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Leslie Goldman

Robert, where do I find more information about the April Big Shifts I saw mentioned on your site?



Thank you Robert, this review of Merc rx which I have natally is giving me some clarity while everything is in a state of chaos and confusion which is actually quite revealing just now. Like others of my generation, that passion for the ideal while the breaking of the illusion in order to get there is being strongly powered by Neptune transit opposing Pluto in Virgo natal, mine is at 5Virgo, 10th house, so it helps because it is not privately being expressed. Namaste!


I would also suggest it will be interesting to observe Australia during this rx, the federal stance towards Refugees is inhumane, plus they have given the "greed powered" go ahead to transport Uranium from the mines through an already threatened Great Barrier Reef and finally being seen by the majority as such, my state governments action to "cull sharks" due to 1 person a year being killed by them, in their own territory is not supported and finally being seen by most and of course this is getting global attention and attack from many people and countries, quite understandably, it is cruel and repulsive. The "mask" that this country has put on to the rest of the world and kept many of its people deluded by governmental narcissist commentary, or the BS balloon as I have called it is about to burst. The New moon being almost exactly conjunct Perth's ascendant and many past eclipses being major aspects to the country's charts. The structure is very likely to unceremoniously "crash", fortunately for many of us who have been in poverty/homeless moreso since late 2007 and trying to give warning to help others see it and show how its only been propped up and the "real boom" covered up, only to be treated cruelly and blamed/shamed for our situations, have learned how to survive without, even if living this way has become intolerable, so we have nothing to lose and aren't there any more to cushion the fall of a large top heavy structure, that doesn't even have anything below the ground due to over mining, when it does. It may be terrifying to many, yet the warnings have been ignored and it seems the only way left in the natural process of things, to fairly balance it at all, yet we are humble folk, who are able to forgive those who have been genuinely ignorant and will help them learn to survive.

Sorry bout the long spiel, just thought it may be an interesting observation for some out there in other parts of the world :)


I really enjoyed this , especially with the article on the houses...explains a lot. Thank you my friend. Love you. Love Is!


Thanks once again Robert! I have always viewed Mercury retrograde periods of making one aware of reality as it is, not what we think it is. In other words, our minds get so "automatic" and take things for granted during the direct times but get a reality check in the retrograde period.
Those of us who have strong mercurial flavour to our natal charts, already have a grasp on this, but no ones perfect and we all learn from it.

Hi debbie,
I'd just like to respond to your comments on Australia.
Being born & raised in Australia and still residing here, all I can say is that the government policies you are referring to are straight out of right wing flavored politics. The current coalition government was voted in with a record majority of seats in the lower house but not so much in the upper house, (senate) however, because of the way the system is here, this could change come mid year for the senate.
As a result of record majority representation in the lower house, it gives the current coalition government added incentive to push through bills that would otherwise be watered or modified before admission to the upper house for further scrutiny. So, consequently what you see in the world media reports, is the outcome of these controversial policies.

As for Western Australia and its Shark problem at this time of year, yet again, another state government with right wing tendencies and I'll admit, a knee-jerk reaction to the increasing numbers of Sharks off the coast of WA. They get Sharks on the Eastern coast of Australia (which is by far, more populated)too, but state governments here have a better system of environmental management of this issue and have done so for a long time now.

I think in future, this problem of humans meeting wildlife in there natural environment is only going to get worse thanks to the increasing traffic of global tourism and humankinds ever increasing encroachment into natural wildernesses for resources.

All this just makes me think, Space exploration and settlement is the only way out in the long term for this. You can only recycle to a point. I mean you can't stop or control (at least in the long term) humans desire for procreation and we only have ONE planet, we ALL have to live on that we know of that can sustain life as we know it... a bit star trekky I know.. lol!


Hi RodJM, thank you conversing and yes i do agree with some of what you are saying and I have not always been in poverty/homelessness, indeed many of my family and friends used to be right wing. However I have always seen the world very different to others, I see things from the inside out if that makes sense and nature is taking its course,with whatever is not working with it from what I am seeing, so I guess the proof will be in the eating of the pudding lol!.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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