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Diane Scholten

Robert - and your moon in Aquarius and Uranus in the 11th shows your profession as an astrologer, I'd say. I know of the 11th as income from one's profession - so having the planetary ruler of astrology in it's home house and having the moon in Aquarius - all sounds like good bets for an astrologer, to me. Mercury in the 10th fits with a communicator - and now a daily blogger. But I'm puzzled by Mars up there conjunct the MC and in an out of sign conjunction to Mercury. And then Venus - you say you could have been a food writer, but how HAS Venus played out? In your relating with clients? (btw, I vote for chocalatier, and I'll be one of your taste team - smile!)


I have Mercury at 30 Aries, and Mars at 24 Aries, so it's not out of sign. In fact, Mars joins my Sun at 12 Aries to my Mercury at 30. Ordinarily they wouldn't be in conjunction, but are linked by both being conjunct to Mars.

Venus played out in many ways; I am consistent, if nothing else. I am fairly straightforward, and truly have a "live and let live" attitude, as per 14 Taurus. And I've done other things in life, and enjoyed myself greatly. In the 70s-80s, I was a musician, wrote over 400 songs, promoted over 150 cultural events, including ethnic folk dancing from India, Balkans, Native Americans, etc., as well as music of all styles from all over the world. I also produced and directed hundreds of hours of television in the late 80s. My talk shows were with big celebs in art, science, and metaphysics. I also was guest host on many other shows, did environmental investigative reporting, and too many live and studio music shows to count for three years. Add a lot of camera work, designed sets, and made a lot of pizzas from scratch. It's pretty Venus in Taurus. Chocolatier is for when I retire (hahahaha).


Robert,...WOW! Not to sound too much like a suck-up- but the life you lead/led is exactly the life I admire but cannot seem to...Just do it! P.S Is there any way we might be able to view your past work ie. video archives- on the web- or view your camera shots or set designs? If your past works are personal and/or privately held experiences, than I fully understand. However- so much of your work was very public- I figured I'd ask.
I truly admire (borderline envy) your Mars/Sun assertion (can't help it I'm a guy, lol).
Oh, let me greet you with a tardy congrats on your Solar Return Birthday! I didn't congratulate you before b/c I didn't know what it meant. False sentiments make me feel fraudulent and uncomfortable.
In this theme of Career, that which always plague my mind are these aspects; Uranus conjunct M.C in the 10th, and Uranus conjunct Sun 10th, but I find comfort with Mercury conjunct Venus in the 10th. I have the basis of speaking clearly in presentations while having a relatively strong talent for writing. Chiron in Taurus in the 3rd is strikingly dead-on...but I do not know how much emphasis I should put on astroids and 'parts.' However, I view the Uranus in the 10th placement descriptive of my thoughts since I was a young boy. I know that I am good at one thing in life-but I simply cannot apply it to any one profession. In introspect and retrospect its always been "well Don what field then?...but you won't be happy there after you have completed it."
Perhaps my; Mercury squaring the moon, moon sqauring the north node, moon squaring Jupiter, Venus squaring north node, are placements (along with many other squares/ oppositions) that I should consult with you about professionally? I am an avid learner but I'm graduating from college soon and it's time to take these 'the way it is' aspects of my life and assert some real direction. Although I have a love for learning my mind works deliberately and slowly. I know that I have some real gifts in this life but I need some wise 'signposts' and a new pair of 'glasses' to see. It would be unwise to not seek the knowledge and gifts of those who have interpreted Astrology far longer than I have. I'm approaching the apex of my life and it's crucial to make good decisions.
After you post here I'd like to correspond possibilities for a consult, if you are willing.
Thanks Robert,
Have a great day all!


Hi Don - Unfortunately, none of my video stuff is available here, due to it all being on 3/4 inch tape in storage. Perhaps someday I'll have the time and money to transfer it to digital, but it'll be a huge project if I'm stuck doing it in real time transfer. I'd gladly post some of the better stuff, since once upon a dream it was all very public, but for now it ain't happenin'. Thanks for the Solar Return congrats. Scorpio = "False sentiments make me feel fraudulent and uncomfortable." Perfect self-knowledge!

Uranus on MC shows you must do something unique and under your individual control, and all the other 10th planets show a need for variety and integration of multiple skills in what you do. Keyword for your profession is Synthesis. I put little to no emphasis on asteroids and parts. Too much other stuff that is spot on we can use.

The Moon square Mercury shows the need to coordinate your mind and emotions, and do your homework more thoroughly rather than get by on intensity and awareness of things others aren't. Though you may know some things they don't, you still need to master the basics to provide the foundation for the other stuff.

I believe the apex of life is found when you are living your dharma, which can occur at any age and last for decades. You are young, with many possibilities, and you're probably of an age when it's good to take chances in many areas to see what you're suited for and what you're not. It's all experience that will help you with the textures and perspectives in life. The soup is not merely the water and vegetables; it's also the spices added at certain times, seldom all at the same time, some of them pre-toasted or sauteed, others not. That's life. And I agree that making good decisions is critical, regardless of what age one is, or we wind up in the proverbial ditch wondering what happened. And of course I am available for personal consultations. Details in the upper left links on the front page. You're most welcome, and I will have a great Easter, or Oster, the Germanic goddess for whom Easter is named.



Your a rockstar! Yeah I must say Venus has been so good to me I got her and luna tattooed on my calf But reading the comments are crackin me up I was born in 1985 so I kinda see the generation gap Half the stuff I can hardly make out what you all are writing BIG words wow Im so glad its free to leave a comments.


Hi Dax - For many, the words are less important than the vibe I'm communicating. That said, the more words we get, the more able we are to describe this weird wonderful reality we're all moving through. I wish we had other means than language, since that divides us as much as it unites us. Glad you're back. You've got a lot of road to travel this lifetime, so it's good you're where you're at and ready to rock. You just never know where you'll wind up, but if you show up at the right place and time, magic happens. Even a low paying gig as a word processing ace can land you in a tv studio doing camera work if you know how to surf the wave.


You see,Robert,this young guest,who sincerely and emotionally emphasized the generation gap,in reality exteriorised education drawbacks of modern society...
I myself realised the gap in info loading:) somewhere 10 years ago while discussing the topic 'Sports" at the classes with my students.No one (!!!)heard about the Olympic champion in gymnastics Olga Korbut,who was born and got education in my native town of Grodno in Belarus...
So,educational sphere is the space which needs cardinal changes - but how to make its contents,methodology etc adequate to rapidly changing
times,where to find the language which can make the communication between generations mutually available ???
In such conditions/circumstances any teacher begins to think about his/her professional adequacy:(


hi robert -

thanks for the insights about chart analysis, although, i always find it much harder to put the pieces together than you make it seem. i also have uranus on my MC (scorpio) which is trine mars in cancer in my 6th. wow, something very interrelated about the work i do for others and my profession? still, i don't get it as a full picture. i'm struggling to make it as an academic researcher right now. seems like writing my dissertation might be a critical part of my development based on what you said about uranus on the MC above. but where else could i look in the chart to try to figure out, objectively, what my major challenges are and how to surmount them?

many blessings!


Hi Svetlana - Well, there are many ways of transferring information in learning situations that we do not emphasize. Of the 8 learning types, we usually default to instruction in this country. Less so mentoring, imitation, education, Socratic method, etc. I believe some people are better at some learning methods than others.

For example, when very young I did lousy at being instructed in art and got an F. How can anyone get flunked in art? Yet when I found my methods and styles, I have created hundreds of works of art: poetry, calligraphy, songs, altars, events, television shows, and even this column are works of art. I found the images on my UNICEF TV series moved many more people and raised awareness and money than all the talks and press releases I did. And it's history that the BBC footage of suffering Africa did more to educate the musicians than anything else, as the videos moved them to creat "Do They Know It's Christmas," a hauntingly beautiful song and collective effort that is still the largest selling single in the history of the UK. That in turn educated Americans, and their musicians were moved to create "We Are The World." There are many means to educate, and in this video era it seems images transmit information quickly. And occasionally deep info comes through as well as the obvious surface material. Eventually we'll learn to tailor the style to the individual need for substance in whatever areas the consciousness needs informational building blocks. But we're still a long way from there...

Hi dottie - There are many factors in surmounting challenges. Mercury shows the ability to coordinate, whereas Venus helps us with proportion and beauty of form. Jupiter is the imagination, while Saturn shows the limiting forces in expression. Uranus always revolutionizes, synthesizes, and is out on the edge of innovation. And the Moon shows how we're experiencing the day to day feelings of surmounting whatever.

Sometimes surmounting inner obstacles boils down to Lincoln's famous dictum (paraphrased) that "A person's just about as happy as they make up their mind to be." The whole chart shows the individual and interrelated challenges. Each planet has a duality of function which I've written about, one productive, one not. When we have all the planets functioning productively, there is no challenges that cannot be surmounted, even if sometimes we appear to fail. Not all things desired are possible under Dharma, but if our "failure" unblocks our creative imagination, then we go from struggle to triumphantly living in the moment in a never-ending stream of time.


Hi again Robert, it's Stevo. Thanks for running this again. I recall reading it last year. And it was very helpful to me earlier this year. But somewhere between the transits of Mars and the Saturn Rx, the universe said "NO" to me having a supplemental day gig or night gig for that matter. I must continue to suffer the unpredictable income life of a musician.

As you might expect, I have quite an 8th house obligation with my Aquarian Moon and all. Even when I had a few steady day jobs they did not last any great length of time. In fact, most self-destructed in a very transpersonal way. So, which house, ruler or planets best determine having a "STEADY PAYCHECK"? Is it really the 2nd house?

Thanks, Stevo


Hi Stevo - You probably have more choices than whatever the Universe said no to. And, depending on how you were told no, that may have been necessary for other things to evolve so that it can catch up to you and you and it can meet at the same time in a way more perfect for you than then.

Some of us have NEVER had a "steady paycheck." There are many situations we are tempted to consider, and get frustrated when it's not a match. It's all part of learning "right livelihood." That's just the way it is, so I've been self-employed since I was young. And we all have to learn two things, one to feed our heart and one to feed our wallet. Besides my astrology charts and talks/classes, every other gig I've done was either short term, or gonzo.

"Break on through to the other side!" Open up to doing something without a lot of lumber attached. You may also want to consider what you would like to do, what might make a difference in your world in some positive way. Then go get the training you need, and I'm sure a slot will open for you somewhere that will perfectly complement your music. (BTW - Thanks. I'm going to use some of what I've said here for an article)

"Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to bring harmony out of friction, have a different kind of fun while making more money. Of course, should you get captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your activites. This tape will self destruct in 10 seconds....."


Hi Robert, how's Leo Sun and Taurus Moon matches with me? Venus is in Virgo. Thank you.


Thanks Robert! And I can't wait for the upcoming article. Love the Mission Impossible reference. And that's exactly how things are on this end. So far, it seems that my Saturn in Leo lesson(s) have been a challenge "not to make changes". Perhaps there's a fear of commitment on the self-employment end of things that needs to be faced. In fact, I am now nearing the 4 year mark w/o a paycheck. I plan to keep my eyes and ears open for 6th house opportunities. And let me just say this, if any astrologer on the Net would've jokingly said Saturn in Leo "FENDER". I would've known at the end of 2005 what to spend my time on-lol. Thanks again,

...going to go play the lottery now, Stevo


Excelent article. I am also looking for a new carreer or job as I wrote to you.
I have Can 6th house with moon in seventh, Sag MC with Sag Sun-Neptune-Mercury neart the cusp of 11th house. I have a Gemini 4th house without any planet, Gem-Can 5th house with north node in the end (or maybe 6th already) and a 9th house with Sag Uranus 8º from MC.

One thing is for sure, I have a strong neptunian taste and a clear solid saturnian aquarian ideal and favour for my service, should it be a communitary, ecological, humanitarian carreer. I also feel some mercury taste and moon taste. Currently I have a degree on Biology and Jupiter passing on 10th house, Pluto over the end of 10th over the natal sun and Saturn transiting in the end of the sixth! I dream of a more self-sufficient spiritual living, helping the environmental, in a calm setting, helping others, not a too alone life, not a too crowded.

Any idea?


Hi Irpsit - Well, to some extent all you can do is cooperate with the larger magnetic pull being exerted by Pluto, and get ready to leap when Jupiter rolls over your stellium later this year. Also, when Saturn changes signs in September I suspect you'll see important things surface.

What you long for is what is worth doing! It takes preparation, clarity, patience, and willingness. I am moving in an environmentally sustainable direction myself, though since there are many worthy beings in cities I still plan on staying accessible to the world. You probably need to dream "distant dreams" with Pluto on your stellium, and plant the magnetic seeds that will draw that circumstance to you, and you to it. There are communities forming all over the world dedicated to a better way of living and relating to each other and the planet. My vision of an integrated media point of contact is part of my intention for the future. Those who see what's up and what's coming are beginning to link up with each other, and those linkages will be the web of connectedness in the new era to come.


Hi Robert and Irpsit,
Just a comment, the most environmenmtally sustainable choice you might take IS to live in the city.


Hi Tamara - Well, it sure ain't LA! Having lived through the Northridge quake and previous riots and seen the effects up close and personal, I prefer not to have a hundred miles and millions of people between me and the open road! While there are collective situations that may not be as dysfunctional as LA, as far as I can tell, most cities are not able to deal with supply and distribution problems even under ideal conditions, much less DISASTER! Most cities rely on external supply of energy, food, and other necessities. This is not reliable in 90% of them.

Sustainability doesn't mean we all live like hippies growing turnips while gazing at our navels. It does require that we figure out how to get what we need, and how to distribute what we have, to those in need, to receive what we need in return. This is about our interdependence. Waiting for gasoline tankers is not sustainable, nor is believing that Krogers/Vons/Safeway/Ralphs/Publix is a limitless supplier of healthy lettuce and kalamata olives. I helped found several co-ops in Austin in the early 70s, and there are alternative systems that most of Americans have never imagined, much less tried to implement. And biodiesel is far more sustainable than gasoline, just from a supply standpoint.


So its OK to discus things other than astrology here?
What I was getting at was the problem of sprawl. THat we preserve and sustain the environment by not encroaching on it. My interests lie in creating green communities within urban settings, and forming community centers in the suburbs, reducing driving and greenhouse gasses, increasing walking and biking and preserving open natural areas. LA is probably the worst of the worst, too much driving and too dense, and not green at all. Greening LA would be a major undertaking. Boston, where I live has a head start it has its Emerald Necklace and the Charles River (which ain't that 'muddy water' any more).


Hi Tamara - Well, it is a bit off the topic of the post, but I wanted to respond to Irpsit's comment about wanting to do a profession outside of the urban insanity of cities as we have structured them. We need more professionals who can help our cities reclaim some "green" factors, though you're right about LA being too far gone. We're a hyper-ecological bunch out here, but there are just too many people, too many cars, too much greed and indifference, and too much competition for too little space. Where you and I may see a potential green space, a developer sees a multimillion dollar condo site. Glad the Charles River is no longer as bad as it was. There's so much potential for good out there, and in the future I'm sure we'll see degree programs and hopefully funding for green urban restoration projects. Now if we could just ensure the delivery of necessities freed from being enslaved by fossil fuels and change environmental law to forbid fertilizer and pesticide runoff...


Hi Tamara and Robert, yes, I totally agree with you. I belive there should be people helping greening the cities and others greening the countryside. Indeed I plan in the future to be set in countryside but going often to city for doing whatever necessary interveening.

Pluto in my stelium does indeed flames all distant dreams since the stelium is a neptunian mercurian sun. Thats also the factor that I much need countryside as a way of resting my neptune and my restless aquarian influence! Its also since neptune is now two years from entering the ascendent!


Hi Robert,

I enjoy your insights and thank you for sharing!
I wonder if you can shed light on my career situation. I was thrilled to discover my dream job blending hi tech and communication in the same company last year (April 2007), just as I thought, 'Wouldn't it be nice if I could find something more fulfilling and increase my contribution?'It is a new area and I have the skills, but not the experience and one year later things are moving in the right direction, but SLOWLY. I am wondering when a job change will happen, because I believe this is my true calling. I am very lucky to be fully supported in my current environment as I pursue this new opportunity.
I am Taurus rising, Sun conjunct MC in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius, Saturn in Scorpio (end of 6th and interpreted in 7th), Uranus, Jupiter, Moon, South Node in Cancer(3rd), North Node in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius. Is this enough information?


Hi Lila - If you're on track in your "dream job," perhaps this pace is exactly right. Remember that we had 3 1/2 months of Mars RX, slowing things tremendously. And of course, your personal professional cycles indicate the pace of everything in that area. When Jupiter enters Aquarius at the end of 2008 you begin a 12 year adventure. For now, use Jupiter on your NN to cultivate discipline, organization, taking responsibility, and perseverance.


Thanks Robert! After posting I read the posting guidelines and wondered whether or not I had done the right thing. Thanks for your insight, the knowledge and compassion in your articles inspire me to relay the best always. I am a dabbler in astrology, albeit an addicted one, and the ideas here are wonderful.
Yes,I must be patient a while longer, the question was directed mostly out of impatience, I admit. I am being forced to cultivate patience in virtually every area of my life now and that gets to me at times.
Thanks again for your response and look forward to reading some more of your articles.

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