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Caleb G

I've definitely found the time I spent with Agni Yoga (the book) to be illimunating. I wouldn't exchange the experience and/or knowledge thus gained. However, for some reason reading the stuff from the Roerich's makes me feel like someone is drilling a hole into my head.

Not my favorite stuff to read, but worthwhile none-the-less. Guess it's like the shoes analogy from above.


Well, it is a stiff drink of water. As I've maintained for quite a while, it's not like you can "believe or disbelieve" this stuff; it's pretty much the way it is, and either we act upon it or don't. If you immerse yourself in the Agni Yoga material for any length of time, you start realizing you feel differently, think differently, and are aware of stuff you never were before. And it is like a laser beam to the brain, being an example of "First Ray" teachings in their essential nature. That's why I posted only a short bit. More than that is somewhat like reading the Code of Civil Procedure at length. And of course, we don't want to forget our shoes, pants, or the vastness of possibilities.

Don Rohrman

A construction truck made the noise 'beep...beep' in reverse, revealing a large pile of used lumber from his truck-bed. From atop the 20 foot loading ramp (aback the fishmarket I work) the truck's driver dangled his legs out of the the truck, peering his head conspicuosly in the driver's side window, and we locked eyes. I said "are you going to toss that wood...because I could build a horse from that?" The man willingly gave me, and another interested man, the lumber. The other interested man loaded his truck with our new interesting treasure, from another man's trash. The interested man dropped off my portion of the wood at my house en-route home, after I had given him directions, a truly kind-hearted man he is.
I cannot explain in words the multiple levels of joy and meaning that this simple experience brought me today. To me "it is what it is."
Peace all,


people should use Agni Yoga instead of the Bible - our world would be a much beter place.
the Roerichs are amazing...


Hi Don - What you describe is exactly what I'm talking about in today's post (20 June). Sometimes life offers us unique opportunities to specialize a skill or experience. This is one of those brief moments in time. There is hope for the human race due to our connectedness. It's all part of the Game of Life of learning how to give and receive love, i.e., all that is.

Yulia - There would certainly be more to ponder, given the intensity, depth, and breadth of the Agni Yoga material. Two more of my favorites are "Heart" and "Agni Yoga," though of course books like "New Era Community" and "Brotherhood" also deal with important material for us humans to master. While I respect the Red Letters in the Bible, there are many other Higher Truths that are outside and beyond that particular philosophy.


I love this site. I feel I have found a profound wise friend at your site.
Thank you


Hi Stella - Thanks for your kind words. I hope you can find your way to your higher self in everything you do. And I'll keep trying to find some wisdom of the great ones to post here from time to time.


Dear Robert, hope you are well today. As this article i can fully relate to as part of my realness. When my little Luke died instantly, tragically, this was an opening bigger than i can believed i actually handled . I was 10 weeks pregnant with the amazing reward of another son , yet throughout the pregnancy and after, much hell rose besides my own deep pain of loss. Some people expressed their concerns as to wether my pregnancy would last and I had to pull in an incredible amount of srenghth and faith as I was also had my 3yr old to care for and a diagnosed schizophrenic husband who had traumatised after the death of his son and became a violent alcoholic who was insane and possessed i believe. We lived self sufficiently in the "bush"(country) quite isolated and there was no one who at this time who he would allow near me. I had only God and he saved me many times from insanities and darkness,My daughter had rainbow robot who she insisted wasnt her brother but his friend and was very in touch with angels ,many extraodinary thimgs occured and i talked and prayed and lived intuitively and instinctively, Given dreams and exact moves. It reached a severe point where i could not leave or he would end our lives,This was all only 10 months after Lukey had died and after much violence and fear , I could not fathom anything anymore and went and screamed to the heavens with my catholic understanding" Mary was Joseph beating you up when your son died" and requested quite angrily that i needed assistance now , right now. And all dreams, a quickening in action, , literal action was taken . 3 weeks exactly later they drove him away in police car after he shot the guy in the next property . I stood that night with my new baby my 4yr old clasping my hand and watched a slow shooting star sream across the sky and i was grateful beyond belief and connected to what i had pushed away. This was still just a bit of it, God and the angels have saved me again and again enough for me to be faith. I had no choice.
I know this is intense for some ,yet i know deep in my heart we are all love and love as an expression of god will protect us and keep us safe from pain and delusion. Once we are given the light and believe
we connect to all love eveywhere in everytime we are whole. Thanking you for allowing me the space to tell this . Aum shanti Sincerely Felita


Hi Felita - Am doing very well, much better than 20 years ago (or even 10, for that matter!) The echoes of pain do occur, over and over, sometimes without warning, as a result of the loss of any child at any age, whether in pregnancy or at an advanced age. Your story is one of amazing strength, courage, and determination. Some men do become very angry, withdrawn, and even take out their pain and frustration on their loved ones. I am very sorry you had to endure such experiences, though no doubt you are a much stronger and wiser being for having "bought the ticket and taken the trip." Abusive men are isolators, which is why that's one of the warning flags for those who wonder if they're in an abusive relationship. Obviously you didn't have to wonder, since you were directly on the receiving end of abuse. I'm sure you found a tremendous connection to God during those painful days. And usually when we're in the pit of despair, that's when miracles do occur. You demanded a demonstration from Spirit to release you from an insane, impossible situation, and sure enough, it opened your abuser to step over a legal boundary and you were removed from the physical and emotional abuse (though I feel badly for your neighbor). I also know the feeling of God and the angels saving me again and again this life from all kinds of inner and outer turmoil. It may be an intense thing to share, but we are not so different than many who also share elements of our stories. That's the blessing in sharing them with the world. We find we're really not as alone as we feel. And in a final note of synchronicity, 30 years ago I was married to another woman, and we lost a pregnancy due to medical complications that came to within one hour of killing her. We had already picked out a name for the child. It was Luke. My heartfelt best to you, Felita. You are one brave Soul. May your example serve to inspire other women everywhere who also endure something that should not be endured.


Dear Robert, I can see the reasons behind all that i chose to experience and have released this past with forgiveness it was all chosen i understand and i had and have compassion for my ex partner and alot of projections from my own male side . I feel like it was another life and am grateful i had the desire to grow, lots and lots of healing has been done, I told this story to show how life humbled me(oh! that chart of mine)and exposed me to faith bigtime ,and with billions of people in the world, this is but a bit of what happens and this is good. Age of Aquarius I think may all leos embrace the group as much as the concept of the divine individual. I see the synchronicity too. A bit spinny at times fo me. Must be my doing, Karma Yoga and stay grounded. Thankyou for existing for all of us.And may you continue to link these beautiful souls. Aum Shanti Felita. P.S The neighbour was o.k and spiritually changed it was a relief there was no more tragedy.


Hi Felita - Glad you came to peace around that horrible experience, and may you never have to endure that ever again in any lifetime. Compassion is a good thing, as is forgiveness. Of course, it also helps that the abuse has stopped, as that's the only way true healing can happen. When the world is spinning, it's time to practice being a Sufi Dervish! Glad I can "exist" for the benefit of all sentient Beings, and truly I am blessed to have this forum to link truth seekers around the world. Also very happy to hear that your neighbor turned out okay and spiritually strengthened by the miserable experience generated by one lost in delusion. To quote a well known hymn by William Cowper, 1774, "God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform; He plants His footsteps in the sea, And rides upon the storm." I suppose we're ALL "Riders on the storm" at some points in life so we can consciously become one with God.

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