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beautiful!!!this is the way I've always tried to live.I thought I was doing it right!


Well, right you are! It's not easy getting to the point of actually living this stuff, but it seems to get easier with practice. And of course, we still have our own experience, whether we are going through painful or pleasurable events. Sometimes I wonder just who it is that's living inside my body as I do my life, and knowing the energy dynamics is a good fallback when I wonder just what is actually going on. No matter what I seem to know, there's always more to learn, to practice, and to get good at. And of course, I'm glad you found it beautiful!!!

Larissa Pond

This is interesting. I was happy once and I believe that man was my only soulmate (I do not like using this word, since it somewhat excludes future possibilities) but yes, I was very happy. He was Libra sun and Aries moon and Venus in Libra. It was an immense touch of the universe, the only deep touch. However, I do not believe that something like that will come again. Staying positive is a good thing, finding higher purpose is a good thing, but still.... when one element is missing, it is hard to embrase the whole. But i love to read your articles, Robert. Larissa - Aries, leo, Scorpio.


It's funny, becasue i'm a Pisces with with my Moon in Gemini. The men I've been with, ahve all had their Moons in air signs: My vert first boyfriend was a Sagittarius with his Moon in Aquarius; Then I met my ex-husband who was a Taurus with his Moon in Libra; Then my other flame was an Aries, with his Moon in Gemini, and my recent ex-boyfriend[the one I still have a flame for] is a Sagittarius, with his Moon in Gemini! I'm a hopeless romantic. Maybe one day I'll find the "one". I just can't seem to ge it right..
March 11th 1973
New York, NY


Good stuff you have here Robert! I teach special education and one of the very first things I do (right after I toss all the discipline files from the previous year's teacher)is to run each kids natal chart to see what kind of little bundles of energetic joy I'll be facing for the next 10 months. I continually check them (the charts, not the kids) for transits, as well as running a synastry comparison with my own chart. Talk about fascinating. Every once in a while, I connect with a parent who will give me a birth time which allows for a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of the child. I am no astrologer by any means, but knowing some of the basics can really help when you're trying to work with special needs kids (behavior, learning disabilities, autism, etc....) It also allows me a completely different and unique perspective on the kids and a greater understanding as to the outer planets role in generational changes. I laugh when I hear some of the "veteran" teachers say "kids are different now..." etc. "OF COURSE THEY ARE" I want to exclaim. Thirty years ago, Pluto and Uranus were in Virgo! Well, you get my drift Robert. This article came at a great time, as I am getting a new student soon who is a big big BIG behavioral concern throughout the school. I, on the other hand, am not worried one bit. Like you often write... "as the roots, so the flowers". Well... "as the teacher, so the student" and vise versa. Thanks Robert for all the info. You've taught me plenty!


Hi Larissa - We have one "Twin Flame," but many who are our friends and lovers across time. Hopefully we learn lots about conditional and unconditional love from all of them. You can always find the love you seek, but must have a plan and patience. The works of Florence Scovel Shinn are very helpful in this regard. I know you can find true love again if you persevere.

Hi Nicole - I have a Moon in Aquarius, and almost all of my partners have had Air signs. Of course, their Air went well with my Fire Sun and Ascendant, so.... hang in there, and you may find that a different combo will show up and be "the perfect one" for you. There are many combinations, and the Venus-Mars connects are at least as important as the Sun-Moon connects (as are ALL the planetary contacts.) If we open and know what archetypal energies are right for us, we are sure to attract that which mirrors us. That's why I always recommend self-realization first, as that shifts who we attract.


Hi Wendy - Great that you're applying astrology in such a practical way! Perfect way to blend the material and metaphysical. I'll bet you find some interesting correlations, and you're right on that each generation has its strengths and weaknesses, so of course no one is ever the way others used to be.

I'm also glad you can see beyond the behavioral problems to regard your students as human beings, since that is the primary key to getting them to respond in more productive and civil ways, if I am to believe the teachers who have shared that with me. I agree that teachers are often the ones who make the real difference in young lives and consciousnesses, so bravo on your approach, your spirit, your attitude, and your heart! You are a true gift to those students who are lucky enough to have you as their teacher. We should all be so fortunate. Thank you for what you do to make this world a better place, now and in the future.


Hi Robert,
That was a very interesting article. I just happened to come across ur site and felt compelled to share some thoughts with u and ur friends here. Even though i don't understand most of the technical astrology jargon used here, the information truly resonates with me.
I was born a boy and am now on the brink of a new life as a woman. My gender reassignment surgery is scheduled to be on december 16th which is my birthday. Though i truly believe that i am being led to a life i haven't even anticipated ( and i mean that in all positivity), i guess it is just nervousness or butterflies (of transformation;) in my stomach...that i am hopping astrology sites.
The concept of twin flames that i came across on a posting by wendy caught my interest. I wish i cud know more about it since...well, it is a concept i haven't heard of here in India. Is it from some specific western school of thought? I am very interested in such things for the last two years now.
On the night of 26th December 2004, I had a vivid, i could say 'paranormal' experience along with 4 friends in the midst of nature. I won't get into the details but it was a night that suddenly connected me to my truth through an awareness of a kind of love i had never known. it was for my best friend who was there too. From that experience onwards, nothing has been the same between us. Things have been oscillating between high emotionality, anger, confusion, utter love,utter chaos and sometimes utter isolation. Along with all this, i couldn't help but find myself seeking gender reassignment after years of suffering. In the last one year, i have transformed from man to woman... from victim to believer, from confusion to devotion. I started off on projects dealing with gender and spirituality though literature and cinema...always believing that the resources will find me as i keep my exploration alive. Well i cant say i was totally let down, though i am finding it difficult right now to shoot or write or even figure out the costs of my upcoming surgery. Along with all this is the ambiguity that i feel in my relationship with the love of my life... he who inspired me to 'be' me. Over the last two years, we have struggled to make sense of our situation... sometimes it feels unreal... we resist but we haven't vanished from each other's lives either. I wonder what it all means... though in my heart i feel a sense of sacred purity i don't think i even believed existed before...sometimes i wonder if i make all these feelings up... but then i feel to vain to even take credit for that!;) well it is an incredible journey nevertheless and i guess i just needed to share some of it with no particular reason or agenda. Thanks for inspiring such spontaneous ramblings... i feel better;) Much love and smiles.


Dear Anahata - Congrats on finding your inner nature. Of course, there are some men who know they were women in past lives, and vise-versa, and feel compelled to make it so in this life. There is such a thing as Twin Flames, and what I quote on that subject from "The Magic of Space" qualifies as "Indian" wisdom, since it is suspected that the author was at one point a Rajput "prince."

Try to remember that we ALL have an inner male and inner female, and it comes out to a greater or lesser degree depending on circumstances. And of course we find our purity by contacting the Eternal. And of course you're welcome for the forum. Blessings be on the love you are.


Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for welcoming me here with such affection... i really appreciate it.
As you must have gathered, i have little knowledge of wisdom, indian or otherwise ;), though wisdom is not necessarily from knowledge i think... yet it is in the 'knowing', isn't it? Anyway, that's another topic i guess.
Well, i repeat that i don't know much but something very intense is going on...and i feel its not just me... everyone who i have carried forward into my new life seems to be in this new kind of space... though there are many i have left behind. I wonder what IS happening?! Do you know anything about what i am saying... because u seem to know a lot! ;0)
Take care
Love always
Bless me (i REALLLY need it;)


Hi again Anahata - Sorry for the delay in responding, but as you can see from my new post, the site was hijacked by a jerk until last night. I didn't gather you have little "knowledge of wisdom" since we all have wisdom but may not know how to express it in ways others understand. But here and there we find those who do welcome our heart-knowing. To answer your last question, check out this article and the interior links, especially to the Grand Irrationality.


Dear Robert,
I loved ur articles...especially the term 'The Grand Irrationality'... its so perfect, as however mad or irrational these times seem, there is something unquestionably grandiose about the changes and the transformations they are inspiring through us.
Last year, soon after i started my transition, i came across a beautiful and wise man who said that he is meant to help me in my soul's evolution. He has only met me twice since then, each time giving me tasks and mantras to do over months, which i have been doing, losing my addictions and my victim consciousness. I have a lot to be grateful to him for but when i asked him why i was not being able to walk away from my situation with my best friend richard, he said that even if i managed to do that, i would somehow find myself back with him as we are karmically destined to evolve together beyond our limited view of us and love. I do believe in him but i am confused about this whole thing... I do feel the bond but can i have no confirmation about this karmic thing...or is that again my limitation to need a confirmation? What do u think about it? How should i approach this personal situation of my life which has mysteriously become so focal during this crucial period of my physical, professional and spiritual transition?


just thought of giving u some info if it helps for u to answer my question. My date of birth is 16th december 1975 and richard's is 16th June 1976.
Thanks so much


Hi again Anahata - Too much info and way too personal for a comment stream. I cannot address karmic bonds between people, though I will say that you will evolve beyond any limited anything as a function of time and evolution. Stop worrying about things that can only be revealed through your experience in the NOW. And detach from the drama and glamor of the passing parade. Focus on Eternals. You have your dharma, and that's the only thing that matters. All else is subservient.

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