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June 26, 2013



The only thing that wasn't great is it lasted only less than half an hour. Great interview, thank you Robert :)

Devon T.

It was so great to hear you on my favorite radio show! It was great to hear your actual voice using your vocabulary that I've read so many times. Sometimes "energy substantiated in 201x" and "new beginnings, new pathways, new horizons" gets a little too repetitive, and I accept that it's your language for the astrology, but it was great to hear it anew in your actual voice. It's like it grounded the expressions to a real person that was speaking it, like knowing the personality behind the words... Thanks for the link! They never posts links to their weekly show, It's difficult to catch the timing on livestream.


Great Post..


Hi yzse - Well, it seems I may be doing them once a month or so via phone. Will let the community know what's up ahead of time.

Hi Devon - Glad to place a voice with the words. Am considering how to do more in the future, not necessarily via radio interview. And as I told yzse, they do want me back on a regular basis. Will always post the link when I get it. They also posted links over at my personal and AP FB pages.

Hi CWH - now known as Aquarius whatever as per your other "comments" that got dumped in my spam file by my blogware sentry - I guess you didn't read the guidelines for posting. Sorry you tried to spam this site with your commercial whatever. Even if you are a regular fan of the site, what you did prevents me from ever promoting your commercial whatever. This is my university. Spam is not allowed. Nor are individual commercial promotions unless you have a relationship with me personally. And you don't.

Sophia Bastas

It was so nice to listen to you again, I will definitely be listening every month.
You are a great person and Astrologer.

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