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something about this date of March 3, 2005 is very striking, :-) maybe its the beautiful truths which you continue to bring back to us, great re-links...


Hi Abacus - Perhaps there is an important cycle in it being reposted every 15 months, without intention. These are things to ponder, considering the Source.


Hi Robert,

ah ... Cycles - Linear forms are but a special case of curvature. Curve of a motional body traces gravitational energy. Gravity rules if you are on earth. All things gravite toward a balance point.

Some circular motion don't intercept with time axis at regular intervals from earthly point of view.

The old passages above seem re-confirming
1)The soul's conservative energy.
2)The benevelent design of divine influence on human perception.
3)Free will determines future.
4)Seek you shall Find - Self-knowledge to know yourself and locate signficant paths.
5) As above so below within you.

Truth seems stranger than a fiction.

Thanks for sharing the light from the oldest wisdom of truths.


Hi Jacques - Gravity = Inertia = Saturn. Saturn's exalted in Libra. Strange to republish this with peculiar regularity. Love your list of re-confirmations. Truth is the greatest adventure we have. The whole work is amazing. Reading the original work repeatedly yields 10,000 Self-Realizations, whether a probationer or an Arhat. Each reads it with different eyes, but the harvest is guaranteed.


Hi Robert,

Great connection between gravity and Saturn. Yes. The balanced ring for the Saturn does symbolize gravity as it does remove/reduce/control/manage the irrational exuberance a bit in the compacting process.

Is the ever-expanded credit market ready/due for some corrections (balance) announced by the solar eclipse summoned to appear at the Libra court?

Cont'd on old passages:
I seems to me that
The benevelent design also implied the universal compassionate love that is inherited from above and available within each of us.

Eternal life of our soul likes an invisible string that connects a beautiful string of pearls. Each pearl is an incarnation of continuation of future fulfillment of ourselves.

We, each like a pearl, are all capable of emitting the truth of ourselves and also reflecting the light of truths from others.

Like you said read and re-read harvest is assured.


A beautiful message for my day. Thank you Robert.


Robert you will never know how much I needed to read those truths today. Thanks for posting them.


I also often remember what the Ascended spiritual Masters say (and even the greatest masters are humble) ... To know, to dare, to do ... and to be silent. Even in spirit, as upon the earth ... there are levels within levels of knowledge to aspire to.


Hi TrumansCat - You're most welcome. I figure it's always a good thing to remember what "brought us to the dance."

Hi Mary - Yes, well, timing being what it is, I was going to post this several weeks ago, but other articles kept popping up so this got bumped to now. Glad it's timely and you found inspiration, since these three are truly the "gold standard" for remembrance.

Hi Lori - That's why even the Masters keep learning, keep realizing, keep applying, and keep utilizing whatever is needed to keep the evolutionary pulse beating in our Divine Dance. "Light on the Path" is one of those works that each time we read it we get more, whether we view it with the eyes of an aspirant, a disciple, an Initiate, or a Master.


Across the doorsill the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell....dont go back to sleep....people go back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds meet...dont go back to must ask for what you truly want....the door is round and open...dont go back to sleep....the eternal Rumi ancient poet and even more fitting for today.....reading inspirational verse and really loud Van Morrison Haunts of ancient peace album...very healing and centring in the madness on this earth....aum mani padme aum to you Robert and all and thanks for the beautiful reminders.


Hi giverny - Beautiful. While sleep is nice, it's not a great way to live. As I once wrote in a song: "Oh brave new world of people's hope, to reach you humanity may not elope from responsibilities gained through the light of time and experience seems to show a rhyme of vision, form, and attitude bright, which will persist throughout this night of NOW, the past eternal's fruit where security anchors have taken root in ALL..."


Robert, yes, silent truth, and one thing for sure - Those that ask shall have...


Hi Larisa - Enjoy today's post.

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Terms of Viewing/Using Material Published or Sold on This Site

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