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Diane Scholten

Robert - how fascinating - something I had never thought of, though I DID know of the planetary rulers for the days of the week. This simply underscores my strong Mars - Feb 15 1949 was, indeed a Tuesday. And so another indication for me of where my 'yang' energy comes from. Thanks for this!


Hi Diane - This poem seems to have been a way for children to remember which planet ruled which day of the week from long ago. As for this article, I had to make some slight edits from the original, since I realized I miscopied the poem. Also, there are some variations on it historically, as a reader of the original article pointed out. Still, I thought it would be fun to examine the chart in light of the day of the week one is born.



And it would seem to be even more astrolonomically pronounced in languages like French...Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi and Dimanche - although I guess Sunday still has the more obvious connotation. I really found this interesting and insightful as I looked at the days that some friends were born on - as well it was interesting and encouraging to find out I was born on a Sunday. Thank you yet again for the wisdom you share.




Hi Robert,

I'm so grateful to you for the wonderful information you post. Thank you!

I have a correction for the daily planetary rulers: Monday is ruled by Moon (Lundi in French), whereas Tuesday is ruled by Mars (Mardi in French).



Hi Robert,

I'm so grateful to you for the wonderful information you post. Thank you!

I have a correction for the daily planetary rulers: Monday is ruled by Moon (Lundi in French), whereas Tuesday is ruled by Mars (Mardi in French).



hey that is not true at all
i am sunday born, highly melancholic by default mode;
ever since i was born ;am a historysheeter as far as sadness goes

sat square merc;merc sq nept, sun opp sat all rain on my 'SUNDAY"


Hi Carson - Yes, there are close similarities in every language to the universal symbols of the days of the week. Glad you could find some insights by examining friends' birthdays. You may even be able to blow their mind by drawing some conclusions for them, using generic planetary keywords. I have found interesting correlations over the years between the day someone was born on and their astrological biases, and it's kind of fun.

Hi Michelle - Yes, there are interesting associations that can help us engage our friends and loved ones in "light" conversations that will help them think that there may just be something to all of this. I mean really, who would think the day of the week we were born might actually have meaning? ;-)

Hi anu - Well, perhaps it's your life challenge to become "sunny." I was born on a Sunday with a Sun opposition Saturn and Moon opposition Pluto, and while I dressed in a lot of black when a teenager, and had a fairly gloomy attitude that persisted in several periods of my life as a result of difficult experiences, I do find that after quitting almost all kinds of sugars I don't get the blues as much as I used to, and by generating a habit of chronic positivity and going into deep meditation when unsettled that it's easier to overcome the earlier depressive and melancholic tendencies. Mercury square Saturn challenges you to cultivate your spiritual rapport with others and not default to a narrow view. I'm sure with practice you'll start generating your specific brand of positivity. As for sadness, well, since we who are on a path of Self-realization must learn how to operate in all kinds of feeling circumstances, it's only through learning how to transmute our sorrow that we know how to maintain equipoise and positivity when in sorrowful situations. Then we know how to become "sunny" in the midst of life's storms.



strange that you mention it-- I used to also dress in black through teenage till the last few years.
Andyes thanx for reminding me abt the sugars; I am diabetic and when I was on a strict diet felt great felt svelte ,no yoyoing moods and yes, I will get back to it.Why do I need reminding?It truly works.
My sat square nept and merc sq sat are difficult still
I stay away reclusively tho my leo sun makes me seek company with gusto making me oh so schizophrenic, In fact people think I am two different people --- cool andexuberant ad then preoccupied and dul , thanx to my contrasting impulses
Right now I am much cooler but also more passive.Does being a pisces rising make for passive python like periods?
In which case what does one do to reconcile so many itty bitty scattering impulses. How does one make it all come together in one massive sweep of synchronized partices?

Pardonnez moi, but meditation, hindu budhist anything doesn't work for me;I get even more restless and run out of the house.I can perform rituals like an ordained priest but it brings nothing for productivity.



Your writing has improved. I like "effectiveness."



Hi anu - Glad I could remind you that the "sugar blues" are not a fantasy! We all need reminding of some things from time to time - that's the benefit of community. You are two different people - maybe even three! Pisces rising might just be an entire ocean of people, and yes, you do tend to submerge from time to time to process the whole of your experience, most of which is beyond words. You are the particles, you are the fish, you are the waves, and you're the entire world.

As for meditation, perhaps you're trying too hard to "do" meditation. It ALWAYS works, regardless of who we are or where we live, though different meditations work at different times for different people. If we cannot "go into the silence" deeply while we're here on Earth, then we will probably get disoriented when we drop our bodies and minds and have no sensory frames of reference to navigate the Bardo. Rituals have little to do with meditation. BEING in touch with SOURCE has everything to do with it. And though we can do this in many ways, again, if we have a hard time going into "the silence" then it's a hinderance that needs to be corrected. Just start focusing entirely on your inbreathing and outbreathing and learn to ignore outer sensory imputs and you'll be meditating just fine. It's also helpful to remember that praying is speaking to God, whereas meditation is listening to God. And if thou art THAT, and God is ALL there is, well... Enjoy the ride!

Hi Don - Thanks. I'd like to think I'm learning with every breath I take.

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