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thank you Robert! This eclipse is quite close to my ascendant at 28'38 Taurus, so....curious and open to what it will bring. The university observatory here in Boulder is going to live-stream the eclipse itself.

Heather Rodgers

I've been reading your site for years. First time poster. Thanks for all of your insightful articles.

I'm sure this eclipse is going to affect many born around august 1972 as the eclipse is exact conjunct pluto 0 degrees. The eclipse tomorrow transits my first house. I have natal pluto 0 degrees in the 5th, Mars transits 5th. Any ideas how this may manifest??? :)


I'm in Mexico, I hope I'll be able to see it well enough. Are you planning on watching the solar eclipse? Take my quick poll http://knockoutsurveys.com/will-you-watch-the-solar-eclipse.html


This eclipses 9th house saturnus.
I'm waiting for an (unfriendly) talk with my bosses.
Not expecting any thanks but opposites.

It seems my place on earth needs less of my worrying.
Question is if I still keep worrying;)

Hard to pay pills and take care of health of own without money. But hopefully I will figure out something. Faster the better....


My natal Sun is at 0.13 Gemini...and this year SR has the natal ascendant...wish me luck....

Damien Ruud

Transiting my 12th house..what's your interpretation Robert? Been moving through deeper energies/patterns lately.


Hi Robert
I don't usually write although I am always reading your posts. Today, however, since the eclipse is 1 degree Gemini and my sun mars conjunction is 2 degrees gemini in the 8th house, I decided to ask, what do you make of that? Ending of the personality?
Thanks, Jennifer

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