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Max Tuggle

Does my web site make sense to you?


Hi Max - Yes, though it seems a bit self-promoting for you to ask this question on this site. As a metaphysician with knowledge of what seems to be your interest, I would suggest that you deepen and flesh out what you post on your site. (And yes, I know you have a book you're trying to sell...)


Great insight!
In 2023 then the dawn blooms with a new light.
(I really feel that later on, Pluto in Aquarius shall really bring up all our humanitarian hearts)

Meanwhile we have a decade with Pluto in Capricorn.
It is the time to restructure society, governments, world organization, businesses.
That is the global word. And what about our personal work? What does Pluto in Capricorn, brings for everyone?
Capricorn relates to our strivings and social ambitions, right?

Uranus in Aries should also ignite our personal inventivess, assertiveness and boldness, and independence.

Sounds like assertiveness of our global ambitions and strivings!


I even tell it...
Ask a Sagittarius or a Capricorn.
They are (including myself) dealing with Pluto around our ascendent or natal sun!
So, we know what these strivings may be. I just had Pluto conjunting my natal Sag sun.


Hi Popplagid - But of course. This site features "source material" that can be used by everyone however they deem best. Been thinking about the future for awhile now, so figured it's okay to share some things resulting from the cogitation. The future of humanity's so bright we're all gonna have to wear shades! Breakdown is a prelude to breakthrough (and vise-versa!) so we can build new forms for new eras. Electric Fire is on the way, and how we deal with and manifest Uranus in Pisces energies will determine a lot of how karma manifests personally, interpersonally, and transpersonally in the new era. Everyone dealing with Pluto near anything significant is greeting the "Lord of the Underworld," so by all means make Shiva your friend. Of course, as one with Pluto rising, occasionally I show up as Pluto in people's lives, much to their relief/regret. Oh well. When you live with the purifying "Pillar of Fire" your entire life, you either a) make it your friend or b) get burned badly until you do. But all in all, I'd rather be purified this life than stay corrupted, or as someone once said, "I'd rather be disillusioned than illusioned."


Yes. I was born with Pluto and Saturn in eight house. And Pluto curiously in 27º Libra, trining my Sun.
So guess that since 2005, I am having Pluto greeting me, trining itself, conjunting my natal neptune, then the sun, and now mercury and squaring mars.

Pluto purification manifested in my life, by telling me that I have to do something else on my job life, on my contribution to society. I had to involve my soul and my inner duties and gifts.

One day I was doing dishes and I notice how much I was contributing to polluting the Earth by using a normal washing gel. The day after I start my long shift into a more ecological living. This was in 2006.
Another day I had my last experience with anything that could alter our minds, mushrooms, and since then I took nothing, even since then I stay away from a drop of wine!, but during that last night I clearly saw the spirit of the universe greeting me death, uncovering me unknown strenghts, disclosing me that Earth is a marvelous beauty and that I came here to help shifting the daily behaviours of people. This dated 2005.
Even on another day, I met my current girlfriend. It was a very powerful day, in 2006. After a period of two dreamy days and nights, under the stars with her, during a communitarian ecological gathering. On the night we said goodbye, I met a couple hours after, a mantra yogi in the forest! sounded like a fairytale story but he was the one that gave birth to my interest in mantra reciting.
In 2007 it is being a busy year, looking for solutions, gathering books and contacts (my mercurian transit) and maybe its not still there. Pluto is still teaching me about what we can do. Together with my mate, we dream a lot about setting my big contribution to the world, combining nature with spirituality. Maybe who knows under the Pluto in Aquarius in 2020 we will be all frm this comment stream living under a similar spirit. At least I see it in my dreams. That bright very differnt future not so far away lurking and whispering hello...


I have never heard "liberty" nor "revolution" talked about so much in my adult lifetime, but now among a certain U.S. Presidential campaign. This sheds some light on my curiosity about it - thanks.

I like Steiner's libertarianish Social 3Folding idea. I hope I get to find out what happens in 2024. :)

Robert Morris was a Pluto in Libra. He signed the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. And is allegedly my 26th-great grandfather this time around. :)


Hi Jilly - Well, America was once the light of the world, and now has become just one more tired, selfish, heavy handed government among the rest. We The People shall restore our light, but only after we stop electing bloviating gasbags and war criminals and profiteers. By 2024 we enter the "Spring of the 21st Century" which should restore some collective hope and growth. Will add your most august ancestor to the list. They had TRUE courage, given that they all would have been hanged if everyone had not pulled together to make the dream real. They preferred an uncertain life of striving for freedom rather than a comfortable slow death living under heavy handed authoritarian chains. Thank heaven many around the Earth are also willing to put their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" on the line for their ideals setting an example for the ages. ps - GREAT cd! World class music!


Have a safe trip. :)

B. Franklin: "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."


Hi Jilly - One of my all time favorite quotes from Dr. Franklin, and one I've used many times in the past to remind us that we are less separate than we think, and all subject to similar forces (and consequences!) if we don't get it together. Separately, we can barely maintain; together we can achieve great things.


It is time for all of us to form small communities or villages and build self-sustainable homes, centers, using eco-friendly, alternative off-grid energy sources. When the global money systems self-collapse, 'we the people' can get back to the business of living in harmony. We can create our own local exchange systems, and live in locally abundant economies. The global beasts will be gone, like dinosours. That is what Pluto in Capricorn means to me. (And I am a boomer)


Hi lizzie - Yes, I've advocated what you're saying here for a looooong time. I created a multi-day event around the "End of the Era of Empire" back in 1991 due to configurations then that spelled the end of "bigger is better." That's why so many monolithic entities have broken apart or been challenged in growth since then. We're definitely seeing that the current model is unsustainable, and so that's why I encourage all to find those who share their community goals while furthering their autonomy. The world of 30 years from now will look drastically different from the dystopia we currently deal with.

Tamara Daly

Hi Robert,
I don't think I've written you since Pluto was transiting my Saturn at 28 Sagg. Now its coming up faster than I could imagine, almost conjunct my sun 4 Cap, and trne my natal Pluto which is conjunct my ascendent at 4 Virgo. I'm about to graduate with my MPH in public health, environmental health and feel like a lot of changes are coming soon anyway. Any way to tell if this will be an OK period or total devastation? I surved the Pluto transiting Saturn, but everything felt like more struggle, more work than it should have been.
Tamara BD 12/26/58


Hi Tamara - Usually Pluto on the Sun totally transforms a life; if you're living your Higher Truth, then all that would distract from that Truth will be purified. You could be walking through the "devastation" all around you, with you being the Solar Angel throughout it all. And transits to Saturn do often seem like more struggle than we'd like, since Saturn shows our resistances as well as our "response ability."

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