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April 11, 2014



Huh? Canada's 'birthday' was July 1, 1867.


Hi Sabina - That was the Constitution Act. I'm referring to the Canada Act of April 17, 1982. It would make a great reference project for some sharp astrologer to use both charts, progress both charts, and see transits of both charts to establish which one has more historical events that correlate with those things. That was how researchers came up with the Constitution chart for the US rather than the Articles of Confederation.


ohhh I see, yep I was going to point out that growing up in NZ it was always February 6 1840 celebrated as Waitangi Day (Now NZ day) or the signing of the Treaty at Waitangi by the Maori's and the Pakeha (foreigners of the British Empire)as there were many different dates, so you would use something that occured March/April like the Canadian one above? Very interesting, thank you :)


The Canada Act? Ok, now I'm interested. I always used the July 1st chart before. What is the difference between the two acts?

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