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February 24, 2011



Yay! awesome Robert, this is a great one! you rock. n roll.


Very beautiful - since everything is energy, frequency, vibration, I bet you're right on! Lovin' it.

Constance Demby

Robert this is music to my ears...!

Our world can be seen as a vast symphony
of individual vibratory sound patterns,
all interweaving to create the very substance of life, the symphony of life

Vibration is at the root of all creation.
Sound is the force which groups all things, from atoms to worlds.

Every molecule of matter is intoning its tone.
Every leaf, atom, particle, planet, galaxy,
every cell in our body is humming its own tune.
Even as we were being born,
as our bodies were being formed,
a chord was being intoned,
our own individual chord...

The whole universe is moving in perfect mathematical harmony.
And this is the music of the spheres,
the divine mathematics,
the sacred geometry of creation.

When God first spoke,
sound came forth.
Sound holds the key
to the mysteries of the universe,
the key to the creation and sustaining of our world.

Music is the word of God.

From http://www.constancedemby.com/credo.html


all i have to say wow!


Sri Robert, you've hit me where I live 8^).

This is a beautiful article and I think it's about time someone formulated these concepts and expressed them clearly. Thanks for that! I'm quite familiar with the inner "unstruck" sounds that can be accessed through the heart chakra... These sounds must also factor in somehow as outer space can also be accessed through the heart chakra (the whole Universe as well!).

Slightly off topic but I find the South American Shamanic traditions of each Shaman receiving divine melodies ("Icaros") from Source to be fascinating. The Shaman guides inner journeys by singing these divine Icaro melodies. The Shamanic Masters in that part of the world are also intimately acquainted with outer space.

Finally, I'm a student of Astrology and also a composer 8^) of metaphysically inclined, adventurous (and meditative) electronic music. So far I've created tracks that reflect my perceptions of the planetary Essence of Mercury, Saturn ("Shani" in Sanskrit) and Neptune. I'd like to invite any interested members of The Cosmic Cantina here to visit my Sound Cloud page:


I hope it's OK to post a link here. My music can be downloaded for free from my Sound Cloud page- just click the downward pointing arrow icon above each track. The Mercury composition emerged on a day in 2008 when Mercury was stationary and about to retrograde.



C. Biscuit

hmmm... just simply curiosity here, in regards to -the- day of 2012, the supposed day of , i wonder what the patterns of the planets would actually sound like? would it be the 'battle star galactica' theme song or would it be more of the meditative, mantra: 'om'? dunno, but curiosity's gotten the best of me.

if this itch feels like being scratched by someone other than myself: perhaps timothy or you, robert, have the skills to put it together, as i am far from harnessing such technology at present, but would enjoy the fruits of anyone's labor who could manifest such a moment in sound. it's truly remarkable the overlap of patterns, especially within the musical and astrological realms, and it's neat to think that we can create a 'moment' outside a moment that seems to hold more significance than the average day.

either way, i enjoyed the article, robert (same goes for the numerous other ones logged to the left in your archives). it's wonderful how you weave the immaterial into the material for us readers. keep it up :0)


Wouldn't it follow that any day is part of the symphony, depending upon what we are able and willing to hear?

C. Biscuit

well played, dear billow, well played....


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