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Hi! I loved your article. I am a Pisces 15/3/78, my natal moon and Jupiter are both in Gemini. What could this mean for me. Thank you.


My elderly infirm mother broke an arm on May 12, 2012 and she died on November 25, 2012. Both events close to this year's eclipses. Mercury was her ruler - 25 Virgo birth date - so she died just at station direct (don't know rising- probably Cancer or Pisces). She decided to stay in bed about January 2010, which may also line up with eclipses. I don't know much about astrology, but I enjoy your articles and interpretations and like seeing how "stars" line up with these events. I now have to opportunity to shake free of her negativity that was deeply wounding, but keep the love she also gave to me (it's complicated isn't it?) - also an eclipse action - I'm looking forward to my new life! (also just had my age 59 Saturn return as well). The options are unlimited - I'm very lucky!


So sorry for your loss Molly, even if not a positive relationship, I like that it sometimes seems to me that some of our mums love us so much they are willing to be the bad guy to trigger us to see and bring out our strengths, then that love/challenge axis makes more sense, at least it did for me.

I have found this past few week so much more challenging than any merc rx or solar/lunar eclilpses i can personally recall. I do feel its to do with the solar being in scorp then merc backing up from freedom oriented sag into pergatory oriented scorp, its been like face it, take charge of it or its gonna take you down and thats not what you want is it, noooo you are aiming for freedom and the good life arent you, well then kiddo, stop being afraid of your own shadow, if you keep moving towards the sun, it always falls behind you where it gets left behind...

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