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Felipe Gonzales

Hola Roberto:

Thanks for your excellent article that evaluates the various factors involved in the NO chart leading the the overwhemling destruction that nature recently unleashed. It's amazing how the astrological aspects, transits and points all coincide the reality of this unfortunate event.

Is it possible to analyze the US chart and see how the NO event may be connected to factors in this chart. No doubt Katrina will have profound effects at the political, social, economic, health, environmental and spiritual levels which will reverberate through out Norte America for many years to come.
Gracias y saludos,
Felipe Gonzales


My sympathy is extended to all you Americans on your recent disaster. It's unfortunate, we as humans have to encounter such forces of nature. There is a huge rippling effect even after the storm has subsided. To families, communities, towns, cities, states,nations and the world. The most impacted of course are the one's that have lost loved ones, memories, and strength of power. I am humbled and grieve your losses. I can only hope that other nations assist you as you have assisted so many other nations in there moments of grief. I am Canadian and I support you!

Good Luck to All.. CJ


Robert, please research the New Orleans chart further. New Orleans was founded in 1718. It was a French city first, then Spanish, then American. The actual "founding" of the city was its claim by French explorers Iberville and Bienville. They claimed a spot on the MIssissippi River and Christened it "Pointe du Mardi Gras."

Specifically, New Orleans was selected as a city because "it was a rare bit of natural high ground along the flood prone banks of the Lower Missippi and was a adjacent to a Native American trading route and portage between the river and Lake Ponchartrain via Bayou St. John (what is called mid-city today). A communitiy of fur trappers had existed along the bayou in what is now mid city for at least a decade before the official founding of the city. New Orleans became the capital of French Louisiana in 1722, replacing BILOXI in that role."

Don't you find all that interesting? Biloxi was also devastated in this hurricane. And the city was chosen for its relationship to water.

"In 1763, the colony was ceded to the Spanish Empire. Some of the early French settlers were never quite happy with Spanish rule, and repeatedly petitioned to be returned to French control.

The Great Fire of 1788 destroyed many of the existing structures in the city. As a result of this fire, and a subsequent fire in 1795, much of 18th century architecture still present in the French Quarter was built under Spanish rule, and demonstrates Spanish colonial characteristics.

In 1795, Spain granted the United States "Right of Deposit" in New Orleans, allowing Americans to use the city's port facilities. Louisiana reverted to French control in 1801 after Napoleon's conquest of Spain, but in 1803, Napoleon sold Louisiana (which then included portions of more than a dozen present-day states) to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. At this time the city of New Orleans had a population of about 10,000 people.

I have heard many astrologers refer to New Orleans as a Scorpio city. Personally, I feel like it has always lived and breathed like a scorpio city. Very sensual. Very dark. Very promethean. Very cultural. And very water. Not air. Everything about the city is water, from its commerce and life force to its resistance to change and (banana republic) politics.

In my heart I do not feel that New Orleans is an Aquarius city. But if your excellent interpretation is built on the 1800's "charter," I would respectuflly disagree about the date, as the city was there and functioning way before 1800. It has a strong multicural influence. Its architecture (and city engineering) is both French and Spanish in derivation, but certainly way before 1800. As a matter of fact, I believe there may have been some initial French engineering to protect the city from the Mississippi River - which, interestingly, withstood this hurricane. It was the later (American) engineering of the city as the city grew away from the French Quarter into the outerlying areas that created the problem it has now. The levee system that protects the city from the northern Lake Ponchartrain - and the water that flows into the Lake from spillways all the way to the Gulf of Mexico is what flooded the city during this hurricane.

With all that is going on right now, it would certainly make sense to me that it's a Scorpio city and not an Aquarian one.


My elation seemed so out of place in the face of all this devastation here. Believe me, my heart is with all those people, and my daughter is working with them.
God is with all those people, no matter how it may seem. And my mind can't help turning to the fact that New Orleans was a sin city. No judgement on it, just what I've seen, and never wanted to go there. Was this another fulfillment of prophesy?
May all the ones touched by this be blessed in huge ways because of it. Amen


Wow. Thanks for all of you checking in. I have already composed Monday's post addressing the points made by Charles, who is right on the money, historically. However, that's not all there is to the story of the NO birth chart.

As for it being Scorpio, well, the sign of Aquarius does have Scorpio on the 10th house, which is why Aquarians often seem to have knowledge of deeper things, so to speak. And the 1805 chart shows Pluto in Pisces in the 10th, also an indicator of the murky, dark energies of the town.

Personally, being familiar with history, I doubt the powers that be would have waited until November to declare that swamp a city, so most likely it has Scorpio rising or Moon or ruler of the Ascendant in Scorpio. No planet was in Scorpio other than the Moon until late October that year, with the exception of Saturn. It was in early Scorpio through late March, spent the spring and summer in Libra, and re-entered Scorpio around the Autumnal equinox in late September. NO could very well have Capricorn rising with Saturn elevated in Scorpio if it was founded early in the year, or it could be Cancer rising with Moon in Scorpio in the fifth house of partying and affairs and so forth. Moon in Scorpio in the 5th opposed Neptune in Taurus would certainly show as "sin city."

Just for fun, I set a chart for March 12, 1718 1:10 pm, and got Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer with Cancer rising, and Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th. March 18-20 would put the Moon in Scorpio ruling the Ascendant with Jupiter in Cancer rising. There are, of course, many other possible combinations, but I suspect they formally declared it a city in the early Spring. Monday's post will elaborate on some of this.


Um, just as the undesignated representative for the astrologically impaired I've got to say that I can't make head or tails of what this article or thread "means". Especially about how it fits in the context of our country and its evolution, where it's going, etc. Is there any chance everyone was wrong about when the mercury retrograde was? Given the 'communications problems' in Louisiana and Mississippi, and me still scratching my head after asking the same question essentially 3 times here, I'm just wondering.


Sorry Robert, I didn't see your comment to me about posting more in the near future until after I posted the above. Sounds good. Will be looking forward to it. :-)


Where does the Scorpio city reference come from, does anyone know? I've always heard New Orleans is Scorpio, but it seems none of the dates match up. I do know that Iberville "discovered" the area on Mardi Gras, March 3, 1699, but that's not a Scorpio date. So what is the basis for Scorpio? The state of Louisiana is Taurus.

Aquarius? I think not. New Orleans is in no way a city ahead of its time as an Aquarian place should be. Nor is it technologically advanced. No. Not Aquarius.


Well, Alexa, there is much confusion as to when NO was actually founded. The Aquarius comes from the date of incorporation. It seems historically it was not founded on Mardi Gras, according to Blake Ponchartrain who writes an "urban legends" type of column in NO (or used to). I did a follow up post at this link. It seems that it was founded in late Summer, 1718, though I still haven't received an email corroborating that day asserted by only one website with no documentation. I believe it has a Scorpio rising, or Cancer rising with Moon in Scorpio.

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