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I just had my Grandfather use me as a channel yesterday, for the first time (that I am aware of) to help a friend of mine's family deal with a dying relative- to make her passage easier and bring healing to the transition. You just don't know how my reading this today has been a validation for me, and a much needed one! He has been around me, very much, ever since his passing, over 3 years ago, but this is the first time that I feel he was actually using me to make a connection with someone else- a bridge, if you will, from this side to the other. It was incredible, but my intellectual nature wanted to question it later, much after the fact (my chart has 2 grand trines in air, and my S. Node is Gemini- however, it was my Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Pisces that made this connection possible in the first place, I think?). So, this synchronicity was of course, divine timing. I supposed I needed a little pat on the back from the universe so I can be sure I did and said the right thing to my friend in need. No doubt in my mind, now- LOL. Thanks, again Robert!!!


Hi Shelley - Blessings to you for trying to help others who are grieving deal with the deep and powerful feelings that come up. I believe most beings usually go to the "heavenworld" or "devachan" which is a very refined frequency level in the bardo (as some call it) after they pass on. Usually what people sense here is the astral or mental "ghost" or echo of the Spirit who has moved on.

However, from time to time certain Spirits are allowed by karma and their higher work to maintain a connection to someone here on Earth, usually to help with some specific form of suffering they are uniquely able to antidote. And of course those here who "walk between two worlds," do a valuable job for humans who are dealing with the death of a loved one. FYI - Jupiter in Pisces serves as a "witness" for many things that are common to the human condition, and if there is a position that would indicate contact with the invisible world, that is certainly one of them. Glad you and your grandfather's Spirit could help people struggling with the death of a loved one. It is truly a blessing.


Robert, it is a blessing, and I don't know where it's heading. I know I need to read and learn more about it. Can you recommend any good books on this subject? My G-pa has been around me since the moment he died, and that was almost 3-1/2 years ago. His energy feels very urgent but happy and sometimes, a trickster element comes in to play (he resets the time on my PC, cellphone, messes with my electric car door locks and car alarm, etc...). I've often had trouble sleeping because it feels like the room is full of people/spirits, and I've learned to use a white light visualization to make me feel safe and protected and able to go to sleep better (it has kept me up ALL NIGHT in the past). My challenge will be learning how to balance this invisible world awareness with my physical and "real" world needs. Quite a challenge, with my Pisces Sun and Jupiter, Neptune in Sag, 2 air grand trines and only a Virgo rising for my Earth energy, LOL! Just "being here" has been hard for me. Anyway, thanks for your help and encouragement.


Duh! Maybe I could start with The Magic of Space? :)


Sure. Go back and re-read all the Magic of Space pieces I've posted. There's more - I'll try to find it and post something relevant. You mainly need to find a measure of control over your "vessel," so that too many collective feeling impressions don't overwhelm you. There is such a thing as astral overload.

That said, try "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton. It'll give you a different perspective and a lot of good information.


Two works not about walking between two worlds but are most helpful to generating positivity are "The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn," an amazing work if ever their was one, and the remarkable "Autobiography of A Yogi." Also Manly P. Hall's "Self Unfoldment By Disciplines of Realization" would be a very good work for many reasons, as he was also a Pisces.

Shell Rae

I wouls like to read the book, The Magic Space. I have tried to find it but been unsuccessful. Please let me know the author or where to find it.
Shell Rae


Hi Shell Rae - You probably cannot get a copy for under $250.00, and even those are rare. The author is "Triton" which you will not find anywhere, at least not associated with the work. That's why I post it here in pieces, so we all may share in its wisdom.


Indeed I searched Borders today for 'The Magic Space' before reading Robert's last post concerning it's rareity. The heart/imagination link provides for water taken from the well, which may be a better beginning than diving in out right. Like the moderation that Triton conveys, it is wise to moderate the speed of our studies. I think eagerness or too much fullfilment of our curiousity can leave us feeling uncomfortably stuffed. Or not. For me I'm trying an approach of moderation in my life beggining with daily activities. I woke up today and satisfied my interests- leaving me in a wonderful emotionally satisfied state from which to attend other life houses. Now I'm working on some common life responsibilities and preparing for this next week. Usually, I'd worry about academic deadlines today. Rather now I'm calmly approaching the time to come with optimism and practical governance. With the every-other-day aspects of this week in mind- I beleive my approach is founded by wise words.
Everyday has been a lesson lately- maybe sometimes we just need to meditate, wish, and let go, without determining too much on any one thing.
These are the first applications of the Triton material for me. I hope I am off to a good start. Have a fabulously relaxing Sunday everyone!


Hi Don - A good deal of our well being depends on our ability to step back from the moment and evaluate all experience as though it were happening to a separate being. Mars and Pluto were in opposition showing that the Mars ruled parts of us have been challenged to find the realization that is the perfect balance and expression of the truth trying to come to surface.

I believe you are dedicated and intense. Those are good qualities to embrace an authentic life. And there is also a time to digest the meal, so one does not get bloated (uncomfortably stuffed, I believe you put it) with un-applied realizations. And finding satisfaction is a very good thing. Knowing when to kick back and feel good and radiate that good will to others is often the key to knowing you're managing your life instead of allowing it to role over you.

When you state: "Everyday has been a lesson lately- maybe sometimes we just need to meditate, wish, and let go, without determining too much on any one thing." Welcome to where we all live. Take a deep breath, and don't let the wheels grind the grist too long too small. There are future adventures to live, without allowing the ghosts of the past to perpetuate the suffering that blocks our love and wisdom from expressing itself.


Awesooooooome series of writings!!!!!.
Thanks for posting it, Robert.

By the way, I found an efficient way to get fully relaxed at first and eased from the toxic energies that my body sucks like a "vacuum cleaner" without being this intentional in me. Sometimes I felt like a trash collector -being the "trash" not mine, but result of the daily exterior world's interactions-.

I started with regressions, but this is not the real point. The meditation system from Dr. Brian L. Weiss, which I practice, and which consists in letting go energies circulating your body by cleaning some chakras using "imaginary colours", signified a turning point in balancing my inner center.

It works very well for me, perhaps not for another, but yes, don't try to get your mind becoming a "total void" efortlessly because it's only possible from absorbing some energies through imagination, and working a little on the practice, expell out your body the wasted or toxic materials...Yes!!!. That's the point you arrive to, it really lets your "inner trash" out in a very, very pleasing way. You sense how it leaves your body. Bye bye...

I hope it can be helpful to other "vacuum cleaners" like me.

For me was.


Hi Henry - Another good visualization! Thanks for putting it out there for all to practice (and hopefully get cleaned up!) One of my favorites is when in the shower, affirm that "all negative thoughts and feelings are washing out of me" down the drain into the Great Mother who transmutes everything. Sometimes I actually feel layers of tension and other "stuff" flowing down through the soles of my feet down the drain.


Thank you for posting excerpts from the remarkable "Magic of Space" by Triton! It is the one book my spirit soaks up like a sponge, and I'm looking to score my own copy.

That said, this is me putting my feelers out. Now: your turn.

Any kind soul who leads me to attaining a copy of this incredible book will be, new best friend. Yeah, that works. Talk about a win-win. :D

All the best (and thanks!)


Hi Shalimar - There are a few copies for sale via the web, but they can run into high dollar deals. And of course I will post more in the future, though you can find quite a few in the archives.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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