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Clair Lavulo

Hi Robert,
Your articles were very informative, and I appreciated them, I have a knowledge of astrology & use them in my readings, but I am not an astrologer per say. I can know a person's personality though, & I ask for their birth month.
Thank You for sharing your info with us all.
Clair - I am also on Keen


Hi Clair - Thanks for checking in. Glad the articles you read struck a chord with you. I definitely encourage you to learn as much as you can about astrology, since it is the "Alchemical Mother" of all metaphysical sciences. I hadn't heard of Keen, but after a short visit, it looks fairly sophisticated. Glad you found your way here.


Thank you for the Retrograde in the Houses explanation. This article offers great guidance for my individual preparation, orientation, and focus, over the next 3-4. Very helpful.


Hi Don - Sure. As you know, there's even more in "A New Look At Mercury Retrograde." And of course, look to where it is in your Solar chart as well as natal, as it will yield even more insight.


Absolutely. To be honest I'm having some difficulty reading the 'Sec.Prog.SA' specifically, how to approach reading it.
As I am learning each day, I find making a journal of experience with the moon for each day/month and then checking against it is fantastic. 1 month at a time for the planets and moon/sun/planetary aspects, I'm getting clearer and it is fantastic.
I'm getting into the experential/actual astrological forecasting.
To live by it is to be well prepared and helps me 'see where it all fits.'
With new understanding; A-papers, specialized material/books ie. "A new Look At Mercury Retrograde" etc., again, truly helpful and kind giving.
Be well all,


Yes, there are two ways to learn astrology. One is to read books and then try to draw analogies to what's happening. The other is to observe what's happening and correlate it to the transits, since what IS is what's going on, and there must be an astrological correspondence. Glad you're having fun learning the basics of the craft. It's wide and complex, but any knowledge whatsoever is worthy and useful in the future, both of this life and the next ones.


Hi Robert,

I really find your site useful especially as I learn more about this topic. I've recommended you to several people who also think that you have a wonderful and unique website here! My sun sign is Aries and my ascendent sign in Scorpio. I was born with Mercury in Pisces 28.54 (I don't know if that matters). Which house should I be looking at in this article?

Thank you!!


Hi Colleen - Thanks for the recommendation. As for your question: If you're born in late March, it will RX from your solar 12th to your solar 11th. If you're born the first half of April, it's the 11th house. If you're born the third week of April, it will RX from your solar 11th to solar 10th house, so read both.

As for your Scorpio, it also depends on what degree it is. If your Asc is in the first 10 degrees, it will rx back from your 5th through your 4th. If you have an Asc between 11 and 25 degrees, it will be in your 4th house. If you're in the last few degrees of Scorpio, it will rx back from your 4th into your 3rd house, so read both.


As always, Robert, thank you for your wisdom and insights; specifically in relation this time to Mercury retro, and the difference between seduction and courtship - very apposite!



Hi Ro - You're very welcome. RX usually brings a new insight into old sitations. The difference between courtship and seduction is an important distinction, since if we don't know when someone is trying to seduce us into or out of something, we wind up in dire straits sooner or later. (Great band, lousy circumstance!) Then corrective action often brings out the seducer taking it personally, and trying to drag the seducee into further seductions through sophistical reasoning.


Hi Robert.

Well, I will be experiencing this Mercury Rx in my 12th house.

All your descriptions make sense. It feels like you know some chapter is about to end but don't grasp the when and the how. The ship is wrecking and you feel you wreck with it...but I must dettach myself, I know it from my Inner Self. Perhaps it will be clearer when Mercury will turn direct.

I've got a Mercurian-commercial profession, and certainly there's a lot of confusion and turmoil regarding paperwork and irrational expectatives from the bosses, which tend to increase madly for sure through October/November...and some secrets to be kept to fulfill and satisfy the demands of "powers" irrationality as some of us don't act the way they want us to, that is self-robotization.

So is this really a good period to keep things secret...or is a dangerous placement for up-covering things and have "inusual" surprises?. Perhaps is an incouncious desire to expect materialization of endings now, but...aha...there's this erratic Jupiter/Uranus square making things ill-thought.

By the way, I am yet preparing for a new professional future -extraordinarily increased compulsion to cut things loose with this Jupiter/Uranus square that certainly has marked a point of occult "rebellion" in my case and some others, but I hope Mercury will start to pave the way to leave the chapter afoot-. Being this Mercury Rx 12th in a trine with the Mars Rx in my 8th, it make sense things will show real/material opportunities for change and growing when this Mars will be direct next year if I start to work at a material level on present Mercury Rx mental/spiritual insights?.

Any other comments?.

Thanks Robert.


Hi Henry - Allow the process to take its strange twists and turns over time, as the result may be more satisfactory than you can presently imagine. That just happened to a client of mine, who turned an apparent frustrating situation headed for "defeat" into a triumph of adaptability and escape from a sinking ship. I believe that which has been covered will come to light, and much will not turn out as expected. And hang out with endings which will come at their own time. Do NOT try to push the river. Use your insights to detach from conventional thinking, and reconnect with people in your past who you feel connected with. And yes, overall, you're completing a major cycle and will open to something new next year.


Request a little time & advice.
I was born on 27-12-1962 at 16-45 pm in Bangalore.How will the Mercury Retrograde affect me?Sunil


Hi Sunil - Well, each Mercury RX affects you differently., depending on which sign it's in. We have another one coming in late January and early February in late Aquarius which is in your Solar 2nd house. It will fall either in your natal 8th, 9th, or both houses. Right now Saturn conjunct your Uranus and Pluto is far more important in restructuring your genius, and opposition your Jupiter shows that you need to get oriented toward something bigger while cutting back on old drifting tendencies. Saturn now quincunx your Saturn showing expansions through sacrifices in your sense of duty and responsibility, and you may need to play anew as you pull back from projections others have put on you, or you on them. Currently Mars is retrograde, which should be triggering your natal Mars RX pushing you toward self sufficiency. Read some of the Mars retrograde articles to get a sense of what's up in your life. It is opposition your Sun, so it's time to rework some of how you are or are not caring in your relationships.


Hi Robert,

Remember when I told you about the job when I got the job offer on November 3. (During the Mecury RX?) Remember the old astrology that never take a job during a Mercury RX? Well, I was let go today. The student of astrology that I am, I knew the job wouldn't be a long-lasting job.

I am just glad I got my computer fixed!

Now I just have to deal with the phone company.



P.S. On to biggest and better things. I feel this has freed me to do what I am suppose to do.


Hi Helen - Well, it doesn't surprise me, though it could yield some unexpected results down the road. And yes, we sojourn at a place only as long as we need to.


Hi Robert,

Many thanks my friend. You are truly a blessing in my life.




i just checked mercury is retrograding back in forth over my dc (dc in aquarius at 23d) and into sixth house.

should be interesting to say the least !!!


Hi teacher!.

I'm glad of all cosmic phenomena, but this retrograde is exactly in span opposite to my LEO Sun (29º'51 Cancer)-Saturn-Mercury-Venus stellium in IX, both squaring my natal TAURUS Chiron VI and SCORPIO Uranus XII, and trining GEMINI Moon VII, TAURUS Jupiter VII, and LIBRA Pluto XI.

As I know the complexities of these specifics, I only refer to exploring the surface of the specific meaning of a retrograde Mercury in my 3rd House challenging my stellium in IX when I'm in a "9th House" situation (teaching abroad) -really meningful times I guess- of "natal inner ones" in 9th, being 3rd in Capricorn/Aquarius, but mainly the opposition is my natal Leo to this Aquarian Mercury RX. 3rd house transiting Mercury RX and Natal 9th receiving opposition.

Any insight will be appreciated, if there could be something meaningful,
dispassionately thinking by myself after reading all of your works.

Of couse, I know each path is different, but insights, your insights, are always surprising and beyond any value.

As you like, and me too, synthesis: why my Leo 9th house nature opposed by a Mercury RX in Aquarius in my 3rd?. Must I meld better individual energy into a larger "neighbours/communication" consciousness- I'm not sure of actual destinations in life, and so more being truly in this Great Irrationality-?.

Difficult (perhaps not). Any insight, as always, thanks so much.


Hi Henry - Oppositions exteriorize whatever they oppose. Perhaps in the 3rd you will remember some things from the past, or receive a message that will require some things get done before something else can move forward. Perhaps a new way of viewing and communicating something after the "surrender" of 22 Cap? And look to what Mercury rules in your chart, since those are the things that will be obviously affected or reworked through seeing/communicating from different angles of view.

abha bansal

Many many many thanks to you Robert. Your prediction shall really help us to know that how we should devise plans for getting better results and to control the current situation. i love reading astrology articles on web. The elaborated and highly informative aricles like yours are available on too.

Fredrick Brown

interesting video on Indian Astrology. I thought I should let you know.
will something happen on 09.09.09?


To anyone reading the above two posts: the former is standard predictive Indian Astrology. I left it because though I believe much about Vedic Astrology is flawed and deterministic, there is still much that can be learned, taken with a grain of salt.

The Youtube video is pure claptrap. Glamorous nonsense saying nothing, stimulating lower feelings through lurid imagery set to ominous tones. A true waste of time. Obviously a promo for a huckster. Lots of that out there in videoland. And yes, I'm going to do a post on the pitfalls of doomsday videos!


Good one Robert!
I have to confess the videos of this nature sucked me in for a time but now when people post them I just think why not do something better for yourselves!?!......but what? can be the question, for some!


Hi Robert - I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated this post. I found your insights regarding Mercury's retrograde transit through the houses very validating. It helped to clarify and confirm what I already knew, so thanks.

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