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April 27, 2014



Hi Robert,

I love your work even though I am a real beginner in astrology. How do we figure out which houses this eclipse/lunation falls in? Thank you.


On it with passion, thank you!


the substance of it (excuse the Taurus pun lol!) moon conjunct Neptune in 1st, Sun conjunct Ceres/Vesta in 7th, Nice :)


oops just realised quite a few of my words disappeared before posting, very neptune lol! Mars was on my moon during grand cross, lunar eclipse was on asc/desc axis, sun/moon opposite neptune conj ceres/vesta, plus alot more, yep that will make more sense lol!


Thank you Robert. 9 Taurus is where Pallas Athene resides in my chart in the 12th. However, I wish she was residing right by my side just now.

Veronica Norman

Hi Robert. Neptune SRX is dancing on both my Moon(6 Pisces), and my Sun (7 Pisces), and trine my cancer ascendant. How does an outer planet affect the more personal parts of a chart(a retrograde one at that)?
Love & gratitude Robert.


It's happening right on my Mars in 8th house. And I am afraid.
Last year that eclipse in May was close and it shut my (already poor) money flow.


It's within 3 degrees of my natal mc hmmm. Which house? Ninth? Tenth? Maybe both? I am certainly feeling really burned out from teaching and not having a break. I really want to be able to do music full time. Even if I never get famous or rich. Maybe it is time to go back to school again? I am always learning new stuff. I haven't done all the learning I want to do yet!!!!


What goes around, comes around ;)

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