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Any gravitational light to shed on the irrationality taking form today in the middle east?



Hi Curious - Watching John Stewart last night interviewing John Dean was interesting. Dean's new book, "Conservatives Without Compassion" speaks of the problems of the rampant authoritarianism in our country. Of course, it's everywhere, and inadequate to address the root causes of the pandemic global violence.

Humanity is haunted by its lack of power to control outcomes fueled by fear of the unknown. Our global "leaders" lack imagination, and are utter incompetents in the face of the mindless violence dominating the Middle East, as well as many urban centers globally. Whether armies or gangs, police or militias, the response is brutal and offends humanity's higher sensibilities. Gandhi would have been appalled, as is anyone who cares for the plants, animals, and children of our world. If there is an "anti-Christ," it's the energy of violence that destroys world culture, world peace, and the harmony of human cooperation. Of course, this authoritarianism cannot last, as eventually the people become tired of fear and violence.

One thing I haven't addressed in this column before now is that Earth is at an evolutionary "fail safe" point, and in the not-so-distant future will reach a developmental stage where the violent ones will go to a different evolutionary petrie dish and leave this fragile Earth to heal for about 36,000 years. The future of humanity is fairly bright in the long term, though at some point tens of thousands of years from now the Earth and the life forms associated with its development will evolve into non-chemical substance. Life won't end, but it will transmute the density of its forms to a more etherial, subtle state. Everything will be as "real" as it is today, but not nearly as dense. And there will be no violence as we know it today.



I am interested in the steps in the process and sequence astrologically of how we react through our thoughts and emotions. What happens first. What happens next, etc. It seems to me that in doing someone's chart, understanding this process of thoughts and emotions is at the crux of understanding how we function. Yet I have rarely seen discussion of this by astrologers. Have you ever done a class on this?

How does the sequence of the aspects (not just the aspects) to our moon and mercury determine the how we respond? If someone has a moon aspect to jupiter and then mars, the response would be different than if a moon aspect to saturn, then mars. Or what if a moon aspect to saturn, and a mercury aspect to jupiter or neptune?

In the moon aspect to Saturn first and then to mars, being aware that the intial response could be fear would be helpful in changing it to a positive of Saturn and then the action of mars.
And what if it were moon mars first and then saturn?

I have moon in sag, opposite sun conjunct merc in gemini, and quincx jupiter, saturn and mars.

Does that mean I first react in a sag way then go to the next closest aspect by degree(Jupiter), then the next closest aspect(mars) Or would I go directly from moon to mercury even though it's further away by degree?

This understanding would be very helpful in working with changing negative thought and emotional patterns and in working with affirmations.


Hi Jay - You've asked some really good, but very profound and complicated questions that cannot be answered in this comment stream. I will try to compose an article on the sequence of how thoughts and feelings impact each other in the near future. Some of what you ask is more individualized, some more hardwired into our human mechanism, so I'll try to offer something that clarifies which is which and how it works. As a hint, on an individual level it has less to do with aspects than the sequence of how the planets fall in the houses, though of course a transit trine one planet and then semisquare another and then opposition to another and then quintile to another does indicate an element of the process.


I work with people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in which the body is still experiencing stress from an event that may have occurred up to and over 10 years ago at times. I refer to it in my counseling as cellular memory that the body experiences producing vague and severe aches and pains and other discomforts. The process to alleviate this stress is to replace traumatic memories with more recent good memories, not trying to say that these events never happened. Astrological insights are relevant to this healing process and how the different signs will be successful at healing these traumas. I have found in my unobjective, biased, unscientific observation that Pisces has more trouble with the cellular memory reprogramming than any other sign.


Hi Mary - I am enduring a total system crash, and so don't know if a commenter's response has or will make it to this stream. I observed one earlier, and now it's disappeared. I agree that substituting a new response to override an old unhelpful response is the only way to deal with this. And of course, timing is everything in overriding old responses with new ones. Perhaps Pisces is so aware of everything all the time that they have trouble sorting out the dream from the reality of the NOW.


Hi Robert, I have felt, or rather foreseen the subject of your response to "curious". Is it true that at this point of our evolution, we can only help each other physically? That spiritually we are just being born?
What must i do if a person comes to me and asks me for help in another dimension. I met this person recently and she asked me for help because of some crisis in her life.
When i mentioned this to my Father, he told me to comfort her in the physical realm only. He said that we cannot help each other in another dimension.
My father asked me to teach her meditation and I have done that. I don't know what else to do for her. Hope you can enlighten us some more?
Her details are February 26th 1947, between 1600 to 1700 gmt, Malang, Indonesia.

She said that her husband was possessed by something not of this world and refuses to acknowledge her. He now lives with someone who controls him. His health is deteriorating since this happened about 7 years ago. She also said that no one in his family can understand his actions anymore. He seems distant and different from the original person.
He holds an important position in this country's cabinet.
Is it possible for you to comment on this please?
Thank you


Hi Aditya - Of course not. We can help each other many ways, including through meditation. Though we may not interfere with another's Dharma, we can facilitate or mitigate tendencies, which can help others whether they know it or not. We are not "just being born." I believe we ARE Spirit itself, and physicality is merely one of the vehicles we are dealing with as our Eternal Consciousness navigates how to deal with it appropriately.

I'm not sure how another can ask for help in another dimension, unless it is the dream state, in which case we must be careful since it could be our subconscious speaking without the other actually asking. That said, if it is appropriate to comfort someone in the physical realm, then we should do so. But that is merely the most dense state. We can always comfort another emotionally through sympathetic feelings "aimed" at them, and even mentally if we speak good and helpful thoughts. We can ALWAYS comfort someone spiritually through prayers, meditations, pujas and such things.

However, your father is correct in that they must "walk the walk," and we cannot change their karmas or Dharma, since the first is for them to do and the second cannot be altered. It may be that you are learning the limits of what can and cannot be done for another. There are many types of meditations. Perhaps she needs to study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, or "The Voice of the Silence," or "Light On The Path/Through the Gates of Gold", or some other venerable work, since these center the consciousness on the Eternal state and help provide perspective on the passing dramas of our lives on Earth. Even "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay can be good for training the mind and feelings toward positivity. Perhaps she needs something profound and lighter in reading, like Autobiography of a Yogi.

It is difficult to say what to do on behalf of her husband, since it could be the result of a variety of causes. I believe prayers and pujas to rid him of internal/external corruptions would be helpful, but he would have to cooperate or suffer consequences. A reckless being who refuses to give up recklessness will suffer from that recklessness at appointed times. Again, each chooses their karmas and must fulfill Dharma.

If he is truly "possessed by something not of this world," I would think a puja by practiced devotees, such as those who do pujas for Ammachi and other great Saints, Sages, and Satgurus would be enough to shift energies. Prayers of awakening, prayers of liberation, prayers of illumination, prayers to invoke Spirit into a being's life often result in concrete effects in fairly short times. We can do all of these for others with effectiveness according to our meditational state when doing them.

It is possible he's pursuing a different set of goals than he was before the change, and of course that's allowed under karma. The fact that no one knows him any more is neither good nor bad; it just is. It seems he has chosen a way that distresses his loved ones, and that's unfortunate. But it is his choice, and we can only meditate that the highest, greatest good will come out of his awakening to his true higher state of Being. Your friend will be reshaping her relationships to others over the next two years anyway, while learning discrimination about what is of greater or lesser importance. Some of what I've written here can help you find a thread of higher realization so you can do what you are able to help the situation. And your friend has more meditational "power" than she suspects at this time in her life, but it must be patiently trained to positively expect rather than stay distressed. Aum Namah Shivaya!


Hi Robert, you know how to reach into our souls with your discourses. As I have said many times before, there should be more people in this world like you. Most of the people I encounter in my daily life are all liars and playing games. Thats how I see it, even though it may sound harsh here.
I will let her know what you have said to me. Its just that I get the impression that she feels held back by her religion. She asked me with her own words,"is it right what we are doing here"(Religion wise).
I told her that there is One God, however we all know God in different ways and must respect each other for doing so. I did not know what else to say.
I will print out your reply and ask her to read it and then it will be upto her to decide what she wants to do next.
You are my Guru Robert, you have changed me these last few months, for the better. I thank you for that.


Hi Aditya - Those who do not value truth can only know lies. Those who do not know how precious life is and the value of work will always play games and waste the precious time creating unhelpful karmas. As for me, if Guru means "one who dispels darkness," please consider me a friend, since friends help us "dispel darkness." And I'm glad to hear I have been of help these past months. Of course you're most welcome, and I hope your friend can see the inner meaning of my words as well as the outer. Namaskarams to you and all your loved ones.


Yes Robert, I mean that you are helping me and the rest of humanity to dispel darkness in our lives. That makes you our Guru.I thank my present state of mind where I can understand your message crystal clear.

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