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Jorge Torres

Thank You Robert Wilkinson !!!

I have a Doubt Here I was born 15 May Taurus and my Ascendant is Leo !!!

5th house: Retreat within to repair self-confidence to express more creativity. You will be seeing the consequences of how you've related to children, as well as your own playfulness and enthusiasms (or lack thereof.) Repair your connection to joyous self-expression! This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between May 8-31.

But in my Natal Chart Saturn is in My 3th House Now !!!

3rd house: You're restructuring how you view things and communicate them. This could be a time to repair relationships in your environment, or with your brothers and sisters, or also a time when consequences come home to roost. Train your mind and speech and repair the ideal. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between July 9 and August 2.

So Which one should i use ?

I Think i should use the 5th house because of the specific date that You Mentioned !!!

Thanks in Advance !!!

Blessings !!!


Robert... Umm I have a question. Now I am born on the sixth of december so I read both the 11th house and the 12th house. But what about my rising sign? I have that at 23 leo and that puts saturn in libra at 18 d transiting my 3rd house actually. So, should I heed the advice you offer up for that house as well? Sorry, Confused....


Hi Jorge - Both positions are at work, one in your Solar self, one in your Ascendant self. By all means it's in your 3rd so that's important. I write what I do since many do not know their rising sign or what house a planet is transiting. The Solar chart is still valid for assessing what our Light/Life is expressing. Those transits apply to that part of our reality.

So read Saturn in the 3rd with an eye to how it's affecting your mind, interpretations, perceptions, communications, and environment relative to the self image you began back when it conjuncted your Ascendant, and read Saturn in the 5th with an eye to it applying to your Solar houses, i.e., it's restructuring how your light expresses itself creatively, dramatically, playfully, and the other 5th house indicators.

Hi Micheline - Actually, it moves between your Solar 10th and 11th houses. It starts in your Solar 11th then retrogrades back into your equal house Solar 10th sometime between late March and late April depending on the degree of your Sun.

If your Asc is 23 Leo, then using equal houses it puts transiting Saturn in your 2nd house, though it could also be in your 3rd house depending on what house system you're using. That means it's in the zone between those two houses, and you should read both. So yes, read all of these houses and open up to other possible ways Saturn in the 2nd, 3rd, 10th and 11th might manifest.


My Pluto is at 18 libra.. Any thoughts on that?


Looks like Libra-Saturn Rx will be in this Libra's 12th house. Fantastic.

Nah, heh. Truth is, I'm looking forward to being a hermit the next few months, redecorating and studying and cleaning/de-cluttering and focusing on our home. I've been opting out of social events the past couple of weeks, anyhow. Had a death in the family and just don't feel up to it. Highs and lows here. Also tired of forced conversations-- prefer real ones with real people.

Robert, thanks for your expertise here. Much appreciated. I had no idea where Saturn Rx would be transiting in my chart!

Take care :).


Your Highness.....just a Little confused....My Ascendant is 18 aries....so the retro in Libra is movin in my 6th house? Are we dealing with solar or ascending? 6 - 12 or 7-1?


Hi Rebecca - What's Coming in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 as Saturn Conjuncts Everyone With Pluto in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

Hi Warriorlady - Should be good at claiming the wisdom from your past 25 years. Solitude is one of our most valuable resources. Saturn in the 12th is good for "retiring" from fulfilled self images.

Hi chickie - Saturn went stationary rx on your 7th. Now it's RX'ing back into your 6th, as a last preparatory period before it swings back above your horizon for about 15 years. Saturn is now in your Solar 3rd.

Jorge Torres

ThankYou Robert Wilkinson !!!

Blessings !!!


Fantastic! TY.

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