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Robert, you are one of the greatest astrologers of the day, one can tell you have a passion for astrology AND people who love it as you do. Predicting an earthquake (especially with precise calendar date) is ridiculous for any self-respecting psychic or non-psychic. To me, it's like looking at a chart and knowing for sure when the person's life on this planet would end. Are you entitled to give out THAT piece of information, especially when you feel quite sure about it ? Earthquakes are common to given areas (we all know that, and we are not psychics), however it is actually better not to really know about the geological events that will release a real one. When you make attempts to beat save some, but you lose some too. It is part of the planets' grandiose destiny, by the way.


Hi Olga - Thanks for the kind words. I agree that spreading fear and creating unnecessary anxiety is highly unethical. Even when I see crises, I try to prepare others to be as fully aware as possible so they may deal with what they have to. And of course, no respectable astrologer ever predicts a time of death (except Grant Lewi predicting his own, but in a way others didn't realize he had done until after he left).

Truly, even the best win some and lose some, since it keeps us humble in the face of a greater Love-Wisdom-Intelligence-Knowledge than we usually experience. In other words, reminds us to check our ego at the door of the Divine Science.

John Fredericks

I second the notion of the psychic who sees a large quake hitting southern California this year, and wanted to take a moment to share at least one psychic's perpective on the giving warning issue. First is the issue of ego. I question this one, as I am looking at it from the perspective of no good comes to me in any event. If I am wrong, I join the already long list. If I am right, I subject myself to the most bizarre form of attention one could imagine, like a freak from the old circus. To complicate matters in this specific case, I see three distinct earthquakes happening in succession on the 11th, 16th and 20th of November. Get that one partially right and partially wrong, and I could be subject to not only a bizarre media circus in itself, I could bring shame and disfavor to both myself, and all other psychics and all of our practices in one famous CNN covered non-event. That is risky territory in both personal and professional realms, and yet I just posted another warning today, and checked for feedback on the press release I sent out a couple of weeks ago. Yes, and this is the bigger issue, God, mother earth and our entire universe does indeed rearrange itself as needed, sometimes with human lives and suffering to pay as a toll. Believe me I share in the sense that if it's needed anywhere it would be in a gleaming symbolic location that screams of American pride, greed, avarice and over-development. However, I believe that I have been given these visions as part of a bigger plan as well. I believe strongly that if we are advancing, evolving, and stretching the limits of our minds and souls to reach higher planes as individuals and an entire human race, this is part of the changes. We are advancing psychically and evolving in terms of our sheer grey matter and what it is capable of. To not share the visions would be a crime against that, if not the hundreds or thousands of other enligthened spiritualists, psychics, astrologers, doctors, and future leaders who may perish in such disastrous events as those foreseen. It is not the common-folk I would expect to listen to my warnings, although I hope as many do as possible. It is more those who do get senses and vibes, who start reading anomalous astrological charts, or who listen to their friends describe their powerful dreams, who I am hoping will listen. Just wanted you to know what it feels from a very tormented mental territory that nobody should have to endure. I figure the pain of experiencing those moments even psychically is what compels me to wnat the people who ostensibly experience it to NOT.


Hi John - Sorry, but this post is from 2006, and there was no heavy quake that year in SoCal. Ultimately it doesn't matter what you think about right and wrong, good and bad, except that you set yourself up for all kinds of unwanted ego responses from others if you predict glamorous things. So while you say you have issues around predicting, whether correctly or incorrectly, you have used this forum to predict that which could be partially right and partially wrong, which you state you don't want. It is well known that SoCal is hundreds of years overdue for a major quake on the San Andreas, which will create untold misery and deprivation. I tend not to make predictions even when I know what's up, since unless I can create positive responses it's a useless exercise and only generates fear. I don't think it's a crime against anything not to share visions which may or may not be accurate. Many have perished, many will perish as our beautiful world evolves along its own path. If our "leaders" don't listen now to basic common sense stuff, why should they listen to earthquake predictions? As one who has made some predictions in the past, I know how it feels, and wouldn't describe it as "a very tormented mental territory that nobody should have to endure." Please get over feeling tormented, since that's a useless glamor. Help those you can, let go of feeling conflicted about whatever, become precise in your gift, and by all means, make positive predictions.

Account Deleted

In spite of frequent earthquakes, atomic explosions making ozone layer disappear quickly and causing global warming, the earth's crust losing its gravitational pull which can be felt occasionally,& sea storms human being is as wild as used to be. Instead of making this global village a place of love and affection, man is becoming wilder than ever. The war of supremacy is going on destroying the earth altogether.


Hi chanmakhna - This world will not end in a Hollywood movie fashion (nor in a Bollywood dance number, for that matter!) Things will get wilder for sure, followed by an Age so glorious very few imagine the possibilities. We are told in very ancient and venerable Chronicles that humanity has many thousands of years left to evolve, through the Dwapara Yuga already upon us, then the Treta Yuga and finally the Satya Yuga. Life will be very much better for thousands of years to come beginning in the relatively near future, once the old ways crash and burn.

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