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Excellent comment on mercury retro.

Have you ever noticed any revelance to mercury returns in someone's chart. I have a merc return on my birthday. I notice Venus returns, but never paid much attention to mercury returns.
It seems like if Mercury is strong in someone's chart it would be somewhat important. We notice all the other planets,cycles, and returns.


LOl, your blog reminds me of mine in content somewhat, except I focus on other material as well. I frequently post moven on on my blog, so other people may read it. Just in case they have never read it.


Hi Mary - Sure. Mercury returns happen fairly frequently, if you don't care how far the SR Mercury is from the natal. Venus is a wider spread, so there's more variation. If Mercury is strong it's extremely important, since Mercury is the cosmic coordinator and the "Guide of Souls."

I used to include a lot of other stuff on this blog (back when I was exclusively on including a wide range of political commentary, but decided to split the message, since I found that mainstream political junkies HATE astrology and barely tolerate metaphysics, whereas most metaphysical and astrological people tolerate politics, but have other more important spiritual priorities. We live in an interesting world indeed, when a political analyst of many years cannot offer metaphysical insights without being loathed. "What a long, strange trip it's been...."

Tikva Cohen

Kola Chavoed..yasha koach...finally someone puts Mercury Retrograde in its proper position. NO planted can rule any of us! Since 18 yrs of age (over 30 yrs) I have viewed MR and though I am ruled by Mercury in my Sun as an Observant religious person I know that Hashem (G-d) runs the world and we have to work within in be optimistic for the changes and hopeful for the outcomes!
PLease email me your specific info for each sign for this coming MR (M\June 15-July 9)!
Thanks! G-d bless!


Hi Tikva - Thanks. I am known as the guy who literally "wrote the book on Mercury retrograde," though you can only find used copies now. You're so right that we control our stars, not vise versa! As for specifics for each sign, that's the subject of part two of each ongoing series of Mercury retrograde articles, which I'll try to have up tomorrow. Aum and blessings to you as well, and of course mazel tov, which for those who don't know the lingo, translates to "fortunate constellations" or "lucky stars."


I believe the stars and planets in the heavens work in a similar way to the cells in our body: perhaps I should say that vice-versa. I also believe that we are all living within the body of God and that we are gods in the making. Our cells' motion is so similar to that of the planets - as above so. below - isn't that what they say.

This is what I believe.


Hi sue - "As above, so below" is an ancient phrase containing wisdom to be contemplated for a lifetime or more. And of course we are all within the Great Maya, the infinite ocean of Divine Mother energy that is vaster than we can conceive. We are definitely "gods" in the making, though many are still learning that "to rule is to serve."




Hi Tovah - What kind of research would you accept? Michele Gauquelin did lots of statistical research on planetary positions and profession which show remarkable results, but I don't think he ever did anything about Mercury RX. I am known as somewhat of an expert on Mercury RX, having written the first significant book on it, and I don't think it's necessarily a bad time to start things. It just depends on what you're starting. It's a good time to start research on something, or travel. It's a good time to start correcting things that need it, or rehearsing something to be done "for real" later. I've ordered things on line that were delayed, but turned out just fine. (Electrical and mechanical things are another matter entirely!) I signed a lease on an apt during a Mercury RX thinking I would only be there a short time, and I still have it 18 years later. In my book, "A New Look At Mercury Retrograde," I discuss many things about the phenomenon, including how those with Mercury RX seem to do well, move forward, etc. during these periods. Since they are a recurring factor in the orbit of that planet relative to the Earth, they obviously are good for many things, since nothing is bad in and of itself, except for needless violence, cruelty, and suffering. And yes, I'm sure many "successful" relationships have been started during Mercury RX - but I'll bet they took some interesting twists and turns along the way!


Dear Robert!
Though I've never before supported\approved:) people who ask for your insights for the personal purposes here, but the time being(via ambivalent situations) can change human approaches...
So,what can Mercury Re together with Venus propose a person if they conjunct with the natal Mars at the moment/More than that white Moon is near natal Chiron as well?
I was born on april 17,1957,at 2.20 a.m.(Minsk time)
Sorry,but my current situation is far from being only mine.Thank you for possible advice...


It's been an incredible time for me- this past Mercury Rx, culminating with the Summer Full Moon, and has effected many changes, breaking from the past bonds, which have been finally released with Mars being strong, too. New foundations to view power use and abuse and act accordingly. many things were set in motion in January when Pluto moved into Cap, until June 14, when it Rx into sag again.

I wonder if you have any insights into how the mercury Rx was affected when during its last week, Pluto changed signs.

Its been an incredible period of discoveries, revelations, and actually beginning to put some of those ideas into action, esp when the Mercury Rx ended, but that drive to fo into action seemed to get a boost on the 14th when Pluto returned for an encore in Sag. There has been a lot of clarity of complex situations.

I am a Pisces, with gemini ascending.


When Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius, as it will in a matter of days, are there particular issues to watch out for?

I've set up some pretty heavy duty meetings to raise funds, and my boss will have these meetings during the next retrograde cycle.

We've been struggling for a year to get recognition as an educational consultancy (charity) and for funds -- as I am new to this country. All of a sudden in August, contacts sprung up like weeds. I'm not sure, therefore, if this is STARTING a new project or continuing -- it's certainly been stalled to now.

Any thoughts?

PS Can't find your book!



Whoops -- seems Mercury is retrograding in Libra. Please ammend my last question. Or am I still wrong?


Hi Annette - Mercury is in fact rx'ing in Libra. Will post more about that in the near future. Just approach meetings with a sense of giving them options they can decide on in the future after the meetings. Give them things and approaches to consider so they can come back in the near future to discuss or decide with you. Make it piecemeal with modules they can fund together or separately. More info, more info, more info. Make new beginnings 3 weeks down the road! My book is usually on Amazon used for whatever you can find it, at leas for now.


Thanks -- it sounds like we're right on track in our strategy. Always nice to have some confirmation.

And I'll get your book.


Hi Robert,
just came across this very useful site ..thank you for all the info here.
My sunsign is Libra and I am a little concerned about this Mercury RX in Libra for next 3 weeks or so.

I need to appear for some job interviews and make some imp decisions in next few weeks.
Pls advise on how to proceed.


Hi Roots - Why worry? Job interviews are as much about you interviewing them as them interviewing you. Few jobs are permanent in the larger sense of that word, and realize that even if you do get something, it will lead to other things, you'll understand things you don't at present, and perhaps be a preparation for things to come you cannot even imagine right now. Build in a delay, research time, or see other ways this could lead to other things.

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