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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Indeed - a Great Being of Love & Compassion, may he receive & be enveloped in same. Namaste


He proved once again that non-violence is the only way for social change. He was a person for the ages for sure.


The Great Man; has come and gone, mourn many his passing that was expected, but it none the less many feeling sorrow of their loss, for such men and women who are true repositories of wisdom be it few and far between throughout the histories of our Humankind..

The Great Man has passed over into the next life, live forever spirit living life be truly ones living lifetimes is eternally in the services of the Divine. Whatever next generations whatever it realms that the Divine ordain the Person that we did know on this world as Nelson Mandela, know that his life always be of Importance..

The Great Man “Nelson Mandela” being someone who set example it for everyone of what heights one may achieve in living life when one be it prepared to serve in living ones own life being it for the greater good of our humanity almighty if one be prepared to sacrifice ones own living lifetime it without compromising own dignity, Nelson showed us all why HE the Great Man..

My brothers and sisters of humanity almighty who do happen chance upon these words, know that passing of the Great Man do means that we humans are truly upon the horizon of great changes be for all mankind new year. ISON fairy dust, reflecting forthcoming fate that are them Number of the Beast. LOVEJOY; shall it shine bright on Christmas Day, heralding all it coming dawn of the New Age of Light, when we shall become truly one world nation of humanity almighty, that’s if one be it prepared in letting go of the past and grasp ones own possible future forever more that is truly in Service of the Divine where everything be Possibility..


When a great spirit and soul like this giant of a man has left the planet, we are all feeling the loss. Somehow. I felt it yesterday even before I hear he was gone. Bobby Kennedy is welcoming him now.

Kate Forbes

As a proud South African, I celebrate our Fathers passing. As forgiveness personified, he is our example of the unified field of consciousness. After so many years of the shame of being a white South African, I am now proudly celebrating Madiba's release from the 'life of slavery, bondage and transcendence', and we have all been a part of it, black and white. We are all fighting for freedom from the hypnotic state of self enslavement, the activation of our DNA to our full potential, and transcendence of all the lies. The blessing of apartheid was that we all got to actively over come. We invite you to celebrate with us with acts of kindness, transcend the 'facts' of the 5 senses, and let our living Saint be heard in our doing and being. We are entering the unified field from that of duality, that can only be done through gratitude, celebration and love, there is nothing to mourn, there is no loss, for, filling the void he has left behind is ALL the world's love. THANK YOU MADIBA, we are blessed, we can tangibly feel it. HE IS FREE, AND SO ARE WE!!!!!

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site
Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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