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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Diane S.

Hi Robert, thanks for the heads up...and the advice...slow down...and when in doubt, don't. Diane


yep feeling quite fired up like a fart in a bottle (pardon the aussie saying lol!), so choosing to keep the bottle corked unless time to celebrate and put the energy to good use like champagne instead :)


Very greatly you could squeeze this in Robert,
feelin creeped out over these energies

mary streets

I have 12 degrees cap on the ascendant, it has been an interesting few years... I just see this forcing me to face my relationship StUFf. yuck, but about time.


Robert, do you still do full reports for astrological signs? Pardon for posting here, can't seem to find the link for it. Been out of the loop. Thanks.




Hi Missus - This year I cannot create reports for individual signs. Just too much work. However, I will be offering webinars on "2014 - What to Expect" where I will comment about the various qualities of the year, and point out some things about individual signs and what they can expect. But I won't be able to comment about individual charts or birthdays as I've done in past reports. Just too much work.


Hi Robert, thank you for this, makes total sense with what I have been experiencing and feeling. A few unexpected verbal attacks as Mars moved past its square to my Natal Merc at 8'Cancer, one completely left field from from my 20 year old Aries Son on Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning, which I found the response naturally came through firm, powerful in a loving yet tough love manner respecting his choice yet giving him the choice to show me the respect earned or go join the many others who would agree with that false accusation, by end of Christmas Day, he was clear again, without my needing to be self sacrificial any more, thus by the time Mars conjuncts my 12th house Moon at 14'Libra55, which will be caught up in the Grand Cardinal Cross later on, I do feel a sense of safety that the "formerly hidden shadow of my psychology" that had kept me trapped as the victim to everyone else's choices until I realised "I" was the jail keeper :) is no longer infecting my mind thus secure in letting myself and power flow, especially as my moon also sextiles my natal Divine mother in Leo 10th house, so it will be most likely quite public, for the first time since I used my Neptune in first houses "cape of invisibility" to my own advantage many years ago, to be able to continue healing myself while serving others, seen yet unseen, known yet unknown. Lord Saturn and Divine mother, have done their jobs, very well. yep Saturn's pummeling and Divine mothers force on me to remain committed to the true role of a mother, was indeed gift.

As I have said before I am eternally grateful, as a very intuitive and psychic naturally, Astrology, especially your insight into its affects has been extremely valuable to me as it has provided at least a little "support" for what I sensde which I was not able to give "reason" for at the time. I have also been grateful that like myself, you give your services based on much hard work, freely while grateful for any donations others are able to choose to give, as I have not been in circumstances that would have me be able to pay for it and that is why I also give my services, not because its wrong to charge, because I believe all humans not just those who can pay, deserve access to the valuable resources via the occult tools, from the unseen world that gave them life and Karma is at play with what any of us choose to give, even non material. I hope therefore that the respect and acknowledgment I am able to give you here, like others, serves you well to encourage individuals and the human species to be building on the foundations of giving and sharing, what ever they have in abundance is valuable, which of course is themselves and their own personal gifts and resources.

My Spirit sees and honours your Spirit, more simply said "a genuine Namaste".


Sad to hear that. Have always been a happy client. The reports are exhaustive, insightful, well-detailed. I'm glad to be back here though, Robert. Lots of catching up in the days to come. Looking forward to the webinars. Thanks and do enjoy the rest of the season. Aum.


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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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