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Well, I was going to have a Wesak Moon meditation this Thursday, but I found out that 8 million Buddhists think it is May 24th. Yes, I had learned that it is at the Taurus -Scorpio Full Moon. I am under the impression this information originates in the West from Madame Blavatsky. Well it seems this year Wesak is celebrated by actual Buddhists in India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Thailand, and China, etc. on May 24th.


Hi Isispriest - As I explained, in the East they use the Sidereal system, which subtracts x degrees from current positions and proclaims them the "real" positions. Which is completely erroneous, as I've explained in previous articles through the years. There are more than a couple of legit objections to the assertion that Sidereal positions are somehow "more accurate" than any other positions (which they're not.) "Whole Cycle" approaches seem best to me as far as yielding meaning from any given thing within that cycle. So yes, some "actual" Buddhists in the East often use Sidereal positions. Or at least we can say that some of them do and some of them don't.

"8 million Buddhists" is an interesting number. Wonder where that came from? This info does not "originate" with HPB, but with the Buddhists and Lamaseries as she knew them in the 19th century. Moreover, most of what we currently celebrate as Wesak derives from the Tibetan Master of AAB, especially in terms of the details of "the Three High Moons" of Spring.

As far as I'm concerned, the Full Moon of Taurus-Scorpio, which is being celebrated by countless millions around the world as we speak, is the Wesak. And I will also celebrate the next Full Moon, both as an "Eastern" Wesak and a "Western" Christ Fest (which "actual Buddhists" don't celebrate, due to them being doctrinaire and not into the Whole Cycle.)

You will also note this is not an issue when a Full Moon is more than 23 degrees of Taurus-Scorpio. So about a quarter of the time East and West are in accord, and the rest of the time they're not. Oh well.....


ELLIPTICAL MOON HALOS: The moon is waxing full, which means now is the time to be alert for icy moon halos. On April 22nd, Darryl Luscombe of Sointula, British Columbia, saw an unusual specimen. Instead of being circular, as usual, this halo was elliptical:

"I dont think I have ever seen an elliptical halo around the moon before," says Luscombe. "I looked up and just stared for about a minute. Then I raced inside to get my camera. I just managed to photograph it before it disappeared."

Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley comments on the apparition: "There have been quite a few ellipticals seen in the last few weeks both in Europe and the US. Something strange [is happening] in all our skies!"

"These unusual ice halos are much smaller than the ordinary 22 degree halo encircling the sun or moon," Cowley continues. "In the 22 degree halo the ring is effectively made by light refracting through a 60 degree ice prism. The smaller elliptical halos need much narrower prisms and we think that six sided plate shaped crystals with very shallow pyramidal ends might do the work. The problem is that such crystals are unphysical and computer simulations using them do not predict the halo very well. An alternative is the wedge shaped sections of small snowflake-like crystals. Whatever their cause, they are rare and mysterious!"

~ spaceweather.com

Hey Robbert I do think that something is really so going to change our world this year, maybe by the time it next new moon Annular Solar Eclipse in May we all hopefully will be marching to so different drum. I have faith in the human race that the end being the actual beginning of the story Humanity..



Hi Robert, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a ritual or any other way to honor this powerful lunation? I followed your winter solstice ritual and found it extremely effective...


saturn currently conjuncting my 1st house neptune in scorpio which means the passion is directly on it full burst and the sun is like a spot light shining on it, all that is me will be revealed, hope I did all the work the divine mother has set me whilste doing the laundry in my chiron return, ooer did I put on the cleansed clothes, actually feels more like an MRI with neptune in scorp involved lol. The anxiety indicating fear within my mind has been much less lately and doesnt seem to be rising much this time, soooo I will have faith with jupiter releasing from the trine on my moon as south node passes my vertex and hope all the trials are done ethically and good and humour now on the agenda for the next archetypal committee meeting :) Helping quite a few already with head injuries from that saturn infused energy of the full moon, actually more pride injuries really.

William Croft

Robert, your post here is so inspiring, uplifting. Thank you for your dedication in helping us to see from these perspectives; and feel some sense of being on course. It resonates very much with my current intuitions and 'embodiment' practices. The clouds are clearing.


A very Happy Wesak to all sentient beings. May Peace Prevail. Om Mane Padme Hum.


Whew! That all sounds so inspirational. This eclipse happens to be square my natal moon on one side and square my natal mercury on the other...and I was dreading it! Perhaps, unnecessarily.

"See what brings you down, and renounce it completely at the core of your being."

I have a file in which I keep all my favorite quotes from your blog, Robert. This one definitely goes in. True renunciation is so powerful. It's too easy to get habituated to draining people, endlessly frictional situations or life stories that grind us down.

Thank you for a fresh perspective. I've been growing tired of my "squares, squares, and not a drop to drink" inner narrative of late!


I enjoyed this so much.


Hi Robert , this lunar eclipse is very close to my birthday at 26th April.I feel scared at contemplating its implications.Am i going to lose someone or my health???


Hi Morlokk - I've never seen an elliptical Lunar ring, though I have seen plenty of circles. First thing I thought of was planetary orbits, which are also elliptical. Yes, I believe we are entering decades of "miracles and wonder" (and major upheaval!) Remember that matter does not shift easily, but when it does it alters reality for us humans. I believe many of us are already "marching to a different drum," and are merely feeling used to it. The others who are hypnotized by the "self-grasping mind" (as HHDL puts it) are finding themselves in weird reality warps. By the news I'm reading, some are dealing with it better than others, choosing to learn rather than crash and burn. And a happy to you, mate.....

Hi Laura - I was on the road when these comments came in and couldn't answer. That said, the best rituals are those of profound meaning for us. While we can always learn from those that already exist, it's also a profound experience to create meaning on one's own terms. Every Full Moon I do the Great Invocation, and accept the Illumination that is and to come. Even reading these articles is a good ritual, allowing one's imagination to reveal a greater meaning beyond the words I write here. And all rituals that "work" humble me to the synchronicity of the Wholeness of All-That-Is.

Hi Debbie - "You're not a kid anymore..." Saturn in the first shows you what you've trained for, and what training is now required to express a newer, more mature and capable YOU. Neptune in the first usually makes a person bugged by the lack of clarity in their view of themselves and why their personality lacks stable form. Saturn transiting your Neptune will bring the crystallization of a new self-image and a new ideal more in line with who we are now rather than what we idealized 30 years ago at the last transit.

Hi William Croft - Thanks for your praise of the work. It's Dharma Seva. We do live in exciting times!

Hi dcu - Blessings be to you, all of us, and the Whole.

Hi Tolly - Inspiration is a good thing. Eclipses are Cosmic Garbage Collectors, forcing us to let go of what we no longer need so we can have a void or two that life will fill. The trick for us is to learn how to hold the void so it's not filled with echoes of memories of perceptions that have no substantial reality except in memory. In one of the Eclipse articles I link to one I wrote a while ago about how favorable Eclipses can be, despite bringing major endings. And yes, it's always good to see what's bringing us down and go in a different direction. We are under no obligation to suffer, especially given how many are under the illusion of "misery loves company."

Hi Beverly - Glad to be of service! May you have many more enjoyable experiences!!

Hi sofia - All Eclipses help us eliminate that which is no longer relevant or valuable to our lives. Perhaps what it takes away will help you shine your Light in the world. Do not fear. In fact, eliminate all of your fear of the unknown. That would be a great use for this Eclipse.


Thank you for your insight into the energy of this eclipse! I'm currently undergoing a period of serious testing as a leg injury is precluding my ability to work and maintain self-sufficiency, while the surgery required to ensure proper healing is requiring me to fall deeper into debt. I've been trying to avoid falling into a trap of self-pity, but sometimes it's very tough.

This particular eclipse falls right on my Taurus AC and also seems to be a direct play on the most important aspect configuration in my chart -- Taurus Moon in the 1st house opposite Sun conjunct Saturn in the 7th, widely conjunct Tau/Sco nodes. After reading your article I am able to synthesize that I am being challenged to let go of my fears of being helped by others, and to move forward from my self-limiting beliefs that my artistic contributions (through writing and music) must somehow be approved by others before I can hope to pursue them.

Thanks again for your insights!


Hi Robert,

Excellent article. This eclipse was conjunct my Natal moon. I have been feeling a bit fuzzy over the last few days. Could this be be because of this eclipse?


Good morning Robert! What sign is DC under? Aries? Merci


Enjoyed a much needed re-connection with oldest son, in between some life changes, and healing time, hadn't seen in person over three years.

A surprise severing of a platform for new age healers, yet a new more in line with right relationship and right commerce is forming. Yes, a ending of a few things for sure.. and more better and new ones emerging. Thanks for the writings! Love and Light.

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