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As we all know, the fallout from Chernobyl remains a serious problem twenty years later. The radioactive fallout from Chernobyl not only affected the reindeer in Norway, it also continues to affect sheep farmers in Wales and Scotland today. Cancer remains a serious concern to all of those exposed to its radioactivity. Chernobyl exploded on April 26th, 1986. Looking back to that time, what was happening astrologically? Does it tie into the current Grand Irrationality now?

At the present, the issue of finding a clean source of energy at an affordable cost remains tantamount for all nations? How does the Grand Irrationality tie into what is happening with petrol/nuclear energy in general? Are we seeing the beginnings of a shift in consciousness that may result in these being phased out? What are your thoughts on this topic? Sincerely, Pepper


You opened a huge can of "wormwood" (the meaning of the word "Chornobyl" in Ukranian) with this comment. I cannot go deeply into it in this comment stream, as it is a huge thing in and of itself that you ask. I am very concerned with the global nuclear menace, and have been working to stop this Nazi inspired energy form for over 25 years.

That said, looking at the chart, and remembering that Pluto is the archetype of atomic energy, we find the Chernobyl chart has Pluto at 6 Scorpio. That means Pluto is septile its Chornobyl position, and Neptune is biseptile, so this ties it to the Grand Irrationality as it exists at present.

At the time, the Grand Irrationality had not yet afflicted humanity. Though the explosion chart shows Venus at 29 Taurus in a wide triseptile to Pluto, we would naturally attribute the event to the exact Sun opposed Pluto, and it was not long after the last Jupiter waxing square Saturn. We can only pray this current Jupiter waxing square Saturn doesn't create a reproduction this Autumn.

As for alternative energy sources for transportation, check out this story for some opinions about what is happening, and what I believe needs to be the focus. I am happy you are concerned with larger things, since a great deal of humanity will soon be concerned with much more important issues than the present indulgences. You will also find other articles at Political Physics that will offer glimpses into the environmental, economic, and political future of the world. I have writen other articles on alternative energies (like the water car) and the problems of global warming. There is a link on the left hand side of the page to Greenland melting.

Feel free to post your insights there if you care to, and even make a diary if you feel like posting some things. Just remember that many political people are not interested in metaphysics, so we try to keep a social-responsible focus there, and bring the metaphysics over here.

Hypnotic Poisonn

Hello Robert
I'm more than alittle worried by this Grand irrationality process.

On the 27th May 2004 I experience the worst time of my life. If I'm honest I have only just recovered Psychologically from the impact of events that took place.
For me, my Compolsive behaviour took the shape of being convinced that I was terminally ill. No one could convince me otherwise I booked myself in for every test on the market. I fluctuated from feeling like I deserved to die, to thinking what a cruel turn of events for this to happen to me. I have spoken to a Cancarian friend of mine who shares the same day and year as me and, she went through the same thing.

We laugh about it now...nervously!
Deeply concerned HP


Hi HP - Not much point in worrying about the Grand Irrationality, since it's been with us and will be for some time to come. On the day you mention, Mercury was square Neptune, never good for getting accurate information. Venus was in Gemini retrograde opposition Pluto, another spinout type of aspect. The Sun was square Uranus in Pisces, completing a strange time when lots of illusion was in the air. Add Mars and Saturn both in Cancer, and it's no wonder there were some insecurities come up!

Sometimes strange feelings overtake the best of us for no apparent reason. Then the best we can do is not make anything worse than it is, go deep within to our stable spiritual center, and turn to face the inevitability that all forms pass away, our own included. That's why it's important to live every day to the fullest, in integrity, love, play, creativity, joy, and dump every thing and person who is bringing you down, or making you fearful, or getting you lost in their delusion.

This article titled "Eternal Consciousness, Humanity, Life and Death, Light and Miracles" may be worth a re-read, along with the article from the day before.


Hi Robert,

I dip into your site from time to time and always come across something new and interesting. Sorry this comment is two months late, but I didn't see it when it first came out.

Thank you for giving whatever it is we're experiencing now a name! Sometimes I wonder if it's the boat I'm on that's my life that's rocking or the ocean around it, and then I realise they're both part of the same phenomenon. I occasionally get the sense that as the Grand Irrationality intensifies, it's like a top that's spinning faster and faster and one day it will crash into something and stop and we'll all either disappear into nothingness or wake up and wonder if we'd just been down the rabbit hole.

Anyhow, I'm glad for sites like yours. They prove that sanity isn't yet a lost cause. Thank you.


Hi hitchhiker72 - Glad you come by when you have the time. Just think of this site as a gold mine, where you can discover previously unfound nuggets each time you come back. Your top analogy is interesting. I'm inclined to believe that we'll be spinning AND crash into something AND wake up and realize we've been down the rabbit hole. Thanks for the vote of sanity, though to quote a line from Chico, " can't fool me boss. There ain't no sanity clause..."


Just remember that many political people are not interested in metaphysics, so we try to keep a social-responsible focus there, and bring the metaphysics over here.

You penned this phrase in 2006, and it is so a part of my journey today,and really my whole life. I am aware that part of my contract this time around is to facilitate in some way the melding of these two energies. My life experience has led me to be able to function, indeed seek out participation in both worlds. I've never had my astrological chart done, don't know the exact time of my birth, but your website is a bright light of sanity in an otherwise quite confusing transition. Thank you. And so my deep comittment to exploring sustainable housing and relieving poverty and homelessness has been mixed with calling circle for designers and architects who work in an integrated fashion to solve problems. We use drums and meditation to centre before we call attention to the obstacles and then seek solutions which include as close to a netzero energy design as possible. It is such a wonderful time to be combining these skills, but fearful as well.

As one colleague in the engineering world once said, "My profession will chew you up and spit you out." Well, Im an Irish Leo and a little nuts to boot so i'm sure it can be done. some days, takes a little bit more convincing myself to 'put my face out there' than others.
So i do appreciate your insights into the reasons why....


Hi Irish - Yes, well, one of the great disappointments of my life is how disconnected spirituality is from our political-social dialog in the public arena. And it seems to verify something Gandhi said to the effect that when politics and spirituality are disconnected, politics is quickly corrupted, and ceases to work in the best interests of the people. Sustainable housing is an inevitability given the dwindling resources and the reality that we can make better houses out of tires than wood. You don't need your birth time to learn a lot about your chart, and how and when it works. It sounds like you're striving to bring forth bridge forms that can help things move forward despite the inertias. Irish Leo? Nothing, I mean NOTHING can stop you once you make up your mind. Take it from a Welsh-Irish-German Aries!

Celia "Ceedi" Leffler

Hi Robert,

I don't expect you to remember me but I met you (I think it was you) in NYC on a subway around 1974-79. I remember you telling me my chart showed that I was possibly on of the most "powerful people" in the world. I dont know about that but I do have Leo in the first house and 4 planets in Scorpio.
11-12-1954 10:55PM Raleigh, NC.

I kept your card for years. I think you were a few years younger than me..or the same age. We only had one conversation and you already knew so much about astrology then. That was 30 years ago!!! I did end up continuing to study astrology and even worked as an astrologer off and on but never took it too far.

My life has been interesting and many powerful times and moments..but I have so many squares, I never really got on a good solid path. My sun conjunct saturn squaring mars... tended toward castles in the air. I have no Earth in my chart. (midheaven Taurus.. and n. node cap..but not sure if that even counts).. Anyway..I saw your name on an article a friend sent me today and it rang a bell.

Do you remember meeting a young pretty southern girl on a subway that had a way powerful chart in the 70s?

Could be a coincidence and just that guy was an astrologer with the same name as you.

Hope life has treated you well. Ive raised a son alone and been divorced 30 years.. Can't seem to get a loving stable relationship that lasts with anyone what with mars in aquarius in 7th house and all my squares and moon in gemini, etc. Maybe one of these days.

Thanks ... Celia "Ceedi" was Tucker --now maiden name of Leffler


Hi Ceedi - I suppose that would have been me, since I did do thought forms in the NY subways back in the 70s and early 80s. Kept my card for years? Frame it, since it may become a collector's item in the future! (I don't do cards very often this lifetime!) Actually I am a bit older than you, but thanks for the complimentary remembrance, my dear. And while there is actually another astrologer with my name, based on what you wrote me I know you found me and not him. I'll email you soon after the avalanche of personal stuff clears.

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