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Diane Scholten

Robert - great topic & thanks to your friend for bringing it up. I'm a life/career coach & interestingly I find myself restless for change (imagine that, Uranus is transiting my 10th house - smile). With Mars recently entering my first house, trining the MC, I am hoping that "more will be revealed". I very much like what I've read from you thus far so I eagerly await more!

Was out with a new friend tonight who is so anti-money. I am remembering she has sun and Mercury in Taurus and also south node in the second (in cancer). What was interesting to me, however, was how as she got more & more "anti'money" and "I'm just in it for the love" how rabid captitalistic I felt myself to be! It's all a dance.

Thanks again for another great entry.



Hi Diane - Thanks for the thumbs up on the article. Uranus in 10th is a long term individuating influence, requiring a max of willingness to see unique qualities, stuff no one else is seeing. Mars through the first should have set off a new self image, and a new way of relating to the life affairs of the houses Mars rules in your chart. If Gemini rising, it affects your 6th and 11th houses.

As a child of the 50s who was a teen in the 60s (grad college in 72) I remember being anti-wealth, when we naively thought meditation alone would end the war, and a lot of other attitudes that are the luxury of being young. Your friend sounds polarized in the Taurus-Scorpio sectors, and as I also have South Node in the 2nd, I can say she learns more from her losses than her gains.

Since gaining a bit of spiritual maturity, I've felt that wealth in itself is something to steward, to use wisely to bring about better conditions for self and others in this world where so many are in need. Ex: Carnegie amassed a fortune of many hundreds of millions in 19th century dollars, then used it to create the free public library system in America before he died. Great legacy. The trick is not to pose the false dichotomy of love v money - it's to love what you do so much that your excellence attracts wealth that we use wisely to do good, however we deem fit. And yes, it is all a dance. Thanks for checking in. See you on the front page!

Diane Scholten

Robert -

I REALLY enjoy your perspectives. You're right - I've got Gemini (23:31) rising and Mars is up there in the 10th (in Pisces) conjunct my MC (29 AQU) and Sun (26:46 AQU. I hadn't thought of it as 'ruling' my 6th - but I see you're using the ancient rulership of Scorpio - wow - 35 years of studying my own chart & I hadn't though of that one!

I'm 57 - so I'm of the generation that went through a 'money is evil' period. Thanks to fabulous mentoring from my money-savvvy Dad I don't think I ever bought into that as much as my peers. I'm actually quite interested in money philosophically as well as practically - I thinkk people have a skewed relationship with it, by and large, in either extreme direction. I see money as energy - and how can that be 'good' or 'bad'. It's a very handy tool that can be used effectively or defectively. Kind of like an axe - cutting down a dead tree = good use of tool. Lizzie Borden cutting off parent's head with axe = bad use of tool. Simple.

Let's see i'm going to reread some of your posts and see if I can detectify (made up word) your chart. Or have you posted it?

Meanwhile, looking at my own vis-a-vis career, not only is Uranus (and today Venus & Merc too) transiting the 10the and Mars in the 1st, but "the greater benefic" Jupiter is in the 6th. As a beloved song from my youth from my cult-music-for-only-the-hippest, Fraser & DeBolt said "it tells me be still, this storm shall surely pass." That's what I like about astrology. When I feel in the midst of despair (that would be me of late, wah, wah, wah) I know that this energy is all temporal. So i look for what's GREAT about right now and focus on that. Being single doesn't feel good to me. But my moon tottering on the edge of the 5th likes being able to apply personal artsy aesthetics (moon is in Libra) to creating (5h house) beauty (Libra) in my home (Moon is actually in the 4th) without input from anyone else.

Enough blathering on - time for breakfast. Robert, thank you for this great blog. next time I'm in LA (I have family there) I'll have to meet you.



Hi again Diane - Glad I could open some new chart info for you. I always use traditional rulerships for worldly affairs, since the outer invisibles are beyond our control! Approaching your second Saturn return, eh? Yes, I remember when money was tainted, an indulgence of a time when things were very inexpensive so we didn't really need that much money. But it ain't that way any mo', reet?

Philosophically, you're right in that it's all energy, and your energy is worth something. And yes, a lot of people are skewed toward over or under-valuing themselves and each other. (People could buy 60-70 packs of ciggies or a reading with me - wow!) Great analogy of the axe.

I've posted bits and pieces of my chart in various articles and comments, but never felt like I needed to plaster my vitals here. For those who are interested: I have Sun at 12 Aries, Moon at 14 Aquarius, Ascendant is 11 Leo. Mercury at 30 Aries conjunct MC, Venus at 14 Taurus, Mars at 24 Aries, Jupiter at 26 Pisces, Saturn at 29 Virgo, Uranus at 6 Cancer, Neptune at 19 Libra, and Pluto at 18 Leo.

Lots of oppositions which tore me apart numerous times when young, and yielded a lot of realizations of polarities and awarenesses in this transitory world once I got over feeling sorry for myself and decided I was going to be as happy as I made up my mind to be.

Your Moon keeps you chasing a more beautiful world, and makes you very sensitive to the ugliness and crudeness of the world, both of which throw you off. Find your balance and maintain it. Thanks for your compliments on this blog. And if you let me know ahead of time and both schedules permitting, maybe we can meet when you're next in Lalaland. It's always just another day in paradise out here.

crawl or fly


The career posts are VERY timely. A lot of people must be feeling the restlessness and impending change. Can you speak to the following--it's been hard to find information about this--How does one interpret one's spiritual path or calling when the nodes are "reversed"--not in their traditional houses? I have north node 10 degrees Scorpio, but 2nd house; and south node in Taurus, 8th house. Since Scorpio rules the 8th house and Taurus the 2nd, is my life path self-sufficiency, or shared resources; or--relinquishing everything; or always on my own, struggling for money and independence? (That is how it has been.) I also have 6th house in Pisces, and moon in the 10th (Cancer).



Your articles are always so timely.

Something you mentioned puzzled me: You have Mercury at 30 degrees Aries. I didn't know there was a 30th degree of a sign. I thought it went from 29 of one sign to 0 of the next. Clarify please.


Thanks for the great articles, and for sharing a bit of your chart.



Hi Jay - I use the Sabian Symbol way of looking at degrees; from 1 degree 1 second through 2 degrees 0 seconds is 2; from 2 01' through 3 00' is 3. Thus 29 01' through 30 00' is 30, and 0 01' through 1 00' is 1 degree. (Think age; you're never zero years old, but you are 1 after you finish your first year here. Actually when you're 29, you're in your 30th year.)

Hi Crawl or Fly - Yes, change is in the air, and since some endings are inevitable, may as well have the best attitude and information as you prepare to change gears. There are several possible answers to your question, which I've given in Friday's post. Add to everything I said there that you'll be learning a lot about true versus false security this life due to your Moon in Cancer. Scorpio can help you stabilize your Moon energies. Taurus will only make you more insecure. Go for your deeper relationships, and let go of the need to put your life and affairs on cruise control.

Diane Scholten

Aha - your answer to Jay clarifies my quandry when playing Astro-Detective using WinStar (astrology software) to do your chart. I found a date & time that seemed to work but the outer planets were 1 degree off. Since I have no idea if you are sensitive about your age I won't post what I came up with. I ran it for LA, Chicago & Boston - I'm guessing you were born in the USA (to quote Bruce Springsteen - smile). Interesting chart. April 2, yes?


April 1, 1951 1:13:30 pm, Upland, PA (suburb of Chester) It's all very cool. To quote a great writer: "Don't lament getting old. It's a privilege denied to many." To quote another great writer: "And I was so much older then I'm younger than that now."


Hi Robert!

Really great article. I've always found them so insightful. I know it's not in your scope to give any career advice whatsoever, but I was wondering if you would be so kind enough as to help me solve my problem. You see, I don't have an inkling of what I want to do with my life. I'm near my 30's right now, and I've been changing jobs as fast as I brush my teeth.

I have a Taurus-Cancer Ascendant. My MC is Capricorn semisquare Mercury. My Pluto (in Libra) is in the 6th house, and in terms of my natal chart, my Virgo is in my 6th house, too. My north node, Libra, is also in the 6th house. Saturn is in my fourth house, and so is my Sun; and my Mercury (in Virgo) is in the 5th house.

With all this information, can you recommend to me what my career path should be? I'm really quite desperate now, and I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks and more power to you. You're truly a blessing to a lot of people.



Hi Anne - Not quite sure about Taurus-Cancer Asc. With what you say, it must be Taurus. You cannot have Cap on MC and Cancer on Asc, as it's not possible. I don't really have enough info about your chart to make an educated guess. The MC rules the career, so Saturn is the key. Perhaps a career in the home, or dealing with houses or land, or a "family business." Your career will be described by the sign of the ruler of the 10th, as well as the sign of the planet that rules the ruler of the 10th. With so many factors below the horizon, you'll probably have a lot of privacy, but there is so much you haven't stated that it's almost impossible to say much more than I have, other than the Saturn return either already has, or will, take away everything not relevant to you finding that career, and help you start living the life you choose rather than the one you were living up to the return.


This article and the dialogue following it are really fascinating. I'm particularly interested in your comments to Anne but am not sure what you mean by the ruler of the 10th. I have Leo on the 10th house cusp with Pluto retrograde at 16 degrees Does that mean Leo is the ruler of my 10th house? As the Sun is in Pisces in the 5th house of my chart do I look at attributes of both Leo and Pisces to get some idea of where my career strengths lie? Does the 5th house have any bearing on all of this? (yes - I'm way older than Anne and my second Saturn return will happen this year but once again I am going through a time of career re-appraisal and change.)

Thanks for any light you can shed on this. Your astrology site is really terrific and the energy you put into helping others is truly inspirational. Best wishes for the coming year.



Hi Sue - Yes, Leo rules your 10th, which means the Sun is the ruler of the 10th in your chart. You're spot on re: Leo and Pisces attributes influencing your profession. Yes, the 5th is where you'll find a natural professional direction. I'm also approaching my 2nd Saturn return, and frankly, looking forward to it! Thanks for your best wishes, and keep coming back. My namaskarams to everyone who visits this site in the coming year!


Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. I forgot to specify that my Ascendant is Taurus conjunction Moon with sextile Venus. You are right about your advice, as I tried real estate sales before. However, it was quite unsatisfactory for me, as I felt like I'm really not living up to my purpose or something (whatever that means, haha). Anyway, if you have time, maybe you can spare some of them and look over my chart. Maybe this will help you in understanding more of who I am. My birthday is August 5, 1977, I was born in Manila, Philippines at 10:44 p.m.

That's it. Thanks again and more power.


Hi :
I am Sandhya writing form India I was born on 8 th February 1977 at 0500 hr at UP .Pratapgarh India . Year 2006 was very bad from career point of view I hope the yea 2007 will be good I have got ta new job which I am supposed to join from 4th jan 2007 . but it is not related to my prvous work exp . I really want to get something which is related to my previous work exp . Please suggest any cances .


Hi Anne - Given that you're going through your Saturn Return, you will no doubt learn a lot about what you can and cannot live with during this time. You must make time your ally, so be patient with the process of discovering who you are relative to who you have been.

Hi Sandhya - I cannot go into such detail in a comment stream. However, I will echo what I said above about the Saturn Return, since you have been going through it. Please go to the above link and read what has been happening for you these past two years. Regarding what you said, to defer is not to abandon. You may have to learn new skills in a new area before returning to something familiar. They may be useful in the distant future in ways you haven't seen yet.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply - looks like I'm destined to continue being the wacky theatrical creative type I've always been! Maybe my current career slump is just another step on the journey. Like you I'm looking forward to my second Saturn return though sincerely hope I don't go through the major disruptions I went through the second time around.
Cheers, Sue


Hi again,

I guess I should have put in this info. Birth time- 1st March 1949, 9.30 pm. Melbourne, Australia.

I am currently working my way through various articles on this site and am truly impressed by the depth of your astrological knowledge and the amount of insight and compassion you bring to everyone's queries. There is so much on the site its fast becoming my favourite place to visit on the internet.


Hi Sue - Thanks for your praise of the site. Upon running your numbers some things present themselves. First, you do not have Leo on the MC - you have 25 Cancer, a degree of power to take charge in some area of world affairs if you accept it. Therefore your Moon at 28 Pisces rules your 10th, and it's a degree of Abundance. Mars rules your Asc, and it's also in the 5th with your Moon and Sun. Sun-Moon-Mars in the fifth house together show your theatrical abilities.

You have Mercury at 14 Aquarius, giving you the ability to accelerate the development of anything or anyone. And you do have Pluto in Leo in the 10th, showing you may never be fully understood by others, and even misunderstood, though you no doubt have a lot of magnetism due to Scorpio rising, Pluto in 10th, Sun conjunct Mars in Pisces trine Asc, and Moon in Water in the 5th. I look forward to seeing you on the silver screen as Uranus transits your Pisces planets and Jupiter hits your Solar 10th. You should do well when Saturn returns to your Saturn as Jupiter begins its trine, and of course your Jupiter return by 2008 will open doors.


Hi Robert,

Well thanks very much for your insight - I've looked at my natal chart many times before but have never really had any in-depth analysis of it before. I certainly agree with you about being misunderstood - that explains everything! For an example of my amazing ability to confuse others I have to confess that my theatricality takes the form of approaching my daily life and inter-actions with others with drama and a touch of theatricality. I have no aspirations towards the silver screen. My creative expression is in visual art and writing.
Thanks for your positive thoughts on my second Saturn return.

I'll have to keep working on that idea of taking charge of some area of world affairs - maybe my writing will eventually influence people to care for the planet more and to look within more rather constantly seeking external gratification. Here's hoping anyway. I'll just keep plugging away at my work and get ready for that Jupiter return.


Hi Robert!

Thanks for your advice. Quite funny though, because 2 people have already told me to wait it out and not make any drastic moves for the time being (they don't even have any inkling about astrology whatsoever). I guess the third time should make me stop and think. So does this mean I just go with the flow with what opportunities go my way and learn all the lessons I need to learn during that time? I keep making plans and goal setting, but they seem to frustrate me because they always don't go the way I expect them to happen. Product of Saturn return, perhaps?

Your site really rocks. Keep up the good work.


And yes, I have to agree with Sue. It's becoming one of my favorite sites to visit, too.


Hi Sue - I figure as per John Lennon that we are all "superstars," and theatricality is a part of everyone's Leo energy. You might want to consider some sort of theater, though if your expression is in writing you may want to consider writing about anything governed by Leo, like children, sports, games, self expression, and so forth. You could be a major force for children, for example.

Hi Anne - Thanks for your praise of the site. They say that when a dream is confirmed by another with the same dream, we should pay attention. So yes, I suppose three would be the charm. Yes, learn to flow and learn all you can all the time. Good way to live. Pain around goals usually comes from attachment to something, though we must be somewhat attached if we are to realize any goals whatsoever. And yes, Saturn teaches us what we can and cannot control, what we should try to and not try to control.


Hi once again,
Ah! Finally I get it - you have given my advice I was seeking all along in this dialogue here. Of course! The answer is writing about self expression - using my writing as a vehicle to encourage others to find their own modes of self expression while finding the freedom to express my own particular slant on life.
That sentence doesn't really describe what I have in mind very well but I can't really express the sense of expansion I felt when I read your latest comments. I've been operating in a kind of vacuum recently where I felt like I'd lost my inner motivation to create anything. My work was going round in circles and covering old ground. I knew I needed a new sense of purpose and direction but couldn't seem to find it. Your comments have given me a key to begin exploring a whole new theme that could well extend to into work with children too. I'll even consider the possibilites of the theatre - maybe script writing?

Somewhere on this site I read a beautiful blessing someone wrote you about you having earned your place in the pure lands. I agree. Thanks seems an inadequate word.

Blessed be, Sue


Hi sue - thanks. we're all finding ways to sing our song. Glad mine appeals to you.


hi robert...
thanks for this article. i have been enjoying your aquarius papers so much. as you may remember, i recently moved to the west side of LA after living in france for 3 years. i left my community, work and companion to pursue my path and what feels like my destiny in music. it has been a wild few months, and now that my birthday is arriving, the 17th of january, i am feeling so many emotions...and questioning where this is all leading me. there are many paths to take in life, rumi says that there are a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground. i believe that when you know what it is that you want to do, you know that you know, and then you move from that place of knowing. i must say it has been challenging, it seems as if i have given everything for the pursuit of this dream, and i am struggling a bit in the 'middle of it' as i am facing different challenges daily.

i was wondering if you had any insight into the next few months of my chart as i am in the midst of making major decisions as well as looking into new jobs while i am pursuing my dreams.

thanks again so much for all that you do and all your perspectives here at aquarius papers!


117w56, 33n37


Hi inna - Yes, there are "many ways to kneel and kiss the ground." Regardless of whatever we think is happening or should be happening, there is also the element of our imperfect understanding and learning not to push the river. Much unfolds as we walk the walk, or life would be locked down and very boring. For all I know or think I know, there is still much I do not know, and will not know until after I do whatever I believe I must. And of course the general atmosphere is all still very weird and trying to make sense of things doesn't work very well.

34 is a peak year, where the old cycle comes to an end in both harmonious and discordant ways. You now face a new 7 year cycle. This year Jupiter and Saturn should work some interesting miracles on your natal Mars in Aries tredecile Jupiter in Sagittarius, so your dilemma may be one of impatience rather than a lack of movement. Mars on your Sun in late February shows the way, but there will be a slight delay while you learn new things or take a new look at whatever from a whole different angle. You'll be very clear by early June what works and what doesn't, and should be on your way to whatever you need to do in this particular cycle.


thanks robert...

for your take on things and for your interpretation. i resonate with things coming to an end and things beginning anew. it seems as if i am in the midst of much change, both personally, and collectively...

patience is something that i am learning...over the past years, and now, it is present more than ever.

i thank you for the work that you share here with me and so many, and i wish you a beautiful 2007.




You're always on point everytime I come to your page. It just so happens that I resigned my job last month, because it was not where I wanted to work. I got very analytical of where my money was coming from. It was a government job with great pay, that dealt with immigration, which given the times is a huge issue. I couldn't be part of an organization that had such systematic racism embedded in their policies. It was beginning to seap into in my own conciousness & that's when I began to see how it was affecting me spiritually. I had the stability I wanted but from the wrong source. So currently I'm on the process of attracting what I really want in a job, something that helps the community & not some foreign country get richer. Thank you so much for the articles. At times it does get a bit hard to stay positive when you feel like you've put so much energy into job searching & you're just waiting for the reciprocal. In the meantime, I know a door will open & it will be the one that I should go in to & your articles have made it easier to remember that.

Much respect, Eric M.


Hi Eric - Yes, I once turned down an offer to become a highly paid government computer programmer when I found out the hidden agenda involved weapons systems. Ugh. Good that you're not a cog in the racist wheel. There may be interim jobs that encourage useful skills while you're on the way to something perfect for you.

That's why I say to keep your mind open to learning something new, and not lumber things down with too many upfront expectations. Relax a little, keep the focus, enjoy your life/light, and who knows? Maybe what you can do is assist the immigration tensions to resolve themselves by moving forward somehow, someday, in a way unique and perfect for you and your skills. The problems with the issue will certainly not go away any time soon.


Hi Crawl:

North node in second but scorpio I would guess would be moving towards more materials ways of dealing life, self-sufficiently but with a emotional tool, way or flavour (Scorpio). The best would be to listen to your inner intuition and see what comes as the more wise approach. I guess you are in a position you may balance (and perhaps you have libra rising) emotional needs (inc money and shared resources) with self-sufficiency. Dont separated poles of 2nd and 8th, create a harmony and a "fusion" between these.


Hi! Found this site by wonderous accident. Was looking for information on getting a second job...can't seem to keep money and am overdrawn for about half of my paychecks. You mentioned something about a scorpio/taurus relationship to money. well. I have five planets in scorpio, sun included. taurus is my rising sign and saturn is in there. Is this why I'm having such difficulty?



Hi Michelle - The Taurus/Scorpio axis is the polarity of "to want-to have," or "to desire-to capture." There are plenty who have your planets (think everyone born around your time throughout the world!) and don't have problems, while others do. Much depends on your inner positioning regarding discontent, using resource wisely, etc. There are those with little who see opportunity everywhere; there are those with much who can't see how much they are blessed.

Saturn rising tends to sell itself short, and Scorpio is often not content even when they get what they want. Sag-Gemini rules your resource houses, so look to your Jupiter (and 8th house) to see your wants, and look to your Mercury to see how to capture your desires. Usually when Saturn is opposed by other planets, it becomes a wet blanket to those other planets. You may need to adjust your rules, your "shoulds," and your sense of what "must" be, and loosen up a little while expanding your view of what could be possible if your just found the right approach. Over time, with the right plan, I'm sure you can reorganize and manage your resources with wisdom so you're no longer overdrawn. Try to make the second source of income something you enjoy and can do without overloading your schedule to the breaking point.


Dear Robert
Thank you for your love and light.
I accidentally came upon this article in
The Panelist (I know nothing of it) but wondered if you may be interested to glance at it.
Maybe we can with discipline change our own thinking, but where do we go
when faced with poisonous views as reported in this article?

The Panelist
First Let's Get Rid of the Old
Written by Jeanne Roberts
Sunday, 20 April 2008


Hi Sam - That's why the entire system is failing, and we must come together for the common good, however we and our allies define that. When the insurance industry fails in the next few years, it will precipitate many changes. When the Earth changes come, we'll have to find different ways to fund human needs. We'll definitely move away from the exploitive attitudes that pervade the housing, health, and food production industries. These are basic human necessities, and our greedy corporate culture is being exposed for the parasites they are, taking much while offering little. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but overall the world's problems are fueled by greedheads in the energy, arms, and money industries. Still, the shell game will not be able to deal with what's coming in the old ways, and eventually people will throw off their chains, demand change, and the politicians will follow. That's always the way it goes.

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Network of Spiritual Progressives
Pathways to Peace
Ram Dass Foundation
School of Ageless Wisdom
The Borgen Project
World Teacher Trust

Ending Hunger and Go Organic Links
America's 2nd Harvest
Farm Aid

Environmental Links - Climate
Arguments Against Climate Deniers
Climate Science - Roger Pielke Sr.
Countering Climate Deniers
Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change
Environmental Links - Other Things
Avaaz Global Initiative
Center for Food Safety
Cleantechnica Clean Energy Blog
EarthRights International
Ecosystem Update
Environmental Defense
Environmental News Network
Environmental Working Group
Farm Wars - Protect Family Farms
Sacred Passage
Way of Nature Fellowship - Reducing CO2

Checking Political Facts
Media Bias Factcheck
Media Matters
Politifact - Sorting out the Truth in Politics

Discover or Report Consumer Ripoffs!
Ripoff Report
Challenge Corporate Personhood!

Political Humor Sites
Church of the Flying
Spaghetti Monster

Jesus' General
Juanita Jean's
This Modern World

News Sources and Blogs
Blacklisted News
Censored News
Consortium News
The Consumerist
Daily Beast
Eschaton by Atrios
Here In Reality
ProPublica - Public Interest News
Reader Supported News
The Raw Story
Tom Dispatch

Activists and Agitators For Positive Change
Amnesty International
Aquila Ka Hecate
Architcts&Engineers for 9-11 Truth
Dark Legacy - Bush Assassinations
Fair Vote - Voting Reform
Indigenous Grandmothers Council
Investigative Journalist Greg Palast
Loose Change (the Movie)
Peaceful Streets - Filming Police
Southern Poverty Law Center
Think Progress
Transition Culture
Wellstone Action - Training Progressive Candidates

Strictly Political
538's Atlas of Redistricting
Citizens for Legit Government
Cook Political Report
Crooks and Liars
DC Report - Tracking Trump's crimes
Digby's Hullabaloo
Fair Redistricting
Head of State - Political Psychology
HuffPolster - Polls
Political Wire
Princeton Election Consortium
Real Clear Politics - Polls
Sabato's Crystal Ball
War Is A

Monitoring Voting Irregularities
Brad Blog
Movie - Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies
Movie - Uncounted
Velvet Revolution

Spotlight on Human Progress
Zero Point - Spiritual Science

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