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Hi Robert. Well I'm finding this very interesting:

"It (Pluto)was at 1 Capricorn January-February 1762 and June-December 1962. ... On a final note, Pluto slips into 1 Capricorn January-June and November-December 2008, and again August-October 2009."

I'm a late Sag from Dec. of 62. This is most intriguing... but if you're going to address the influences in future posts, I can wait for that too. Thanks.


Hi Christine - 1962 was a crucial year for powerful people to be born, what with the stellium in Aquarius early that year. Pluto on your Sun may bring extraordinary positive transformations for expressing your unique creative individuality, and with the transits coming beginning this December on, you've got multiple waves coming that should be freeing you up as we speak. And yes, I'll take care of years from now before then.


Well - that's JUST the confirmation I was looking for!!! Wait till my husband finds out! (I'm jesting).

As to the creativity, I find that very encouraging. I've been clawing about at a snail's pace for so long, and have landed in a pool of utter non-confidence. Thanks again for your insight.


I have also been reading a lot about the Pluto/Galactic Center conjunction, and the upcoming 2007 conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter at 28 degrees Sag. That is the degree of my IC. The last 2 years have been fairly traumatic and forced a lot of growing up, so I'm hoping whatever happens next will be a positive. Wondering if that crossing and conjunction will bring more major change.


Hi Christine - You're welcome, and I'm sure your creativity will begin to show itself fairly soon.

Hi KH - Pluto on the nadir certainly creates "earthquake" conditions in one's foundations! Purify, and as "they" say, "let go, let God." I believe Jupiter crossing the 4th could offer you new adventures in learning, traveling, spiritual growth at the most basic level, and introduce an element of freedom from the past. However, you don't have to wait until late 2007. This December Mars will cross your nadir, and that should set many things into motion. Just be alert during the oppositions and squares to Pluto in the coming months, and you'll see exactly what you need to by this Autumn.


id like to throw some thoughts in to the discussion...

christine : about 8 years ago, i moved from california to europe. in so doing, the pattern of my chart shifted so that Pluto now sits directly on my IC. i dont want to imply that my experience with this placement is reflective of what your transit might be like, but i want to share that these years have forced me to transform myself, my life and my understanding of reality, _from the ground up_. my very foundation had to die in order to be reborn - anything that might have been considered any form of mental or emotional security was (quite forceably) stripped away. while theres no doubt this time/experience has been a deeply positive and necessary "dark night of the soul", it hasnt been easy for one single minute. ive found, "let go and let god," to be excellent advice when it comes to Pluto transits.

the last thing id like to share is that, in line with the way Pluto works, leaving nothing in his wake, the freshly weeded soil of our psyches must lay fallow for a while after a Pluto transit. i think its important to note that Pluto's work is simply to clear the ground so that authentic roots can take hold. he doesnt care at all about leaving one with anything tangible.

about the article... ive been watching Pluto's approach to the CG for years as the GC tightly squares my nodal axis and Jupiter (who sits on the SNode). ive read that this location in the heavens (roughly, 26/27 sag) is actually not a single black hole, that there are over 10,000 there, and that this area corresponds to The Source, the Flow of Creative Intellegence, the issuance of Natural Law, Absolute Coherence, god/dess, or whatever name one prefers.

the transiting nodal axis will square the GC july 27 of this year. robert, how you do think that might manifest?

Diane Scholten

Wow, Emma - what thoughtful, cogent analysis. I've got Pluto just beginning it's sojourn transiting my 7th house and it's been quite a ride already. When it transited my former partner's ASC she experienced a lot of literal deaths as well as a dying/being reborn of herself.

I'm also intrigued by your characterization of the Galactic Center as the Source. What might that mean of those whose natal sun or moon directly conjunct that space? I have a nephew and a very close friend with Sun conjunct that point (well, close - one is 23 Sag the other 24 Sag). An intriguing discussion. And like you, Emma, I'm eager to hear what Robert has to say of your comment about the nodes squaring the GC this summer. Thanks for adding more substance to an already substantive, energizing discussion.


Hi all - It's also possible that some of your experiences these past 8 years deal with transits and progressions rather than (I assume) astro-cartography influences. That said, Pluto angular can always be intense. I have it rising, so I've never been cut slack from the Universe when it comes to getting in tune with my higher purpose. Get it or get it. Period.

I've learned that sometimes being familiar with "the lord of the underworld" is a useful function when those around me find themselves unexpectedly shipwrecked in hell. Once I stopped taking any of it personally, and realized that everybody's going to go through losses to purify themselves of past patterns, then a larger view of the process unfolds naturally.

emma, usually when I hear or read "anything that might have been considered any form of mental or emotional security was (quite forceably) stripped away" it's usually a Saturn lesson, since ultimately Saturn symbolizes our ability to find security in dominion of our life rather than being enslaved by insecurities originating wherever. And yes, dark nights of the Soul show us how to move through the Virgo-Pisces axis and become our own healer-shamans. Pluto transits are ultimately waaaay out of anyone's control, and while they are usually not easy, once you learn your way around hell, it's not so bad, and you can actually help others who are stuck there without a roadmap.

Squares to the Nodes usually show a time when little can be said or done to "help" the situation. Nothing to develop, nothing to release, just a situation at cross-purposes to whatever the Nodes represent. I also remember an ancient source I read years ago that said the Nodes don't work except under lunar aspects, since they are in fact the Nodes of the Moon. Each planet has its Nodes, and supposedly they are only active when the planet whose nodes they are is in aspect to them. It may mean that the square from Pluto to the Nodes this summer will be more active when the Moon is involved in making significant aspects.

In your case, aspects to the Nodes will make aspects to your Jupiter. As for the GC, I did some research on astronomical sites, and couldn't find any reference to multiple black holes, only to an ultra-massive single black hole, supposedly the result of stars imploding and creating areas of ultra-dense energy. So while it could be the "source" it could also be that all manifest systems are a polarity of multiple overlapping force vectors, and any finite system must have a center and a periphery. It's a huge void into which living stars get pulled, and its gravitational field is so dense that even light cannot escape.

Thus I don't entirely buy into most standard explanations of the "positive traits" of the GC. It may be source, but if light cannot escape, it represents that which pulls things into the void rather than "issues" anything. Just my take on it.

I've noted that both heroes and villains have significant contacts to the GC, so I don't think we can broadbrush it as a benign influence, or even one of wisdom. Marie Antoinette, Aaron Burr, and Alexander Hamilton all had contacts with the GC, and were not exactly enlightened beings, or even all that benign for their times.

The GC is the center around which our galaxy moves, so any interpretation of its influence must perforce be "galactic" in perspective, beyond human views. Rudhyar attempted to address our limitations in perspective in his "The Sun is also a Star." Another way to approach it is: It is said that only Metatron, the highest archangel, can face "God" and in the tradition, we can forever see only Metatron's back. We can never look at the face of that which can directly "see God." Most people I know and have taught over the decades barely see things from a global perspective, much less a solar systemic perspective. A galactic perspective is far vaster than most will allow. As God said to John Donne, "... and can'st thou bind the Pleiades?...."

In any case, a black hole is an awesome nothingness that pulls all things into it, with nothing escaping, even light. And yet light is limitless, so a black hole may be a boundary between "universes." Enter one, and you'll never go home again, or exist in any form you've ever known, being invisible to those in your old galaxy. It may be that one is swallowed up in darkness when one enters that place, never to return to old ways, places, and people. While there may be light inside the black hole, it will not be evident to those on the other side of the black hole. Pretty intense stuff to ponder.


bon dia, everyone,
i dont recall, exactly, where i read the info that the GC has scads of black holes, but was able to find this relevent article at

Milky Way's Center Packed with Black Holes
By Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer
posted: 11 January 2005

the salient bits are these paragraphs:

Muno and his colleagues have found strong evidence for seven black holes (they could be neutron stars, which are also very dense). Importantly, four of the objects were concentrated in the inner 3 light-years of space around the supermassive black hole.

"The observed high concentration of these sources implies that a huge number of black holes and neutron stars have gathered in the center of the galaxy," Muno said.

Extrapolating to the whole sky, the finding suggest a swarm of 10,000 black holes and neutron stars orbit near the galaxy's middle.

black holes not only take in material, they also shoot out copious amounts of raw material (high-energy particles) with which our galaxy makes things manifest. these jets of material are of all bands of frequencies but are primarily x-rays. just because we cant _see_ the light coming from the GC doesnt mean it isnt being issued.

my understanding of the GC is that it is the god of our local god. the force behind the force of our Sun, it is that which keeps everything in existence in our galaxy vibrating. for me, that is equivalent to Divine Intelligence. also, i dont believe black holes simply suck things up. i believe they are doors to other dimensions, or, at least, other galaxies. its entirely possible that what enters a black hole comes out as a jet stream of frequencies from a black hole or quasar in this or some other galaxy.

consciousness can not be extinguished, therefore, anything that goes in, must come out - be it here or "there", in the same form in which it went in, or not.

my understanding of planets square the nodal axis is that they show aspects of ones psyche that must be integrated before the person can move toward their NNode successfully. they are in a crux position because, in the past, the person left something undone - be that something a 'separating desire', a 'returning desire', or a change of mind. a square to the nodes shows that the person MUST integrate the planet/sign issues, _as it relates to their SNode_, for their spiritual evolution to continue.

according to Evolutionary Astrology as put forth by Jeff Wolf Green, this signature is called a 'skipped step'. in his book, Pluto I: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, he says (on page 19), "While avoiding the South Node problem, the individual attempted to solve problems related to the issues indicated by the house and sign position of the North Node. In so doing, the individual 'skipped steps'. The individual did not succeed in resolving the issues pertaining to the South Node...", and, "In this life the individual must recover or relive those skipped steps. Only then will the full promise of the North Node be allowed full actualization."

i can relate completely with Jeff's take on this, but that may be because of the configuration of my chart : in the virgo-ruled 6th, Pluto is at 22, Jupiter's at 26, the SNode's at 27, and Uranus is at 29. high in the sag-ruled 9th is the GC. i feel the square of the GC to my nodes has manifested as a constant buzzing in the background of my psyche encouraging me to embrace my divinity, to let go of the 'truth' ive conceptualized in past lives (Jupiter on SNode) about my being less-than (virgo 6th), so that i can move forward into The Truth, as symbolized by NNode in pisces-ruled 12th.

in a private reading with Jeff, i asked him what it meant that my nodes are (within minutes) square to the GC. he said, "God is calling you home". (!!!) im not sure what he meant by that, but i cried when i heard it.

perhaps this same 'calling home' will happen for everyone when the transiting nodes square the GC.


Hi emma - Thanks for the science article. Yes, there are clusters of dense stars and minor voids around the major void. Yes, all that is, are frequencies of one sort or another, and x-rays are a form of light that act more like particles than waves.

What we know as light may or may not have anything to do with the composition of alternative universes, to which black holes could very well be gateways. And yes, if they exist on a galactic level, they may be doorways to other galaxies whose distance and even composition may be unmeasurable in human terms. I have maintained for years that there is existence on the other side of nothingness, but not in any form we can even speculate on. Certainly we cannot attribute meaning in our sense of things to anything we have not and cannot experience. Sort of like we can speculate what it is like to be a fish living in such depths that it has no eyes and is luminescent, but in reality we cannot know how such an existence would be experienced, since we are not that.

As for "god of our local god," that is a dualism, and all human dualism is an illusion. FWIW, my experience of "God" is that which is beyond anything we can even speak of, since it encompasses ALL that IS. Being infinite and eternal, "God" is beyond our ability to even imagine. That's why I said, on a galactic level I believe we must take an entirely different approach to such things.

In the wisdom tradition all our 7 planes of existence, including that which we cannot define in any terms whatsoever, are merely the 7 subplanes of the Cosmic Physical. There is also the Cosmic Astral, Cosmic Mental, Cosmic Buddhic, Cosmic Atmic, and so forth. The planes of the Cosmic Astral and beyond can only be accessed at will by those who have transcended the need to be reborn in a form, and can put on and take off bodies at will, like Babaji, DK, Maitreya, KH, El Morya, and others we know exist, as they show up from time to time to teach.

That which keeps a thing vibrating within its existence is inherent in the original "creative Word" uttered at the beginning of its manifestation. A center is merely a center, a cosmic frame of reference; it may or may not have anything to do with the self-maintenance of a Sun, which we are told is a self-generating magnetic creative center. Like in a group with members, there is a center, but that center usually is not the source of the individual's self-generating holographic vibratory pattern.

Divine Intelligence is the 3rd aspect of what we humans know as "divinity" and directly corresponds with the principle of omnipresence, aka "Holy Spirit," "Great Spirit," or "Divine Mother." Intelligence is the great Maya, the matrix from which all forms come and to which all forms go. We can access it any time we choose, since within it "we live and breathe and have our being." And of course I agree with your statement "consciousness cannot be extinguished, therefore, anything that goes in, must come out - be it here or "there", in the same form in which it went in, or not." Of course, it could disappear for an eternity in human terms, and come out so utterly transformed as to make descriptions meaningless.

As for the Moon's Nodes, I've always wondered why they are given more weight than the other planetary nodes. The Moon's Nodes really only affect those with an Earth Moon. They would be utterly irrelevant for an intelligence evolving on say, Saturn or Pluto, which also have nodes. The Moons of Jupiter all have their own Nodes, important for Jupiterian intelligences, but not relevant to us.

That's why the Moon's Nodes are important only on a local level for us humans on Earth. They are not a galactic influence per se. And we can always move toward our Nodal influences when we choose, apart from any planetary aspect. Squares release energy, and challenge "right action." A planet in square to the Moon's Nodes is literally at "right angles" to whatever personal evolutionary pattern is shown by the chart Lunar Nodes.

As for things being "left undone," everything is left undone until we are perfected beings in light bodies as those I mentioned above. Every life in a body we have trains us in realization, application, and skillful utilization of so-called divine attributes, mastering the 7 types of energy, the 10 fetters, and the 4 traps of the mental mechanism. In this process, ALL the planetary dualisms and sign expressions must be mastered. That is why they are called "Masters of the Wisdom." There is no thing left unexamined or unable to be practiced with perfection within their specific department of karmic responsibility.

In my 35 years of practicing astrology, I have found the South Node is not something we avoid; rather it is something we've done so often that we have little to learn about that energy except to use it to display whatever we have learned through the North Node. I have Jupiter conjunct the NN in Pisces, and Saturn conjunct the SN in Virgo, so I have a lot of experience with the Nodes and their separate and blended influence. I have observed in thousands of birth, progressed, and horary charts that a square to the Moon's Nodes simply is a time when there is little to be said or done, as what is occurring is literally at "right angles" to whatever evolutionary pattern the nodes indicate.

In your own chart, you are here to embrace a higher, vaster compassion (NN in Pisces) and demonstrate it through purification, renovation, and learning/teaching forms of devotion. You should never give too much energy to your Virgo planets with your configuration; put everything into your Pisces, and see how it demonstrates through Virgo. In other words, too much analysis is not your path to truth, but embracing the oceanic consciousness of the great Mother is. You are more of a perfect devotee (Virgo) than many, but have much to learn about Pisces.

"God," or Truth, is ALWAYS calling us home, whether the GC is here or there in our charts. Where Sag falls is where we find freedom to explore fiery truths shaking us free from traps of desire, followed by the need to take responsibility for our personal "Great Work" in Capricorn. Cap is how we substantiate Sag on our way to becoming the world servant in Aquarius. The last decan of Sag is ruled by Leo in the modern system, and Saturn in the ancient system. Perhaps that can give clues about how that area functions.


I'm replying late in the game here, but Emma - I just wanted to say thanks for responding. Interestingly, I too changed countries about 7 years ago. Pluto has been transiting my 5th house, so it's been all about creativity and family. My relationship to both has changed dramatically. Though I'm sure I'm in for more 'fun' yet.

Robert - lots of profound food for thought in your responses here. I'm so struck by how even light can't escape a black hole; this feels like a metaphor for what drives us all... not falling into blackness. And realities that defy description... interesting to contemplate when we all work so hard to handle our daily lives.

I have a virgo moon, and I believe my Libra mother is a square to my Leo north node. In fact many in my family are Libras... hmmm. At any rate, I just wanted to express my thoughts on the above topics. I'll get on to the current posts now.


Hi Christine - Yes, we all avoid falling into blackness. However, when I did find myself shipwrecked in hell for a while, I didn't worry about my relationship to reality as much as I was just hanging on for dear life and trying to be as compassionate as I could while learning all I could while I was, in fact, in hell. Daily life and its frames of reference can change in a New York minute. That's why I try to remind people that come here that flexibility is a virtue in an age in transition.

Not sure what you said regarding your astrology and your mom's. Virgo is square to Gemini and Sag, while Libra is square to Cancer and Capricorn. The only things square to your nodes are Taurus and Scorpio, and even then, there is an orb of maxlimit influence.


i apologize for the delay in responding. ive celebrated a birthday recently. :)
a few minor comments...

robert, we're in agreement that the original Word is the thing that keeps matter and all possibilities ('lifetrons,' according to yogananda) vibrating. its my understanding that the original Word is the frequency squirt that exited perpendicular from the galatic center that let out the "ALL that IS".

in the book, Measuring the Night, by Steven Forrest and Jeff Wolf Green, Steven makes this compelling comment in answer to someone who asked, basically, that if we'd learned the lessons shown in the SNode, would we have those nodes? he says,

"No. Because the bottom-line _meaning_ of the South Node is that it represents _that to which we are attached_. There's an issue there, or we wouldnt have the South Node there."

quoting a comment from above, "The Moon's Nodes really only affect those with an Earth Moon. They would be utterly irrelevant for an intelligence evolving on say, Saturn or Pluto, which also have nodes."

right. and pretty much everyone we might give astrological counsel to will have an Earth Moon.

ive done a bit of study of the plantary nodes, and my experience is they speak to that planetary function on the level of the collective human consciousness. at least, of the slower, trans-personal planets.

here is another quote from, Measuring the Night. its from a lecture given by Jeff:
"Everybody born in the twentieth century will have the South Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, with the resulting North Nodes in Cancer... This entire group also has the South Node of Uranus in Sagittarius and its North Node in Gemini. We all have the South Node of Neptune in Aquarius and the North Node in Leo.

"When you look into the history of astrological Ages and sub-ages, you discover that hte unfortunate patriarchal transition began during the Capicorn sub-age of the Cancer Ago. Lo and behold, everybody in this century has the South Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto directly linked with that transition. From your life experience you can realize that we're in the beginning of a time in which the feminine principle is resurrecting itself and throwing off the shakles created by the patriarchy."

and further along:

"Here we sit with all of our South Nodes in Neptune in roughly eight to nine degrees of Aquarius... This would tend to suggest that the original spiritual roots of the people on the planet today lie in those distant times called the last Aquarian Age, and that they are now beginning to be re-energized...Neptune is very shortly going to be transiting over its own South Node."

there's more juicy info of this kind in the book. i just wanted to share these bits to say that i think there is valid information to be found in all the planet's nodes (but not the moons of any planet except ours).

thank you for your comments related to my evolutionary path. its true that i need not try to analyze my way toward truth. but, mygosh, with Sun and Mercury in gemini opposing Mars and Moon in sag, thats like asking a grasshopper to not jump around so much. :) that said, im aware of this, and so, actively cultivate 12th house, piscean attributes.


Hi emma - First, Happy Birthday and Solar Return. This should be an amazing year given that the Mercury-Pluto is separating, Sun is square Uranus, and Jupiter is square Saturn. You have radical shifts in all chart departments ruled by those planets. You'll probably do really well as Saturn moves through the sextile and quintile to your Sun, and then retrogrades back through those aspects. Jupiter in the solar 6th is preparing you for a greater adventure once you break free of whatever chains Saturn has symbolized before now. When it hits Sag you're on your way!

I suppose the Word could have emanated from the GC. It is my understanding that the Earth's Wisdom Tradition in all its forms derives from Venus, if we are to believe the Secret Doctrine. And the Lords of the Flame who came from Venus, the Kumaras, honor Sirius as the Source of all Wisdom in this Solar System. Perhaps Sirius derived its original pulse from the GC, but there is nothing in the Wisdom Tradition that confirms this. Yet it is possible, even if a pure speculation.

The Steven Forrest quote is true, insofar as all we are is an attachment to a thoughtform. I cannot regard the SN as an "issue." It is what we have practiced, consciously or unconsciously, for many lives. Yet it is a way to express what we learn in the NN. I have found that as per other authors, it is truly "a black hole" where no matter how much energy you put there nothing comes back that is satisfactory. It's not useless, but not a source of growth either. It is what we are very very familiar with.

The point was not that we should not give counsel re: the Moon's Nodes. My original point is that all planets have nodes, and some are more active at certain times due to their planets aspecting them. My assertion was that the Moon's Nodes probably have little or nothing to do with the influence of the GC. Not even sure if the planetary Nodes would either. Again, one is a galactic perspective; the other is a solar systemic perspective. Areas of radically different influences. Since Earthlings are fundamentally NOT galactic in perspective, influence, knowledge, or any other yardstick, I prefer not to speculate about GC influences outside of where it falls in the zodiac, since a study of what constitutes Sagittarius energies is always profitable.

If the NN of a planet shows its line of greatest development and the SN of a planet shows its line of least resistance, then we can apply that to the function of the planetary lights. I don't see them as a collective influence at all. I see the socio-cultural planets as the influence on the visible level (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) and the outer invisible Transpersonal planets as the collective influence (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Transpluto). The Nodes of all of these would show how those are evolving on their own level, which would have a backdrop influence on us, certainly not as dramatic and obvious as the aspects, since they show the evolving pattern of building and release of what we are able to do re: that planet.

So Jup, Sat, and Pl are growing toward organization, demonstrating through habit patterns on their own level. Ur is growing in discovery, releasing through elements of freedom into vaster perspectives. And Neptune is growing in creative nobility, demonstrating through immortalizing ideals to last across centuries.

It is interesting to imagine these symbols of our connectedness with Dharma and the three-fold invisible transpersonal influence, with a larger redemptive energy standing ready, as evolving toward a different higher expression on their own level. I would think the most obvious study of these influences is to see them as a solar systemic growth matrix, as each is related to its orbit around the Sun.

In each age there is a dance between the cosmic feminine and the cosmic masculine, and depending on whether we are in descending or ascending Kali Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga, or Satya Yuga, we will see enlightened ways of masculine and feminine expression on collective levels, or unenlightened. I use the system asserted by Sri Yukteswar in "The Holy Science" as my guidepost here. That means we have recently hit the ascending Dwapara Yuga, and are going for the remembrance of the electromagnetic Creation. This is very good for the future of humanity. I believe we are throwing off the shackles of both unenlightened feminine and masculine, unenlightened patriarchy and matriarchy.

The Leo influence should be stabilizing your Gemini-Sag opposition, and you can release it through the Uranus in Pisces. Again, when Jupiter goes into Sag, it should be great for you! And truly, may your next year be filled with depth, power, regeneration, discovery, liberation, and a joyous adventure where you remember just how happy and free you are.


I have saturn in sag in the 2nd house...1957..september 9..Is my financial situation gonna improve with Jupiter going in Sag?
I have raised 5 kids by myself and Money although always enough, it has been tight.I now have a house I am selling and will have more money than ever in my 49 years...
Is that Jupiter in sag?
This blog is amazing..I love it .Thank You
Just came out of 4 years of Pluto Play...still not feeling Back to myself...


Hi Donna - Jupiter in the second can expand finances and resources, but also cautions you not to do anything overblown or rash with your resources, especially with the square to Uranus. However, the long term trine to Saturn in Leo should help balance the extremism of Uranus.

I believe you'll do fairly well in the coming year, given Jupiter is opening your Saturn up, favorable to the Uranus in your chart, as well as your Venus and Jupiter. Should be a productive and active year for you. And definitely congratulations on being a Spirit strong enough to raise 5 kids by yourself. That's an amazing feat in and of itself. Bravo!

donna few

Thanks Robert It was nice to wake up and read your encouragement first thing this am....


7/13/1948, 12:37 am DST Chicago-00 Taurus asc. T. Pluto opposing Venus and Uranus, squaring Mars in Virgo, I've had headaches for last couple weeks, not something that typically bothers me.
What can I expect? Life is unstable, spouse ill, career gone south, he's lawyer, we worked together. Will Jupiter help being that it's in Sag and am having a Jupiter return soon?


Hi Donna - Jupiter's return should open doors while protecting what is good from the past. In fact, when Saturn trines your Asc later this year followed by Jupiter's trine from Cap, you should be quite stable in a practical sense, though finishing up a larger cycle as Mars goes stationary RX near your Sun. This is a year of gathering and completion. And if a career goes south, then perhaps you should give a new look to this article as well as part one from the day before. Hang in there, put your best self forward, don't settle for lesser things when greater things are at stake, and avoid going sideways when getting your focus and drive in gear are what's required. You should be doing better by this time next year, though you should be seeing positive change in the very near future.


Thanks so much for your quick response. Yes, the sideways walk is something I need to pay more attention to. Happy New Year Robert and thanks again.

Tara Greene

Hi Robert,
just came across your blog here as Pluto has just gone retro and quickly read through it. I am a professional astrologer, tarot reader and psychic, clairvoyant. You know the one about the shoemaker's children? Well often times we need someone elses's perspective. So I want to mention that in my natal chart I have Mercury at 27 degrees of Sagittarius in my 2nd house. It is the focus of a T-square with my natal Jupiter at 4.59 degrees Stationary Direct of Aries in my 5th house,and my Mars at 2.59 degrees of Libra in my 11th house. I am a double Sag. too with Sun conjunct Moon in the 1st house, a Scorpio ascendant.
I've always felt "Galactically tuned in" and with Pluto transitting the G.C. on my Mercury I really feel like I'm in some alternate Universe. i am find it very difficult to stay grounded, and focus my mind, I can feel that sucking sound of that Big Maw, the Galactic Centre and have been feeling it for over a year now.
Just wanted to let you know, and if you have any comments. That would be great.
Tara Greene


Hi Tara - Purify your mind, get it in shape to "pick up and deliver spiritual power" differently than before. Your Mercury is in the Grand Irrationality, so read all you can about that in the articles here. Jupiter trine your Jupiter is supporting your light and new self image through Aries (I'm one!) and so you're no doubt ending many things and reaping rewards, whatever they look like. Take a galactic perspective, get and stay grounded, and allow the recent Eclipses to work their peculiar energies by ending some old Sag stuff, being a good juggler and adapting as needed to forces seemingly beyond your control.

catrysse marie christine

hi thanks god i found all interesting things on inernet
i m realy very pleased to meet you
it feels good
i have moon persephone IC and northmoonnode between 25 and 27 saggitariius and i could feel it like a deep transformation but now it is still there and creation is coming and coming never stopping
my life is richer and richer


Hi Catrysse Marie - Welcome to the site. I have no doubt your life will greatly expand beneficially as Jupiter crosses your North Node later this year along with the inner planets. Mars on your South Node in September shows you what you must let go of, as well as how you can best demonstrate what you've been building toward in the recent past. These skills will be very important in January-February 2008.

marie christine

dear robert
i m very pleased to meet you
a im studying astrology a long time but i m not a professional
your have a fantastic terrific webside i really am greatfull
imagine this is not a coincidence
the first time i heard about the galactic center was on 29 december when i had an apointment with joyce hoen a famous astrologer she says to me pluto was right conjunct with GC
i have a lot of friends with sun conjunct GC and i see wat is happening they live for creativity crazy
it is all en terms of energy that is passing this world here beethoven mozart all were on GC they bring you on another level upstairs in heaven without bounderies


Hi marie - Welcome to the site. There are many who know a lot of astrology who are not professionals, but who use it to help themselves and their loved ones to good effect. Thank you for your praise of the site. It has been a labor of love joyously undertaken (so far!) ;-) As you know from what I've written, Pluto is EXACTLY conjunct the Galactic Center off and on for several years. And yes, the GC is no doubt a portal to the center of what makes this Milky Way tick.

M. Star

All I know is, in the mid-80's Pluto began Her (I consider Pluto to be the Destroyer aspect of Kali, with whom I have worked many lifetimes in India) transits through my 5th house (containing Chiron, Jupiter, Venus Rx, Mercury, and Juno in Scorpio) and then went over my Sagittarius Sun and Mars in the 6th. I thought she was done with me, taking me through Hell and would spit me out around 1994 or so. Then I learned She went into my Sun sign Sagittarius for 13 years and has had her way with me all that time! Within that time (during 1986 and for 4 years) she sent me a "Walk-In" who was my mate in many lifetimes, a "Dark" angel. (I met him in meditation and could feel the love, but hadn't had the memory from whence I knew him.) He channeled through a psychic channeler friend and within a short time "walked in". My "initiation" into the very depths of Hell came when She (Kali/Pluto) took him back without so much as a moment's notice, along with all my guides who channeled through him during that 4 years (at least I couldn't seem to reach them). Suddenly I was beyond space and time for about a year, grieving another 5 years. It will be interesting to see how this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction affects me. I feel like I should be squeaky clean (consciousness-wise) and what more can She possible do to me! (When I was 5 years old I had an intuitive flash that I would live to be over 100 years, the 1st half being really hard and the 2nd half being the good stuff--I think it's time for the good stuff--at the ripe old age of 61!!) I'm ready for Kali's "Nurturer" aspect!


Hi M. Star - As I understand the outer Transpersonal planets, Uranus is Yang, Neptune is Yin. Pluto is Yang, TransPluto (Percephone-Parvati) is Yin. I believe it is useful to regard Pluto as Shiva, and TransPluto as Parvati, who as you know is also Kali Durga. The legend of Ganesh has similar elements in many ways to the legend of Percephone. Having Pluto in the first house, I also know Shiva up close and personal. Perhaps you're sensing the fact that TransPluto has been in Leo for many decades, and conjuncted Pluto from the 1930s through the 1950s while squaring planets in Scorpio these past 60+ years.

Pluto does tend to take things into the underworld where we get to live in our personal "hell" for awhile until we make Shiva our friend. As for "walk in" beings, I tend to have little to do with them since they are not living their own integrity and eternal spark of Atman. There is no such duality on the level of Atman and Brahman. While it is appropriate to grieve losses, too much grief is not good for us humans, given we ARE eternal Light, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence incarnate. What we grieve is the loss of sensory contact with the object of our love, which of course is an illusion in itself, since we in truth are never separate from that which we love, whether they seem to be there or not. I have known profound grief, but after a point it either turns toxic, or naturally leads us into the heart of compassion and we realize our pain is the pain of the world, and what we suffer is illusory.

61 turns us inward to find a new level of compassion and understanding regarding our "wisdom song" we're here to offer our world based in our direct experience of our higher purpose somewhat realized in the first 28 years, practiced however we choose in the second 28 years, and distilled into our unique form of wisdom the third 28 years. As for Divine Mother's nurturing power, Aum Namah Shivaya!

M. Star

Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your response! What an interesting approach considering Pluto as Shiva and TransPluto as Parvati/Kali Durga. I believe my (now deceased, sadly) astrologer did mention TransPluto in one of my readings. I can't even imagine what Pluto in the 1st house would be like!

Do you have any comments on the possible significance of the comet Holmes exploding last October? Interesting...
Thank you for your previous comments!
M. Star


Hi M.Star - Every Yang deserves its Yin! Of course, which is which depends entirely on what's going on, given the Shiva-Parvati legend. Something about an eternal fluidity shifting balance in any dualistic system.... I really don't know much about Comet Holmes, except that by legend comets are visitors to our solar system, bringing portents of things to come. Exploding comets have been known to give us both familiar and new elements we never had before! (Kind of like our friends from outer space....) Widespread reports of Spaceships 4 miles long and a mile wide recently sighted by LOTS of the straight inhabitants of rural north central Texas lends legitimacy to such speculations. Seems like things are heating up all over, both literally and figuratively. Ultimately, we will remember, in the famous dictum of Dr. Franklin, that we must all hang together else we shall all hang separately. The great cause coming is to cooperate with the Earth in our collective survival. Fellowships are already forming across the globe, each united in their own specific thing to do. If you're here for 40 more years, welcome to your future. Aum.

catrysse marie christine

whawh robert, about GC
on september 03 2007 you told me about skills jan-febr 2008
as i said i have moon persephone IC North node between 25 and 27° sagittarius i was very very busy all the time
the result was i made fantastic thing starting december 2006 until feb 2008
in my village i organised a musical
it was "THE SOUND OF MUSIC" the very top of all musicals
the musical that is known by everyone is about destiny , do what your hart tells you
we must listen to our hart
the musical was with the people around here and it was a TOTAL SUCCES the performances were in feb 2008
i am sure my planets were all shaked about the passage of pluto
the whole village is still shaked about the happening
everything what you think to realize will be possible one day
one day all your dreams can come true
everyone in this world is born as a special person
and it is your time to follow your own destiny

"by the way mars on south node shows what you must let go of " i stopped my job almost totally but this was a good choice


Hi catrysse - Glad you've accomplished so much in offering others a wider perspective, greater art/culture, and in such an enjoyable way! Yes, black holes are pure potentiality, no-thing and every-thing and other things that cannot be described on this side of the black hole!


Hi Robert,

Just stumbled on the site and you're doing absolutely incredible work. Thank you!

I have a 0 degrees Capricorn Moon in the 4th house with my IC in 20 degrees of Sagittarius. I've read in older accounts that the Galactic Center is at 0 degrees Cap, but I'm pretty sure that's outdated. I know I have an AP moon but, more than just needing to relate to the public, I've always felt SO tuned into to something grand and huge, something that is far bigger than anything we as people can describe. The closest I think we've come to capturing it is with the word "LOVE" but I know that it is so great that it is beyond understanding through mere words.

Do I have a Moon conjunct the GC (because that would have to be a big orb)? I know that though my Moon energy is restrictive in a Capricornian way, I've felt that at its heart, it was about the love that was something far huger than I can ever verbalize or ever entirely explain. Can't wait to see what future movements bring up. Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work.

Peace and blessings,


Hi Jenna - You're most welcome. The areas I gave for the GC are fairly accurate and precise, so you can use them as a measuring tool if you want. Yes, I would consider your Moon conjunct the GC, since it is forming. That said, it's not the same as if your MC were also Capricorn. I suspect other planets also are involved in your ability to experience that Higher Love.

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