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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Wow... I did shut down an emotionaly draining relationsh in late february! I finally cut that unbillical chord. It would come back and rebound and practically strangle me!

I have now waved goodbye! That one has to do with last years gemini eclipse cause its on his venus and opposite my sun! This lunar eclipsd is on my sun!!!


Would lunar eclipse conjunct natal Neptune (in the 2nd) indicate a shutting down of an old spiritual value? Or an old idealization/illusion about a value? It is also square my natal Venus.


LE conjunct my IC at 14 sag. The energy already builds up at the nadir of the horoscope, a lot of synchronistic events, it feels like the old academic has to leave the cave and go out into the world to offer!


demetra, "moving out into", I feel it too.

Jason P.

This LE conjunct natal Saturn <3 which straddle my 2/3 house. Meanwhile it trines Uranus, sextile Sun, Mercury and Chiron. I assume much will depend on me - as always.

Eclipses of late have been hitting right on planets or points.

Anyways, good articles always... I learn a bit every time I read.

Cheryl Ramcharan

Since the sixties we’ve been looking for God. We’ve been exploring the mysteries of the mind, and we’ve been raising our consciousness. Since the sixties, we’ve made quantum leaps way beyond what could possibly ever have been imagined before, and we have been brought to the head of the myriad wisdom trails left by the magician, the wizard, and too, by the mystic.

Since the sixties we’ve been brought to the highest mountains of the sage and the seer. We’ve followed the shaman through the dusky marshes, through the swirling mists, through the darkened, shadowed forests, and upward through the crystalline heart of our earth. And, we have found our way to the realm of Spirit.

Since the sixties, like those enlightened sailors who so long ago journeyed to the very edge of an earth they believed to be flat, we, too, have journeyed far within, to lean out, and to peer over the edge of all that has ever been known. And we saw God.

Since the sixties, we have found God. Since the sixties we have found that we are God. We have come to know that together, and with all else that exists in the universe, we are one continuous God. We’ve been learning that, in the true nature of reality, nothing exists outside of God. And we’ve been learning that, whether we know it or not, we are God.

Since the sixties, we’ve been learning that we are God, but not so without each other. We’ve been learning that to be without the other, is to be without Spirit. Since the sixties we understand that Spirit is so lighted because of the other.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that without Spirit between us, our perception is filtered through the mind of the thinking animal. We’ve been learning that, to be without Spirit is to be with the purpose of the body, which can see only separate minds in separate bodies.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that without the dignity of Spirit to offer each other, “we” cannot be raised beyond the “I”. Since the sixties we’ve been learning that without the light of Spirit, our minds, and the mind of our societies, are left to the charge of our basic, primal instincts, and the relationship between us is limited to the physical experience of the animal brain.

Since the sixties we’ve come to realize that the dynamic structure of the relationship between us has traditionally been defined and shaped through the mind and perspective of the male thinking-animal. Since the sixties, we’ve come to realize that traditionally so, women are placed in service to power, and men at the helm of power. Since the sixties, women have stood up and said something about that. And, since the sixties, men have had an inkling that God just might be a woman after all.

Since the sixties we’ve realized that our emotions have no language, and so, no voice. Since the sixties we’ve realized that the thinking of the paradigm is to hide, control, and deny our emotions lest they complicate matters between us. Since the sixties we’ve come to see that, where emotions have been excommunicated, so too, have connection, balance, dialogue, partnership, passion, except for physical passion, and free will have been also excommunicated. So, too, has the magic of what is possible between us been excommunicated.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that we are connected energetically, and therefore, emotionally so. We’ve been learning that we are affected. We’ve been learning that whether we know it or not, we do have an effect.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning how to be participatory in a global society. We’ve been learning to act with passionate purpose, with balance, and with the intelligence of the “we”. We’ve been learning that to do so, is to build into the dynamics of a new relationship, is to build and grow the physiological apparatus of a new lighted paradigm.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that this moment and the next, is shaped by how we do our act of living. We’ve been learning that until we hold and shape the next moment through conscious awareness, it cannot help but be shaped by the past, unconsciously so. Since the sixties we’ve been inspired to change the world. And since the sixties, we have come to know that we are the world.

Since the sixties it’s been dawning on us that each one of us has been given a gift of Spirit to carry forward. We’ve come to see that no one else has ever been given such a perfect gift as this. No one else has ever had one just like it, and no one ever will.

Since the sixties we’ve been learning that each gift is singular in its beauty, utterly breathtaking in brilliance. It is unique. It is specific to who you are, whoever you are. But, this most sacred gift, placed deeply and safely inside of you, can not be opened until it is given away; it cannot be had by you until it belongs to all.

This gift is your ruby, your emerald, your diamond given to you, and you alone. And as you move, dance, weave and wend your way through your life, it is bumped, scraped, scratched, and scarred. It is honed. It is etched, smoothed, cut, and polished though you may not know how. This jewel, this most precious gift, has been given you, so that you may carry it to place it on the mountain so that all the rest of us might be given to by you, for that is the purpose of life, is it not?

Cheryl Ramcharan

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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