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September 16, 2013



As a teacher of meditation myself, especially with those experienceing life threatening illness, I have found that meditation is often confused with a mind journey, one is to sit in silence, the other is to use ones imagination to travel through the mind to heal and still what blocks reaching the silence. I have also found that quite a few actually fear, silence or what they may hear in the silence. Our minds are truly mysterious arent they?


Robert, this is just brilliant! Thank you. Meditation techniques have always felt like strait jackets. I prefer walking!

Aquila Ka Hecate

This is the second time in 12 hours I have seen mention of Mala beads. I think I'm trying to tell myself something..
Terri in Joburg

Kate Minogianni

Thank you, Robert. It is really very informative. I am new to meditating. Just a few weeks. But I find the procedure thrilling and inspiring.


"...opens pathways to eternity and infinity without the mind getting in the way. Of course, so can meditating on a picture of a sunset."
been dreaming, envisioning while meditating of sunsets for about 6 months now and did not have a clue about teh meaning
thanks for ringing the right bell

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