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Hi Robert
Just read this on your recommendation on previous post. I like the description - being mature without being old. I am 29, and feel my SR did all its work last year, when i was fighting various uphill battles. Somewhere though, it seems i crossed an invisible threshold, and now i'm secure in teh knowledge i will never go back to the intense self doubt that used to plague me before such battles. As if, when stretched once, you can never go back to your original size!
I have Saturn in Leo in the Second. I was learning to call myself a journalist, and now see that all my doubts actually helped me not to become arrogant. My mum and friends now laugh i was afraid to use that term, as if i didn't deserve it, for so long. Though i'm sure saturn is still doing its work the hardest part was last year when i had to eat kidney beans for a few weeks as i didn't think i 'deserved' to be paid faster than 3 months for every invoice! I was too scared to follow up in professional terms, with a voice echoing over and over "how dare you think you can make a living from your dream?" Now i laugh at how lowly i saw myself. I dreaded my Saturn Return but now see that it was like doing Year 12 - a crash course in my weak side, turning it into a strength. I now know concretely and without a doubt what i only guessed beforehand - everyone deserves to live from their passion!
Thanks for your apt descriptions.


Hi Robert. I got here following your links from your current article on Saturn in late Leo. We baby boomers are now getting Saturn transit natal Pluto. We also are going to be getting our second Saturn Return over the next couple of years. I think that Grant Lewi would say "I told you so" as we see the chickens really coming home to roost on the neocon chicken hawks. There is an excellent article up on Common Dreams right now summarizing the Alberto Gonzales fiasco.It is by Larry Beinhart and is titled "Ah, Alberto Gonzales." Check it out.

For those of us disciples on the Path I firmly believe that we are now entering the time of our power. We came here to help create the world of the Aquarian Age and foster the transition. Many of us now are beginning to focus seriously on the kind of world that we want to leave for our future generations to inherit. One example of positive intentions in that direction is the cabinet level Department of Peace that Marianne Williamson, Dennis Kucinich, and many others are working on.
With Saturn ruler of my ascendant I have always been very aware of it. I have never feared it, but have always welcomed the strength and understanding that it brings. Your quote from Paul Foster Case about bringing oneself into alignment with natural law seems very approprite as the mass public is becoming aware of the not so secret law of attraction.
Plese comment on the Baby Boomers' impending second Saturn Return. Namaste. dcu


Hi dcu - Well, yes, everyone born between 1947-1949 had Saturn in Leo or early Virgo, so they've been put through changes, with those born between 1949-1951 about to go through same. Will try to address some things that haven't been handled in other articles after I plow through a backlog of requests. ;-)


Hello Robert.

I will keep this short as I certainly said my piece in my previous comment on the Saturn/Ascendant article. I do remember trying to brace myself for the tr. Saturn conjunct Ascendant years ago when I read up on Robert Hand's classic, "Planet's in Transit". I was apprehensive of the forboding experience, because I still didn't have a clue as to what to expect. I over thought it and read too much into the concepts associated with each component; therefore, I was lost to the meaning until the transit was complete. I was able to look back over the time period and saw how very simple it actually was, even though it was arduous and sullen to a degree. Nevertheless, I gained much insight into the Saturn transits that I try to help others when I know they need it.

Your acticle here on the SR is perfect as it simplifies everything, so one doesn't over do the need to contemplate this cycle. Your most profound comment, which is also the most concise, is about the SR "guideline" (if you will) indicating that this is only a diffcult time if your refuse to take on responsibility and carry out the burdensome tasks that underline this humanizing experience.

If only EVERYONE my age could allow themselves to be open enough to follow the advice Astrologers have been doling out on this subject for decades. They would certainly eliminate their needless suffering from traversing this growth period alone.

Thanks, again.


It is remarkable hearing your experience of this time in your life. I find it so intriguing how you subjugated yourself to the common pitfalls a negatively expressed Saturn can put you through. Leo is all about ego affirmation and the sense of self worth, so to hear how Saturn's placement in this sign affected you for the majority of your life is very enlightening. Since my Saturn is conjunct my Sun, I can relate to your experience as they are very similar.

For a majority of my life, I, too, supressed my self worth, because I've too often felt unworthy of self love and undeserving of the appreciation I'd sometimes receive from those around me who would commend me on my unique talents and gifts. Hearing how you've changed all that and have converted your needless suffering into the optimal expression of Saturn's placement in Leo gives me hope of what I can expect as I experience my SR over the next year. To be honest, some occurances recently have given me more self contentment than what I usually garner. My modesty can be a good thing, but not if it takes away the basic need for self acceptance every human being has.

I certainly commend you on a job well done, and I thank you for expressing your thoughts and experiences. It has, and will continue to, help me make the most my transition into adulthood.

Best Wishes, Louisa!


Hi Chris - While "Planets in Transit" is an excellent work, some of how he describes the frictional aspects is fairly "foreboding" as you put it. Of course, they do work out in difficult circumstances when we don't cooperate before the fact with our Divine impulses (and sometimes when we do!) Looking back is a great way to evaluate transits from the perspective of hindsight. When we're in the thick of things, we often don't have the perspective to see the larger workings clearly. Saturn brings the lessons we MUST learn, and often we've gotten ourselves into situations that must end in order to embrace a higher Dharma. Saturn shows us those endings.


Hi Robert,

As you know my chart by now, I don't fear my Saturn return. Again, when people get scared about any aspect of Saturn, I tell them look at the house, the sign that Saturn is in and the aspects that it makes to the natal chart.

Example: Among other aspects, my Saturn in Libra in the 12th, sextiles all my Leo, conjunts my Nep. and trines my NN.

Makes sense?




On the surface, is it a coincidence that ages 54-58 (2x27-29yrs.) is probably the average life expectancy for humans naturally, meaning without modern medicine, so maybe "Saturn Return" is literally "a mid-life crisis"??


Hi Christi - Well, if we are to believe ancient Vedic and Chinese ways of computing the possible span of a human life, the ideal is about 120 years. I believe more would live over 100 if we dealt with (choose any or all): bad nutrition, bad water, pollution, stress, genetic shortcomings, wild beasts, and human destructiveness, both intentional and unintentional. In that sense I suppose 58, being about midway to 120, is a "mid-life crisis." 54 is the second Lunar return, always an emotional default re-set.


Hi Robert!

What is the difference between a Saturn Return and the Saturn Shifts?



Could you please tell me and my Aquarius friend when Saturn return ENDS?!?!? Whether it is myth or reality the both of us empathise with the above article and just want it to end. We are both born in 1974 and Aquarius can you help us PLEASE????



I learned about Saturns Return not too long ago. At first I was skeptic but after doing further research and looking back at my past 2 years - I am 30 year old female leo turning 31 in about a week - I can honestly say that my past few years has been total chaos! Not only did I move to hawaii with a boyfriend and then moved back but then proceed to break up with him while we were planning on getting married, changed careers and moved from one town to another! The last part of the change was in a span of 2 months! I felt like the rug had been thrown from beneath me. Life as I had known it had done a 360 and for the first time since I was 15, I was finally single! The strange thing is, I think that is what I needed to learn - how to be single and love myself since I had only been in relationships. Anyhow, thanks for the article. It did shed some light into what the hell has been going on in my life for the past year or so!


Hi 81 and Natasha - Sorry it took me so long to get back to this stream, but July was stacked and packed and a lot of comments dropped off before I could get to them.

Hi 81 - Saturn returning to its natal position is a Saturn return. Saturn squaring or opposing its natal position are shifts, in my way of using that term.

Hi Natasha - The Saturn return begins when Saturn enters the sign it's in at birth. It ends, such as it can, after it leaves the sign, or should your natal Saturn be at the end of a sign, like mine, then the Saturn return can last well into the next sign. In any case, it never really ends once you've been through it, since the lessons continue to impact your life for a long time to come afterwards. You and your friend had your Saturn returns back in 2001-2003. Between 2005-2007 it opposed your Suns, a different type of Saturn influence.

Hi Lan - It only creates chaos in the parts of our lives we're not supposed to be bound by. Sounds like your odyssey involved figuring out not to move anywhere based in dubious relationships not grounded in a long term productivity. Changing careers is a natural event at a Saturn shift, as is figuring out what and who you can and cannot live with, in a real sense. And of course, you're welcome. No doubt you're living the life you're supposed to, freed from old chains and limitations no longer appropriate to your evolving Dharma.


i dont want to let go of anyone or anything, my saturn conjunction saturn is starting soon and i am freaking out...


how does SR affect birds and animals ?:) the height of freaking out....


Good description of what is going on with me right now. As a matter of fact Saturn is touching its natal position in mu chart right these days.
But what about when at the same time Saturn returns and oppose natal Sun. Meaning that i have a Saturn in opposition with Sun in natal chat. :) Any thoughts?


Hi Harvey - The Saturn Return may or may not mean we have to let go of a loved one, but in any case if we don't learn detachment in this impermanent world we are bound to suffer when it is inevitably time to say goodbye. That's just the way this place is. It feels lousy, but no one goes through this plane without letting go of a lot.

The best we can do is use the time to strengthen our heart through loving the object of our love with all our being so we know the difference between conditional and unconditional love. It hurts, but it's the only game in town and feeds our compassion in the future. As for the creatures, they too must learn to let go at the appointed time. They too are subject to the same cycles of birth, growth, decay, and death that we are. Same with the plants.

This is an impermanent plane of existence. However, the love we share never dies, and makes all of us stronger and more bonded across space and time. The love we share with all other life forms strengthens all of us together and assists the evolution of all that share that love. And while freaking out is natural, it is not helpful in focusing the love we have in the precious moments we are here. Better to meditate on the timeless experience of our greater love with all who love us and we love so that we grow in our capacity to love and express that love however and whenever. Truly, may you find peace with the process of this Earth. There are times I don't much like it, but I have learned to accept it. There are beings on the other side of life that my Eternal Self rejoices in knowing we will be reunited, in whatever "Eternal" forms we are.

Hi Vladimir - Sure. Check out Saturn cycles - What it means when it makes a conjunction, square or opposition to planets or the Ascendant. Enjoy finding a greater purpose and intention these next few months, throwing off old chains and obligations no longer appropriate to who you have become in your life. Definitely don't let old power figures dampen your fire of becoming!


Extremely kind and penetratingly thoughtful advice.Awesome.. -Thanks Robert.



I'm 29 and my SR started around August 22, 2008. And it looks like from what I have researched, Saturn was in conjunction with itself back in Dec2007/Jan 2008. I have been told that this type of retrograde and return means that sometime this during Sept-Nov, something from the past will pop up that needs to be addressed and settled that wasn't before. Is this true? Because if so, I'm a bit nervous as I don't know how many more surprises I can take. This past year has been lots of self-reflection, depression, and figuring out the next steps in education/career/relationship for my future. My other question is, once the saturn return has occurred, when do things start to typically pick up? I've been told that marriage is in my forecast for the next year, but at the current moment, that seems to be highly doubtful.

My DOB is 03/05/1979 at 6:28pm EST in Camden, NJ USA.
Could you tell me what house my saturn is in?


Hi Harvey - Sure. You're welcome.

Hi Aisha - Actually, your Saturn return began last September. You've been dealing with those challenges to embrace "the unlived life" since then, and will still be finishing up some of the lessons through Summer 2009. Whatever you weren't seeing last Autumn you got a new look at between Jan-May 2008, and now you're picking up where you left off and getting another layer of the wisdom. Saturn has been opposing your Mars and Sun, forcing you to conserve energies and not be too hard on yourself. I believe Jupiter in Capricorn has blessed you more than you imagine, and as it goes forward exactly trine your Saturn your life should be doing quite well. And of course, when Jupiter and then Mars cross your Venus and sextile your Mercury expect an entirely different long term life experience to present itself. If you have the first 10 degrees of Virgo rising, your Saturn is in the first. If your Ascendant is greater than 12 Virgo, you have Saturn in the natal 12th house. There are free commercial sites where you can compute your chart.


Hi Robert :) Thank you for the prompt response. Yeah,you are right, I don't know how much Jupiter has blessed me with, I assume that I will be looking back someday and it will become clear to me.

Do you know around when Jupiter, and then Mars will cross my Venus and sextile my Mercury? When you say entirely different long term life experience, do you mean in terms of education, career, or marriage?

Also, do you know which sites I can go to to see which house my Saturn is in?

Thank you very much for your time and guidance. I really appreciate it :)


I am confused as to my Saturn Return time. My natal Saturn is 27 Virgo 21'49" . I've just undergone some major changes--I bought a house, got engaged and changed jobs all within 8 months and I did all this while Saturn was transiting Virgo--as it was when I was born 28 years ago. However, now I'm seeing that Saturn is only 11 degrees into Virgo right now and I think its about to exit. Does this mean that my Saturn return will come in 2010... if so what aspect did I just go through? Thank you Robert,


Hi Aisha - Jupiter and Mars will move through early Aquarius in Jan-Feb 2009. As for how it will personally affect you, that's beyond a comment stream. Use a search engine to find who offers free astrology charts. Find your Asc, and you'll see where your Saturn resides.

Hi Moni - Saturn is yet to exactly conjunct your Saturn, but you've been learning Saturn return lessons for a year, along with Pluto squaring your Saturn since 2006. You've also had Solar Eclipses conjunct or opposed your Saturn since then which are still working out in your life. That said, what you describe are typical Saturn return choices. You'll still be learning Saturn return lessons through 2010, so be patient, organized, mature, and let go of whatever has fulfilled itself. Will power is the key to all good things in your life, the means for you to find purpose as well as reasonable limits.


So I did some searching and according to my natal chart, I believe my Saturn is in my 12th. I've been told that a lot of things will start to move in a very positive forward direction after Sept 2nd. So let's see what pops up in the next couple of months.

I do have to say that you were absolutely on point with saying that whatever I wasn't seeing in Autumn 2007, I got a new look at between Jan-May this year. Nothing has come up yet as far as picking up where it was left off. So I'm waiting to apply that new layer of wisdom that I have gained over the past few months. Patience has certainly been a virtue that I have had to test since January.

Thank your for your insight and your explanations. I really do appreciate the time that you take out to reply to all of these posts. It's a great service that you provide.



I just want to say thank you for your prompt response. I didn't realize I had so many Saturn aspects going on in my life! I'm a little daunted that I'll be "learning Saturn return lessons through 2010" since the last year nearly caused me to completely lose my sense of humor. Forgive me if this is posted somewhere, if so I couldn't find it. Do you do professional readings?



Hello Robert,

first - thank you so much for the compassionate knowledge you supply to us all in abundance!!! you're work is amazing!

sr is kicking my butt!!! any advice for a bday on 6/5/79 nashville, tn? thank you so much for any and all advice.

also, do you do personal forecasts?


Hi aisha - Give it time. Saturn works across time, regardless of our impatience with the process. And of course you're welcome.

Hi Moni - Sure. Even when we lose our sense of humor for awhile, it comes back. Yes, I do professional readings. Check out the link on the left hand side below the astrology reports links.

Hi e - You're most welcome. Thanks for the praise of the work. You're turning a big corner right now, and will be consolidating through the Winter and Spring, preparing to "take it to the streets" next Summer. This is a financial-social shift period, and you're moving into applying your realizations attained the past 8 years. Keep moving into the "unlived life" and leave behind old duties and responsibilities that no longer reflect who you really are and want to accomplish. And as I responded above, yes I do personal sessions. Check out the left hand links to find out particulars.


Hi Robert. My Saturn is conjuncting my natal saturn as I type. It's been immensly stressful. Saturn in the 4th in Virgo with north node, opposite Moon in Pisces in 10th with South Node. It seems to be all about finding rootedness within as opposed to seeking a cause to champion in the world and trying to please everyone.

I've burnt myself out working on a legal telephone hotline for low income people and was just diagnosed with an untreated depression. I've realised I just haven't looked after myself and have lived in my head for far too long and have not been grounded in one place (lving in a foreign country and moving cities 3 times in two years and moving house 3 times this year).

I have enormous capacity to serve others (three planets in scorpio in the 6th and three planets in Sag in the 7th), yet i've neglected to build a life for myself and find a life partner and am starting to feel useless.

While I stress abount finding the perfect job, perhaps the next year should be more about remolding myself with yoga, nutrition, martial arts etc.

I actually have a burning desire to go back to Australia and work on my uncle's farm for awhile to get to know family and get out of my head. I've never known extended family.

Sorry to ramble!

Any thoughts?



Hi Matt - So you're growing out of sentimentalities and old habits. Saturn contacts with the Moon force us to take care of ourselves and stop living according to "shoulds" that don't nurture us. Saturn returns help us understand what we can and cannot live with. Time to embrace the "unlived life," and do what you must to fulfill what you haven't before now but know you need to. The old ways will no longer fulfill you. Time to take the long view of what you want in the way of a life down the line.


Hello and thanks again, Robert! You rock!

Consolidating through Winter & Spring? Consolidating anything specific? It's been tulmultuous and confusing to say the least. And moving into the "unlived life" - I guess those are the patterns in life, yes? - move out of those old habits?

and lastly, "take it to the streets" - oh, this is vague! i feel my ego has been massively obliterated through the saturn return process and am wondering if taking it to the streets would be a new found sense of me re-appearing somehow (from once a social butterfly a couple of years back to this recluse i've become) will a new found confidence emerge? go figure, this is something i have to determine, yes?

where are you located? or do you visit los angeles for sessions/speaking - etc.?

again - thanx much!


Hi Robert, I am going through my SR now (dob 4.10.80). I have undergone major changes, and it seems I am driven by a force to do so. Unexpectedly, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years, moved out of his house to out on my own, since then I have had 4 potential job offers, and am taking one of them. In three months (since July) EVERYTHING in my life has changed. Any idea when I'll be off of this rollercoaster, and what lesson I am supposed to be learning here?


Hi e - Well, I do dig Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, and Bruce Springsteen, so I do rock from time to time!;-) You're consolidating whatever you need to in order to face the next 29 years with determination and willingness to "do your Dharma" whatever it takes! I have no doubt you're moving out of old patterns no longer fulfilling. "Taking it to the streets" vague? Try "moving on down the line," or "putting it on the line," or "doing whatever it takes." Also "Hitting your limit," "finding your bottom line," or "doing what you must." Yes, old ego patterns are obliterated by the Saturn return, since whatever was, isn't, and whatever is to be, you're creating in the moment. It can be the "reappearance of the true Self" if that Self has been denied through social or cultural or familial rules. As of now, I'm in NM headed to Nuevo Yorko for a while, though I'll be in LA in Jan or Feb doing a talk or two and some chart work. And of course you're welcome. I'll post more of my schedule as I figure it out.


Hi Shannon - Ah, another Sun in Aries Moon in Aquarius! Your wild ride is Uranus on your Mercury along with Saturn on your Saturn opposed your Mercury. Use this next year to study, train the mind and speech, and renounce negative or narrow thinking. You're learning Divine Discrimination regarding where things fit or don't. Your understanding of what you like and why will stabilize early 2009. Until then and beyond, open to an intuitive understanding of how to synthesize the information into a larger view, and train your thought-form building mechanism to be precise in imaging exactly your highest ideal. There's more of course, but that's beyond a comment stream.


Hi Robert,
This second Saturn return is bringing joy and tears at times (dob 7/13/50). I realize how lucky I've been and yet can't help pondering the path not taken as much of my life no longer seems to fit or have meaning. Saturn at 14 degrees Virgo is nearly on top of my second house natal Saturn at 15 degrees. My ascendant at 24 degrees Leo usually keeps me sunny but it seems to have gone on holiday. Any words of wisdom you might have concerning how long these blues will be visiting would be greatly appreciated. Is it time to welcome them to the guest room? Maybe it's time to make an appointment for another reading.



Hi sss - The second Saturn return can in fact bring up memories of the road not taken, missed opportunities, and occasionally regrets that things haven't turned out differently the past 25 years. I have found there is a certain resignation at realizing there is much that we are denied, for whatever reason. We are told by some very venerable sources that the resignation can lead us to our Soul if we follow the breadcrumbs. As for sadness, well, there's a lot to be sad about in our world. Either we can do something about it or not. Life should not be the struggle that it is sometimes, but we chose to be born at a time when the robber barons and war profiteers are again on the loose, there is widespread cruelty and suffering, and there seems no way out from a sense that as individuals we are mostly powerless against the powers that feed off of perpetuating fear, greed, vanity, and chaos. But we can always find a way to grow, to join with others, and to celebrate life in its infinite shades of fulfillment. Just remember that this too will pass, and if you get ready then life could throw you a pleasant curve ball or two and you could find yourself unexpectedly smiling a lot. Email me when you want/need a session. Right now I'm booked until late October.


I am a 28 year old Aquarian (birthday 18 Feb 1980) and am wondering if you are able to tell me more information regarding saturn return? I have had the worst 12 months in a long time and am wondering what this means for me with regards to timeframes, changes, etc. Especially with regards to relationships and career?

Hope you are able to shed some light!


Hi Starfish - This article encapsulates much of what must be experienced to be known. As for personal forecasts on specifics, I cannot go into them in a comment stream. I can tell you that as of next Spring, opportunity will be all around you, but you must open the door and greet the guest. This is the time to learn that you control little except your own responses to experience, and it's time to leave old ways behind and get on with your unlived life. Choose wisely, and you're in for the ride of your life! Choose wrongly, and over time you'll be able to steer your boat back into your higher ideal. You have the power to become quite a powerhouse in your world if you choose the right actions now that ensure a renewed purpose beginning late 2009. Step outside of social and cultural assumptions and you might even find your Truth.


Hello Robert,I have only just relised about SR i was born 7/1950 I believe that I am now into my second SR could you advise me as what to do to move forward do you do personal forcasts?awaiting your reply.


Hi Carmel - Yes, you're definitely in your second Saturn return! Welcome to a re-evaluation of what you can and cannot live with, endings and beginnings much like the late 70s, but very, very different due to your advanced life experiences.

Yes I do personal sessions. You can find out more by checking out the left hand links on the front page "for personal appointments." Email me and we'll set something up.


Hi Robert! I just learned about my Saturn Return. I think I am currently going through it. I am 28. I am currently in grad school getting my Masters degree. I finish in April 2009. I am currently searching for jobs. And by jobs I mean serious jobs that I am hopefully going to have a long career with them. Can you tell me more about how this Saturn Return is going to effect me? My DOB is May 2nd 1980. Thanks in advance.



I have Saturn in Leo in the 8th and I can COMPLETELY relate to Louisa's post! I even used to feel guilty and unworthy of the successes and gains I worked hard for! My life has been doing a complete 180°, I am facing challenges unlike any I've faced before... only, I don't feel anywhere as daunted by them as I once would have. For the first time in my life I feel this sense that no matter what, things will work out, and if they don't, it wasn't meant to anyway. I feel like I can actually appreciate the difficult times I've been through as priceless learning experiences that have given me a depth of character not many can achieve with "easier" lives.

I was expecting something awful of the return thanks to countless horror stories, but I guess it's actually more about what you make of it.


Hi Michael - Yes, you're definitely moving into the "Saturn Return" time zone. Sounds like achieving your Masters is a great way to do your Saturn Return. It affects each of us differently, depending on our level of fear, willingness to take responsibility, maturity, and attachment to old ways. You'll no doubt eliminate many old rules in relationships so you won't continue to endure what you don't need to. If you get confused or disoriented, narrow your focus to get a better grip on the whole of your affairs. Don't yield to drifting or needless worry or criticisms, find ways and means to be more efficient in how you spend your energies, and learn how to spot subtleties so that you can maneuver ahead of time. Let go of all you can no longer live with, since you'll find those things more and more burdensome over time.

Hi Kay - You have a great wisdom legacy to offer others, though it'll test your patience and maturity to the utmost. Unblock your heart strength, trust the wisdom of your heart light, and BE the authorship of the wisdom of your experience over time. While the Saturn Return can bring difficulties and challenges, it also helps us find exactly what's right for us for decades to come.


During my first saturn return i was completing my third year of a 4 year undergrad fine art degree. I was failed in my major because the dept head was a prick and i have learned since that i am a sub-genius (so i often hold views non-typical of the mainstream which tend to place me in a difficult position with deadheads!) Initially I accepted the fail but i was struck by a strange sense of positivity against what had been a hell of a year and a half, or longer at art school. This strange experience with some self- research was found to be what is termed a spontaneous religious experience. It became the topic for a research thesis which i was given special permission to do even though i was banned from final year lectures. As well i faught to have an appeal against the fail. This took 7 months which i won from an independent panel of visiting academics unanimously on all 4 or 5 grounds. I managed to finish the thesis and the degree in the normal time regardless and was awarded entry into a MA at another university. Since then i have completed 5 other u/g degrees,several in the sciences but i developed a serious health diagnosis and collectively life had been a pretty lousy deal up to now. Next year i will be 58 i have decided to return to the arts or writing in order to get some of my previous creativity and experiences, particulaly my spiritual knowledge back on track. Come on Saturn.


Hi barry - Saturn can bring confrontations with authoritarian people we must deal with, either by claiming our own experience or asserting our right to express ourselves freely. I gather from other friends that art schools do not teach much about art other than the vanities of the teachers. "Spontaneous religious experience?" That's definitely threatening to academia! Glad you see clearly the need to get back to your garden. My own second Saturn return is developing somewhat along the same general line of rediscovery after years of doing other things. And there's just some things and people I can't put up with any more. Too much of a drain.....


Hi Robert,
I don't know why I hadn't found this page before in the past when searching for SR info. - It's great, really nice of you to share your experience & knowledge.

I was born 10th Oct 1978, in Melbourne Australia. I had anticipated my SR (my sister's was horrible) I had much fear regarding it.

It seemed to begin around the middle of march 2007:
-I exited the relationship of a violent "best friend" of 15 years.
-Then I developed RSI and had to resign from work. I decided to go overseas after resigning.
-2 weeks before I left work I was in a car accident and broke my leg and sternum.
-So I was forced to stay at home for an extra 6 weeks with a new housemate who was gay (i'm not) and sexually harrassed me and abused my compassion.
-After rehab, I went overseas and fell for the first girl I met. She rejected me, but I had no other company and found it very difficult to make friends.
-4 weeks after rejecting me she suggested that we should date each other, I was elated, but was suspicous she was using me as a rebound.
-I was offered a great job while o'seas. I accepted it, then did a back-flip 2 days later. I have experienced a lot of regret since I let this go.
-After 6 months I came back from overseas, not knowing what to do with my life and being unable to commit to anything out of fear that it was the wrong path for me.
- A week after returning my father told me he had cancer (4th stage)-March 2008.
- My step mother had virtually written his will for him, directing all assets into her name for the use of her and her own children. My real sister is virtually disabled she and I would receive what's left when they leave this earth. This made me furiously angry.
- After another 4 months of indecision and confusion I returned to my previous workplace. The experience I had in the new team was horrible, I was constantly under scrutiny and criticism.
-3 weeks before christmas 2008 they told me they wouldn't extend my contract.
-About this time I found out that my girlfriend (oseas) was cheating on me. I had poured a lot of love into this girl.
-Oh yeah, and I've just lost my driver's licence.

It's almost 2 years since this all started. I'm still in the same frame of mind - unable to decide what to do with my life due to fear of going the wrong way.

Now I'm afraid that I've resisted the tide so much that I've missed my opportunities to change. No matter what I do it seems to be the wrong thing. I can't work out what it is that I must change. I don't know what to do, or what not to do.

Any advice?

Kind regards.


Hi D - Thanks for your praise of the work. The period you describe was when Saturn squared your Venus-Mars-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio and Uranus squared your Neptune. No wonder you stopped obsolete relationships! Your compassion cannot be abused. Only your sense of what didn't get recognized gets "abused."

Sorry you "fell for the first girl" you met since it's not hard to predict the inevitable split due to you both not knowing each other. Given your configurations, I'm not sure why you feel you cannot make friends, since everything in your chart indicates you have all it would take to make friends. Good insight re: rebounds.

I'm sure you feel regret at reversing course after getting a perfectly good opportunity to move forward. I suspect you've become too wary of opportunities others offer you, given how you describe "being unable to commit to anything out of fear....." Sounds like you need to kill out your fear if you would become clear about what to do.

You cannot take your father's illness personally, and you had no power to affect your stepmother given he had to approve what she did. Sorry that you got angry at the betrayal. I have also had to deal with anger at being betrayed. Best thing to do is forgive, move on, and live well. Depending on local laws, there are also reasonable grounds for challenging such things if there is any hint of fraud or manipulation under duress, especially in light of the fact that one of the inheritors would become a ward of the state.

Your return to the old workplace has taught you the invaluable lesson that "you can't go home again." Finding you have been cheated on is always a drag, but at least it liberates us to move on clean of duplicitous "loved ones." As for your license, it must be through omission or commission, so examine your part in that. Again, GET OVER FEAR!!!!! There is nothing to do but kill it at the root. Stop dancing with it and giving it power to blunt your decision making ability, since that's why we're here on Earth - To learn to apply our free will of our own volition to eliminate all that obstructs our ability to live our lives and evolve into our most fulfilling Self. Action is a great antidote for suffering!!


I feel like I've come across a blessing having found this page. You do excellent work and its impressive that you continue to respond to comments months after the original article was written. That's quite rare online.

I am in the middle of my Saturn return in Virgo in my 12th house. As far as I know, Saturn will pass over my natal Saturn at 25 degrees Virgo in late September, 2009. But I've been feeling the effects for at least 2 years now. I feel trapped in so many ways, but I trace them all back to money.

I live alone thousands of miles away from my hometown, I have only one friend, but no extra income to go out and meet new people. I love yoga and dance but am unable to do them because I can't afford classes. I've also been unable to travel which is another one of my passions. Of course the simple answer would be to get a new job. Right now I only work 20 hours a week, but it's a job that I quite like. It will "do" for now. I worry that if I find a full-time job it will have to be something that I hate because it will be extremely difficult to find a job in documentary production that I want. ( i have no experience in this field)

I can't bear the thought of taking a temporary job, just because it pays better, until I find my dream job. I fear that I will go into a deep depression if I do. My self image is heavily tied up in my work and I don't think I can handle seeing myself in a cubicle pushing paper. Is this a 12th house thing? I feel like a prisoner. Or am I imprisoning myself?

Birthday: Dec/2/1979
Time: 1:35 a.m PST

Thanks for any insight!


Hi Janey - Thanks for your kind words about the work. Rare? Unique!! I believe I can claim that there are no other sites quite like this road house at the intersection of Fate Street and Free Will Street on a corner of Eternity Boulevard. That said, I will wholeheartedly affirm that other such sites and groups are forming with the intention, follow-through, variety of knowledge, and the welcoming, bright, open-minded community of truth-seeking Souls from around the world that this site has. Then we'd see a great version of Heaven on Earth!

You dealt with Pluto square your Saturn for a number of years, and are now fully experiencing Saturn conjunct your Saturn and Uranus opposed your Saturn. This challenges you to revolutionize your security systems, and stop worrying about things that can't be solved by your worrying. As I have Saturn at 29 Virgo, I know whereof I speak. Saturn/12th house issues deal with getting a broader, more mature perspective on our long term purposes and lessons, and claim our direct experience as authority for fulfilling our destiny on our own terms. Saturn returns are not necessarily happy times, or easy times, or times when we hang out with others. Usually quite the opposite, since we're resetting our sense of purpose, boundaries, and what we can and cannot live with.

You'd feel somewhat isolated even in your hometown with a thousand people all around. Yes, you may need to get more income without getting bent out of shape around what, or how, or whether it has any real permanence in your life. You have no idea what saying "yes" can result in. Even a 5 buck an hour temp gig can directly lead to being trained in television producing, directing, and editing. By all means, please stop fearing that you'll "hate" something you don't have. You cannot attract what you want by aversion to an illusion. Definitely stop fearing a future "depression." That is a very unhelpful thought form. And if you have no experience in a field, then you will have to take a lesser position if you want any possible advancement in that field. I note that you read my article on the Saturn Return, since this teaches us all that we only control our own responses to things, and that nothing matters as much as our willingness to take responsibility and be realistic about what knowledge and disciplines we will learn to break free of old unrealistic assumptions.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your thoughts, they've been really helpful as I try to let go of the Virgo
over-worrying. It took me a while to figure out what you meant by "revolutionizing my security systems". If by security systems you mean friends, job, community, then "revolutionizing" is the perfect word. They're all in complete overhaul.



Hey Robert -

Happy astrological new year! I was trying to find the most-appropriate post to ask this question. This one seems best considering I feel they are related to the Saturn Return. I've been reading what you've posted about the subject and will probably pick up Liz Greene's book about Saturn sometime soon. I'm also educating myself about my up-coming progressed lunar return (it happens more or less on the lunar eclipse in July!) and other late-20s tranists: namely - Neptune sextile Neptune and Uranus trine Uranus periods. What are your thoughts regarding these transits as they, just like the PLR, occur just before the Saturn Return begins to take full force. And more important, how can people integrate those lessons (and hopefully insights!) with the issues Saturn will most certainly demand we confront?

Thank you!


Hi Matt - And a happy Solar Return for you as well. The outer planet aspects you speak of do have a variable point of occurrence. Like we can begin to experience the Saturn return as early as 27 (or 56). Each lesson is integrated in its own way and department of labor. Each is a separate component in the "soup" of our life. How they blend is determined by the choices we make as each occurs. What you want me to explain is the "Art of Synthesis," which can only occur after many years of study and observation. That said, when I finally set up my classes over the next few months, I'll try to devote a few classes to beginning techniques on the Art of Synthesis.


Hi Robert -

Happy Solar Return to you too! YES - that is exactly what I'm interested in learning about since I often find myself somewhat confounded when trying to articulate a bigger picture among several "big" transits or aspects within a chart.

Thank you,


Robert, being born on 03/15/82 - how long do you see me going through my Saturn Return? Does the fact that Uranus is in my chart have any sort of implications on this?

I am a little exhausted from all the thinking/reflecting about life, relationships and career!!!

Thank you,


Hi P - Your Saturn is 21 Libra, conjunct Mars at 17 Libra. You'll begin to feel the effects this November, even though the exact conjunction to Saturn won't happen until Autumn 2011. Saturn will continue to dance near your Saturn until Autumn 2012. To give you a sense of things, even though Saturn won't conjunct my Saturn until this Autumn, I've been dealing with its influence for a year and a half already, and will be through Summer 2010. You've been dealing with Saturn's influence opposition your Sun, so you've been learning important lessons already. We all have Uranus somewhere, so I suspect you mean Uranus conjunct your Sun as Saturn opposes it. Yes, there are major implications, too extensive to list in a comment stream. Use Saturn's discipline and patience to overcome and transmute any nervous exhaustion generated by Uranus on your Sun.


Wow, thank you Robert. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the "nervous exhaustion." I can't even begin to describe the extent to which I have been feeling it. I will definitely take your advice and exercise patience in trying to reduce this feeling. I have began exercising more regularly and attempting to channel the energy in a positive way. How long will Uranus conjunct my sun?

Thanks again for your thoughtful and detailed responses.



Hi P - Well, though the conjunct has been very close for awhile, and will be through 2010, you should start feeling it lessen substantially beginning early 2011. It'll RX back to a close orb later in 2011, but since it's in Aries, the energy will still be distinctly different than what you're dealing with now. With the Mars-Uranus conjunction right on your Sun, the next two years will be truly exciting and individualizing!


Hello Robert,

I have perused your site a bit and found it very helpful. I am writing because I am currently going through some very hard aspects that a wreaking havoc on my life. My birth info is June 18, 1979 Houston, TX 7:57pm. I am hoping you could offer some advice.

My Saturn is at 8 virgo 27 minutes which is currently being hit AGAIN as my first Saturn return was last August. What happened then was I realized my calling to another profession (clergy), managed to get an interview for my dream job but then didn't get hired. This taught me that I wasn't ready yet for that kind of position, so I began (right around the time Saturn went retrograde) to study up in preparation for another try later on. In late February, I made the decision to pursue grad school and I'm now awaiting word back from the schools (seminaries) to see if I got in.

I'm driving myself crazy with dread over hearing another "no".

For the next few days Mars will be in opposition to my Pluto which has me doubly worried (because I should hear back soon).

Do you have any insight to lend?


Hi Wickleback - Glad you found this helpful. You're still in your Saturn Return, and given Uranus and Saturn have both been squaring your Sun, it's time to find the inner values which life will reward consistently and rise to whatever emergency you're confronting that will create your true place in life. Also, let go of old fears (whether about "no" or whatever), as well as old limitations or duties or rules and take on more important and relevant responsibilities. Let go of all memories of the past that keep you trapped in unfortunate patterns, and above all, find and keep a sense of humor about what's happening. A higher education is good, as is travel. I would think that by July you're on your way to whatever is the next chapter in your life. Your Solar Return will re-set many things and lead to solid rewards.


Hi Robert,

I don't know a lot about all of this but I know for sure that I have been going through my SR for about a year!! It's getting to the point where I don't know how much longer I can take it. Could it my frame of mind and am I reading all the signs wrong or is my SR just really long???!!!! My bithday is 21.01.82. Any info would be much appreciated.


Hi Amy - If your birthday is 21 Jan 1982, you are most definitely NOT in your Saturn Return. That won't start until this November at the earliest, and will persist for many months, becoming most intense between Sept 2010 through October 2012. Depending on other chart factors, you've mainly been dealing with Saturn square your Moon, which I addressed in the article on Saturn square or opposition your Asc or planets.

27 is also the progressed Lunar return, where you decide anew what you do and do not care about. With Jupiter now in Aquarius, this year is about you embracing a new 12 year adventure, with balanced understanding coming out of infinite stimuli thanks to Jupiter on your Mercury trine your Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all year. Decrease being restlessly eccentric and play to your unique gifts. From this point on you're going to find a new sense of purpose through repairing some form of inner or outer "decay." And as I said, I suspect you're going to understand many things by November that bug you now.


Oh there's more to come?? Ha ha, bring it on...I suppose!? Thanks heaps for the insight Robert.
Cheers, Amy


Hey Robert!

Thanks for getting back to me. You brought up something that my old astrology teacher told me years ago... that this year's sola return would lead to major developments in my life. she mentioned mercury transiting my 7th house and partnership issues. I'm looking at my chart and for what ever reason I'm failing to grasp why this is significant. What am I missing about this July? I see that mercury is crossing my sun and natal mercury, but doesn't that happen every year?

Thanks again for your insight!



Regarding my last few posts, I should give you an update that I was admitted into the program and that I will be moving into the on-campus housing at the end of June.


Hi Wickleback - Mercury transits everyone's 7th once a year, as it also conjuncts the Sun and Mercury every year. The significance of July is to be found in other factors, in this case Venus and Mars transiting your Sun. Glad you were accepted into the program. May you find peace, power, and knowledge, as well as a liberal amount of love and wisdom.


Hi Robert,

The following are my relocated positions, as where I live now;

Sun 4 Leo 12 Pluto 19 Lib 11
Moon 25 Cap 07 N. Node 20 Leo 13
Mercury 16 Can 09 Asc. 23 Sco 59
Venus 22 Gem 44 MC 6 Leo 02
Mars 9 Lib 24 2nd cusp 20 Sag 21
Jupiter 10 Vir 40 3rd cusp 12 Cap 47
Saturn 23 Vir 35 5th cusp 4 Pis 17
Uranus 21 Sco 30 6th cusp 11 Ari 21
Neptune 20 Sag 14

SR has been quite difficult; I lost my job in October 2008 and have been finding it difficult to find an income and a career that I actually want to undertake. There has been lots of confusion. I wonder when this difficult time will end and when there will more clarity. Do you have any advice as to how I can improve my life and find my holy grail.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Jorj - Relocated positions are useless. I do not ascribe to relocational astrology. You were born where you were born, taking your first breath at a certain time, date, and place. That's what matters. Until I know that, I cannot offer you anything that might help.


Hi Robert,

Here is my natal chart data;

Asc. 10 Leo 12
Sun 4 Leo 12
Moon 25 Cap 07
Mercury 16 Can 09
Venus 22 Gem 44
Mars 9 Lib 24
Jupiter 10 Vir 40
Saturn 23 Vir 35
Uranus 21 Sco 30
Neptune 20 Sag 14
Pluto 19 Lib 11
N. Node 20 Leo 13
MC 15 Ari 59
2nd cusp 25 Leo 36
3rd cusp 16 Vir 17
5th cusp 27 Sco 30
6th cusp 9 Cap 42

I am 29 years old, so this would be my first SR.

Thanks in advance,



Hi jorj - Well, as fate would have it, you and I have identical Ascendants, within only a few minutes of each other. You need to remove negative expectations and rules that prevent you from enjoying your life and relationships. You're very sensitive, too easy to bounce between views, though there is great authority promised if you can pay attention to details and do everything by precise steps. Heal the inner betrayal and the outer realm will prosper. You're learning how to tell the truth and not yield to others' negative conceptions in ways that cause you to lose your balance. Do your homework and welcome a pioneering vision you can communicate to others. This life you ARE where the buck stops. And you have enormous strength, even if you're a bit too pessimistic and critical. You'll be doing amazingly better by next Summer. Just remember that the next year you'll say goodbye to all you can no longer live with and hinders your ability to live your bottom line on your terms. Use this RX to re-examine some of your idealistic assumptions that may be blocking your ability to assess quickly and accurately your best play amid the many choices you confront. Perhaps narrowing your focus in practical ways to get a better handle on the whole of things?


Hi Robert,

Perhaps the ascendant correlation would have something to do with a passion for astrology :)
Thank you for your reply, my issue is that I have a problem finding direction. I am not sure what I should focus on regarding practical terms, what vocation I would be happiest in. What does 'RX' stand for? I am trying to attain independence but am finding that it seems difficult at the moment. It's amazing how your able to construct a response as the one above to a set of data.




Hi jorj - Mercury trine and Jupiter quintile Uranus in Scorpio shows a deep interest in astrology or any inventive things. You are finding direction even as we speak. Think process, not goal. You'll know more by next Summer.

I cannot do extensive delineations in comment streams. That's what I do as a professional for clients. When people want in depth guidance, they email me for an appointment. RX stands for "retrograde." Don't strive for "independence." Strive for autonomy. That leaves you free to enter into whatever you wish to the degree you wish on your own terms, and not fall into feeling like you want to be "independent" of whatever you've become dependent on.

Yes, it's amazing what astrology can show of who we are, who we aren't, what we're becoming, and when we'll confront choices that will shape our destiny based in our response. Everything's got a vintage which indicates its strengths, weaknesses, and times of growth and challenge.


Hello Robert

I am struggling, I am 29.5 and really facing some deep demons. I have had insomnia for 5 months and My partner of 8 years no longer feels worth the hard work and my whole life (home, work, relationship) feels like its spinning out of control, what should I do, I am scared Ill make the wrong decision and regret it.
Pls help!


ps my birthday is 16/4/1980 and I am pretty sure it was 5 am


Hi Robert,

I'll be looking forward to next Summer then, as at the moment things are very confusing. Thank you for the advice.



Hi Jorj - Yes, squares to Neptune can be disorienting. That's why meditation is good. Helps keep us on a steady frequency when all else is vague.

Hi bannergirl - First, stop fearing. It's a useless response. Facing demons is good as long as you know what you're doing and have some objective help. Insomnia can come from many things, such as too much sugar, stimulating foods too late at night, subconscious issues trying to come to the surface to get resolved, and many more possible causes. Sounds like you have stresses re: partner that could also be causing you to lose sleep. That happens, you know. When things are out of control, then it's time to step back and take a look why. As an Aries, my response is to try to do something, even when there's nothing to do. I would suggest you need to remember there are things that are truly out of your control, but your response is never out of your control. Stop agonizing over a past that is no more. What's done is done, and your 20s will never come back. Look forward, see what changes you must make since you cannot live with certain states of mind any more, say goodbye to illusions that bring you down, and resolve to take responsibility for consciously shaping your future one step at a time.


Hi Robert,
i read your articles like the Bhagavad Gita :)
I think i started my SR last year, or perhaps the Saturn/Sun cojunction. The last couple of years have been intense, yet fruitful and profound afterwards. I have been treading with Fear yet have a sense of peace underneath it all. I gave birth unassisted which was extremely powerful, and since then have started experimenting with belief suggestions etc. I'm having issues of isolation and disconnection as i'm getting closer to 29. I'm realizing how everybody that i called friends or associates don't really have much in common with me, and how i have supressed my real self to fit-in. I'm away from my home country with absolutely no help to give me a hand with my daughter, and facing some serious financial struggles. I definitely feel a sense of empowerment at the same time looking at the future, yet there is a lingering sadness for being all alone and having to start new friendships that are based on similar beliefs of love, peace, equality and no judgement. I'm however told that nobody regenerates from financial stress like a scorpio i can't wait to see a new start. how to do you think my SR will play out with a gazillion planets in Libra in 12th house all conjuncting during my return.
D.O.B- 12/09/1981
Place: Kurnool, India
time: 9.00am


D.O.B 9/12/1981 per American date formatting :) Thank you


Hi Maya - Autosuggestion is a science unto itself, and can work miracles and disasters depending on what we're affirming. Saturn is about to leave your Sun for a long time, so take note of the deep lessons you've been given the past two years while eliminating the residue of fear whenever it rears its ugly head. We're never isolated except in our flawed perceptual mechanism. Still, when it's time to seek community elsewhere, whether near or far, then it's time to fold our tents and walk on. Everyone is seeking their community right now, and the articles on the Saturn opposition Uranus explains the centrifuge we're all experiencing at present. As for how your Solar return will manifest, that's beyond a comment stream, and more the subject for a personal session.

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