we get out of our own way.;-) Since it's still active, definitely take a re-read when necessary. Thanks for all your comments, and keep releasing whatever is evident, since then the non-obvious must show up for clearing, or you'll know you've done exactly whatever was needed.

Shanita - now that I have email again, I'll be contacting. May be able to make time to get up there sometime in the first half of 2011.

Hi Michele - When I get back in two weeks, we'll set up another interview on Awakenings. For those who don't know, Michele is the host of Awakenings on BlogTalkRadio. If you go to her archives, you'll get to listen to several pretty good interviews we've done together in the past. Check them out!

Hi Warriorlady - A smile is a wonderful thing. The lines created by smiles show our inner beauty. Glad the crack in the sidewalk wasn't the entry to a rabbit hole. We're already dealing with not slipping down the many rabbit holes in our current Grand Irrationality weirdness....

Hi Morlokk - Glad you checked in. I suspect that once you do whatever you need to do to weave connecting links, then all will present itself in short order, the quickening of the timestream being what it is. And yes, 2012 has been oversold. The original information stated that it's about a 12 year period starting a while ago where we enter the heart of the matter, and we're already waaaay into the wild ride. While changes are still happening for a while, it's good to stay focused on what's happening now, since NOW is all there is. Blessings be and all that.....

Hi Carlos - Primal feelings reside in subconsciousness, even the reptilian part of our brain. They deal with ancient generic feeling states that may be difficult to put into words, or not. Some of them are fear, strong desires that seek targets, regardless of appropriate or not, etc. It should be evident what's being left behind, what's being reclaimed, and what endures. Meditate on the whole process of what's left, returned, and maintains in your life. You can reverse course at any time if you realize that to continue would be counterproductive to your better interests. Honoring a nonproductive decision is not honoring anything but an illusion. See what is in the interests of your Eternal Self and don't let the monkey mind chatter endlessly about what ifs. When I've decided on something, I often consult the I Ching for commentary on that decision. Always worked well for me, even when the answer was perplexing. Or ask for another clear signal from Spirit showing you what to do, and it always shows up.

Hi Sandra - Well, one thing is to make/find an object symbolizing that which you would let go of, and burn it/bury it/send it out to sea/throw it to the winds, or any other ritual involving letting go of that which is no longer part of your ongoing life. Just do it with intention, and release the magnetism around the object which releases the magnetic pull in your hologram.

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