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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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Right on, Robert. This theme is very close to my heart. After my own underworld journey, i can say that when you "die into matter, " i.e., surrender to a kind of living death, you develop a spiritual bond with the very ground (if you have been knocked down to the basest part of your existance), and if you do so with sincere heart and sympathy for the ALL, what you gain is redemptive power. as if teh atoms and molecules that have lain in the ground, and all the things you have touched in your life, somehow also are "lifted up" as you, too, rise after the fall. It's something i feel in my bones, and the kinship with the mother - mater - is newly strengthened and heightened in conscious awareness. Before this passage, the earth, adn the divine mother were nice theories, things i intellectually appreciated. now these are divine beings that i know. difference.
and i agreee that - for whatever reason - the divine mother energy is what is vitally needed now, the flow of tenderness, kinship, caring and connectedness that is timebound, substantive, and warm. yay. what would we do without your unique clarion call to bravely face the future with openness and courage? we'd be surfing..... cheers - k


Hi kathy - Yes, there are many ways "to kneel and kiss the Earth." There is an amazing power once we surrender to the need to let go of the old so whatever is worthwhile can be redeemed. And an experience is definitely something that stays with you, unlike ideas and the rest. The Earth and its creatures sorely needs more redemptive compassion and fewer smashmouth approaches. And we're building toward "critical mass," when everything that is collapsing will create the tension needed to birth the new era.


Wow, great comment, thanks. Just the other day, when i was in a yoga class, we were in child's pose, which you prob know involves placing the forehead on the floor. When we did so, the instructor talked about the touch of humility and appreciation that can issue from that point of connection. So beautiful!

Yet another, more literal encounter with the immanent bliss thingy.

xoxo, k

Jill Rogers

I love your articles. Very "contemporary". I was wondering if you know much about the Aurora Borealis: if it appears at certain times or in cycles or if it is just a random thing.



Hi Jill - Well, as far as I know it's an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs in the far north (Aurora Borealis) and south (Aurora Australis) of our globe. Auroras are caused by the collision of charged particles (ions) in the magnetosphere. They emit infrared, ultraviolet, and X-Rays. Geomagnetic storms ignite auroras, and apparently happen more frequently around the equinoxes. They seem to have something to do with the earth's magnetic field linking with the interplanetary magnetic field, and this creates auroras. So probably there are cycles, since they are related to geomagnetic storms.


Hi Robert...I was checking to see if you had written anything about Nommos,Sirius or the mythical "Dark Twin"? I'm doing some artwork around it and its coming to a momentum(I Hope!)
You have a way of putting things that makes it easier for lay people like me:)))


I had an ah ha moment when reading this last article. The preceeding article had me going in circles, mentally. I am wading through the aftermath of pluto and wondering when my renewal will actually start. But, this newest article gave me a shove in the right direction. Thanks again.


Hi Marie - I've only briefly touched on Sirius, "the Sun of our Sun," in a few articles. Sitegoogle Sirius and you should find them. I haven't heard about the others you mention.

Hi Mary - Well, occasionally disorientation can help us reorient when we stop going in circles.;-) Renewals are forever, and always NOW, though there are many "nows." You're most welcome.


Wonderful Article. Thank you. Namaste.


Hey Robert thanks for this powerful article which I have only just discovered. My own powerful death destruction rebirth process has been underway for over 7 years now ever since Pluto and then Neptune began to pass over my 7 planet stellium in Aquarius (dob 4th Feb 1962 7.10 pm Canberra Australia) and has been about fully and feeling through being burned, purified and cleansed and having to stay with this pain on the knife point of agony without flinching. I have been walking with Persephone after finding out about her and her Sumerian counterparts Erishkegal and Innana over 10 years ago. Great to know I am not alone on this journey as the past 4 years took me into almost total isolation in order to do the deep work then led me smack bang into a new relationship last year that challenged me to heal and find love and compassion in the midst of total disbelief and misunderstanding on his part at first. I thank goddess for your website. Just one question I was born just prior to a South Node Solar Eclipse and wonder what light you can shed on this. Eclipse times tend to be very powerful for me. Much love and many blessings to you.


Hi kathryn - You're most welcome. Namaskar.

Hi Deborah - You were born at one of the most important points in the 20th century. The lineup in Aquarius at that time is said by some sources to be the time when "the third Antichrist" was born, and also the point when "the One" was born who will overcome the beings and forces which create the destruction of our old age. A Solar Eclipse shuts down an old light to allow new light to be seen. You can find out more by going to the various Eclipse articles I've posted. On an individual basis, it shows that a major part of your parents' lives shut down just after you were born, major endings and beginnings happening quickly. Also that by progression, you went through a number of years where things were shut down, taken away, or ended so that you could find a broader, more impersonal point of view.

Creating new lines of communication, sharing, nonpossessiveness, and focusing of uniqueness are a few of your spiritual challenges this lifetime. You have the potential to release some very powerful forces this lifetime, but must learn to take unusual views of things, look at what is enjoyable or not, simplify, and synthesize. You could become "the nail" holding many things and people together. And of course, Aum and blessings to you as well, since you're no doubt a force majure in your world with the power to affect many people once you find a broad view of interconnecting forces, personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal.

Deborah Allin

Hi Robert thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my query re Solar Eclipse birth, your comments shed some light on why so much was stripped away. Just one other query. I was looking at what you wrote on stagnation and for the past few months I have been having the most intense head and neck symptoms like being strangled or energy trying to release at a difficult birth (I do suffer PTSD from a painful almost fatal car accident at age 17 and other accidents - Mars Satur stuff). Chiron is not far off the asc/desc axis so I feel this could be a major time of rebirth but at times it is agony. There is still a lot of isolation from people of 'like mind' and bein sidelined by others is this something I have to bear as an Aquarian. I feel a bit stymied as to how to link up and connect at the moment.


Hi Deborah - With Neptune so strong, you are experiencing some things that exist in collective consciousness. Get clear about what is your stuff, and what you're picking up from everywhere and nowhere. Neptune in Aquarius can also help you dissolve old memories residing in your hologram through detachment and dispassion, as though those experiences happened to another being. Your spiritual ruler Uranus in Pisces also suggests that you see it all as a dream state you're learning to navigate.

Chiron calls us to our higher Self, as well as healing, questing, and mastering logic and philosophy in forms appropriate to our Dharma. Detach from "agony" and regard it all as an experiment in finding the right point of view on time and magnetism. Trust that in the right season you will connect with those of like mind and heart, and then lift yourself to the highest level of awareness you can, since that will impact those who show up. Patience is a virtue, since trusting that the Universe will provide at the right time if you just do the right thing and show up in the right place usually leads us to exactly what and who we need, once we are in the right head and heart space to recognize and greet "the friend."


Thanks again Robert. I am beginning to recognise that a lot of whatI feel or pick up times is not personal but collective, may be even absorbed (or could it also be old ancestral stuff releasing??). I find it difficult to sleep a full night through with my partner in the same room and have to remove myself since I often awake between 3 and 5 am clearing, coughing up phlegm and eliminating and readusting particularly along the spinal channels and hips throat and heart often reexperiencing what I am not sure is either old shock or other stuff. Have been confused as to what is PTSD and cellular memory from the severe crashes of 1979 when my chest was pierced and lung collapsed and I was trapped in smashed up car for hours unable breathe; the bike accident in 2005 whose impact was blacked out and resulted in a severe head injury when Chiron was on Mars on the first year anniversay after my husband walked out then the next fall the following year at around the same time. At times the sucking around my heart is intense but always leads to discharge and release if I can breathe through it. However as you say if I can keep opening and trust and use meditation to view this pain which is acute, burning and severe (solar fire??? kundaline fire??? fire by friction????) not as agony but merely as sensation praying for guidance to the Goddess and believing in my ability to come through I trust it will release and bring me to the right place and people in time. I know as you say patience is a big issue PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE AND THEN TRUST TRUST TRUST AND LOVE which ultimately brings the awareness and lifting you speak of. Dear Robert thanks for your website love wisdom and all you tirelessly give to readers including myself. Bless you.


Hi Deborah - Sure. You are very receptive to the collective, especially with Neptune where it is. Just keep affirming that you're releasing what is "not you." Detach, depersonalize, and see it all as a dream state you're swimming in, but can also get out of the pool any time you want while still watching the show. Maybe you should meditate on allowing past traumas, regardless of origin, to present themselves as part of the bigger picture of your self-realization process so you can process them out of immediate consciousness. See them as happening to someone different than who you have become since then. Acknowledge them until you feel resolution, then release them. Try to strengthen your heart through radical self love and love for All-That-Is, and meditate on a deeper communion with whatever helps you remember that you are an eternally Loving and Wise being learning intelligent responses to things both obvious and subtle.

Discharge is good if the void that is left is naturally filled in its time with a sense of peace with yourself and your process. The pain could be any number of things, and Solar Fire is always revealed through our heart's resolve to live and love and be connected with the heart of All-That-Is. Fire by Friction is the fire of our lives and interactions, so it's always present to some degree, even in our most intense moments of self transformation. All pain is a passing sensation to teach us to stay awake to the transmutational process and do what we must to antidote the pain through expunging the sources of that pain. Praying to Divine Mother to help us release our pain is always a good thing to do, since it invariably works without fail. And yes, the reward of patience is patience, which is a great tool to use in this impermanent and sometimes confusing world. And of course, you're most welcome. Perseverance furthers!


Great article. I think in easy terms. The dark before the dawn the breakdown before the breakthrough. We as humans and as a collective conscious must hold our light and positive energy. Not to say to ignore your homework so to speak. Cleanse, clear and renew your soulfulness pwer up your spiritual body. Prepare for the transformation, enjoy the transition. Forge ahead with clarity, find your passion. Be the light and love or strive to.


Hi Sara - We are truly approaching critical mass regarding the dysfunction of how humans are relating to the rest of reality. I believe hundreds of thousands ARE holding light and living as positively as possible, given the pervasive darkness, selfishness, and separateness of our times. Daily self renewal helps us keep our powers sharp, if we are to believe the I Ching. Yes, transitions are constant, so enjoyment of the process is a very sane way to live. Clarity is a very good thing in times of uncertainty all around. That's why one of the recurring themes at this site is to remember we ARE Eternals having human experiences, almost all the mischief on our planet has to do with human ignorance and the sources of suffering, and our job, so to speak, is to keep on keepin' on as the era closes and a much better one is a-borning.


Thanks again Robert. Yes major lessons to learn about truely loving and letting go of separativeness, selfishness. In the midst of this had a thorax C T scan and they have found "an ill defined area of increased pulmonary markings in the right lung apex, which MAY represent pulmonary infiltrative related infection" its only small 18 - 20 mm in diameter. The doctor, confused as to a diagnosis recommends an agressive course of antibiotics, but I don't believe in or ever take drugs, have been entirely free of any pharmaceuticals for over four years and dont like polluting my system with things I dont believe in. My belief is that it is clearing and is intensifying in this clearing as Saturn at 1 degree Virgo stations in opp to natal Chiron and within 7 degrees of natal Pluto. Do I stay true to my belief and resist the drugs or cave in under pressure from a worried partner and confused doctors?. I am sorry to ask this over a blog as you have been very kind so far and this may be pushing things. Love Deborah.


Hi Deborah - Well, such life altering choices cannot be addressed in a comment stream. While several classes of antibiotics have literally almost killed me, there are others I've had to take or my life and health would not be what it is today. I usually try Chinese medical cures, other herbal or food cures, or even massive amounts of vegetable juice formulas for specific biochemical results before I put myself in the hands of the allopathic medical practitioners. But of course, these work to the degree that we know what cure to apply to what problem. One thing to note - extreme circumstances often require extreme measures, and we can always clean out again once the crisis has been mitigated. To each their own.

Deborah Allin

Thanks again Robert. I took the antibiotics but am now using natural rememdies, this is about a bigger conflict. As you say, we need to expunge the sources of pain. With Saturn Mars Moon I find that difficult but need to learn in order to find peace. Love..


It's probably my Pluto transits but I have been thinking about that myth a lot lately.


What a great article to find after I have been mulling over the rulership of Libra and the discovering of Eris.
So does anyone think Eris will be given rulership of Libra? I think naming this new planet Eris the goddess of discord was unfortunate. Like you say, It really should've been Persephone.
Persephone is one of many archetypes Demetria George mentions for the dark moon phase along with ofcourse Lilith, Hekate, Kali, Nyx etc, etc. This ties in nicely with every thing you have said here.
I have been making a case for Lilith to have rulership of Libra on my Blog Lilith, Persephone and Rulership of Libra. But realistically no one is going to give rulership to a hypothetical moon or a minor asteroid. Therefore I guess the logical step would be to give it to the next planet out from Pluto, Eris/Persephone.
Taurus is a feminine element earth, Libra is in masculine air. It makes sense Libra should be ruled by a more emancipated archetype like Lilith in the guise of Percephone perhaps?
So as you say she rules the cycle of death & rebirth. Libra in northern hemispheres begins the season of Autumn and contains Haloween. A very spooky time.. Very suited to witchy Lilith.
Lilith/Persephone/Eris archetype is far more suited to Libra than Venus. Venus places emphasis on love, fertility, pleasuring herself and sex with her lovers. Arts, beauty and vanity. Much more Taurean. Much more traditionally female.
And I think having a Goddess as outer planet AND ruling a sign will be important for women's rights. The west has come a long way, but this is not so in other parts of the world. As above, so below?
So you wrote this in 2005, and have made some very important points. I'm glad I am not alone in my thinking.
And yes this is BIG, it's more than an earthly Goddess thing. This IS Galactic! Now that we know about Eris's incredibly elliptic orbit. This really makes sense.
Really goes with the bringing energy from the Galaxy and bringing them into our Solar system. I see parallels with Chiron too.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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