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Thanks for posting this altered verion of the orginal article. It could not have come at a better time. So many folks I know right now are feeling more than a bit weary. Thank you!!!

On a side note, spinning, weaving and knitting are excellent activities for staying centered. These activities got me through the worst of the Grand Cross action this past winter.



Hi Pepper - This is something we're all learning to live with, and sometimes it gets weirder than others. The period between June 14-22 will get plenty weird, and there will be others points as well in July and early September due to the Cancer and Virgo parts of the Grand Irrationality being occupied from time to time. And yes, there are many ways to stay centered and not get lost in the collective spinout (and with the activities you mentioned, there are beautiful payoffs at the end of each project, and many new projects to do!) As an aside, Gandhi advocated spinning for all Indians as a practical meditation, as well as weaning India off of British textiles.


We just got a beautiful little orange-cream and teal-eyed kitty. I pet and play with him and the activity gives me hope for a similar human collective future...of laughter and curious play. At the end of the day meditation and petting my new cat is the best catharsis for hard work, academic preparation, and the craziness of the environment. I hope many other's may enjoy such enjoyable detachment from the "Grand Irrationality."


Hi Don - Congrats on finding a worthy owner who can train you in the art of being joyously servile. Yes, cats can be goofy that gives one hope! BTW - "pet the cat" IS a meditation, as is the "lapping cat meditation." They do get heavy, though!! And it's fairly irrational that simply petting a living purr machine should bring so much joy in the midst of so much heaviness. Your tape's in the mail. You should get it by Tuesday at the latest.


Cats "absolutely have their own minds" I'm finding out. lol, I know he is band-aid in the bigger sense but, he really is a bundle of fun u know?!! I had forgot I was a cat person. I hadn't owned one since my first cat 'dude' short for 'Deuteronomy' when I was 6 years old. I was a weird kid, lol, not much different now 20 years later.
"a living purr machine" that is hilarious!..thanx for the update on the tape...going to take advantage of this absolutely joyous time. Full moon in Sagg. makin' it all too silly?


Hey - first of all, "you" do NOT "own" them. THEY own you. First order of priorities. It's great to break on through to the other side.

Diane Scholten

Isnt' this a lovelier discussion than the "sky is falling/6/6/6" malarkey? The world's best cat, who is the Boss of Me, has been fastidiously licking her butt and now seems ready to herd me off to my own bath. Once she achieves that feat she feels the nightly routine is underway and she's done her duty. Tonight I'll let her win - i'm tired & it's deliciously cool here in Chicago.

Yes, cats help in the chaos. So do babies - I have two little boys who are my great teachers. The 3 year old is teaching me the value of repetition and simple joys ("Auntie Di's car!" said with great excitement, oh about 42 times...)


Robert, Funny your should mention Gandhi and spinning... Just this morning I happened to stumble across this website by Mark Sheperd. He offers a bit on charkha spinning. Here is the link for those that are interested --

I must admit to being curious about the upcoming Mars/Saturn conjunction in Leo and how it will pan out for Dubya. Thanks again for all your uplifting and reassuring insights.

Any thoughts on what Florida and the Panhandle might experience this summer? I just reading Carolyn Eagan's report at Can we expect the weather to be stranger than expected?



Hi Diane - Yes, strange how so many believed the sky was falling and nuclear war was immanent one day, and none checked back in the next to let me know it hadn't happened! ;-) Babies are so enthusiastic it reminds me that all our white noise and blather will fade into the mists of time, while they pursue life on their terms in their era. All we have to do is survive this madness thrust upon us by men of small hearts and closed minds.

Hi Pepper - I tried to cover a bit on how the Mars-Saturn will impact our Incompetent-In-Chief, but given that the Secret Service has ZERO sense of humor, I cannot post much more unless I want to trigger an investigation into what I don't know. (I'm serious! A VERY highly placed political mentor of mine told me years ago that even if I did know of a dangerous point in the life of a prez, NEVER write anything, since they'll assume I know something of an assassination plot, even if I don't.) Down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.....

We can expect the weather to get weirder than ever in the future, due to what we've cut loose in the environment. This article can lead you to others I've posted on what's up, and it's not comforting. Having been raised in Florida, it is important to remember that much of the state is less than 100 feet above sea level, and given the rate of ice melt, we're guaranteed a rise of at least 20 feet in the next few decades. At least the Everglades will be restored, even if it's at the expense of Marco Island, Palm Beach, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Key West. The shape of the entire North American coastline will change over the next century, as will coastlines all over the world. This comment I made in the "666" comment stream outlines in brief a few of the environmental urgencies we will be dealing with in the near future.


We just finished our monthly Black Hills Full Moon Meditation Group. It was a huge success. We crowded 20 people into our living room tonight. I have been doing full moon groups every month for 25 years. This was the most animated and interesting discussion group that I have ever experienced. People were extra talkative (Gemini). We featured this article on the grand irrationality amoung a couple of others from Lucis Trust and Everyone there was amazed at how accurate Robert's description of these times was. Many shared personal stories. The Venus sextile Uranus was just forming as we started the evening. We had been discussing Robert's points about being adaptable and flexible, then in the middle of our guided meditation the phone rang and disrupted the mood. People started laughing and getting off focus. So I had to just laugh with them and realize that Hermes really is the trickster. We made it through and a good time was had by all. Thank you Robert for this most excellent and insightful article. It gave us many points to ponder. Not the least of which is that redwoods, kitties and butterflies are more inspirational than the nightly horror news casts. May World Goodwill and Right Human Relations prevail. Namaste.


Hmmm... a call during your meditation. Whenever a phone rings during class, my teacher Zoe says, "pay attention". This is a message from the universe. Birds sing, cells ring, dogs bark, at the right time during class. I was surprised when I first joined the class that she would allow cell phones, then I understood her wisdom. What is even more ironic is that the person on the cell always said something relative to what we were talking about. What a great message.


Thanks Robert, as always your words are inspiring esp. to a sage on a full moon day in their sign :-) Love


Hi dcu - Great that there's so much richness up there. Glad my works can help people focus in this very weird period. Aum and blessings.

Susan - sometimes that works better than other times. Sometimes it's someone on the same wavelength as the group; other times it's someone who should be there but skipped it, but whose subconscious must interrupt the group focus. Other times it's just an annoyance, always good for getting over the fetters of irritation and agitation through immediate application of humor and forgiveness. Interruptions are inevitable; the trick is to stay in good humor and not lose focus.

Abacus - You are most welcome. Happy Full Moon: may it purify and liberate you in perfect ways!

Got to go, all. Giving three talks today over in Santa Monica.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your insight. I agree with you, and understand what you're saying for the world we currently live in.

What was interesting in this class is that it was always appropiate to the matter at hand. She works on the premise that everything is a read, not a judgment. The point to her was not if it made us happy, or unhappy, or disrupted the group. Why did we attract the call?

So if we look at all attractions, whether good or bad, whether on our wavelength or not, they bring information. If it interupts and it's uncomfortable, it's an attraction bringing a message, and since it's in a class, maybe an attraction for all. Is that astrology for the group? Is that astrology for each individual? When the cell rings, is the Moon irritating some in the class and not bothering others? What's going on in the stars?

I do have to learn to let go of little agrivations, thanks for reminding me about humor.


Hello Robert,

What a wonderful, succinct reminder about why fear is so easy to fall into now and how to choose otherwise. Thank you. Shaun


Hi Shaun - Then you're sure to like some of the articles already in queue regarding how to overcome fear, and why that's the primary task for all of us as we move through this "Age in Transition." And of course, you're welcome.


Hi ... I really enjoyed this article and appreciate your ability to write about these issues in a way that translates to the human experience and is understandable.

One thing ... I've had to give up supplemental herbs altogether because they are "suddenly" too stimulating. I used to take them regularly. Now, they are too much for my body, mind, and spirit ... I'm finding certain things just aren't working any more.




I'm sure you have mentioned it before, but how long will we be feeling the effects of The Grand Irrationality? It sure does keep life interesting. When it is over, I hope we won't be bored!?!



Hi donna - Yes, many things that used to work no longer work, and yet some things are rearranging in interesting ways with no loss or gain. I suspect there is much going on in the subtle planes we are unaware of.

Hi Shelley - As I noted in a response to Michele in another stream, it's been with us for about 12 years, and will be with us for another 10. We're learning to surf while making choices, individually and collectively, that will determine "destiny" for years to come. While the end result will be most excellent, the way by which we come to the excellence will be pleasurable or painful depending on what choices we make between then and now. The outcome is assured; the process is not set in stone. We certainly won't be bored, since we'll ALL have to pull together to save our beautiful ball of dirt and restore Her to health. That will be the evolutionary imperative in years to come. It already is now, but humanity is still deaf and blind to environmental realities.


My Venus (1*Cap), Ceres (2* Cap) and NN (3*Cap) have Pluto conjuncting them, and my Sun (17* Aquarius) opposite Moon (14* Leo)have this Chiron, Neptune, NN mystery happening on top of them and I am Grand Fix square folk.

It was the last decade that was very challenging and suddenly I am doing better since Aug/Sept 2007. Gone back to university, getting a PhD age 54, and loving it. Not sure where my new life is leading me, but finally, I feel successful and grounded.


This is a profound statement: "...though there's a lot that we cannot like, there's nothing on this earth that warrants us being in a not loving state."

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